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Here are the answers to CodyCross Chinese Food Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

New wardrobe and look.

Domestic water supply system.

Baggage __; airport luggage workers.

US word for the edible aubergine.

A white __ is a possession with no use.

Random change in genetic material.

Madonna/David Guetta track.

Food type also known as tofu.



Petra's pink sandstone nickname.

Royal title in ancient Ireland; also Ard-Ri.

Stimulant found in coffee.

Savoury liquid in which meats and fish tenderize.

Puzzle 2

Bean __, developing mung/soybeans for a Chinese.

Legumes that form the basis of satay sauce.

Up to the level of the clouds.

US race track in Maryland, home of the Preakness.

Country embedded in the Pyrenees.

__ All Odds - Take a Look At Me Now.

Lasted a long time.

Vital, important.

Hoosier miracle team coach in the 1986 movie.

A portable Shinto shrine.

Puzzle 3

Wide-bladed Chinese cooking utensil.

David __, Ross on Friends.

Country whose capital is Buenos Aires.

Writing desk with a sloping top.

Sewing patterns brand.

__-style noodles, spicy takeaway favourite.

First rose sent into space: __ Scentsation.

Ticket to go, and come back.

New __, a left-leaning political mag.

Co-author with Dave Gibbons of Watchmen.

Self-__; destroys itself.

Nickname for German howitzer on the Western Front.

Opposed, confronted, argued.

Stage name of August Darnell.

Hives or nettle rash.

Luke __, twin brother of Princess Leia.

Puzzle 4

Corpses for dissection.

2000 drama film set in Thailand, starring DiCaprio.

The opera L'Aiglon's two composers: __ and Ibert.

Dank underground places with chained prisoners.

Pale, thin salty Chinese sauce.

The annual Boxing Day parade in the Bahamas.

Compilation of basketball strategies.

Ada __, 19th-century mathematician and inventor.

Hails, credits.

Summed, added up (double L).

Young US hotel employees.

Detangling hair in wrong direction to give height.

Well-meaning but interfering person.

__ soup, Chinese aphrodisiac for fans of Jaws.

Making furious.

Puzzle 5

Pen with another.

Fortune __, unauthentic biscuit prophecy.

Throwing away, discarding.

__ Lands; Golden Gate Park festival held in August.

Game with hoops and mallets.

__ egg, Chinese preserved ovum that turns green.

The M in FOMO, the Fear of __ Out.

Ornate wardrobe.

The medical term for earwax.

Temporarily exclude.

Puzzle 6

On the land, not sea.

Early season.

Plays a card of specially high-ranked suit.

Protagonist in The Last Battle by C.S. Lewis.

Principal folk festival of Malta.

City in Morocco, a French-German standoff in 1911.

Horizontal roof support beam.

__ In the Wind; 1962 protest song by Bob Dylan.

Delicate Chinese tea means black dragon.

Yellowy, shiny precious metal look.

__ oil, nutty seed essence used in Chinese cookery.

Puzzle 7

I'm a little __, short and stout, said the rhyme.

Military nickname for the game of darts.

German poet and dramatist of Faust.

Anew; anagram of shafer.

Piglets just weaned.

Large bulbs of flavour used in Chinese cookery.

First D in the financial acronym DD, __ debit.

__ or glutinous rice, shaped into cakes and balls.

Lake __; reservoir created by the Aswan High Dam.

Queen Victoria's husband: Prince __.

Fight back or battle against something.

Puzzle 8

Make cheaper.

Physical therapist; anagram of Erasmus.

European nation that hosts the Dimensions festival.

American __ horse, good at short sprints.

Electrical loop.

Casablanca country.

Metal or bamboo sticks for grilling meat and veg.

Glass panels of a building.

Swift Asian cooking style over high heat in a wok.

Bonnie and Clyde star Faye __.

Bad-tempered, often used with the word cow.

Maria __, archduchess of Austria 1740-1780.

Puzzle 9

The Will Rogers Highway or US Route __.

Horse associated with Spanish Riding School.

Chinese stir-fried crispy noodles, meat and veg.

Ridiculous, beyond a joke.

Short musical part sung after and before a psalm.

Adult people.

Chinese hot and spicy chicken salad, with noise!.

Roman provinces of Spain and Portugal.

Most visited town in the Blue Mountains.

1966 drama about orphaned lion cub Elsa.

Nicholas __, famous English herbalist.

Remove one's clothes.

Puzzle 10

Latin, "nourishing mother", describes one's uni.

Traditional utensil for eating Chinese meals.

Day Bill Murray repeats in a film.

Computer font that renders letters as symbols.

Detroit nickname.

One who makes clocks.

Having principles, honor, honesty.

Chinese or Indian meals delivered by bike.

An aristocrat in Ancient Rome.

An insect's eating mechanism.

Palindrome that describes the language of Kerala.

Giddiness, feeling faint.

Puzzle 11

Illuminated block used in tracing.

Hand device for dispensing draught ale.

The scapula is in this joint.

First 24 hours of the weekend.

Long-handled weeding device, from Holland?.

__ mushrooms, rich-umami fungi with funny name.

Perspiring copiously when afraid or agitated.

Twisty bottle fastener invented by Dan Rylands.

A thousand billion.

Higgledy __, untidy.

Bill __; rapper on MJ's Black or White.

Chinese cooking method in a pan with rounded base.

Egyptian pharaoh who succeeded Amenhotep I.

Puzzle 12

Climb a mountain.

Braised chicken dish from Shandong.

__ Kamakawiwoʻole, sang What a Wonderful World.

Together with Fort Worth makes a US metropolis.

Forge where tools are made.

Way of doing.

Dr __ went to Gloucester in a shower of rain.

Short sounds, like a robot might make.

Mafia code of silence.

Easily huggable, soft-feeling.

__ sauce, thick brown liquid made from shellfish.

Puzzle 13

Poorly organised, unprofessional.

Binges or extravaganzas, such as when spending.

__-uppies: don't let the ball hit the deck!.

Chinese method of at-table cooking with broth.

Nation whose 1st governor was Ioannis Kapodistrias.

Network of underground tunnels for rabbits.

Not brand new, but then again, not old.

Dean __, author of Jane Hawk and Odd Thomas series.

Betty Rubble's husband.

Chinese steamed buns, fluffy parcels can be filled.

Lauren Bacall's birth surname.

Puzzle 14

Psychedelic witch coven ballet movie.

Norodom __; became king of Cambodia in 2004.

Renounce, disown, give up.

Frugal; thrifty.

Bring to mind.

Making small waves on a lake's surface.

__ rice, Chinese meal accompaniment with ovum.

Northern Irish singer "Van the Man".

Haiti, Malaysia, and South Korea national flower.

Cavalry massacre of 1819 in Manchester.

__ fish, authentic Chinese dish of smelly repute.

Ability to read.

Debris, wreckage.

Birds with huge, deep beaks to catch fish.

Ancient name for Switzerland.

Puzzle 15

Transposing letters to make a new word.

Black and white birds; see two for joy.

__ Mystery Tour, psychedelic album by The Beatles.

__ Morgan; inventor of three-light traffic signal.

Former Soviet republic with a capital at Chisinau.

__ roast pork, marinated spit-roasted Chinese dish.

Covering something in earth.

Long, thin egg pastas used to make Chow Mein.

A parcel.

Make __; crunch time.

Fit for eating when about to decay!.

Puzzle 16

Oscar-winning film, directed by William Wyler.

Patti __, stage star of Evita and Gypsy.

Soldier; anagram of airmen.

A brassica also called Chinese flat cabbage.

Dark blue/purple colour.

Noises a ghost's chain makes.

Fun boat trip.

Chinese dim sum dumplings stuffed with pork.

Velvet-like fabric.

Country where the River Scheldt originates.

Gobbled one's food greedily.

Puzzle 17

Russian empress; anagram of artisan.

Careless __, Wham!/George Michael ballad.

Penny-__, mean person who won't spend money.

Yellow quartz variety.

Riveted; decoration for belt or collar.

Sealing devices in vehicle engines.

If you're off work but not ill, you're __.

Crispy __, Chinese starter of fried greens.

The practice of fermentation in winemaking.

Bunch of handheld flowers.

__ Bateman, Fame author, Jason's sister.

Ben __, sprinter from the 1988 Olympics.

Person or animal pest, a term used by Americans.

Bony, e.g. __ knees.

Male scuba diver.

Son-et-__, a French light show spectacle.

__ rice, fragrant staple used in Chinese cookery.

Puzzle 18

Study area looks at the nose.

Tells, announces.

Dublin's world-famous stout, linked to a harp.

Forming clay on a potter's wheel, __ a pot.

__ at the O.K. Corral was a shootout at Tombstone.

Ancient Greeks who spurned comfort.

Largest primates, the males are silverbacks.

__ sour, contrasting flavour types in Chinese fare.

Glinda's palace is in __ Country.


Direct, frank chat between two males.

Not compulsory.

__ or Lu Cuisine, one of China's 8 cuisine schools.

Refrigeration cabinets.

Liza __, Sally Bowles from Cabaret.

Actor laughing uncontrollably on stage.

Puzzle 19

Altered a news story.

Rhyming word for a chaotically noisy place.

Painting by Caravaggio: The Supper at __.

__ rolls, deep-fried Chinese parcels.

Solar __, mass of nerve cells in the abdomen.

Chinese meal of finger foods.

Ocean bordering Australia on the west.


Poem by John Donne: No Man is an __.

Puzzle 20

Changing slightly.

Degas painting, Woman at Her __.

__ Man, anthropological hoax, uncovered in 1953.

Sea __, edible marine creature aka bêche-de-mer.

Talk the __ off a donkey; rear limbs.

Be cleverer than.

Round handle on a portal.

Italian poet of the Canzoniere, or Songbook.

Clothes for males.

Feigned attempt to pass the ball in basketball.

Chinese dish that translates as bits and pieces.

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