CodyCross Coffee Break Pack answers

Coffee Break PackCoffee Break

Here are the answers to CodyCross Coffee Break Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

Italian city home to the Bridge of Sighs.

The Robot series' author.

__ Girl; Billy Joel hit about a downtown man.

Iced or chilled drink, served in coffee shops.

Auf Wiedersehen: means goodbye in this language.

A Sunday Afternoon on the __ of La Grande Jatte.

Norman ____, the first alter ego of Green Goblin.

Country with the most Winter Olympics medals.

Fun computer activity.

Places where the sunlight is not.

I'm Going to Tell You a __, Madonna documentary.

Capital of Greece.

Mediterranean tree fruits that ease car sickness.

Multilayered sweet pastry, usually with fruit.

More profound than.

Puzzle 2

__ milk; high-fat non-dairy coffee additive.

MRI, magnetic resonance __; Lauterbur's invention.

Planet named after the Roman god of the sea.

Ability to understand another's emotions.

Jumps on a trampoline.

Tongue __; spoken with irony or insincerity.

Manufacturing plant.

White garden lawn flowers that open in the sun.

Rio de __; host city of the 1992 Earth Summit.

Remains of coffee beans after grinding.

Puzzle 3

Chomp, chew, munch.

In tennis, 40-0 or 40-15 is this.

Allow air to enter and circulate freely.

Jane Austen's Pride and __.

Month (in Spanish) for saying Feliz Navidad.

Belgian cartoon strip with tiny blue characters.

Period of chilly weather.

Tall yellow bloom; seeds boost blood circulation.

White or brown cube for sweetening hot drinks.

Morally compelled.

Settlers in a new country.

The best part of something, the stand-out moment.

The judicial killing of a criminal.

Ethically sourced and produced.

Puzzle 4

Harry Potter character Hagrid's three-headed dog.

There are planetary __ in charge in the Zodiac.

Cuisine closely associated with kimchi.

Posthumous Michael Jackson album, released in 2014.

Fasteners such as on a purse or handbag.

__ coronatus, fossil named after 44th US president.

The study of light; or dispensers of spirits.

First poet to use the Latin phrase "carpe diem".

The world's leading coffee-producing country.

NBA star Kevin, rose to fame with the Thunder.

Pressure-cooking coffee pot with 2 glass chambers.

Puzzle 5

Maraud, stampede.


Handing out playing cards to players.

Selling goods.

Last theatrical scenes, climaxes, culminations.

Frozen therapy to reduce swelling.

Leading Italian manufacturer of coffee products.

Made with wool and needles.

Gianni __, was a top Italian fashion designer.

Baked chocolate square.

A decorative container for growing flowers.

Louis __; Frenchman who invented anthrax vaccine.

Ways of doing something.

Puzzle 6

Sporting people who play on courses.

Popular party appetizer: pigs in a __.

Warmest; with the highest temperatures.


Big spotted cat that runs very fast but can't roar.

Soap for washing hair.

Singing over a backing track, often in a bar.

Farrah __, one of the original Charlie's Angels.

Greek currency before euro.

Archangel, patron saint of healing.

Home for wildlife.

Sweet, sugary-flavoured coffee syrup.

Freeze-dried coffee powder; just add water.

Gwen Stefani's "Don't Speak" band.

Puzzle 7

Cold milk dusted with chocolate, for children.

Artificial channels for conveying water.

Complete, unground coffee seed.

Persuades someone not to do something.

__ valley, E African trench, visible from space.

Feeling of being calm and in control.

__ oils; liquid plant extracts as natural remedies.

Emporiums that sell reading material.

Large international showcase exhibition.

Chose to cease being a ruling monarch.

Penultimate station for a baseball runner.

Puzzle 8

Bristly hairs on the face of many animals.

Scenic note sent from a trip or holiday.

__ Girl; MJ song with African nation in title.

Italian dessert flavoured with coffee liqueur.

Site of the battle that took place on D-Day.

Forward movement in physics.

Small twigs for starting fire.

Eternal __ of the Spotless Mind.

Prompts, triggers someone to be angry.

Number of original states of the US.

Certificates of learning.

Towards the bottom of the slope.

Particles of instant coffee.

Became increasingly anxious or worried.

Puzzle 9

Worn by tennis players to remove sweat during play.

Transformer of house interior.

Collective term for all the females of the world.

Coffee shot with less water than an espresso.

Conan the __.

Units for computer storage space; KBs.

Radioactive metallic elements in periodic table.

Espresso made with foamed milk.

With great speed or urgency.

Not evenly formed.

Spray for getting knots out of hair.

London street, where the Muffin Man lives.

Gave a new paint job with aerosol.

Percy Jackson's flying horse.

Mobile home.

Institution for the destitute in Victorian times.

High-kicking dancers who perform in winter in NYC.

Puzzle 10

Double shot of espresso.

Jane __ who played Daphne in Frasier.


Can be played on ice or a field.

Utensils for measuring out coffee beans.

__-Alexander; became the Netherlands' king in 2013.

Scoring with one’s melon.

Sir __ Evans, discovered ancient city of Knossos.

Short supernatural film by MJ, released in 1996.

City home to the Brandenburg Gate.

Puzzle 11

Jack __, US boxer known as the Manassa Mauler.

__ Emergency; 12-year war, 1948-60, in SE Asia.

Disposable stick for dissolving sugar in tea.

Flightless tuxedo bird.

__ cream; thick dairy topping for hot chocolate.

River in South Africa, also called Crocodile.

Australian soap opera star turned singer: Kylie __.

__ bottles, decorative scent containers.

Dishonest, bribable.

To print things up.

Puzzle 12

Insistent, immovable.

To __ more than you can chew, take on too much.

Material used to resurface roads.

Popeye's favourite vegetable.

Espresso with warm milk.

To attack and injure someone.

__ pigeons, birds trained to deliver messages.

Tapering pillar of stone.

US state, site of the Kennedy Space Center.

Audrey __ played Sabrina and Holly Golightly.

Spice burned to freshen air.

French press coffee maker.

Sales of good or services to other countries.

Throwing away something without using it.

Puzzle 13

Disease typically associated with hyperglycemia.

Relating to your father.

Across the __ by The Beatles.

Balding, hair that is ebbing away.

In nursery tales, the breakfast of the three bears.

Decorative light invented by Edward Craven Walker.

Switching between computer operations.

What Spielberg did with ET, Jaws, Indiana Jones....

With child.

Bark-flavoured spice in a pumpkin spice latte.

Soaking tea in water.

Striking, spanking.

Female X-Men mutant, introduced in 1978.

In financial terms: for each year.

Sloping grassland.

Puzzle 14

Four-__ bed, with four columns and a canopy.

Pursed the lips.

__ latte; flavoured espresso served in winter.

Country closest to the island of Ilha Grande.

__ du Soleil, put on The MJ Immortal World Tour.

River horses, semiaquatic mammals from Africa.

Guardians of the __.

Powdered green tea leaves.

Said out loud.

Stalked vegetable that calms gout symptoms.

Covered with lots of small bubbles.

Brags, shows off.

Puzzle 15

Football position in the centre of a pitch.

Concentrated shot of coffee.

Any drink.

Leaves alone and undefended.

Cooking rooms.

Sunken, damaged areas of road surface.

Supermarket customers.

Term describing an animal that lives in trees.

__ of Arabia, author/diplomat in the Arab Revolt.

Surgical cut.

Helped, aided.

Puzzle 16

Bulb with pungent cloves.

__ Alliance: Germany/Italy/Austria-Hungary linked.

__ Zusak; author of The Book Thief.

To soak up, like a sponge.

Paper used for making sediment-free coffee.

Scottish X-Men actor, James __.

Professional cutter and styler of men's hair.

City of birth of the Duke of Wellington and Bono.

Britney __, singer-dancer of teen-pop hits.

Birth maps plotting a person's astrology.

One who looks after and teaches/guides.

Danish __; baked treat with sweet filling or icing.

Puzzle 17

Marked with a known company's name.

__ House; Heinz coffee brand with blue label.

Chemical element with the symbol Si.

World-famous coffee brand from Nestlé.

Devoted, attentive.

Ocean where the uninhabited Baker Island is found.

Occurs, takes place.

Peter __, Sledgehammer singer, frontman of Genesis.

Updo with a bun high on the centre of the head.

Makeup for the eyelashes.

Batted away or crushed a flying insect.

Jumping, springing up high.

Rupert __, entrepreneur of News International.

The Wall Street __, paper first published in 1889.

Puzzle 18

Souvenir, memento.

Method of processing green coffee beans.

Device for carrying luggage on top of a car.

The computer term PDF: __ document format.

Hitman revenge movie starring Keanu Reeves.

Bigger than life statue.

Tasty coffee break snack e.g. flapjack, rocky road.

Items that hang from necklaces.

Blows up in anger.

__ Whisper, a best-selling single by Wham!.

Measurement of water vapour in the air.

Embarrassing blunder.

Someone who reads all the time.

Writer-director of The Incredibles and Ratatouille.

Asphyxiating, common gas, symbol N.

Desert comprising 70% of Botswana.

Skincare spray to hydrate your visage.

Puzzle 19

__ of Sunshine by Natasha Bedingfield.

DC Comics heroine in The Brave and the Bold.

Metamorphose, revamp, alter.

Frenchman responsible for Cult of Reason in 1793.

Animal that emerges in February to find its shadow.

Blue __; Jamaican coffee-producing region.

A ruler who hasn't yet been coronated is __.

A courier; or social media app for communicating.

Flow, move freely.

What H J stood for in food maker Heinz's name.

Last part of a 4 x 100m relay race.

Long and round and lives in the soil.

Small airport.

Harmful environmental substances.

Healthy and morally upstanding, full of goodness.

Cash that wasn't hard to come by.

Cocoa dusted on top of a cappuccino.


Town where Shakespeare was born: __-upon-Avon.

Puzzle 20

__ Kreme; doughnut and coffee shop chain.

__ drying; method of preserving coffee granules.

__ Santa, Spanish Easter festival with floats.

__ Than July, Stevie Wonder album of 1980.

More occupied than.

How the Spanish say 15; pear-like fruit.

__ a carrot to entice.

The opposite of casual.

Cheap and sleazy.

Andrew Lloyd __, The Phantom of the Opera composer.

House made in sections and constructed swiftly.

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