CodyCross Cold Weather Clothes Pack answers

Cold Weather Clothes PackCold Weather Clothes

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Puzzle 1

Foldable fabric parts on the side of a Russian hat.

It puts the H in H20.

Secret identity for a covert or military mission.

To have difficulty doing something.

Barack Obama's memoir: A __ Land.

Fictional giant reptile that attacked Tokyo.

Spicy pepper common to salsa.

Become too warm, e.g. by wearing too many layers.

Common dog tricks include sit, lie down, and this.

Nickname of Russian rulers Peter and Catherine.

Jim, iconic rock star from The Doors.

Puzzle 2

In a few minutes, soon.

Mary with flying umbrella and bottomless handbag.

TV show where partners try to win the race.

Matter in a state between gases and solids.

Throw this to the wind, goes the saying.

This Ferris is known for taking a day off.

Crafted from wool and long needles.

Stuffed pasta, from the Italian word for 'wrap'.

Style that Psy had a worldwide hit with in 2012.

Vogue magazine is all about this.

Roman sea god often shown riding a chariot.

Rubber garment for swimming in icy water.

Puzzle 3

It's said to have "killed the cat".

Speech delivered by a solo actor.

Extra food from a meal stored for later.

PhD qualification.

Lightweight jacket layer worn for extra warmth.

__ Melody, global hit for the Righteous Brothers.

MI6 agent 007.

It's also known as All Hallows' Eve.

Policy in case of accidents or damage to property.

Foot garments worn inside wellingtons.

To move blood from one person to another.

Puzzle 4

Sandy spots by the ocean.

Versailles, Schönbrunn, and Buckingham.

The main ingredient in coleslaw.

Wizard, sorcerer.

Brand name of a waterproof all-weather fabric.

Fitness band that records your daily steps.

A candidate put forward for political office.

Chapel in the Vatican with a notable ceiling.

Long-bodied red crustacean, large front claws.

Protective headgear worn by skiers.

Period drama where the Crawleys live in this Abbey.

Written proof of payment.

Puzzle 5

The __, outdoor gear brand with peak-related name.

American crocodile cousin.

Desktop tool, perforates small circles into paper.

Romantic attraction to people of any gender.

Float like a __, mantra of boxer Muhammad Ali.

Artisan bread type using a starter.

Her hits include Roar, Firework and Part of Me.

The first T in TBT; an old picture on social media.

Enormous swirling circle of water.

Clothes worn over indoor garments.

Deport someone so they can face justice at home.

Puzzle 6

"Light as a __, stiff as a board".

Hard rock band Rage Against the this.

Filled with trust that something will come true.

Actor Uma who has starred in Tarantino films.

Device fitted to a climber's shoe on icy ground.

Gecko-like creatures.

A decorative wreath made of flowers and leaves.

Warm, waterproof garment worn on the slopes.

Medical or scientific publication of research.

Land ruled by a male monarch.

The sweet course, not a dry place.

Stopped working for the rest of one's life.

This word is a homophone of aloud.

The __Loser; competitive weight loss reality show.

Triangular flag flown from a ship.

Surname of talk show host Oprah.

Puzzle 7

Country from which Ugg sheepskin boots come.

Actress Cate who starred in the Lord of the Rings.

Horse-drawn vehicles.

A science-fiction TV show about a Time Lord.

To give support to a person, cause or action.

Beatles hit song lyrics, I Am __.

Circus performer who holds a big cat at bay.

Handwear for knights or skiers.

A Latin phrase that means "the other way around".

Writers of fiction books.

Puzzle 8

The opposite of defense.

Command given to a courtroom when a judge enters.

City in which The Godfather is set.

Space to stretch your limbs on a flight.

Long, knitted garments wrapped around necks.

Surname of British power couple David and Victoria.

Canadian and American mountain range.

The sense that isn't vision, smell, taste or touch.

These may be cut if you're skipping steps.

Kayaked or canoed.

Padded, with several layers stitched together.

Metal-attracting objects with poles.

Precious stone that marks a 60-year anniversary.

Microsoft software and "the eyes to the soul".

Puzzle 9

Arrow button that changes typing to uppercase.

The very first; unlike anything else.

Shawl from Kashmir.

Small pieces of paper thrown in celebration.

Swells a balloon.

Warmth generated by your own anatomy.

Intestinal pouch that often needs to be removed.

Asian cuisine featuring sushi and ramen.

It's provided in court to prove a case or plea.

This Anne won an Oscar for 2012's Les Misérables.

Dog found in a yoga class.

Small boat for emergencies.

Puzzle 10

Art made by pasting together different materials.

Ed, whose hits include Castle on the Hill.

Capital city of the US State, Georgia.

Female rockers or girls with these.

Amelia who crossed the Atlantic by plane.

Eloquence, coherence of speech, articulateness.

Heat-trapping, e.g. long underwear.

Its proper name is a cosmetic rhinoplasty.

Spotted big cat that lives in Africa and Asia.

Electronic gadgets, e.g. tablets, phones, consoles.

Waterproof garment worn by fishers.

People who traditionally join unions.

Lockable writing desk.

Puzzle 11

Grass-trimming machine.

A biological substance posing a threat to health.

Condition when extremities are exposed to cold.

Work without getting paid.

White dog breed with black spots.

This Jamaican was dubbed "the fastest man alive".

Work on various jobs at the same time.

Fun birthday activity, e.g. musical chairs.

Bugs Bunny's foe who wears a flapped hunting hat.

Target score in a game of blackjack or pontoon.

The edge of a town or city.

Puzzle 12

Weaken or thin a solution by mixing in water.

Fluffy wool from a rabbit's coat.

Santorini, Maui and St. Lucia are examples of this.

List of things you want to do before passing.

Cornucopia, aka the horn of this.

TV series about US advertising in the 1960s.

Lyrics: It's fun to __ the Y.M.C.A..

Sport played by Novak Djokovic.

Person who cuts together a film.

Vehicle that uses two different power sources.

Large groups of sheep.

Fabric or synthetic sheets for cleaning and wiping.

Autumn spice often paired with cinnamon.

Country from which the ushanka fur cap comes.

Puzzle 13

An LCD is a liquid crystal one.

Rolled up cylinder of straw in a farmer's field.

Two-word request to be my husband or wife.

Hand __, mini heat pads for your pockets.

Medieval Japanese swordfighter.

Having awareness of a fact.

Outlet for smoke on the roof of a house.

Sudden sharp pains.

Openings on a coat for keeping your hands warm.

More bubbly than.

Large stone, or city in Colorado.

Angelina Jolie or Halle Berry's profession.

Puzzle 14

Venomous snake with a royal name.

Chocolate treat brought by a magical bunny.

Headgear with holes for the eyes and mouth.

Differing hour areas around the globe.

Metal abbreviated to Mg on the periodic table.

Cleanliness is next to this, according to a saying.

Inadvertant error or accidental omission.

Person who studies the past.

Footwear worn on winter slopes.

Legal dispute presented to a judge.

Puzzle 15

Linings for shoes or boots.

Mini mountain where A Bug's Life insects live.

Not public.

A young child's bedroom.

Exercise session at a gym or with an instructor.

A short sleep, dozing; closed visual organ.

Uppermost layer of the earth's surface.

A giant, one-eyed monster.

The Cat in the Hat and Sam-I-Am creator.

Protective eyewear worn by skiers.

__ in your ears, symptom of tinnitus.

Milestone anniversary during a monarch's reign.

Dakota, appears in TV series The Alienist.

An item bought for a much lower price, a good deal.

Liquid meal that warms one after a day in the cold.

Puzzle 16

Breadcrumb and herb mixture served inside a turkey.

Durable velveteen textile with lines called wales.

Print periodical, often published monthly.

Extremely powerful snowstorm.

Fancy word for therapy with devotee of Freud.

Plant where crude oil is processed.

Strip worn by runners to keep their ears warm.

Acts or sings in front of an audience.

1999 Brendan Fraser film set in Egypt.

Unsure, not confident, anxious.

Speedy but poor-quality solution to a problem.

Illegal, illicit.

Utilities and phone service are household examples.

Puzzle 17

Director of Batman, Dumbo and Edward Scissorhands.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles catchphrase.

Gradual development of a species over time.

Hair after it's been combed and straightened.

Thick winter socks, filled with gifts by Santa.

A large tractor with a metal plate for pushing.

Inspirational WWII slogan with Rosie the Riveter.

Picked the fruit/crop when it was ripe.

Those who kill famous or powerful people.

Feathery layer inside a puffy jacket.

Puzzle 18

Person who reads, evaluates a new book.

Grammatically, an interrogative sentence asks one.

These created the Hawaiian Islands.

Male singing style for hitting high notes.

Television broadcasting stations.

__ blanket, tech-powered layer of warmth for a bed.

Time period when humans made early tools.

These, like calcium, are found in spring water.

Fragrant pale-green herb often served with chicken.

Radio broadcast of over 1km wavelength.

Sweater without buttons.

Criminal who deliberately sets something on fire.

Puzzle 19

Extra teeth that develop in some adults' back gums.

Scraping leaves out of one's yard.

Tremble because of feeling too cold.

Bladed cutting tool used by a sculptor.

Like dark car windows.

Edgy, pointed, like with Alanis's Little Pill.

Remove the hard parts from meat.

Aroused one's interest.

Person affected by a crime.

Slang for person who hangs out in drinking joints.

Soft sheep's wool used for extra warm clothing.

Jane, author of Sense and Sensibility.

Puzzle 20

Winning move in a game of chess.

Promising a good return on investment.

He was a Fresh Prince then an MIB agent.

Artificial material, not natural, e.g. polyester.

The current holder of an office.

Tools and appliances in a factory production line.

Like Baby Bear's porridge in the Goldilocks story.

Rock condiment at dinner.

Largest living animal on the planet.

Relics, ancient objects.

Garments worn beneath your clothes.

Move back and forth.

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