CodyCross Christmas Stockings Pack answers

Christmas Stockings PackChristmas Stockings

Here are the answers to CodyCross Christmas Stockings Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Rails on which trains travel.

"Be there or be __" to avoid being outcast.

Small, remote-controlled flying machines.

__ of grass, tiny leaves that need cutting often.

Made a female cat unable to breed.

Most populated country starting with the letter F.

Grammatical word referring to more than one.

Eating a meal.

Jagged lightning that splits.

Nail __, shiny liquid for painting on nails.

Puzzle 2

Tools used for banging in nails.

Running injury, the demise of a lower limb maybe?.

Tropical stone fruits with juicy yellow flesh.

Ceramic dishes, made from clay.

__ gum, fruity or minty but not for swallowing.

Coming to a stop.

Silhouettes cast onto the ground in sunlight.

Flowing waterways that are narrower than rivers.

Crop __, unexplained rings in farm fields.

Mechanical, devoid of human emotions.

Two continents have this word in their name.

X-Men's Xavier runs a school for them.

Original decade of the Beatles and the Stones.

The greatest amount.

__ cushion, joke inflatable that expels gas.

Hillary or Bill.

Puzzle 3

No such thing as a __; everything has its price.

Lotion that protects skin against UV rays.

Any garment worn beneath clothes.

Sent an email you received on to another person.

Boat propulsion device that spins.

Sea sailed by Captain Jack Sparrow.

Orange logo store with construction materials.

Mathematical problems.

Translucent sea creature with a sting.

Pencil __, for getting pencils to a point.

Medical term for inflammation of the spleen.

Puzzle 4

Located in coastal waters, not on land.

Three-wheeled bike.

One-piece garment, first worn by parachutists.

A country's armed forces.

Filling to the brim, packing with content.

Climbed something.

First name of Theron Oscar-winner for Monster.

Giving gifts freely, not mean.

Veteran, pensioner, oldster.

Artwork created with a brush and pigments.

Keep in check, control the temperature.

Period of seven days that follows this one.

Secret phrase for accessing an online account.

Puzzle 5

Mix together, like a deck of cards.

The least spicy.

Made a Christmassy bell noise.

Person who signals the beginning of a race.

1990s TV show about six buddies in NYC.

Tin or plastic toy figure from an army.

Fast, e.g. a high-speed train service.

Grown without chemicals or pesticides.

Dizziness that makes you feel like you're spinning.

Wax sticks that kids draw with.

The least empty.

Puzzle 6

Device for rubbing aching muscles.

Describes toast with dairy spread on it.

Study assignments that focus on particular topics.

Jarring in brine, like little cucumbers.

Assume control of something, usually a company.

Animal with antlers, also called a caribou.

Affection, affinity towards.

Small wooden house, made with unfinished timber.

Dimpled sphere hit by a driver, wedge or iron.

Oceanside birds with a throat pouch.

2013 hit for Daft Punk that keeps you up all night.

Thoroughfare on which vehicles must pay to drive.

__ boots, they cover the shins.

Small lobe decorations, can be stickers for kids.

Keyboard key for upper case letters.

Puzzle 7

Chilly weather, with a thin icy layer on grass.

People, top of the food chain.

To pass with __ colors.

Spring that "walks" down stairs.

Creature that grows its own shell.

Expanses of open grasslands.

I Know What __ Last Summer, teen slasher movie.

Country where kahlua originated.

How tall someone or something is.

Brewing vessel for Earl Grey or Darjeeling.

Conundrum, brainteaser to solve.

Massaging with oils the forehead, nose, cheeks.

Basis of rating someone's intelligence.

Puzzle 8

Placing clothes into a case before traveling.

Change __, about-face on a romantic relationship.

__ Wars, reality TV show about unclaimed junk.

Portable meals taken in a basket.

Treats, gifts that aren't bad.

Bill and Billy are short forms of this boys' name.

Semiaquatic dam-building rodents.

__ green; golf course area surrounding each hole.

Open-necked shirt wearers are defined as __.

Graphite drawing tools.

Adobe __, application for viewing PDF files.

Went round a planet.

One who plays a Steinway.

Cars that are at least 20 years old.

Puzzle 9

Calm, absence of noise or movement.

Flashing discharge of atmospheric electricity.

Group of followers around a celebrity.

Old or New segment of the Bible.

Ribbon-like strands for tying footwear.

Those who live on land surrounded by water.

Fairy __; granter of Cinderella's wishes.

Fried and battered veggie accompaniment to a steak.

Obama, Bush or Clinton, for example.

Use this for opening bottles of wine.

Expert on past times.

Puzzle 10

Everyday term for the disease known as rubeola.

Place where beer is made.

Not animal or vegetable.

Block of blank, lined pages for writing on.

A wedding's principal groomsman.

Break into tiny pieces, smash to bits.

Age of __; historical video game franchise.

American League's New York baseball team.

Country where Beethoven was born.

Makes a high-pitched sound when blown.

Homer and Marge __, cartoon parents.

Puzzle 11

Bright, rubbery inflatables for kids.

Buildings in which Christians gather to worship.

Agitator and believer in women's rights.

Bright cream to twist then apply to the mouth.

Mailed paper that doesn't need an envelope.

Serving one portion of ice cream.

Suite of computer programs, e.g. Word, Excel.

Defendant's plea to judge.

Sought-after crystal gemstones that are forever.

Orange citrus fruit or Chinese language.

Very small difference between two things.

Puzzle 12

Long Island __ mixes vodka, tequila, rum, gin.

__ around; looked for the best deal.

Soft-bristled makeup applicators.

The M in MIA, or __ in action.

People with violent emotional disorders.

Strength and energy to keep going for a long time.

Grinning, beaming.

Luggage, suitcases at an airport.

Properties with land, owned by elites.

Saved from danger.

Large, reusable shopping bag.

__ rack, wire receptacle used with baked goods.

Takes for a while, like a book from a library.

Copyright-free illustrations used on a computer.

Pine trees drop them.

Set __; fixed, concrete, e.g. firm plans.

Puzzle 13

Dried leaves in fine mesh, just add hot water.

Eight-legged denizen of the ocean.

Fluids, not allowed in large quantities on planes.

Salted or roasted snack, liked by elephants.

Got the better of someone.

Laying something to rest underground.

Small receptacle for holding construction gadgets.

Hewlett-__, maker of printers and copiers.

Threw balls as a circus act.

Make photographs appear from negatives.

LaToya or Janet.

Puzzle 14

Brings goods into a country secretly.

Faults, mistakes.

Patterned paper used to disguise Christmas gifts.

Rough, coarse, scratchy.

Comfy indoor shoes.

Sweat, leak from the pores.

Person who lives on land surrounded by water.

Young clover that is a symbol of Ireland.

Screen components of personal computers.

"Good __ to bad rubbish", a snappy retort.

The Tale of __ Bunny, Beatrix Potter's rabbit tale.

Long-tailed game bird.

Intersection of roads.

2006 Nickelback hit about a wannabe singer.

Elf on __, mischievous elf, plays tricks at home.

Puzzle 15

Sweet treat made from cocoa beans.

After school punishment.

Often mistaken for a crocodile.

Work out the answer to a mathematical problem.

Nirvana drummer and Foo Fighter.

Waiting in the wings, ready for action if needed.

Those who are coping with disease or hardship.

Jimmy Stewart movie: It's a __ Life.

Very valuable.

Natural night-time illumination.

Squeezy, foam-like toys, often with slow rise.

Tunnel beneath a road.

Puzzle 16

To show or display, especially in a museum.

British group with the most No. 1 Christmas songs.

Colorful skies at the end of each day.

Loud, deep sound used to warn ships.

Shoe inners to improve posture, comfort or warmth.

__ tracker, band for monitoring health, activity.

Bristly beard growth.

Burrowing black-and-white mammals living in setts.

Breaded sausage on a stick from the USA.

This is used to plug an open wine bottle.

Non-metric units of car fuel.

Satisfied and happy.

What your teeth do when you're cold.

Puzzle 17

Contamination, smog.

Packs such as Uno, Monopoly Deal, Dino Dump.

Food __, illness from spoiled or infected meals.

A Christian rebirth, a seeking of salvation.

Book: How to Win Friends and __ People.

Bread for a beef patty.

E.g. those from Toronto, Montreal, or Dawson.

Musical instrument known as a mouth organ.

Opposite of northerly.

Chair next to the walkway on an aircraft.

Puzzle 18

Charm __, metal wrist ornament.

Car company, __-Benz.

__ card, a document that carries your likeness.

Spontaneous group performance in a public place.

Benevolence, doing good deeds.

Religion where followers seek to attain Nirvana.

Disposable cleaning cloths for sticky fingers.

Hunter-__; human who forages for food.

Quit, handed in one's notice.

Nationality of physicist Erwin Schrodinger.

Span of years equal to a person's existence.

Puzzle 19

Period of darkness when Santa visits.

Useful if you jump out of a plane.

Exhausted, fried, completely devoid of more energy.

Sentenced for a crime.

A golfer's action before driving.

Of high cost.

Printed collection of children's tales.

Introduce potential romantic partners.

It provides domestic illumination.

The ancient past or an object from that time.

Fruit often used in muffins.

The __ of Soul; James Brown's nickname.

Fellow student in the same lessons.

Puzzle 20

Making cakes or bread.

Snakes and vampires can be described this way.

Tense up with embarrassment.

Top floors in houses.

__ Christmas, another name for Santa Claus.

Up-and-down playground toy.

Mrs in French.

Storm __; person who follows tornadoes.

24 hours of no work.

__ notes, pad of tear-off, adhesive paper.

Christopher __; won an Oscar in The Deer Hunter.

A __ reward is scarcely any reward at all.

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