CodyCross Chocolate Lovers Pack answers

Chocolate Lovers PackChocolate Lovers

Here are the answers to CodyCross Chocolate Lovers Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Swedish chocolate with almond caramel filling.

Iron fortress of Melkor in Middle-earth.

One who considers deeply.

Gliders on drawers in a chest of drawers.

Fit in seamlessly.

Bruce __ & The Range with The Way It Is.

__ and Trees, Disney Silly Symphonies cartoon.

One thousand thousands.

The official start of the Jewish Sabbath on Friday.

Rushing forward.

Country whose former capital was Lagos.

Chart for managing a project.

__ Gump said "Life is like a box of chocolates".

Puzzle 2

Unable to utter a word.

Delicate-tasting flatfish served with chips.

Swedish-designed anti-aircraft weapon.

Half of Tenacious D, Kung Fu Panda's Po.

Calling in a high-pitched voice.

__ of Youth, 1950s play by Tennessee Williams.

Ben & Jerry's chocolate ice cream with fudge bits.

Trollope created this everyday UK red receptacle.

Hormonal issues leading to excessive growth.

Large bowl in which greens are served.

Norway place with globe; end of the North road.

Movement that supports good production conditions.

Neither profit nor loss, a balanced position.

Monarch referred to as Rufus, son of the Conqueror.

__ Island, 1979 incident at US nuclear power plant.

Puzzle 3

German poet who wrote Ode to Joy.

Chocolate __; luxury flowing dessert.

Country where Pittodrie Stadium is located.

Obelix owns this small canine.

Lewis Edson __; inventor of the fountain pen.

Making and mending shoes.

"How do you eat yours" foil-wrapped Easter treat.

Kyle __ of Friday Night Lights, Bloodline, Argo.

Vista, 360-degree view.

Irritating persistently.

Puzzle 4

Planet with the strongest gravitational pull.

SI unit for luminous intensity, denoted by cd.

Gooey filling in a Twix bar.

Cheered loudly.

Relating to a compass point between north/south.

Birth surname shared by Barbie and Mrs Thatcher.

Chocolate bars that are smaller than regular bars.

Small being that does household chores at night.

A small kitchen garden.

Prawns by another name.

Renowned Mount Everest climber: Sir Edmund __.

Tropical wind in the Pacific Northwest.

Tube that transports human eggs to the womb.

"A thing of beauty is a joy __".

The least restrictive.

Write a symphony.

Puzzle 5

__ Gutenberg, father of modern printing.

Boney item to be found in a closet.

__ up, becoming reluctant to speak.

White chocolate, promoted by gun-slinging kid.

This NFL team's quarterback is Tom Brady.

German model Claudia __, starred in Richie Rich.

Skill of making the endpapers of expensive books.

Exceptionally rare type of trumpet.

Chocolate bar with golden honeycomb filling.

More isolated than.

Bloom linked to March in flower lore.

Swiss company making computers and mice.

Containers for brushing dust into.

TV show starring Patrick McGoohan: The __.

Puzzle 6

Country with the tallest Scandinavian Cathedral.

Two- or four-fingered snappable chocolate treat.

Online troll who posts rude, incendiary comments.

New York state capital.

Got an __; gawked.

Traditional headgear of an Orangeman.

Latched onto a fish.

Tall ice cream dessert, often with chocolate sauce.

__ Matata, Lion King song by Elton John.

Warming device for the home.

Puzzle 7

Chewy slab with chocolate, biscuit and marshmallow.

Second most populated city in France (as of 2017).

The Q in FAQ.

American novelist known as Papa.

Best quality, admired, and insects' leg joints.

60s band of Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton.

French word for "Germany".

Outdoor beach seating, often stripy.

Plane with triangular airfoil shape.

__ box; chocolate variety pack Christmas gift.

Film where a youthful Kevin gets left behind.

Naive, ignorant, unaware.

Puzzle 8

Heart __; 1978 hit for Blondie.

Ill-humoured, grumpy.

Betty __; brand of brownie and other cake mixes.

Buying and selling goods.

Small European country famous for luxury chocolate.

Sketching with a pencil.

Short, brief, to the point.

__ Swit, actress played Hot Lips in M*A*S*H.


Roy __, Italian-US inventor of home hydrotherapy.


Taking notice of advice.

Someone who dresses tanned leather.

Puzzle 9

Due to leave at a specific time.

Paper headgear worn during celebrations.

A society governed by idiots.

All-seeing, attentive.

Long bread roll named after a naval vessel.

Waterfront walkway.

Term for verse inspired orchestral music: __ poem.

Ferrero wafer with coconut and almond praline.

Notional point at the top of the globe.

Part of a toaster that catches the particles.

British chocolate bar with a glass and a half.

In political terms, a final demand.

Making less small, especially of a photo.

Chimp-historian from Planet of the Apes.

Scuttling like an arachnid.

A child aged between 10 and 13 years old.

Heavy portable gun with long barrel on a tripod.

Skin injury and numbness caused by extreme cold.

Puzzle 10

Milk sauce with herbs.

Kernel at the centre of a Ferrero Rocher.

__ Troopers, 90s sci-fi flick.

Tallest building in London.

Jonathan's Coffee House, Britain's first stock __.

How the French say December.

The new black? Worn in nautical circles?.

Voucher given as a present.

__ bow, archery item that uses cables and pulleys.

José __, Portuguese who subverted historic events.

Plastic tapered tube for screws for use in walls.

US singer/songwriter with a gravelly voice.

Baked chocolate treats, often cut into squares.

Painting by van Gogh: The Red __ at Arles.

Puzzle 11

Sex drive.

Chocolate chip __; biscuit with cocoa chunks.

Feline especially prized for despatching rodents.

Black __ gateau; creamy chocolate cherry dessert.

Season when the Tu B'Shevat Seder takes place.

Every good boy deserves __: musical memory aid.

__ volcanoes, low types formed by runny lava.

La Cage aux __, musical by Fierstein and Herman.

Fable by Aesop: The Goose That Laid the __ Egg.

Also referred to as Scottish language.

Puzzle 12

Old time US robbers.

Morgan __, starred alongside Brad Pitt in Seven.

Bear mammal class.

Sign of a healthy dog, nasally speaking.

Going for a stroll, slower than jogging.

surplus; excess.

Region of Italy associated with cantucci.

__ Bucket; Golden-ticket winning schoolboy.

The least clear or detailed.

Crunchy filling in a Snickers bar.

Snapping noise like a wood fire or dried leaves.

Stupid person in London and New York.

Puzzle 13

Cocktail loving chef, Geoffrey __.

Popular choc bar with nougat, caramel and peanuts.

Board game of cunningly disguised phrases etc.

Washington's NFL team.


St __, fictional village in Miss Marple tales.

Country led by Robert Mugabe from 1987 to 2017.

__ Gloop; overweight boy who fell in Wonka's river.

Fall Out Boy's Alone __.

Transmission that you manually shift.

Most isolated or far-flung.

Puzzle 14

Plainly, without any emotion.

Chocolate with boozy filling.

__ trading, crime of share dealers from within.

Kingly villain versus Wallace in Braveheart.

Shelf __, store worker ensuring goods are on sale.

Cute desert animal that likes to sit up and look.

Mistaken, misunderstood.

An opening or job opportunity.

Clear plastic sheet used in crafting.

Homicide detective played by Peter Falk.

Band founded by Boy George: __ Club.

Craft fitted with skis, for crossing frozen water.

Thick, sugary paste inside a Cadbury Creme Egg.

__ fission; energy process discovered by Hahn.

To head directly for something, to make a __ for.

Puzzle 15

Long-lasting thunderstorm.

Frenchy's guardian spirit in Grease.

Tell-tale signs of cats sharpening their paws.

Bubbly golden filling of a Crunchie bar.

Sci-fi novel by John Christopher: The White __.

A bird in the hand is worth two __.

Aircraft whose propellers are driven by a turbine.

State flower of Colorado.

Chocolate-covered airy biscuit balls.

Death rate, especially in official statistics.

Hearth or inglenook in a home.

US crooner, famous for Christmas specials.

Punctuation mark consisting of a point and a comma.


Opposition, dislike, antagonism.

English gentleman lead of The Avengers.

Puzzle 16

Explosive used in mining.

Lindor range of wrapped, filled chocolate balls.

A person from Malta.

Author of the novel The Egoist: George __.

Drake's arachnid-titled album.

Dropped rubbish.

Only 2x President of Russia: __ Putin.

1969 Western that gave John Wayne an Oscar.

In the manner of an armoured gentleman.

Trays with indents for mixing paint on.

Large chocolate bars, big enough for royalty.

Puzzle 17

Person in charge of a ship or boat.

Chocolate __; thin biscuit sticks coated in choc.

Piled up.

Neon player of records in a public place.

Chocolate filling with nuts and sugar.

Stinging leaves found in the countryside.

Join together, mix.

Exercise system devised by Joseph __.

Marbled paint effect, created with crumpled cloth.

Jumpers, sweaters.

Puzzle 18

Sinking to a lower level.

Little Goody __, tale by Oliver Goldsmith.

Cadbury's small Easter treats with hard shells.

The hottest, coldest and wettest places on record.

Hollywood actor and co-producer of The Departed.

Household liquid alternative to a bar of soap.

May God prosper you!.

US singer with a funky family.

Creased, in need of an iron.

Current king of Spain.

Mint __; ice cream flavour with cocoa pieces.

__ Recreation, TV show about a community park.

Distance marker on roads.

Bursts of snowy showers.

Perturbs, disturbs, makes nervous.

Puzzle 19

French boy.

Dropped __, foot condition.

Number puzzle on a 9x9 grid.

Resourceful, brave and courageous.

Animal hybrids: female leos with male striped cats.

__ for Women, slogan of female emancipation.

Nut used in brittle caramel filling of a Daim bar.

John C. __, Will Ferrell's "step brother".

Sense of __, hit with a punchline at exact moment.

Reese's __; peanut butter candy in hard shells.

Puzzle 20

Roots around looking for food.

Higher Love singer: Steve __.

Those full of grace are born on this 24 hours.

Belgian manufacturer of chocolate sea shells.

As thick as __, means to be conspiratorial.

Philippe __ was the Swiss inventor of Milka.

__ of Heaven; legitimacy of a Chinese emperor.

WNBA counterpart of the Suns; Phoenix __.

Block with carved design for making prints.

Give a reason for.

__ for work, NSFW.

Coastal bird.

Large region across north-western Africa.

Ant-Man and __; 2018 buzzing superhero film sequel.

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