CodyCross City Nicknames Pack answers

City Nicknames PackCity Nicknames

Here are the answers to CodyCross City Nicknames Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

YouTube phenomenon of opening new products.

Queen of the __, one of many nicknames for Venice.

Glib, facetious, frivolous.

Maurice, the first president of the NBA, 1949-1963.

Blake's poem about a feline burning bright.

One track train.

The __, 60s Motowners with Under the Boardwalk.

Historical surgery removing part of the brain.

Spiky tree with white flowers and reddish berries.

Chat to and fro.

Oscar-winning director of Cabaret.

__ City, Calgary's cattle link endows its nickname.

Picture on the front, letter on the back.

Puzzle 2

Energy providers; gas and electricity companies.

Japanese screen printed paper.

Bay of Smoke is this volcanic icy capital's name.

Determined and go-getting.

Generic hued term for ales made with wheat.

Miami's nickname, describing an enchanting place.

Unrealistic, impractical views of life.

Involving a company or other business.

Men's slicked hairdo worn by Tony Curtis.

Not allowed, beyond the scope of a project.

Rudolph, silent movie actor, "Great Lover".

Puzzle 3

Serpent in Hindu creation story.

Auld __, Edinburgh's label from its smoky pallor.

Prestige, status, distinction.

Chris, multiple winner of the Tour de France.

Coordination and balance disorders.

People who post unpleasant responses on forums.

Make harmless, remove teeth.

His Principle, in business, is the 80/20 rule.

Heavily cited scientific journal.

Common mineral types are rose, amethyst, citrine.

Oldest English-speaking university in the world.

Kuala __, aka the mouth of the muddy river.

The hilltop Castle, a Japanese World Heritage Site.

Puzzle 4

Three words, eight letters, one meaning.

Energetic person, go getter.

Heinz would approve of this nickname for Boston.

Legal code introduced by Frankish king Clovis I.

The work of a fake doctor.

Film in which John Wayne played Rooster Cogburn.

La __, work of art also called the Mona Lisa.

Stage; policy.

Written lines containing an initial hidden message.

Long-tailed monkey with tufted head.

Port of the __, describes Moscow's watery location.

Joe, Criminal Minds actor.

Iorek, the armed bear of Philip Pullman's books.

Species of plants native to New Zealand in Maori.

Taunts better than another.

Gordonstoun's educational founder.

Puzzle 5

Belfast's shipbuilding history reveres this ship.

Overcome by shaking and trembling.

Standing in lines.

Karah __, semolina halva in Sikhism.

Move to the next stage in a video game.

Vivid freshwater fish kept in garden ponds.

Second-highest tier of a ballet company.

Quote from Hamlet: "Get thee to a __".

An Andalusian city called Athens of the West.

Surname of father-and-son singers Woody and Arlo.

Said of a graceful, slender woman.

Tarry, road-surfacing material.

The Pliocene follows this geological epoch.

Puzzle 6

Chicken cooked in wine in French cuisine.

Large rocks.

Dagger that is part of the Highland dress.

A London label, a disparaging term for its squalor.

Toulouse's sobriquet translates as La Ville Rose.

One who seeks pleasure all the time.

WW2 U-boat military tactics against shipping.

Unstable and dangerous item, in chemistry.

__ calls, John Dee and Edward Kelly angel language.

Charlotte Brontë's tale set at Thornfield Hall.

Words that have the last letters dropped in speech.

Ran over afoot.

Martial arts weapon of two tied sticks.

Grisi, Italian ballerina known for Giselle.

Eaten on Eve of St Agnes, divines a future husband.

Puzzle 7

Individual selling tables or booths.

Tiny sucking insects that feed on plants.

German film series about a village since the 1840s.

Shorthand for South Africa's largest city.

Silly talk, reminiscent of drooled saliva.

Leather sleeve that sheaths a Scout's neckerchief.

Madelaine, Riverdale's Cheryl Blossom.

Frank __; Apollo 8 commander.

Detroit's handle, and Berry Gordy's record label.

Not high profile, muted.

Belly buttons.

Puzzle 8

Parasitic worm that lives in vertebrate intestines.

__ of India, label given to Dibrugarh, Assam.

Book espousing Marx's political views: "Das __".

__ Gulch, nickname given to the Las Vegas strip.

Holds in high regard.

Amalgamated word for comedy-drama TV genre.

Rich Epiphany loaf from Portugal, a king's cake.

German painter of satirical works including War.

Deadened sound, suppressed noise.

General term for Italian comics.

Turning tool with teeth, sounds like a nurse.

Teresa, Venezuelan composer-pianist, born 1853.

Jewish religious text attached to a doorpost.

Runs or jumps about playfully, like a lamb.

Healing treatment.

Tall reed plant with brown head, found near water.

Puzzle 9

Sunny hue used in the printing process.

Maria, astronomer and author of Urania Propitia.

Rhyming boiled Chinese dumplings with fillings.

Order of the __, chivalric award to 24 members.

Butter __, thin cotton cloth used in cooking.

__ of the North, an Edinburgh classical nickname.

Painful muscle contractions.

Sweet confection that Montélimar is famous for.

John Leonard, Jr; Get Shorty and Swag novelist.

Juan Manuel, five times Formula 1 champion.

Fastidious, strait-laced.

Puzzle 10

Furry regrowth that is harsh to the touch.

Italian wine preferred by Hannibal Lecter on screen.

Play by Sophocles: __ Rex.

Chests, boxes full of money.

Writhing movements.

__ City, Sydney's nickname because of its location.

Walking animal in heraldic representation.

__ to the West, St Louis' name thanks to its arch.

Decorative grooving on pie or flan tins.

Area near a music stage for energetic dancing.

Hospitals treated this disease in the Middle Ages.

Too deep in the sea for sunlight to reach.

Careless, silly mistake.

Bedraggled and disordered.

Puzzle 11

She and Tommy Beresford are fictional detectives.

Communist guerrillas who fought Diem's government.

__ Beneath, Pfeiffer and Ford supernatural horror.

Mythical figure also known as Sir Percival.

__ City, Yatomi's name celebrates funfair swimmers.

King of Israel, and x4 champagne bottle size.

Dutch sport with netless baskets on high poles.

Leaving off the list.

Hip __ Diet; made famous by Rosemary Conley.

Natural fuel trapped in sedimentary rock.


Uneducated or unsophisticated.

Area or district devoted to shopping, say.

Wind conditions that becalm sailing vessels.

Cardiff district, birthplace of Shirley Bassey.

Cairo, City of a Thousand __, a religious epithet.

Puzzle 12

__ diagram, graphics that map advent of sunspots.

San Francisco nickname after the events of 1906.

Agitated, confused, flummoxed.

Pigment mixed with hot wax for painting.

Van Morrison's girl.

Rushed something, without consideration.

Queen of England 1553-8, daughter of Henry VIII.

E. E. Evans-__, social anthropologist.

Capital of Serbia, Belgrade has a pale epithet.

Armor made from tiny linked metal rings.

Gambling card game also known as boodle.

German for ideas that extol the spirit of the time.

Puzzle 13

Mary Pickford played the title girl in this film.

Afrikaner architectural style of rounded gables.

Gaudí's city, the capital of Catalonia.

Imposing, interfering.

My kingdom __! Shakespeare quote.

Small, kidney-shaped, sweet and gummy treat.

The one who has the biggest appetite for food.

George Westinghouse invented these in 1868.

Sobriquet of Sheffield (UK) and Pittsburgh (US).

Danish Saturday Night singer.

Puzzle 14

Played the Pinball Wizard in the 1975 Who film.

Chicago's nickname, a reference to the weather?.

Peace of __; restored peace in Hanseatic towns.

Repetition for emphasis.

Carnivore cloud forest raccoon, discovered in 2013.

__ City, heavenly Beijing goes by this moniker.

What quoth the Poe's raven.

Superficial or without serious purpose.

Plum type used in jam.

Sec of State under John Quincy Adams, a Kentuckian.

Imaginary place of sleep and dreams.

Maths equation with squared elements.

Puzzle 15

State of unpleasantness.

Religious step that follows canonization.

African fish from the continent's longest river.

Wilde: "The unspeakable in full pursuit of the __".

Houston's nickname comes from slow-moving water.

__ Night, pagan festival to ward off witches.

Standards are run up them.

The __ capital of the world, at Hammerfest, Norway.

Spiky, prickly vegetation with yellow flowers.

Detective brothers created by Franklin W Dixon.

Puzzle 16

Tall, thin and weak, a twig-like appearance.

Horace, who wrote The Castle of Otranto.

Nagpur's fruity pseudonym is the City of __.

Rabbit bandicoots of Australia.

Someone who has broken free, perhaps from prison.

Beseeches, demeans oneself when asking a kind act.

Lisa Lopes's stage name.

Skill of making lace using knots and loops.

Amundsen's name for the first camp at South Pole.

Rum with a 40% alcohol content: Newfoundland __.

Most prominent philosophical school of Hinduism.

City __, yacht-filled Auckland's moniker.

__ together; roughly assembled.

African river with spectacular waterfalls.

Puzzle 17

The Seduction of __, movie with Alda and Streep.

Odin's Hall of the Dead in Viking mythology.

Counterfeits, forgeries.

Study of runes, ancient alphabet.

The most touchy or grumpy.

Rome's location, the hill on which it first stood.

Trick to make something rise, defying gravity.

Singing like a bird.

Alpine dish of scraped, melted semi-hard cheese.

N Indian place, the City of the Golden Temple.

Japanese skill of braiding silks into cords.

__ effect, observed deflection relative to Earth.


Wine merchants.

Unit with coat hooks and a built-in storage bench.

The look of a book's text, the font.

Verne's submarine of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.

Call of Duty title about clandestine missions.

Puzzle 18

Amino acid in proteins.

French town of the Lot, famous for Malbec wine.

Cat- and dog-like wild animals that laugh.

George's surname in Of Mice and Men.

Complete or undamaged.

New York: the city that never __.

"__ with the same brush".

Mumbai is the City of __, a draw for all Indians.

Soft-brimmed hat, associated with gangsters.

__ Mutiny; uprising of Vietnamese soldiers in 1930.

Yoshihiro, Japanese chef of Tokimeite.

Oppositional alignment.

Puzzle 19

Unit of poetic rhythm; anagram of pens ode.

Ottey, Jamaican-born Slovenian sprinter.

Badgering and whining at someone to do something.

Walls and __, Lennon album featured #9 Dream.

Annual injections to prevent viral illnesses.

Japanese WW2 battle island, marked by flag-raising.

Dampens sound.

Dutch style evidenced in Rietveld's Schröder House.

Caipirinha cocktails are made with this spirit.

Roman goddess of wisdom and warfare.

Storage at the top of a barn.

Small, chestnut-brown bird of prey.

Las Vegas sobriquet, due to its gambling perhaps.

Bernard Montgomery, 1st Viscount Montgomery of __.

Muddy York, the nickname for Ontario's capital.

To have put physical effort into something.

Puzzle 20

"I think, therefore I am" in Latin: __ergo sum.

Weather map line.

Mousse-like dessert.

Maiden name of Donata, wife of Marco Polo.

Formal word for a funeral rite.

Greedy bird.

The Name of the Wind's protagonist.

Bocelli, famous Italian opera singer.

Traditional sport of throwing rings over spikes.

Rihanna's fashion brand: __ X Fenty.

Austrian city famous for schnitzels.

Danish TV show on the workings of the government.

Metal bullet for an airgun.

__ of the Seas, Cape Town's early trading name.

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