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Here are the answers to CodyCross Cocktails Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Synonym of panther.

One thousand thousand.

Pop queen from the 1980s; "Like a Virgin" song.

Special clothing worn by members of a school, team.

Entirely, completely, wholly.

People can feel like this when flying.

To bewitch, to cast a spell over.

Utensil with holes, liquids pass through it.

Palm fruit used in food and cosmetics.

Opposite of a urbanized or metropolitan living.

Sports official with final authority in a game.

Seats on horses or bicycles.

Puzzle 2

A message in this container can be found at sea.

Soft wind.

Inscribed plate in memory of people, places, etc..

Dark ginger hair.

Large space of time in history; punctuation mark.

Players hit ball before it touches the ground.

Trinidad's twin island.

Not exactly there but very near.

Human organ vital to be able to speak.

Nobody likes to finish in this place.

What is yet to come.

A woven or knitted textile.

Leo is the zodiac sign of this month.

Rug that covers the whole room.

Puzzle 3

Dark-colored large bird; US film about a ballerina.

Stained, sullied.

Applying chemicals to hair in order to lighten it.

Style of songs that started in the US in the 1940s.

Medical device that stimulates the heart.

__ Taylor, actress of Cleopatra.

Huckleberry Finn is one of his best friends.

Small drinking container used for measuring spirits.

A raise in rank or title.

King Arthur's legendary sword.

Region, district; designated area.

Puzzle 4

They take your possessions illegally.

Gin, red vermouth and Campari garnished with peel.

Someone who constructs houses or ideas.

Opening or closed punctuation mark; braces.

Mascara was invented for this type of hair.

Period between sunrise and sunset.

British football player, husband of Spice Girl.

A baby whom just came to this world.

Firearm ammunitions.

Mythical bird that dies in flames and is reborn.

Lea & __, used in Bloody and Virgin Marys.

Saddam __, Ba'ath president and dictator of Iraq.

Puzzle 5

Theoretical concept.

Pink __, vodka cocktail dreamt of by Dumbo.

It's important to hydrate and add __ to skin.

Broth used in food and certain cocktails.

In Christianity the Seventh Commandment forbids it.

Ancient wonders found at Giza.

Patriotic bird on The Muppet Show.

Online meeting place.

Rough or difficult time.

Window in a roof, which illuminates a room.

Puzzle 6

Shape or design.

Continent, the birthplace of Western civilization.

Gin, vermouth and a cocktail onion for actor Mel.

Wooden panels and pickets to enclose a garden.

Japanese garment with wide sleeves.

Train system that operates underground.

Small pinkish crustacean.

Human-shaped sculpture.

Your body is your __.

Cocktail __, metal container with built-in strainer.

Puzzle 7

Mathematics is a formal __.

Fruit or vegetable draped on a cocktail glass.

__ Gere, Pretty Woman actor.

To agree, endorse, support.

Highest form of flattery, apparently.

__ ice, frozen addition to a cocktail, like slush.

Body parts for nursing a baby.

Deer horns.

A means of communications.

To turn a boat over.

Puzzle 8

Snow White and the Seven __.

In grammar, part of a clause.

Device for adding sugar or salt to edge of a glass.

Pick-up __, take turns to pluck rods from a pile.

A small smooth stone.

Place where cars are generally parked.

Two of the same thing.

Associate with evangelical music.

__ Hoffman, Kramer vs. Kramer US actor.

Male title of nobility, inherited or by marriage.


Crème de __ is the basis for a grasshopper.

Puzzle 9

Underwater craft.

Spooky trick-or-treating celebration.

Oral product, kills germs and bad breath.

All of the people.

To add a dash to join two words.

Someone who kills by choking.

Card game for gamblers using five cards.

Carbonated H2O also known as seltzer.

Buildings' escalation.

Author of The Old Man and the Sea.

Puzzle 10

Most common stone for engagement rings.

Essential basic life skill together with reading.

Italian vermouth comes in more than one color.

Abrahamic monotheistic religion; the Quran.

Organ connects throat to stomach and lungs.

Building where products are made.

Question to be solved.

Traversing river with inflatable boat.

Spice made from a crocus flower.

__ tube, device to help nourish those in hospital.

Two continents share this name.

Puzzle 11

Short biographical account after a person's passing.

__ punch: rum, citrus and bitters concoction.

Someone who triumphs, flourishs or prospers.

A chair that tilts back.

Chemical that cleans, disinfects and bleaches.

Pale pink-reddish bird, usually stands on one leg.

Ferdinand __ circumnavigated the globe.

Dealer or spinner in a casino.

Pledges, vows, swears.

Jewish holiday also known as Festival of Lights.

Puzzle 12

Brunch is perfect for this Champagne cocktail.

To refuse something, someone.

Not after.

Jodie __, US actress, The Silence of the Lambs.

Paper or plastic tubes for sipping a drink through.

Swimwear and swimming accessories company.

Wish, longing.

Two or four players with a small yellow neon ball.

Watery substance produced in the mouth.

Istanbul is the largest city in __.

Freshwater bodies of water.

Puzzle 13

Acoustic performance.

Name given to a espresso with a bit of foamed milk.

Water __, round white veggies used in Chinese food.

Champagne and cassis, a drink fit for a monarch.

Maze-like structure that hid the Minotaur.

To give in, especially at the end of a battle.

To make an exact copy of.

World famous Jazz Age flapper US cartoon from 1930s.

Nation's ruler; head of a company.

The only continent which is also a country.

50 percent retail reduction.

Puzzle 14

Large destructive ocean wave.

Transportation used in ancient Rome.

Mexican drink from agave.

Not public.

Active disapproval and public outcry.

Road speed event on a bike.

Large orange gourd makes a lantern in Halloween.

Force of attraction that keeps bodies on Earth.

Menaces, perils.

They are similar to gloves.

A person or company that constructs things.

There are seven magnificent ones in the world.

Travelling over water.

Puzzle 15

Spelling board game with letter tiles.

Feasible, probably, foreseeable.

Seats chosen for a passenger by the airline.

Leaving something out, written or orally.

Famous Michael Jackson dance style.

Traditional US fruit pastry.

US Oscar Winner actor of Forrest Gump.

Raging snow storm.

Dog breed originated in a freezing land.

Bar accessory removes ice or fruit from a cocktail.

House garment for after showering.

Finger joints that can make a cracking noise.

Puzzle 16

An alphabetical or classified list.

Largest German passenger airline.

Lacking refinement or artistic or literary culture.

Instrument that tells height above sea level.

Top ingredient for a Buck's Fizz or a Cheshire Cat.

Long tropical fish with sharp teeth.

Phrase to address a monarch.

Country where Pope Francis was born.

Bottle-shaped squash with orange flesh.

Katrina was the costliest one in US history.

Pedro __, world re-known Spanish filmmaker.

To displace a bone from socket.

Superman's alter ego.

Known as overtime in American football.

American inventor of the Segway.

Envious, resentful.

Gin and Cointreau for this pale female.

Puzzle 17

Shingle expert.

Unit of people formed for security or combat.

__ the sailor, loves spinach and Olive Oyl.

Spirit from distilled wine, such as Cognac.

Taste or smell of spoiled food.

Male parent.

Nationality of Marcel Marceau.

__ Brando, The Godfather's star.

Type of water encountered in the sea.

Not being genuine or honest.

__ jumping, free falling with a bouncy rope.

Hebrew term for Jewish passover.

Equality, sameness, equivalence.

A dead person magically brought back to life.

Tropical grass with hollow stem used in flooring.

A source of water issuing from the ground.

Puzzle 18

Entertainer who tosses balls, clubs or rings.

Some people don't like their Martinis this way.

Month of fasting in the Islamic calendar.

A man whose job is to give massages.

Competition for best-in-breed canines.

Equipment with moving parts run by power.

The tenth month in Julian and Gregorian Calendars.

Henson, Kermit, Piggy, Gonzo, Fozzie.

Paint made from mixing color with water and egg.

To pacify, calm, soothe.

The more the __.

Puzzle 19

Ancient rock temples in southern Egypt.

Brandy __, creamy cocktail.

To get a general idea about value, size or cost.

Condition of holding, possessing or residing.

What your heart does when facing a sudden emotion.

Home of Peter Pan.

Where most white-collar people work.

Thin tube down which an egg travels from the ovary.

A reversal to the normal or expected pattern.

What you kick when you die.

__ Hepburn, world famous US movie star of the 1940s.

Puzzle 20

Collection of outside furniture.

Maraschino __ provide a colorful garnish.

System of money in use in a specific country.

Three-sided shape.

Antonym of peculiar.

Edgar __, US writer of mystery tales.

On the Road cocktail sandwich of port and whisky.

__ rays can produce electricity up to 220 volts.

Vast bodies of ice, constantly moving downhill.

HRH: His or Her Royal __.


What you do when you go to therapy.

Neither bass nor tenor.

Halt indicator.

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