CodyCross Cold Places Pack answers

Cold Places PackCold Places

Here are the answers to CodyCross Cold Places Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Partially recognized republic, near Morocco.

Making an owl noise.

Fortified buildings.

Acknowledged specialists and authorities.

Fred __, Hi-de-Hi! flat cap jockey.

Mucus and runny nose, difficult-to-spell condition.

December holiday named for "fruits of the harvest".

Workers who grind grain into flour.

Fought in a bar.

Novelist of The Spy Who Came in From the Cold.

Where figure skaters go to practice.

Played violin.

Puzzle 2

Michael Winner's violent film series.

50 miles high, an upper atmospheric boundary.

Highest of the European Alps; a pen brand.

Red cap-wearing video game monkey, pal of Donkey.

Word used to describe a noun or pronoun.

Stone Age humans, cave dwellers of W Europe.

Byzantine weapon that produced ferocious burning.

Honey-based US beauty products company.

He married Pocahontas in 1614.

Very brief, over in a flash.

Vinous mark on clothes or tablecloth.

Poet who wrote "Kubla Khan": Samuel __.

God Rest Ye Merry __; traditional Christmas carol.

OMG, written out as an insult.

The High __, cowboy TV show with Big John and Buck.

Knighted menswear designer with an ordinary name.

4-4-2; how footballers are arranged on a pitch.

Separate, split open, tear.

Puzzle 3

War __, very long book by Tolstoy.

Casino dealer.

Safari nation with Mana Pools National Park.

Particular way of talking.

__ Trench, the deepest oceanic void.

Illegally impeding the path of offensive players.

Resembling a baby cow.

Lab scientists.

Svalbard has one to protect the kernels of species.

The Frame is a self-__ of Frida Kahlo.

George __, played by Jason Alexander in Seinfeld.

Indian green pepper curry, rhymes with pal crazy.

__ and Caius, Cambs college with symbolic gates.

Dear __, Beatles song covered by Siouxsie in 1984.

Shivers of delight.

Puzzle 4

Part of the heart sticks out from the atrium.

__ gas; fossil fuel energy for heating and cooking.

IANAL, disclaimer that means I am not __.

Crystallized igneous rocks.

Siberian city on permafrost.

Depending on.

The Kumars and Unforgotten actor __ Bhaskar.

Heats something up again.

Cold __, chilled conditions to preserve things.

Close combat on the ground in martial arts.

Omar __, Persian 11th-c. agnostic thinker/poet.

Provocative literature or Madonna album.

Loud to chew.

Day of __, Mexican Halloween.

Bumper cars.

Instrument like a xylophone with hollow gourds.

Fished with a dragnet.

Cross your __, to wish or hope for good luck.

Puzzle 5

Online crowdfunding platform.

Greek island group containing Skiathos.

Resolution, choice.

Clearing a river of silt.

X Games concrete structure for performing tricks.

The A in DA in US law, district __.

Augusto __, Chilean dictator.

Range of items, including cardigans, jumpers, etc.

Distress, afflict.

Mountains of France, Spain and Andorra.

Emma __ of Sense and Sensibility.

Fish stew.

Movies or books centered on lovers' relationships.

Puzzle 6

Profitable business with easy pickings.

Japanese city, venue for the 1972 Winter Olympics.

Inhaling noise made when you have a cold.

Capable of causing injury, dangerous.

Cold __ cool the ardour, it is said.

Furry animals that build dams.

The __ Gene, Richard Dawkins evolutionary work.

Name for people who are native to Lesotho.

The Fox and the Hound cost Disney $12 __.

Muscles on the back of the arms.

Straighten, remove the kinks.

Puzzle 7

Sesame seed paste.

Canadian-British war drama film: Head in the __.

Empty promises, such as would fill flying balloons.

Originally a Russian ensign on the USS Enterprise.

Cluster of stars and planets in the universe.

German city divided by a wall during the Cold War.

Machines that generate movement or power.

The __ network results in men getting all the jobs.

Taxi driver.

Martha Stewart's magazine.

Song by Sting: __ Rose.

Clothes cupboard or wardrobe.

Puzzle 8

Bright crimson color.

Governor who represents the monarch in a colony.

World renowned chimpanzee expert: Jane __.

Ceteris __, other things being equal.

Sam Smith sang the title song for this Bond film.

Canada's northernmost territory.

__ star, lucky meteor descending from the sky.

The FY in FYI.

Conscious, aware.

Sheer nylon or silk, or a fluffy, light cake.

__ Navratilova, tennis player born in Prague.

Collect waste for reuse.

Cold __ exist despite using wrist warmers.

Puzzle 9

R&B group that had a hit with A Night To Remember.

Co-star of Pitt's in Tree of Life; dated Madonna.

Steep in liquid and flavour before cooking.

Overnight accommodation in a frozen construction.

Misappropriate or misuse funds intended elsewhere.

Famous dog sled race from Anchorage to Nome.

Mercy, leniency.

Souvenir; memorable object.

Frowned on, shunned, despised.

Black Forest city at the heart of Breisgau region.

Bleak, grey, characterless.

Puzzle 10

Fiat car brand that features a scorpion.

Wept loudly.

Antarctic weather station with lowest cold temps.

__ dipping means outdoors swimming in the nude.

Military force in which Elvis served, 1958-60.

Separator of horses before a flat race.

Hyde Park __ or Speaker's __.

A red Subaru was driven in Baby __.

Cold dank place at the foot of a house.

P G Wodehouse character with a silent p.

Puzzle 11

iPod music device played songs in random order.

__ race, harnessed canids chasing across the snow.

Spanish region synonymous with red wine.

Alec __ and Geena Davis starred in Beetlejuice.

Boarding house for multiple felines.

Dig up from the ground.

Picture puzzles with interlocking pieces.

Shaped as a pointed top and sides forming a circle.

Baltimore-based law enforcement drama series.

Body of ice that carves landscapes as it moves.

Pokémon mascot.

The Moon's a __, David Niven autobiography.

Roman historian of the Annals.

This happens when dawn breaks.

Harden, solidify.

Puzzle 12

Taking a law off the books.

College teacher.

Middle Earth's Lady of Light.

Parts of whole numbers.

__ markets, festive Yuletide fairs in Europe.

The Price is Right's iconical host.

World's largest island, cold and misnamed probably.

Pouring into another container.

Tourist bus with benches, linked to works outings.

Like Mel B or Posh.

There's just one atom of oxygen in these molecules.

Temple at Athens citadel.

Hardwood golf clubs were traditionally made of.

French for "raspberry".

Elected leader of a republic.


Processing of food in the stomach.

Puzzle 13

House __; political thriller television series.


Indomitable Gaul.

George Harrison's sitar teacher: Ravi __.

Mountain tops.

Someone riding a toboggan.

Casablanca country.

Emblem worn by military mentioned in despatches.

British supermarket devoted to frozen food.

a, b, c, d, e, f, g, h, i, j, k, l....

Puzzle 14

Stale, ill-smelling.

His portrait of his wife has a green stripe.

The __, where Johnny runs amok at a snowy hotel.

Andrea __, blind Italian opera singer.

Chopping of locks.

Unit of light intensity, sounds like a waxy object.

Flat-bottomed, straight-sided drinking glass.

Checkpoint __, symbolic of the Cold War.

1985 Nintendo arcade game with flippers.

Removed clutter, made a pathway.

Puzzle 15

Ice __, vast ships keep channels open in winter.

Jack Sprat could __; his wife could eat no lean.

Portmanteau word, cross between cardigan and coat.

Cold dark floor of the Pacific or Atlantic.

A metal spoon __ a cup of coffee or tea.

Chemical __; happens when acids and alkalis mix.

Beer and __, pub game and a time of easy fun.

Relating to the island off Italy's toe.

Siren indicating danger has passed.

Military-style, extreme exercise class.

The most untidy.

Division of grey matter, the central part.

Aussie lead singer with the Bad Seeds.

To bend over in hysterics.

Wants to go to there on 30 Rock.

Puzzle 16

Comedy performance, delivered without smiling.

Alistair __, thriller author of Ice Station Zebra.

Above the __ Peace, by Russian artist Levitan.

Machine for extracting water from clothes.

In the US it's a cookie, in the UK a __.

Travelling mechanism takes people up mountains.

Person named as a contender for an award.

Owned games Operation and Battleship: Milton __.

Largest Baltic island, with a capital at Visby.


Honeyfuggle; finagle.

Small fish, spawns on beaches in California.

Little Joe's horse in the TV Western Bonanza.

Chemical element, symbol Nb, aka columbium.

Love Don’t Live Here __, sung by Madonna.


Puzzle 17

Decade in which ABBA disbanded.

Bed base covers with gathered skirts.

Bags containing liquid.

Goes from sitting to lying.

Firing mechanisms.

1968 Winter Olympics venue in the French Alps.

__ Lights, spectacle seen above the Arctic Circle.

Damages someone's name or reputation.

Frogs __ by a lake as the sun sets.

Las __, the Argentine name for the Falklands.

Safety raft on a ship.

Puzzle 18

Sugary term for items from Chelsea, Bath, Boston.

French seaport on the Cotentin peninsula.

Unavoidable futures.

John Travolta's leather-clad schoolboy in Grease.

Another word for a wintry blizzard.

Jogging really fast.

A hidden insignia in paper, sometimes raised.

Aka "Grizzly", mountain man and bear trainer.

I Heard It Through the __.

Title or address for unmarried Spanish women.

Significant snowfall and collapse in the mountains.

Artistic works produced in someone's youth.

Puzzle 19

Canvass, e.g. support for a cause.

Famous song from Cats' sung by Elaine Paige.

Ancient Greek word for "breath".

Woman with light locks.


Describes pastry, sunburnt skin, or dandruffy head.

Number of dots on the highest-ranked domino.

Leave your stuff safely in this, at the gym.

Northern hemisphere biome with permafrost and snow.

Painted __ has large mouth and sharp teeth.

Jeff __, Survivor host.

Cave or cavern, often highly decorated.

Puzzle 20

Domed spongy breakfast cake.


Another word for kicked a ball hard.

Saint-__, busy railway terminus in Paris.

Appeared, showed signs of being.

__ Palace, Russia, scene of Bloody Sunday massacre.

Colour of the three-wheeled van the Trotters drove.

Snow-covered peak in Alaska.

One who watches from the shadows.

Bill Haley & His __.

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