CodyCross CodyCross Pack answers

CodyCross PackCodyCross

Here are the answers to CodyCross CodyCross Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

The remains of a takeaway eaten the next day.

__ Park, CodyCross world with funfair rides.

Theatrical speech delivered by a single person.

Establishment that sells alcohol illegally.

Figure or person in a book.

Wriggly garden creature that lives in the soil.

How heavy something is minus packaging.

Republicans' rivals.

Buzzing motion that can be turned off in CodyCross.

Alternative to delete on a keyboard.

Puzzle 2

Who __ Roger Rabbit? 1988 Disney movie.

Go or move back from a previous position.

Calling devices that can be used for playing games.

The S in Apple's iOS software.

Cuba's capital city.

Most common grain used in beer brewing.

Train __, tickets please for this CodyCross world!.

The Milky Way is ours.

Optical contacts.

Merlin is this type of magical man.

Style of strapless women's bag designed to be held.

Artwork made from tiny tiles of stone or glass.

Claim that someone committed a crime.

Owen, plays Arc in Knight Squad.

Puzzle 3

The last minute of the day.

This group activity makes the dream work?.

Doing backstroke or butterfly.

CodyCross world themed on cowboys' territory.

Electronic alternative to a piano.

Philips' oil-free healthy cooking appliance.

Change or quash a previous ruling or decision.

CodyCross players can log in via this social site.

Makes jokes for a living.

Sum in algebra.

What the Little One said in Ten in the Bed rhyme.

Sudden darkening of a stage during a performance.

US Army icon who points a finger on old poster.

Trait of Garfield, for example.

An animal or plant that feeds off a host.

Puzzle 4

Falling of rain and ice combo from the sky.

Having a blue checkmark on Twitter.

Like watching __, describes a tedious activity.

Flying mammal a bit partial to bananas and mangoes.

__ Sea, deep blue CodyCross world.

Double decker sleeping.

These are raised in an expression of surprise.

Install a game from an app store.

16th-century explorers' name for the Americas.

A person's initials designed as an emblem.

Hunger Games actor Jennifer.

Indian chicken dish made in a clay oven.

It's what Little Boy Blue fell asleep under.

Puzzle 5

Opposite of horizontal; downwards CodyCross word.

Mixed drink in a fancy glass, but with 0% alcohol.

Brief summary of the plot of a book.

Combination of two or more chemical elements.

Buy, like CodyCross token bundles.

Shade of infants' sky-tinted clothes.

Paper packet into which a letter is placed.

In a __, summary or concise version of a tale.

A pulling competition from the Highland Games.

Netflix makeover show featuring LGBTQ+ advisers.

Puzzle 6

Fumes that come out of car's pipe.

Michael, actor husband of Catherine Zeta-Jones.

Strips of leather beneath shoe laces.

Radio-on-demand show online; Serial is one.

Chunk of hair caught in a cat's throat.

This country's capital is Dublin.

Refreshes of content in CodyCross.

Ford model that created "pony class" of cars.

There was a __ man who walked a __ mile.

Light, egg-based dish that rises.

Sharp bend on a motor-racing circuit.

Energy drinks brand with TV soapbox race series.

__ Adams, TV show about a man and his bear.

Whirlpool bath found at a spa.

Kate who won an Oscar for The Reader.

Gather, like tokens in CodyCross.

Spray can.

Puzzle 7

Grid of letters for typing CodyCross answers.

Old English canine breed.

Italians like this small and strong cup of coffee.

Purple flowers in the fields of Provence, France.

You're said to cut to it when you get to the point.

Three goals.

Hermetically sealed, nothing in or out.

Person who secures finance for a movie.

Highly skilled musical performer.

__ Adventures, CodyCross world with tents.

Puzzle 8

Makes less strong.

A person trained to help women in childbirth.

Long spear thrown in an athletic event.

Warm, knitted clothing worn on your top half.

__ Hall, a classical music journey in CodyCross.

Repeated design on paper or a stencil.

Massive ocean wave that causes destruction.

Not active, like a volcano.

Green herb often sprinkled on pizza.

A painting, portrait or sketch.

What one gets in a box with many different items.

Roman god of the sea.

__ Show, where models walk a runway in CodyCross.

Six-legged bugs, including wasps and ants.

Overhanging platform outside a window.

Korean motor company with "modern age" name.

Say this to a horse to make it go.

Puzzle 9

Room one pays to enter, figures out how to leave.

Isaac, scientist associated with gravity.

Tough, cup-shaped seeds of an oak tree.

Sets; puzzles are placed into these in CodyCross.

Uniting of two companies to form one entity.

A condition caused by poor blood flow to the brain.

Musical instrument often made by Zildjian.

Romantic language from Paris; CodyCross language.

TV dog with a talent for rescuing people.

Zodiac sign from late February to late March.

Parts of wedding dresses that trail on the ground.

Double __; any number from 10 to 99.

Popular piece of chicken for sandwiches.

Puzzle 10

Singing style of La Bohème or Carmen.

Type or class of something sorted into a group.

The most weighty.

Tom Cruise's character in 1986's Top Gun.

Finding food in the wild.

Inflatable party items seen on CodyCross Packs.

Anise-tasting herb, popularly used with chicken.

Customer who leaves feedback on a purchase.

Apple shop for downloading CodyCross.

Highest numbered metal club in a golf bag.

Yellow flowers with characteristic petal trumpets.

Puzzle 11

A road or highway crossing above another road.

Button to move on to the next game; carry on.

High-pitched voice.

Iron-rich green vegetable with a stalk and florets.

__ Times, world in CodyCross set in Middle Ages.

Enormous gorilla monster in Hollywood movies.

Move money from one account to another.

The summer one is the official end of spring.

Country whose only land border is with Spain.

VPN and LAN are types of these.

Ordered to stay home as a punishment.

Puzzle 12

Books are borrowed in this 15th CodyCross world.

Involves, requires, demands.

Icons that represent video-game players.

Explosive theory of the origin of the universe.

Doping drug that might be anabolic.

Type of willow tree that seems to be crying.

Everybody Loves __; sitcom starring Ray Romano.

US state know for Atlanta, peaches and peanuts.

Letter __, smasher who solves 10 CodyCross puzzles.

Fake copy of a banknote or painting.

After __, following the real event.

Saint whose day is celebrated on March 17.

Unit of measurement for volume of sound.

Stick that releases fragrant smoke when burned.

King's 11/22/63 concerns this president's death.

Circular sacred pattern in Buddhism.

American chocolate company.

Puzzle 13

Investigator who collects evidence to solve crimes.

Pay monthly to get premium features.

Chose not to vote.

Type of animal that only eats plants.

The Carole King Musical.

Relaxing Fanatee letter grid game.

Wide-angle photographs, usually of landscapes.

Use a vaccine to prevent a disease.

Scarlett who puts on the Black Widow costume.

Egyptian female ruler associated with an asp bite.

People from or living in the capital of England.

Theory that the world is not round.

Puzzle 14

Stopping work officially.

"Roaring" decade of the 20th century.

Vera Wang is a famous one.

Area with cog icon for tweaking game experience.

Citizen's legal obligation to sit on a trial.

Michelle Obama's memoir.

The process of adding filler between tiles.

Type of quiche with bacon.

Volcano that destroyed Pompeii.

Course followed by an aircraft prior to landing.

Pete Seeger, protesters sing we shall do this.

__ Flora, CodyCross world about plants and animals.

Frida Kahlo's famous facial feature.

Aquatic flightless birds that live in icy colonies.

Sitting with bent legs, as if praying.

Gallant, knightly conduct that some say is dead.

Makes bigger, e.g. an image.

There are 12 of them in a classic Henry Fonda film.

Puzzle 15

Refuses to obey.

Singer Morissette who created a Jagged Little Pill.

Build-up of hardened dental plaque.

A mammal like a mouse or chipmunk.

Spy named Jason who has forgotten he's a spy.

Flat phone or tablet surface for viewing apps.

To feign death is to "play" like this animal.

Took a break from eating.

The moon as it progresses from new to full.

Nickname for a Canadian 1-dollar coin.

This machine created hard-to-crack codes in WWII.

Kansas City NFL players.

City in which Batman operates.

Country in which Popocatépetl volcano is located.

Movable pivots where two bones meet.

__ ship, all aboard for a luxury CodyCross world!.

Puzzle 16

A professional bookworm.

Game player's expression that gives nothing away.

Nirvana drummer and Foo Fighters frontman.

Craft that CodyCross travels in across worlds.


Wool mask-like covering for the head and neck.

October holiday directly before All Souls' Day.

Science of the stars and planets.

Keira who played Elizabeths Swann and Bennet.

It can be cordless, cellular or mobile.

Group of people, like all those playing CodyCross.

Sport for dirt bikes in off-road races.

Puzzle 17

Sent several unwanted emails.

Made a noise like two glasses touching.

Common name for mandible, in lower half of skull.

Beatles album and TV film, Magical __ Tour.

Stretchy bodysuit worn by a gymnast.

Collectors seek out a first one with rare books.

Earphones combined with a microphone.

Popular professional wrestler, The Ultimate __.

Account area to find your stats and personal info.

Montevideo is the capital of this country.

Medical term for memory loss.

Part of a house that's an anagram of boredom.

Allocating roles for a play.

__ chips, English battered seafood staple dish.

Wrist-worn plates of armor wielded by knights.

Ryan Gosling is this type of driver in Drive movie.

Gem traditionally found in engagement rings.

Tourist travel destinations; CodyCross 28th world.

When two jobs share common tasks.

Slow-moving, wandering river.

Puzzle 18

Became less intense over time.

Plants, trees, foliage.

Competitor to play against head to head.

Boarded a ship.

Bow tie pasta.

Data measurement of 1,024 bytes.

Declared insolvent.

Teaching session to learn how to play a game.

The artform of pottery and sculpted clay.

Second largest stadium in India; capital of Utah.

Neck injury common in car accidents.

Puzzle 19

Singer of Diamonds, What's My Name?.

One of many small brown spots on a face.

Opposite of rows; they go down in CodyCross.

Flour from ground cassava root, used in pudding.

Car part that helps it be less noisy.

Surname of father and son actors Kirk and Michael.

Cracking codes; finding puzzle answers.

A fanged creature of the night, except in Twilight.

Baltimore __, birds that play baseball.

Tasks/jobs done in science workshop space.

Maya who knew why the caged bird sings.

Johannes Vermeer's painting, Girl with a Pearl __.

Red Wedding took place at this type of large feast.

A country with a volatile political situation.

Sun umbrella.

Puzzle 20

Take action against someone, verbal or physical.

Describes soil rich in limestone or calcium.

Raised in jungle, he's really Earl of Greystoke.

__ Done, solver of an initial CodyCross puzzle.

Black-and-white mammals known for their foul smell.

Key on a computer keyboard shortened to Esc.

Character who sat on a tuffet, little miss this.

Elvis had a heart like this.

The exchange of goods without the use of money.

Plum shade that's a core CodyCross hue.

Bulb that gives one bad breath.

Wall stickers that can easily be removed.

David Hasselhoff played this doctor on Broadway.

Williams, Thicke and Hood?.

Cone-shaped piece of equipment for filtering.

Tree __; disparaging term for an environmentalist.

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