CodyCross Christmas Carols Pack answers

Christmas Carols PackChristmas Carols

Here are the answers to CodyCross Christmas Carols Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

At party games, a "scarf" that covers the eyes.

Chimes in Silver Bells chorus; __, hear them ring.

Coffee shops with mermaid logo.

Tallest active geyser, Yellowstone National Park.

Pretty pink birds that stand on one leg.

Exchanging something old for something new.

The edges of a sports field.

Continual, going on forever, indefinitely.

Rhythms banged out on percussion instrument.

Precious minerals that are used in jewelry.

Watch or clock.

What is left behind after a tree has been cut down.

Bird in a pear tree in the Christmas song.

Marriage vows, __ for worse.

Oval amphitheatre in the city of Rome.

Author who wrote the Fudge book series.

Puzzle 2

The capital city of China.

Das __, economics book by Karl Marx.

You do this to press the crinkles out of clothing.

A circus performer with all the balls in the air.

__ around, or messing around.

Last Christmas, I gave you __; Wham's Xmas lyrics.

Colourful arc in the sky.


Impediments for athletes to jump over.

Elvis __; released Blue Christmas in 1964.

Stands against.

Puzzle 3

Ninjago: Masters of __; fictional martial art.

A sweet treat made from the cacao seed.

Children's soft toy but it doesn't growl.

Donate time to a good cause.

__ Santa Claus; Gene Autry's trip down a lane.

Something that is convincing and lifelike.

__ for poorer.

Solve a cipher.

Jelly-like substance where tadpoles start life.

Waves of energy that are emitted by nuclear waste.

Asian island nation founded by Stamford Raffles.

Animals that threw Veruca Salt down a chute.

While __ Watched Their Flocks; traditional carol.

Puzzle 4

Zack/Freddy's clever best friend in School of Rock.

Footwear worn by divers to emulate seals.

Canadian city; anagram of "Al met Ron".

Bedding item in the Princess and the Pea.

Anywhere you like; no matter what place.

Praises a god.

Whale's nostril, located on the top of its head.

Shiny women's jewellery worn on the chest.

It Came Upon the __ Clear; 12am carol.

Treats given at a kids' party or at the Oscars say.

Outgrowth of large instestine, often removed.

Becoming someone's wife or husband.

Steak cooked a long time.

A game with letter tiles for spelling out words.

Dasher, Dancer and Prancer are famous __.

__ own business, don't be nosy.

Puzzle 5

Rebel __, plays Fat Amy in Pitch Perfect.


Member of the crew on a ship.

Wild dogs who live in packs.

Padded bed coverings.

The __ Seven; Enid Blyton's mystery-solving gang.

A skewered medley of vegetables and meat.

Away in a __; children's carol set in a stable.

__ Bells; song about a noisy sleigh ride.

Weak; the opposite is strong or powerful.

Most secure.

Puzzle 6

Long word for 'flu.

Bird of prey, __ falcon, also known as a duck hawk.

Delicate white flowers that bloom in early spring.

Hit for Justin Bieber and romantic festive plant.

I spy with my __, game to pass the time on a trip.

People who were ruled by pharaohs.

Industrial buildings used for manufacturing.

O Little Town of __; carol about Jesus' birthplace.

Getting or taking something you are given.

Wide range of vessels for drinking beverages from.

Shushing someone.

An infusion or tea made of herbal flowers.

She lived with the seven dwarves who rescued her.

Digger for precious metal.

Captain Cook's ship of discovery to Australasia.

Henry and Piper's mother in Henry Danger.

Puzzle 7

When Santa Got Stuck Up The __; fireplace vent.

Thin fried batter dish eaten at Mardi Gras.

A language spoken by many in South America.

To recycle unwanted items to make them better.

A fire __, a source of water used by fire fighters.

A car, a truck, a van, for e.g..

Making identical copies of something.

__ stick, a cane for those with mobility problems.

Ascended stairs.

The name of the red-nosed reindeer.

Large marine mammal with long foreflippers.

Kings, queens, princes and princesses.

Puzzle 8

Dark-shelled sea bivalve with yellow flesh.

Move uncontrollably because you're freezing cold.

Holiday homes rented abroad.

Jingle Bells transport; one-horse open __.

Kids' party game of pin the tail on the __.

Disorganised, not neat.

A nickname for a grandmother or grandma.

__ Carey sang All I Want For Christmas Is You.

Landed a fish with a rod.

Bulbs, lamps, candles.

Someone who carries your luggage at a hotel.

Puzzle 9

The Greatest __; musical about Barnum circus.

Light scent for summer; from a German city.

When stars shine they are said to do this.

Large American vultures living in the Andes.

Arch enemy.

Pixie-like flying creatures.

__, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish; Dr Seuss story.

Cube of bread in soup.

A cable and pulley ride found in playgrounds.

Someone employed on the doors at a nightclub.

Overused expressions that become boring.

An East African country; Asmara is its capital.

Eight maids a-__ in The Twelve Days of Christmas.

Gran __; racing game series with realistic cars.

Curtain device on a camera opens to allow light in.

Pushed a door very hard so it shut with a bang.

The C in CD.


Spikey garden plant, usually unwanted.

Baby, It's Cold __ sang Dean Martin in 1959.

Surname of Auggie and Via in Wonder.

__ maximus is also known as the buttock muscle.

Puzzle 10

__ roasting on an open fire; Nat King Cole lyrics.

Scared, petrified.

The number of criminal offences in a town or city.

Titles of newspaper articles.

Old __ Had a Farm, bucolic nursery rhyme.

Frozen precipitation that falls from the sky.

Participating in a race or a contest.

Top job in United States or any modern republic.

Old-__; something from the past, not modern.

Cake of spiraled sponge and jam.

Medal-shaped pendant.

Frozen kingdom of Disney's Queen Elsa.

Slow, land reptiles with a shell on their backs.

Washing or removing dirt.

The way you travel, the __ you're going in.

Medical vehicle.

A tiny version of the standard-sized item.

Darwin's theory, a gradual process of change.

Third line: Silent Night, Holy Night, __.

Puzzle 11

LII in Roman numerals.

He's making a list, he's __ it twice.

A type of fuel for your car without heavy metal.

Fabric strip that keeps locks out of the eyes.

Pointy Radiator Springs motel in the Cars movies.

Go Tell It On The __; passing on the Xmas story.

Tallest African animals also called camelopards.

Charlie and the Great Glass __, written by Dahl.

South American country, capital Paramaribo.

Bugs that make your head itch.

To have taken your belongings out of a suitcase.

Giving reluctantly.

Puzzle 12

The vegetables used to make fries.

People who run races.

I'm __ of a white Christmas; hoping for snow.

Wrist jewellery item, for shirts.

__ Perkins, plays Ciara in Knight Squad.

Robin Hood's group of outlaw friends.

Peer __, the burden to adopt a group's attitudes.

O Come All Ye __; traditional Christmas carol.

Abandoned, for example on a desert island.

Pertaining to winter, spring, summer or autumn.

First, short section of the small intestine.

Fastening paperwork with a thin metal bar.

Puzzle 13

Christmas hit for Eartha Kitt and Kylie Minogue.

Changing a thing for something different.

Blue gemstones.

__ Families, collectible toy animal figures.

Smart layer worn over a shirt and under a jacket.

Boxers hit these during training.

Colourful marine environments for tropical fish.

Top rating, a perfect score.

Rocky __, Toy Story wrestler or island near Spain.

Extra room that has been added onto a building.

Trade in for something less impressive.

Instant online chat service.

Five shiny bands in The Twelve Days of Christmas.

Puzzle 14

Going in the opposite direction to forwards.

Cultivators of plants and grass.

O __ Tree; called O Tannenbaum in German.

Long-eared, tea-pouring animal in Wonderland.

Cover on the top of a greenhouse.

Substances such as vitamins providing nourishment.

Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle __.

An arcade game on a table with a puck and fans.

Anne Boleyn's husband.

Left behind or deserted.

Liquid for cleaning your body.

Tools in your pencil case for drawing circles.

Puzzle 15

The mark left by a feline's foot.

In sickness and __, pledge given in wedding vows.

Three-sided shape.

Another name for your rear end.

__ a mirror is said to bring seven years' bad luck.

Small, round iced treats in paper cases.

The Pope's religion.

Plant the partridge was in, in the Christmas song.

Disloyal, unpatriotic people.

PAW Patrol's dalmatian with a firetruck.

It's Beginning To Look __ Christmas (Perry Como).

Second name of Roald Dahl's Matilda.

Units for computer storage space; TBs.

Olympic discipline for horses.

Puzzle 16

Sweet frozen food items served in cones.

I saw three ships come __ on Christmas Day.

To completely change the appearance of something.

O __; hit for both Celine Dion and Mariah Carey.

Usual full forename of someone called Bess/Betty.

Pro __ Soccer is a lifelike soccer video game.

Bright yellow spring flowers that grow from bulbs.

__ Mr Fox, Roald Dahl book.

Glass container with filament to brighten a room.

Breaks in the middle of plays at a theatre.

Used to smooth and tidy the hair.

A circus character who consumes flames.

__ Bolton, Henry Danger's best friend.

Furry, stripy, flying insect that buzzes.

Ancient capital known as the "City of David".

Puzzle 17

I Saw Mommy __ Santa Claus; cheeky Christmas song.

__ in a winter wonderland; going for a stroll.

Wooden planks fixed to the wall to display books.

A hero, a knight in __ armour.

Move from one country to another.


A brave fighter in a battle.

The creator of Winnie-the-Pooh.

Treats, generally of the edible kind.

With the utmost respect and attention.

Puzzle 18

Ben 10's watch-like alien choosing device.

__ Merrily on High; carol with Gloria chorus.

Star-shaped reference mark used in footnotes.

A plan of action.

Raised surface, or place where websites function.

Purple food grown underground.

Large fish that yields caviar.

__ Wenceslas; benevolent Christmas carol monarch.

Where your neighbours live.

The heart has four of these; or "rooms".

__ ball, another name for a table-tennis ball.

Having enough water for your body to be healthy.

Infernos that spread through plants on dry land.

Amusing errors in TV and film.


Makeup used to define the lash line.

Pureed lunch or dinner for infants.

Puzzle 19

Diagonal-moving chess pieces.

Says something again, reiterates.

Venn __, maths chart with overlapping circles.

Smoothing clothes after washing and drying.

Chinese city home to the 2008 Olympics.

Away in a manger; no crib __; nativity song words.

__ through the snow, in a one-horse open sleigh.

Marsupial smaller than a kangaroo.

To put something on show for others to see.

Inquisitive, asks lots of questions.

The agency that puts tolls on imports at airports.

Puzzle 20

Newspaper boss.

To wish you hadn't done or said something.

If something __, it happens or takes place.

Smelly, black-and-white animals.

__ Drummer Boy; pa rum pa pum pum Christmas song.

Sculpture guarding the pyramids.

Using one's eyes to observe something.

From rags to __, he rose up the ranks.

Hark! The __ Angels Sing; popular Christmas carol.

Brick room underneath a house.

Virtual game using building bricks (not Minecraft).

Harder, outside parts of loaves of bread.

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