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Here are the answers to CodyCross Children's Books Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Sporting teams go on the __ when trying to score.

Divided or split with others, rhymes with "aired".

Country where you can visit the Halls of Montezuma.

Cuts by 50 percent.

__ Crossing; collecting and planting Nintendo game.

Squirrel __, in the Beatrix Potter books.

Permanent inking on skin.

__ Shoes; dancing novel by Noel Streatfeild.

A Scandinavian country; Stockholm is the capital.

Swallowed noisily.

Gushes out suddenly.

__ Cabello; Fifth Harmony Havana singer.

Flying machines that you take to go on holiday.

Fruit drinks, squeezed from fresh fruit.

Stands for holding paintings.

Puzzle 2

Children without parents.

Movie that is shown in the afternoon.

Collection of web pages.

__ Rey; singer featured on The Weeknd's Starboy.

Main vegetable ingredient in most coleslaws.

Little House on the __; 1935 Great Plains book.

The C in KFC.

The study of the structure of the body.

The second "M" in "MMA", combat sport in a cage.

Wicker containers on the front of bicycles.

__ pigeons, they were used to transport messages.

People who give speeches.

A place with rides, sideshows and amusements.

Name of the prison in third Harry Potter book.

Great ape that's the largest primate.

"A chain is only as strong as its __ link".

Puzzle 3

Add new content to a device from the Internet.

Using yarn and needles to make a sweater.

Banana and toffee flavor.

Astrid __; Swedish creator of Pippi Longstocking.

Country: the United Arab __.

Places where you can escape from bad weather.

The name for each bone in your spine.

Vegetable that is a fungus.

The boy who never grew up in J.M. Barrie's book.

Cutting your toenails with metal pincers.

Weapons used by whale hunters.

Land reptile with a shell, like a turtle.

Players who throw the ball to batters in baseball.

Puzzle 4

Propelled a canoe with oars.

Opposite of tightest.

Female character in The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.

Pokémon's sunshine yellow character.

Most unhappy.

Roald Dahl character taught by Miss Trunchbull.

Animals or plants that live in water.

Neckwears to keep you warm.

Reports that rate a film or book.

Creates a new product or device.

An enormous house with lots of rooms.

Puzzle 5

Weird, odd.

Extreme fears of things.

People who sell things.

Christian ceremony with the sprinkling of water.

Milk and __; snack for Santa on Christmas Eve.

The Wind in the __; tale of Ratty, Mole and Toad.

Advert for a movie using extracts from it.

Black-and-white computer code printed on goods.

French comic book character, friend of Obelix.

We breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon __.

Wide, flat forelimb used for swimming.

Overhead opening in vehicles for air and light.

This spotty big cat is the fastest land animal.

The boy scout in the movie Up.

Official FIFA 2018 World Cup football from Adidas.

Puzzle 6

Person who makes video diaries, e.g. on beauty.

Jumanji: __ to the Jungle, movie with Nick Jonas.

A __ strip is a series of drawings.

Another word for an early warning.

__ Games, also called X-Games.

Hotel worker who carries luggage.

Salad plant that can be iceberg or romaine.

__ Fowl; sci-fi fantasy book series by Eoin Colfer.

Tool for clearing ice from a vehicle's windscreen.

Percy __; demigod in Rick Riordan's book series.

Puzzle 7


Sliding storage compartment in a chest.

"Colorful" body of water in the Middle East.

Part of a ship's steering mechanism.

Tall, thin aunt in James and the Giant Peach.

Character created by Belgian cartoonist Hergé.

When your name is added to a post on social media.

With patter it describes the sound of tiny feet.

All over the world.

Strappy summer footwear.

Small rodent, like a hamster, burrows underground.

Bowling __; where you play ten-pin bowling.

This soup goes well with a grilled cheese sandwich.

__ Leone, African country means "lion mountains".

Puzzle 8

Solid, not going to fall down.

Where pirates hide treasure in (plural).

Condiment comes in white and black varieties.

Seagoing military forces with ships and carriers.

Liam __, played Qui-Gon Jinn in Star Wars.

Chemical element in diamonds, symbol C.

Enid __; writer of hundreds of children's books.

Wealth; valuable natural resources.

Something quite grand and expensive to buy.

Surname of Frankie in I Am Frankie.

Actor who became a U.S. President: Ronald __.

Enthusiastic about taking part in recreations.

Worshiped a god; __ to a god.

Where Greek people come from.

Maurice __ wrote Where the Wild Things Are.

Demi __, singer with albums Confident and Unbroken.

Clothing fastener locking toothed edges together.

Ocean __, passenger ships that sail on cruises.

Short for a bunch of monkeys of this species.

A picture or pattern using tiles of glass or stone.

Type of video game featuring problems to solve.

Tracks, footpaths, routes in the countryside.

__ Oliver, the Green Power Ranger.

Grinding back teeth.

Puzzle 9

Spider who made a web in a book by E.B. White.

Julia __, author of The Gruffalo and Stick Man.

Sporty outfit consisting of a top and trousers.

Found something difficult, __ with it.

Properly, something that is done the right way.

__ circle, one of Earth's major latitude lines.

The Greek goddess of beauty.

Quivering with fear.

Wind instruments like oboes, with single reeds.

A piece of sports kit you can ride on in the waves.

Paying attention to someone, hearing them.

Ninja Turtle with a purple eye mask.

1990s movie about an orca released from captivity.

Celebrations held when people get older.

Wins, defeating of enemies.

Puzzle 10

Gossiped, talked and jabbered.

__ Mr Fox; Roald Dahl book about three farmers.

Someone who plays a trumpet.

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz was written by L __.

Home to sports like gymnastics or martial arts.

Repeat, reproduce, duplicate.

Where poorer people get donations to their diet.

Gave a rough guess on numbers.

A shallow round container for science experiments.

Painful pricks carried by striped buzzing insects.

You can pin memos on this wall frame.

Puzzle 11

Leader of the Guardians of the Galaxy.

String used to tie up a sneaker.

Something appealing you want to eat is __.

Museum displays.

__ the Echidna is Sonic's buddy.

Computer screens.

The panther in The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling.

Protective leg coverings in sport.

A phrase meaning "excuse my rudeness".

Throat and lung symptom of colds and flu.

Type of charge carried by an electron.

Water activity, using different strokes to move.

Book set in a girls' boarding school in Paris.

Someone who buys products.

Puzzle 12

Frightening someone.

The author who created Winnie the Pooh.

One show in a TV series.

A place for keeping things.

Wendy's surname in J.M. Barrie story of Peter Pan.

Internet browser sounds like a blazing vulpine.

Part of the UK, not Wales, N. Ireland or Scotland.

Made blurred or smeared.

Fancy name for the string holding an ID badge.

Resembling a deity.

Another name for the white sphere in snooker.

Fecund, fruitful.

Red spice used in Hungarian dishes like goulash.

__ tails; a coin-tossing guessing game.

Touring show with Dodgems and helter skelter.

Putting a plant into a suitable container.

Covered in more dirt or grime than.

Puzzle 13

Stuff (solids, liquids...), in science.

Raps on a door.

Sign up for something.

Opposite of fast forward.

A large spade for clearing snow from paths.

Tony Cavalero plays this School of Rock teacher.

A small boat often carried or towed for a lifeboat.

Surfaces on which chess and draughts are played.

Name tags sewn into clothes.

With no sound at all.

The fantasy land where Aslan the lion lives.

A citrus fruit that is the same color as its name.

Australian marsupials that look like cute bears.

Language spoken in Nigeria, and name of a people.

Singers provide this part of the music.

Greg Heffley's best friend in Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

__ ball, indoor racket sport ball.

Puzzle 14

George __ grill, for lean cooking.

The Day the __ Quit; Drew Daywalt's colorful tale.

Makes holes in something.

__ Ralph; Disney's video game villain-turned-hero.

White book characters created by Tove Jansson.

A pivoted horizontal beam with counterweights.

Shape with ten sides/angles.

Small pitcher for dairy produce at breakfast.

Maya __ plays Chloe Thunderman.

Walk faster, stop dawdling.

Puzzle 15

Buses that go to and from.

Long, warm, outer layer of clothing.

Month when Americans celebrate Thanksgiving Day.

Large sea creatures, known as sea cows.

Medieval traveling musician.

__ Gloop, boy who fell in a chocolate river.

A gas that makes up 75% of the Earth's atmosphere.

Sport played by the N.Y. Yankees.

Designs that are cut into wood.

In the Super Mario Bros games, Yoshi is a __.

Not hurting or sore.

School attended by Harry Potter and friends.

Wonderful, superb, jolly fine.

Funny pieces of writing, or sketches.

Puzzle 16

Have a positive mental __ and achieve your goals.

Story of a bear who explores a department store.

A phrase meaning "look after yourself".

What the F stands for in Roald Dahl's The BFG.

1840s Californian event to discover new minerals.

Blister caused by herpes simplex near the lips.

Yellow birds, often kept in cages.

Slices of this cylindrical salad veggie are round.

The opposite of wider.

Squatted down.

Batman's is Robin, Superman's is Jimmy Olsen.

Prasutagus married this queen of the Iceni.

Keyboard player in church.

Steer, plot a course.

Thrown in winter battles.

Upright, the opposite of horizontal.

Distracting thought that pops into your mind.

Space __; retro arcade game with aliens to shoot.

Puzzle 17

Arcade game in which players shoot flying saucers.

The flight __ works while flying.

Books about a girl whose brother is called Stink.

Fried grated potatoes shredded or in cubes.

One of Robin Hood's Merry Men.

Teetered and wobbled while walking.

The __ Rabbit; a stuffed toy that longs to be real.

Talked very, very quietly.

Someone who looks after other people's animals.

Communication device orbiting the Earth.

Curious George's friend is the Man with the __.

People from Texas, Alaska, California, New York....

Puzzle 18

Wristwatch to monitor your physical activity.

Middle Eastern sauce eaten with falafel.

Boll __, beetle that attacks cotton plants.

Ball-shaped representations of planet Earth.

When you have a sore throat you get a __ voice.

R.J. Palacio's novel about a boy called Auggie.

The Great __, period movie with Leonardo as Jay.

Biggest city in Australia.

Color you get when you mix red and yellow.

__ Twain; That Don't Impress Me Much singer.

Using a garden tool to scrape up leaves.

Joyce Byers actress in Stranger Things, __ Ryder.

__ Henry; book series about a naughty schoolboy.

Kidding around, pretending, laughing.

Building in which to park a car securely.

Puzzle 19

Shapes with seven sides.

16th century British Queen who never married: __ I.


A company that manufactures ballpoint pens.

A silver scourer for removing kitchen stains.

Holiday when kids wear scary costumes.

Tariff square shortly after Go in Monopoly.

Young girl fought the British, died at the stake.

Heartless Dr Seuss character who stole Christmas.

Last name of former president with initials FDR.

Mammal with white fur, found in the polar regions.

Rotating, going round and round.

__ coins, sweet wrapped in foil.

Beach habitats for crabs and tiny fish.

People from or living in the capital of France.

Saw a crime happening.

Dick __; author of The Sheep-Pig.

Puzzle 20

To light a fire or a spark.

When a volcano suddenly becomes active.

Electric pot to boil water for hot drinks.

Green Arrow's archenemy, a magician archer.

Create, design something completely new.

Followed the rules.

Friend of Winnie the Pooh who loves bouncing.

Ms Markle, actress and Prince Harry's partner.

Huntsman who loves Belle in Beauty and the Beast.

Former President Obama's first name.

Surname of Liv and Maddie.

Wax stick with a wick to light, often scented.

__ Speaks; TV series about a talking dog.

Computer game where you are chased by ghosts.

Accident-prone Roger Hargreaves character.

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