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Here are the answers to CodyCross Classic Literature Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

To safeguard from danger.

__ Mash, playful Halloween song.

An affective state of consciousness.

Branded box of toy bricks.

Hearth for burning wood.

The __ Letter, the mark given to Hester Prynne.

Strip of cloth attached along the edge of clothing.

A man who has lost his wife.

Intimidating winter sport.

Without any preservatives.

Someone who gives shapes to objects.

Ground-dwelling predominantly herbivorous ape.


The __ Falcon, sleuthing done by Sam Spade.

Puzzle 2

Blow, stroke, thrust.

Past participle of shrink.

Boris __, German tennis player turned coach.

Around the World in __ Days by Jules Verne.

__ of the Apes, abandoned baby Greystoke.



Quantum mechanics is a law of __.

Disney's The __ Book was released in 1967.

Juice added to vodka to make Bloody Mary.

Brick adherent.

Equines ridden by men.

The male counterpart of a hairdresser.


Puzzle 3

Someone who creates musical scores.

__ Cher-ee, Oscar-winning song from Mary Poppins.

Ancient temple dedicated to all the Roman gods.

An individual drip of precipitation.

A weight on a rod that keeps a clock regulated.

Table tennis.

Legally separated.


Traffic stopper.

A little piece; part of a whole in math.

A __ to Arms, Hemingway's masterpiece about WWI.

Nightly ritual for kids.


Cold __, ice pack for treating minor injuries.

Puzzle 4

The __, long-running whodunnit by Agatha Christie.


Fashion designer Coco Chanel's real first name.

The time before today.

Small citrus fruit; mandarin.

Family members.

Marketing offer.

Resistance while working out.

Designer of buildings and houses.

US famous musical festival of 1969.

Furniture for resting legs on.

Not during the day.

Composer of musical piece "Fur Elise".

Vertical lines around the Earth.

This Bond film is Ojo de Oro in Spanish.

Puzzle 5

Decorated, beautified.

Wolfe's tale of Wall St: The __ of the Vanities.

Antonym of friends.

To obtain.

Doctor __, Mann's take on the legendary figure.

Someone who moves along the water surface.

The most.

Big cat baby.

Case for carrying books to school.

Maiden name of Lady Di.

Puzzle 6

Hard time.

Rock candy is made up of these sugar formations.

They grow on avians.

A pumpkin became one in Cinderella.



Mobile homes.

To confine, impede.

Three-sided polygon.

A costume so no one knows who you are.

The Tenant of __ Hall, feminism by Anne Brontë.


Spinning toy.


Puzzle 7

Legal handwritten name.

Giving a sermon or moral advice.

Adventure story of the French Foreign Legion.

Electrical plug, ports, interface.

Written work released for public distribution.

Financially backed by a company or a person.

Opposite to southeast.

__ Park, Jane Austen's tale of Fanny Price.


Honest, decent, ethical.

Measure smaller than length or width.

Small tined grabber for dragging away leaves.

System that waters lawn.

Quality related to inquisitive thinking.

Commentator of broadcasted or live events.

Found guilty of a crime and sentenced.

A soldier hired into foreign service.

1983 James Bond's film with marine-related title.

Puzzle 8


Flying disc associated with alien visitors.

Cantina, grog shop; frequented by cowboys in the past.

Turning cylinder.

The amount of something's bulk.

To eat quickly and hungrily.

Hard rigid coverings or supports of animals.

The Color __, Alice Walker's epistolary novel.

Large dry sandy area, where not much grows.

Planted in a vase or container.

Scary film.

Long curved yellow fruit; plátano.

Vehicle conductor.

Short period of time.

The War of the __, Wells on a Martian invasion.

Type of wall painting.

Puzzle 9

Really wanted.

Almost hopeless.

The __, Lawrence's prequel to Women in Love.

Technique used to give meat a "seal".

The Virgin Mary and a pop princess.

Classes, lessons.

Paper acknowledgement of studies completed.

Kit Harington's character in Game of Thrones.

To receive a payment.

Military operations between enemies.

Absence or lack of something or someone.

Opposite of shortest.

Goncharov's saga of a lazy Russian man.

Legally joined in matrimony.

Puzzle 10

Situation that has been cleared up.

Fixing something that is broken.

Skill of communicating from mind to mind.

Moving at an incredibly fast speed.

Assaulting, striking, charging.

Walking on eggshells.

What some animals do during the winter.

Land surrounded by water on three sides.

Personal, administrative or executive assistant.

Term for gradually increasing loudness in music.

Lacking something.

Not the ending.

Puzzle 11

Spheres; balloons.

Super busy.

Written papers, especially school work.

Mother, father, sons and daughters.

The Dark __, Bale's Batman, 8 Oscar nominations.

Inflamed and reddish areas on the skin.

Little marks or tiny crumbs.

Sweetened water frozen dessert.

Sweet little fruits to make wine with.

Aesop's __ are tales that teach lessons.

Awkward or uncouth man.

The place in the fridge to keep frozen food.

Ornamental coffin.

Puzzle 12

Ocean animal with tentacles.

Bram Stoker's tale of Transylvania.

Honor __, murder to protect reputations.

Wonder Woman is of this tribe.

Departure from life.


A strip of material used to bind a wound.

Craziness, out of control.

A violent storm.

The shortest war lasted 38 __.

Habitual way of conducting oneself.

Italian tenor Pavarotti's first name.

A close-fitting garment of neoprene.

Played Don Draper on Mad Men.

Bambi's rabbit friend.

Retired soldier.

Sausages; anagram of newsier.

De Sade's story following a child to adulthood.

Puzzle 13

Instrument group that includes violins and cellos.

__ Theron, South African actress.

Antonym of positive.

Maintained in a persistent or positive manner.

A lump or a bulge around an injured joint.

Where a place is.

Taco wrapper.

Sometimes it comes in a disguise.

The Golden __, Lessing's famous feminist work.

Little aquatic birds that don't fly.

To have a different opinion from someone.

Concentrated substances obtained from plants.

Poker, canasta, bridge.

Novel by Walter Scott and his literary collection.

Smiling broadly.

Puzzle 14

The ran away to get married.

Not socially acceptable.

__ Farm is Orwell's story of rebellious creatures.

To request someone's presence at an event.

Official language of Canada besides English.

The Comedy of __, Shakespearean story of identity.

Jodie __, star of Taxi Driver.


Sesame seed paste, the basis for hummus.

Japanese craft of growing miniature trees.

Shell-encased mammal.

Puzzle 15

Person on film sets who yells "action" and "cut".

Much of WWI was fought in these.

Relatives to fireplaces.


Of a loaf, with a crunchier shell.

__ the Wind is Margaret Mitchell's Civil War epic.

A town or city at the end of a carrier line.

Robin __, Mork & Mindy star.

Greek god of the sea.

The first showing of a film.

A flat container for a letter or card.

Not as bad as a migraine.


Damsel in __, a girl who needs rescuing.

The __ of a Lady with protagonist Isabel Archer.

Digital storage system.

Puzzle 16

Paint that dries to a hard, glossy finish.

Book describes Thoreau self-sufficiency in a cabin.

Moved under wind power.

Chilling, glacial, ice-cold.


Garden areas, paved with concrete slabs.

More than enough.

The sound a parrot makes.

Mythical winged beast.

Pool activity.

Something that makes you better when sick.

Elastic material for tires and bands.

Gripping tool.

Earrings, bracelets, rings, earrings.

Revocation, cancelation, annulment.

A type of tooth.

Two or more notes played together.

Puzzle 17

My __, Hepburn wants to work in flower shop.


The parts of the hand boxers hit with.

To protect with a plastic cover.

US Record producer who once went by Arab Attack.

They go great with wine and cheese.

Airtight seal used in packaging.

Forming words with letters.

Benevolence, helpfulness towards someone in need.

When two moving objects rub against one another.

Hive-dwelling queen servant.

Twinkles, shines, flashes.

Puzzle 18

Egyptian queen who had an affair with Julius Caesar.

Coming back.

The Roman fighter Spartacus.

Period of life before adolescence.

The Scarlet __ stars the heroic Percy Blakeney.

Protection against loss or damage.

To submit to someone else's power.

Going over the limit.

Software creator.

Palm tree fruit with anti-oxidant properties.

Coats and jackets, not indoor clothing.

The Great Bear constellation.

Horse __, tree fruits collected in the woods.

Explosive formula to make bullets.

Nations, lands, states.

Examples; times.

Autumn/winter festival, before All Saints' Day.

Puzzle 19

__ My Lovely, Chandler tale stars Philip Marlowe.

Wind systems with circular, swirling motion.

Last of the __, one of the Leatherstocking Tales.

The one who remains alive.

Sending signals.

High emotion; uncontrolled laughing or crying.

Irrigating plants or flowers.

Food that is not mass produced in a factory.

John __, starred in Grease and Pulp Fiction.

The busiest time of day on the roads.

Container for your midday meal.

Uttering a deep moan from pain or annoyance.

Hunter dog breed.

To move to a new place.

Screw with a cross slot.

Puzzle 20

Bordering rooms with common door.

Garden machine for cutting the grass.

Negative balance in your bank account.

Whoopi Goldberg's singing nun film.

Antonym of withdrawing or retreating.

A person who adorns interiors.

Facial gestures shown by computer keyboard symbols.



Tolkien's tale of furry-footed types.


Remaining food that you eat the next day.

The measurement around your stomach.

The final move to win a game of chess.

Landline or cellular.

The opposite of fast asleep.

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