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Here are the answers to CodyCross Classic Things Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

Sugar-free brand of cola with red and blue logo.

Set free from being tied up; a dog off its chain.

Mount Lee's Los Angeles sign says this.

I get by with a little help from __; Beatles lyric.

Strictly to the rules.

Over-the-top, amorous Muppet.

Nickname for the electric chair in the US.

Pre-fax transmitted message maker.

Increase fourfold.

A mini catapult, used by David to kill Goliath.

Puzzle 2

Goose __, skin condition from fear or cold.

Sang like Bing Crosby or Sinatra.

Small, scary creatures often mentioned w ghosts.

Widens like pupils in the eye.

Go back over the same route; __ your steps.

Vespa or Razor are types of these.

A type of bitter orange or a Spanish city.

People who make offers in auctions.

Spanish word for France.

Multiple songs by different groups on a cassette.

Morgan __, Invictus' Nelson Mandela.

Component part of many sections, like with a worm.

Plant-based writing material in ancient Egypt.

__ dry, left out of reach, abandoned.

Puzzle 3

Out of whack sleeping patterns after flying.

__ English; lacking fluency when talking.

Classic Hollywood Cleopatra actress Elizabeth __.

Shiny dark sea mollusc, sometimes grown on ropes.

The Terminator governor's first name.

Novel by Lucy Maud Montgomery: Anne of Green __.

These Girls were Sophia, Dorothy, Rose and Blanch.

Part of the eye where images are created.

Richie __, first act to appear at 69's Woodstock.

High, thin and wispy clouds.

Well __; practiced, experienced.

Puzzle 4

__ crater; dent left behind by a meteor strike.

Combination of two companies into one.

Try hard for something; __ for the best.

Collie who rescued Timmy a lot.

Relating to Switzerland's mountains, for example.

Leather straps used to lead a horse.

Briefly halted; took a short break.

Gilligan's Island redheaded actress character.

Occupation of Che Guevara (not Revolutionary!).

Separation of a church into two distinct churches.

__ Goldthwait, crazy voiced comedian.

Camping equipment, all-in-one forks and spoons.

Vitali Klitschko: 1st world __ champ with a Ph.D..

Puzzle 5

Documents that surrender rights or claims.

In opposition to.

__ questions prompt a particular or expected reply.

Friday in German.

Lodge of stoneworkers.

Bobby __, chess prodigy.

Country where poet Kahil Gibran was born.

Pre-Cruise, __: Impossible was first a TV show.

Gift; not yesterday or tomorrow.

Make this berry alcohol with foraged blackthorns.

Tooth specialist sure to make your gums bleed.

Subgroup of tables that fit together by stacking.

Rabbit ear wires used to transmit TV signals.

St__, London station and patron saint of children.

Painter born Dominikos Theotokopoulos.

Researched where goods can be obtained.

Pick __; fresh fruit farm or orchard.

Multiplied by itself.

Bob Marley's Redemption Song is a song "of __".

__ Boy, movie on the early life of John Lennon.

Bird that sat beside Christ at the Crucifixion.

Puzzle 6

Former lead vocalist of the Doors: the late Jim __.

Monthly allowance for mobile Internet usage.

Intense questioning; putting them over the heat!.

__ Center, Parisian landmark named after a president.

Surname of the Bewitched family.

Star of the film La Reina de Espana: __ Cruz.

Often used for roasting marshmallows on sticks.

Tiny animals that blue whales eat.

Indian princely title.

Rice __, cereal fronted by Snap, Crackle and Pop.

Close physical and emotional connection.

Tiny shorts.

Not doing anything is a state of __.

Woodland management and conservation.

Puzzle 7

__ and honey, a classic side dish.

Handheld eighties Nintendo system.

Vital, of critical importance.

Presidents who reject something.

Italian sports car make with prancing horse.

Indiana Jones and Marion were __ of the Lost Ark.

Railing around the edge of a roof.

Distracted drawings.

Side of a mountain facing away from the wind.

Person after whom something is named, eg sandwich.

Underground, walled place of imprisonment.

Did boxing with a partner.

Puzzle 8

Let your __; completely relax and have fun.

Paul Giamatti Wall Street TV show.

Naval military trainee.

__ pig, fed on mother's milk then roasted whole.

Clenched hand greeting.

Animated film, animals living as humans in city.

Pitiful, moving, wretched, sad.

Booty dancing craze.

Vivien Leigh played her in Gone with the Wind.

Site of a 1967 Summer of Love Californian festival.

Temporary housing; e.g. homeless __.

Seventies wired-in communication in a vehicle.

Unwelcome, surplus to requirement.

Describes someone with spaces between dentures.

Puzzle 9

Putting in your two cents; providing your opinion.

Sport of riding waves in the ocean.

Respect rules or laws.

British word for toboggans.

Grand __; show-stopping ending performances.

Public uproar and censure directed at bad actions.

Flower children, free spirits.

Marvel chief editor, died 2018.

Crosswords where the clues are not straightforward.

Rainbow tank fishes, rhymes with young dogs.

Amy __, Hull aviator, flew to Australia in 1930.

Brussels landmark from the 1958 World's Fair.

Practice of making aluminum-sealed foods at home.

Barry, Robin and Gibb make up this disco band.

Distortion photo lens with an aquatic name.

Puzzle 10

Chart-__, another name for a No. 1 hit.

Weather event that warms Pacific waters.

Clyde's partner in crime.

"Shutting the __ door after the horse has bolted".

Japanese Army General Yamashita, aka "Tiger of __".

Thin sauce of a fruit or vegetable puree.

Wailed like a street cat.

Fifth __, group of secret subversives.

Dry, rough sponge for washing with.

Doubters, unbelievers, skeptics, scoffers.

__ Chuan, Chinese system of flowing movements.

Dog and friend to inventor Wallace.

Films with no audio track.

Bass speaker producing low audio frequencies.

Puzzle 11

Build-ups of grainy deposits in rivers.

Overhead version uses plastic sheets on glass.

Describes coffins made heavy with Pb.

__ converter; device to control vehicle emissions.

Oysters wrapped in bacon: angels on __.

For Whom the __; 1940 Hemingway novel.

It absorbs feline waste and is sprinked in a tray.

__ officer; person who apprehended a criminal.

Temporary power failures.

Earth, Wind & Fire song: Do you remember?.

Facial disease from painting watch dials.

Any plant with thick, fleshy parts, retains water.

Club who met for detention; served at Tiffany's.

Transformation, an oceanic alteration.

They occupy the middle ground of politics.

Puzzle 12

Ocular charm to ward off bad spirits.

French car maker, but they're not lemons!.

Caught clothing on something sharp.

East coast US city, home to Coca-Cola.

Handheld portable computer.

Set fire to.

Bongo-banging turtlenecked Kerouac follower.

__ on the Roof, 1970s film musical starring Topol.

Carbon __, most abundant gas on Mars.

Toothpaste brand with "a ring of confidence".

See-through plastic shoes from the eighties.

German term for overall pattern of something.

Puzzle 13

VW convertible model.

Someone who is a good example for others.

Two fingers held in a "v" with the palm facing out.

Stones song, Jumpin' __.

Recent infectious disease, spread by mosquitos.

Having six sides.

Data, eg software, taken from the internet.

Inverted posture resting on the noggin.

Don't throw the baby out with this.

Glided like a snake.

Ridiculousness, idiocy, silliness.

Extra nutrients to help flowers and veg grow.

Dental professional who promotes good oral health.

Brando played patriarch Don Vito Corleone in it.

__ door; rotating entrance.

Puzzle 14

"The Father of Modern French Cooking": Auguste __.

Uncastrated horses.

Restoring an area back to its natural ecosystem.

Movie, __ Tiger, Hidden Dragon.

Said to be the little town where Jesus was born.

Travel the country in this kind of portable house.

What parents say when kids forget to say please.

Someone picked out to take the blame.

Individual element of a photovoltaic panel.

Apple music player with interactive screen.

Photographs had to be developed from these.

Puzzle 15

Farm animals that are left to roam.

Guest's name on a table, shows where to sit.

Bread with browned edges removed.

Nestlé capsule coffee machine brand.

Yellowish liquid that is refined to make fuels.

__ for the People; 1992 REM album featuring Drive.

The least likely winners in a game.

Relating to the capital of Poland.

"It is __ so", one of Magic 8 Ball's answers.

Vehicle that brings the water to the flames.

Extraordinary __, transport of suspect terrorists.

Film that beat La La Land for Best Picture Oscar.

Saltwater __; flow of seawater into freshwater.

One who chooses not to participate in a proposal.

Often it is better to rely on gut __.

Expert in animals.

Female rulers of China.

Very short bottom part of a dress.

Having outward-curving lower limbs.

Mean, green, unfestive Dr Seuss character.

Youngest daughter of Tsar Nicholas II.

Puzzle 16

Shove someone roughly, in a masculine way?.

Killing of one's father.

Repetitive mathematical patterns.

Racket sport with Thomas, Uber and Sudirman cups.

Change was stored in these porcelain oinkers.

Fine medium for artwork, also edible in baking.

Nineties hair elastic surrounded by fabric.

Volcanic island near Sicily or a rolled up pizza.

A sweet or pleasant aroma.

Emblem on Canada's flag.

Puzzle 17

Applying insecticide.

Far-out named daughter of Frank Zappa.

Region of France where tapenade originated.

Resign from a position of power.

Disney's classical music vignette film.

Plentiful, copious.

Minor technical faults.

Editions, variations.

Activity someone does as well as their main job.

Move of turning on one foot.

Relating to the law.

__ Races, tune sung endlessly by Foghorn Leghorn.

This Zone was created by Rod Sterling.

Wrote unintelligibly.

Von Stauffenberg plan to kill Hitler in 1944.

Making narrower, like in jeans or pants.

Effect of certain drugs on the kidneys.

Puzzle 18

Song by Canadian singer Alannah Myles: "Black __".

Out of condition, with a wobbly body.

A tied bunch of sticks.

Peppery and sharp pink salad vegetable.

A cow or whale gave birth.

Hanging leather thread border; UK for hair "bangs".

To zoom out to give a wider angle when filming.

Country that Surströmming fish comes from.

Setting agent extracted from fruit.

Difference between bid and offer, as in __ betting.

"Father of Geometry" shown in The School of Athens.

Jaunty French hats.

Medical term for "eczema": __ dermatitis.

Famous landmarks on a tourist's must-visit list.

Chinese tech company that makes ThinkPads.

Champagne bottle holding 2x the average capacity.

The sounds A, E, I, O and U.

Puzzle 19

Mix of false killer whale and bottlenose dolphin.

Worker who contributes to the economy.

State of having multiple spouses.

TV's talking horse, of course.

Bat-filled church towers.

In an awkward way.

Superman's earthly love.

Line drawn from one corner to the opposite one.

Name of the fish in Disney's The Little Mermaid.

Indian cauliflower and potato dish.

Canadian horseback police officers.

Flipped over in water.

South African cape.

There's no tiebreak in this in Wimbledon tennis.

The __ down, poker saying meaning pressure is on.

Nationality of someone from Beirut.

Puzzle 20

Someone who doesn't react well to being defeated.

Obscuring one's judgment nebulously.

Pertaining to mothers.

Star of the WWII film Alone in Berlin: Emma __.

Using written symbols to represent numbers.

Pre-digital, these were picked up at a photo store.

Candy that bursts in the mouth with tiny bubbles.

Putting down tools and forming a picket line.

Something closer to the torso.

Heavy rainfall, deluge or shower.

Convent authority, below an abbess.

Late-night talk show host Ed __.

Grooming feathers with a beak.

Sound heard before you make a phone call.

Widespread occurrence of an infectious disease.

Rough sponges for cleaning pans.

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