CodyCross Chinese New Year Pack answers

Chinese New Year PackChinese New Year

Here are the answers to CodyCross Chinese New Year Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Tyler __, Brad Pitt's character in Fight Club.

Cultivate again.

__ yang; black and white symbols of Taoism.

Gilligan's Island movie star.

Central African sociable primate.

The Northern Cross.

TV presenter Paul, who loves dogs and dressing up.

Signs of the Chinese __ include rooster and dragon.

Archaic term for admirers or lovers.

Revolution of 1789.

Beer grain.

Puzzle 2

__ Paluzzi, feisty Bond girl Fiona Volpe.

Receive money from the passed.

Ghosts or apparitions of dead people.

Regal tie knot.

Edward I named these 12 crosses after his wife.

Model's industry.

Copa __, South American football tournament.

__ horse, wooden children's toy with movement.

Famous Chinese New Year TV Gala.

Make no bones about it.

An owl's calling.

Portuguese system of inns and small hotels.

Puzzle 3

Fried-thin dough Jewish pastry.

Mad dog's warning.

Rise __; wake up and get ready.

Short and pithy poems.

Prehistoric timber circle on north Norfolk coast.

"Behold the man", said by Pontius Pilate of Christ.

Slow Cuban dance in 2/4 time.

Forename of Drebbel, Dutch inventor of submarines.

Imaginary line connecting the Poles, Prime __.

In Chinese philosophy; water, fire, earth, etc.

Popular way to cook fish at Chinese New Year.

Type of wheel that can be seen in casinos.

Ms Pitstop's car in Wacky Races, The Compact __.

Puzzle 4

It's as good as mine.

Glass __, musical invention by Benjamin Franklin.

Messier 31, __ Galaxy.

Traditional Chinese festival costume performance.

Describes vile smelling, decayed item.

Pie baker.

Museum and art gallery in Glasgow.

Popular areas for expatriate Chinese communities.

Puppet state created by Japan in Manchuria.

Sci-fi cliche for someone destined for greatness.

Silk-producing organ of a spider.

Puzzle 5

Make a heartfelt plea against a decision.

__ Bolton, Lacey Flint is her muse.

Chief architect of Italian unification in 1870.

Respiratory disease.

The slow end of something or a death.

This big fly bites.

Mini marque that's "sportier" than the rest.

Sudden loud laughter.

Silver Star winner in 2005, Leigh Ann __.

Beatrix Potter's angling frog Jeremy.

Democratic casters.

A man, a plan, a canal, __.

Kneel to show respect in Chinese culture.

Fiery Chinese zodiac sign.

San __, tiny European nation surrounded by Italy.

Puzzle 6

Classic music player.

A __ dinner is a New Year's Eve tradition in China.

It is spoken in the north of the world.

Blondie's beloved.

It carries the explosive.

The Jade __; heavenly ruler of ancient China.

Homo __, hominid known as "skilled or handy man".

Cook in a pot of oil.

Bird that appears on the flag of Kiribati.

Fly smasher.

The __ Was Roses, Martin Sheen returns from WWII.

Streetcar heroine.

Religious anointing with oil or ointment.

A bowler's preferred birds.

Puzzle 7

Mount __ was where the Ancient Greek gods lived.

Processions held to celebrate Chinese New Year.

Give someone a title.

Placing a cash bet.

Much __, venue of the forerunner of the Olympics.

This 1990's show was about more than acquaintances.

Person who is well informed, or thinks they are.

Length in days of Chinese New Year festival.

Slippery __, street sign.

Revolution of 1917.

The Dark Knight's female counterpart.

Lise __, chemist, had an element named after her.

Chipmunk brothers' surname.

Bringing forth.

Where a techie keeps files.

Puzzle 8

Criminal and wicked.

1980's rock and locks.

Yellow French drink made from plum, __ Liqueur.

Symbolic characters, e.g. Chinese script.

Deceased __ are remembered at Chinese New Year.

Theater of __, Roman two-tiered open-air venue.

Major component of car transmission system.

Tim __-__, Keane singer-songwriter.

Cromford mill owner and spinning innovator.

The Q in PMQs.

Both a red gemstone and pus-filled skin infection.

Fake money burned in ancestor worship in China.

Puzzle 9

The cave where Romulus was raised by the she-wolf.

Traditional stories and legends from ancient times.

Belgian king when Congo became independent.

On the __; in agreement.

Elitist, snooty.

Written collection of the sayings of Confucius.

Canceling permissions or access rights.

Travel I.D..

1981 hit for leotard-clad Olivia Newton-John.

Pulling competition from the Highland Games.

A politician's tour.

Puzzle 10

Moonlight requisition.

A block of the Earth's crust that has dropped down.

Harry Potter's owl's name.

Luxury British clothing brand with German name.

Reflexive pronoun for a "thing".

Japanese land-holding magnate, an emperor's vassal.

Treat with extreme indulgence.

Young eels.

1980s Ford model, "mountain range" in Spanish.

Organ sharers.

Mick __, Sarah Tucker writer.

Spend these in Algeria, Tunisia or Kuwait.

Furry chinese zodiac sign.

Characteristics associated with each zodiac sign.

Coffee-flavored liqueur used in a Black Russian.

Underground railroad.

__ of Life, composed by Elton John for The Lion King.

Puzzle 11

Halloween trick preventers.

This garment of Hippolyte was taken by Hercules.

Book of Changes, a classic in Chinese philosophy.

Gael García __, "Che" in The Motorcycle Diaries.

Word for a Spanish winery.

Italian inventor, one of the pioneers of telephony.

Represented by the black horse of the apocalypse.

Edinburgh __ University, named after mathematician.

Smooth, soft and describes laidback music.

Getting __, to get annoyed (about clothes maybe).

Chinese phrase for proposing a toast.

Mohammed __ became Egypt's first president in 1953.

Ancient battle glove, sometimes had spikes.

Puzzle 12

Evil white wizard in The Lord of the Rings.

Chinese New Year is celebrated in __ or February.

Children skipping school.

Welsh ruler Owain who led a revolt against England.


One who has served.

Fruits preserved in sugary syrup.

Stress-coping gland.

__ nothing; a lazy, idle human being.

Play on stage.

One of two possible combinations in craps.

Ozwald __, tailor famous for his Savile Row suits.

Congo refuge to protect gorillas: __ National Park.

Hid illegal goods somewhere secret.

Spinning Sufi.

Puzzle 13

Via __, Roman road from the capital to the sea.

Slight rain.

Fire __; earth-shaking pyrotechnics.

Japanese emperor during WWII.

Nose sound while laughing.

Disturbed, excited, panicked.

Component to improve aerodynamics of a car.

Spring __; seasonal declutter for Chinese New Year.

Composition of one's stomach who can eat anything.

Cartoon series featuring an alcoholic robot.

Brazilian stew of pork and black beans over rice.

Teeth are rooted in this bone.

Simone de __; French feminist writer and activist.

Model village near Bradford set up by Titus Salt.

Puzzle 14

Pineapple-shaped British hand grenade.

A silk mill and art gallery.

Long life; a traditional wish at Chinese New Year.

Dark pulse used in Chinese cuisine.

Italian secret society, it preceded Young Italy.

Jack's ladder.

__ leave; parental leave for mothers after a birth.

__ Wood, Scandinavian song from The Beatles.

Early stages of life.

The Electric Company superhero.

How high one is.

Hindu guru of 20th century known around world.

Puzzle 15

Roman equivalent of the Greek god Hephaestus.

Wi-fi disperser.

Lionel Messi's sport.

Gilbert & Sullivan operetta set in Japan, The __.

C S Lewis novel, The __ of the Dawn Treader.

Special "lucky" cards in the Monopoly board game.

A __ in a haystack.

Francesco __, Italian PM, associate of Garibaldi.

Blending system used for sherry and other wines.


Artist whose work features geometric shapes.

Princess Irene and Hollandia: two varieties of __.

Cheeky Chinese zodiac sign.

Lupe __ was Talisa Soto's 007 name.

Letters slanting right.

A bilingual Muppet.

Riverdale redhead.

Puzzle 16

Calculating device that was used in ancient Babylon.

__ Incident, Japanese seizure of Manchurian city.

Lebanon gained independence from them in 1943.

Growing phase of hair growth cycle.

Pilots of military planes.


African country where Akola jewelry is made.

Elastic compound made from tropical plants.

Soviet Union's communist party newspaper.

__ fairs; worship gatherings for Chinese New Year.

Sailing technique.

__ Harris, Miss Moneypenny in Skyfall and after.

Sunday in the Park with __, Sondheim musical.

Atlas' burden.

Leader in antiseptic surgery.

One's flesh and blood.

Breakfast cereal hawking bird.

First woman to climb the Matterhorn: Lucy.

Bite-sized, often steamed food in Chinese cuisine.

Puzzle 17

Andy__, comedian, foreign taxi mechanic.

Relationship ending.

Undergo the process of sugar changing to alcohol.

Buddha's __, veggie Chinese New Year stir fry dish.

Bunker from which a machine gun is fired.

North India state, capital Chandigarh.

Bodily response to unwanted substance.

A Grimm brother.

Latin for "to flourish", or a person's lifedates.

Buenos Aires stadium Alberto J. __, La Bombonera.

Second sage of Chinese philosophy.

Penguins with white patch above the eyes.

One of Franklin's 13 virtues.

Puzzle 18

Returns something to its former glory.

You can see these gangsters on a series, Peaky __.

Italian scientist with a gas law named after him.

Mythological strongman.

9x Olympic Gold medalist in gymnastics: Larisa __.

WWII female Russian fighter pilot.

Follies, stupidities.

The Chinese zodiac animals guard the __ Gate.

Rivers of viscous material from volcanoes.

Court disruption charge.

Year of __; big cat Chinese zodiac sign.

Puzzle 19

Penny __, sensational printed stories sold cheaply.

Get hit and you're out.

__ rice is another name for sweet, sticky rice.

US artist who painted American Gothic.

It's a mite killer.

Fox constellation.

Procedure of internal exam using a thin tube.

First Egyptian pharaoh to practice monotheism.

Expert internet user.

Enclosed sports stadium with a curved roof.

Natives of Mogadishu, for example.

Tributes left to appease ancestors in China.

Blocks, hinders.

__ of Rhye, oceans that Queen sang about.

Mythical Arthurian land near the Scilly Isles.

This spider went up the water spout.

Barricade on route prevents vehicles from passing.

Medical term for hives.

Novel featuring anti-hero Bigger Thomas.

Puzzle 20

Surviving Ancient Wonder: Great __ of Giza.

Use the darkroom.

A celebratory feast with multiple courses.

According to Shakespeare, it is the soul of wit.

Elite Venetian platform.

Dustin __, won an Oscar for Kramer vs Kramer.

Inventor of the jet engine: Sir Frank __.

Delicate flowers given as Chinese New Year gifts.

__ Mode, 80s synth-pop band from Basildon.

Another name for the keystroke "slash".

To occupy someone's attention.

Doctor's daughter who falls for Captain Corelli.

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