CodyCross Christmas Decorations Pack answers

Christmas Decorations PackChristmas Decorations

Here are the answers to CodyCross Christmas Decorations Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Grapple with an opponent like a WWF fighter.

Shedders of feathers.

Putting away empty boxes until after Christmas.

The square root symbol.

Dome of the skull, encasing the brain.

European country that sounds like it wants food!.

Italian composer of the Four Seasons.

French port, famously evacuated in 1940.

Rock that Muppets live on.

Ashton, who married Mila Kunis.

Sparkly plastic that covers many decorations.

Flat, horizontal reinforcement on a boat's stern.

Puzzle 2

Decade of the Korean War and the polio vaccine.

NHL legend Wayne, known as The Great One.

Immediate imprisonment after arrest.

Microsoft's email service.

Extremity at the rear-end of a fish.

Reduce the currency exchange rate.

Taking the yellow brick road leads to the __ City.

Evergreen shrub wrapped in ribbons.

Stung, burnt, chafed.

Mathematics branch with equations.

First name of Torn singer Imbruglia.

Christmas gatherings where decorations are hung.

Cut of pig meat from the leg.

Puzzle 3

A painting of scenery, as opposed to a portrait.

Place for detaining military prisoners.

Traditional material for violin bow strings.

Repeated inhaling and exhaling.

Mini replica home decked out to celebrate.

Johnny Depp's character in Alice in Wonderland.

To change from a liquid to a gas.

This Bad Boys actor married Jada Pinkett.

East Asian country comprised of 17,000 islands.

White Ursidae frolicking with penguins on décor.

Puzzle 4

California alma mater of Google's co-founders.

This task must be done to keep the tree moist.

Traditional music style from southern Spain.

Garden birds with speckled chests.

Cooking an egg by cracking it into boiling water.

Radioactive element named after dynamite inventor.

House's front hall, spruced up with decorations.

Dark feline that's said to bring bad luck.

State of an optimist's glass.

Russian mystic who advised Tsar Nicholas II.

Title character of medical drama Grey's Anatomy.

Reverse a decision on a verdict in a court case.

Adelaide is known as the City of them.

Granite City on the ocean in Scotland.

Puzzle 5

Homespun, country style of holiday decorating.

There's one of these born every minute.

The capital of this country is Athens.

The horse-like animal that brays.

Club in the musical Cabaret, also a chocolate bar.

New Zealand bay off the North Island coast.

Unfiltered, unsweetened apple juices.

Frozen water, but glass and hung from the tree.

Dennis was one in the long-running comic strip.

Spanish F1 driver Fernando.

"But, soft! What light from __ window breaks?".

One's official voting paper.

Synthetic wool material for warm winter coats.

Rebel, comic star of the Pitch Perfect movies.

Puzzle 6

Relive memories, like ornament's origin story.

Cinematographic film upon which animations are made.

Name for one of a DJ's decks.

Form of government elected by popular vote.

What many mammals do in the winter.

Musical with songs that everyone joins in with.

For health reasons.

When a business's revenue equals its total costs.

Delicate china material used for special baubles.


Puzzle 7

1998 heist film set during an intense storm.

Increased to include more content.

Seen on screen at the conclusion of video play.

Plumage used to make the first artificial trees.

2015 Tame Impala album.

Base on which a statue is mounted.

Chris Lilley's 2019 Netflix series.

Line joining two opposite corners of a square.

Australians add these oceanic houses to their tree.

Number of stripes on the US flag.

Jolie who played Maleficent on screen.

Solid street or building entrance barriers.

Fictional chocolate slab with a golden ticket.

Tight-fitting horse-riding trousers.

Puzzle 8

Spinal column of a human being.

Palace in Granada, Spain.

Plungers used to dispense medicine.

Enthralling, thrilling novel.

Aquarium for pet guppies to swim in.

Lowest and highest guitar wires.

Crafted by a relative, like a loved decoration.

Director of Lost and Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Long glass vessel used in scientific experiments.

Winning act in a boxing match.

French sweet meringue sandwiches in bright shades.

Academy that features in a Netflix series.

Smooth or bumpy endings of flights.

Wrapped with paper and ribbon.

Puzzle 9

To intentionally refuse to take notice.

__ tighty, lefty loosey.

Winged cherubs, sometimes on the top of a tree.

African country where Akola jewelry is made.

Austin Powers' cheeky catchphrase, "Oh __".

Sleepy state, like in hypnosis or meditation.

An angle greater than 90 degrees.

Maria in West Side Story sings that she feels this.

Marinated meat sticks, a grilled snack.

A snowman's orange nose.

Garden tools for straightening lawn boundaries.

Violin virtuoso Menuhin.

Formed into an oval shape, like in knotting.

Latin word for seasickness.

Member of a group of missionary Catholics.

Celtic language of Ireland and Scotland.

Stephen King novel about a crazed fan.

Puzzle 10

Cognac brand or sports car modifier.

Not real.

Places or sites, e.g. points on a map.

Jingle __, Arnold Schwarzenegger Christmas film.

Garments hung by the fire, empty until Christmas.

TV show about Archie, Veronica, Betty, Jughead.

Material through which heat cannot pass easily.

English electronic band with Fragments of Freedom.

Gymnastics move with a whole body turn.

Imp who decorates windows with snowflakes.

Puzzle 11

Three-legged camera stands.

An aromatic berry that grows on evergreen trees.

Breakfast cakes.

Sondheim musical about a theatrical demolition.

Fake medicine in a drug trial, controls experiment.

US train company.

How Julius Caesar was killed.

Stanley, filmmaker who directed The Shining.

Turning over, doing 360 in a kayak.

Tasteful, like a chic take on Christmas decorating.

A rodent commonly kept as a pet.

The __ Deer, injured animal by Frida Kahlo.

Use a stand to ensure a tree is straight, not this.

Hair-drying treatment using a round brush.

Gem that is the hardest natural substance.

Work of fiction shorter than a usual book.

Five musicians who play together.

Puzzle 12

Tiny candle, lit to make a table ornament glow.

Make smaller, decrease.

She's played by Helena Bonham Carter in The Crown.

These rates turn one currency into another.

The F in sporting acronym CONCACAF.

German pyramid decoration that spins by candles.

Seasoning also known as Jamaica pepper.

Joint formed by the humerus and scapula.

Religious title that is abbreviated to "Rev".

Record company staff advocating record plays.

Light with a wavelength longer than visible light.

Puzzle 13

Wife of heavy metal singer Ozzy Osbourne.

Building block of life; C on the periodic table.

Impish elves with pointy hats and long beards.

Experts often do this for CEOs; give guidance.

A Chevrolet model or an African antelope.

A person who cultivates crops and orchards.

Name of eight English kings, most recently in 1936.

Written record of your recollection of past events.

Male lackey who always agrees with the boss.

Pick-me-ups, health boosters.

Time travel film starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

Fictional Indiana setting for Parks and Recreation.

Replenish ink cartridges or paper.

Paul McCartney wrote Hey Jude for this Lennon.

Aussie city known for fruits (though not oranges).

Hot yoga style.

Circle of pine needles, hung on the front door.

Antarctica is the coldest one on the planet.

Puzzle 14

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like this.

Unnamed individual; private identity.

Film with male model Derek played by Ben Stiller.

Remove software restrictions from a phone.

Collective name for the four major tennis titles.

These TV Housewives lived on Wisteria Lane.

Glitzy fabric wrapped around the water stand.

BFG way of referring to a person.

Smile Like __, 2003 hit for The Killers.

Beverage in a tall glass with little or no alcohol.

Puzzle 15

Egg dish served with bacon and Hollandaise sauce.

Runways walked along by fashion models.

Changed a piece of music to fit.

An evergreen's seed, painted white to look snowy.

Robin, voice of the genie in Disney's Aladdin.

Writer of Wise Blood, Ms. O'Connor.

Basic SI unit of weight, symbol kg.

Kidney patient's artificial blood-cleaning process.

Trader who buys and sells for profit.

Island country known as Ceylon until 1972.

Special Christmas plates and cutlery dress this up.

The physical parts of a computer.

Puzzle 16

"There's a bear in there, and __ as well".

American magazine known for celebrity news.

A tree's arms, covered in lights.

A destination frequented by tourists.

Red fruit that comes in Rainier and Bing varieties.

Costs rise when it falls.

James who went from Miami to the LA Lakers.

University in England and city in Mississippi.

People who complete their pilgrimage to Mecca.

Thin candles placed in windows during the season.

Quick-to-open, hook-and-loop fastener.

A juvenile cat.

A person who can commune with the dead.

Jordan Peele's 2017 horror movie.

Don't be a Debbie __.

He and Crick discovered the DNA double helix.

Puzzle 17

Bank robber's escape car.

Buri animal ornaments, made from __ brush of palms.

Final touchdown of a flight.

Crushing, changing to pulp.

Things might go down to it if time is scarce.

Jackson, artist known for splashing his paint.

Small solid lumps of gold.

The movie genre about people in love.

Brown whose tree was merely a few sad branches.

Country conquered by Eric IX of Sweden.

Mrs. Roosevelt, campaigning wife of FDR.

Businesses offering boarding for pet dogs.

A protective helmet worn by a factory worker.

Puzzle 18

Fried treats with a hole in the middle.

Repeated yearly, like gathering and decorating.

Main disk on a laptop where all info is stored.

On __, feeling extremely happy.

Quasimodo was the hunchback of this place.

Work done on an unpaid basis.

He plays Luther on TV, Heimdall in Marvel films.

Department where doctors send tissue to be tested.

NFL players who catch passes.

Plant hung for kisses.

Safety rail alongside a staircase.

Puzzle 19

Brief communication app, where messages disappear.

Island off Australia's south coast, capital Hobart.


The art or skill of preparing cocktails.

Marvel's movies about Iron Man, Thor and Hulk.

Small wire inside a light bulb.

Initials and surname of the Greatest Showman.

Clean, germ-free.

Your __, term to address a female monarch.

Caribou who help Santa, decked out holiday-style.

Class right below first on bigger flights.

Short but strong French emperor of the 1800s.

2009 X-Factor star who sang Dance With Me Tonight.

Holiday tubes with toys and jokes, on tables.

Apertures in doors for locking or unlocking.

Puzzle 20

Short bristly facial hair.

Unopened bloom on a thorny garden plant.

Pies often use fruit for this.

Thrilling slide through the air on an aerial cable.

Throb or vibrate, like a heartbeat.

Green shade often used at holidays; gem.

New Zealand Prime Minister Ardern, elected in 2017.

Got popular on Twitter.

Shabby detective played on TV by Peter Falk.

Self-service luggage check-in at an airport.

Look through these to see people's decorations.

Weather forecast of the current conditions.

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