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Here are the answers to CodyCross Collections Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

A bird's nest, a man's house, a fox's __.

Books with protective sheets to hold photos.

Tutankhamun's burial place.

Paper used to make copies while writing or typing.

To wound one's feelings.

Queen of __, Alice in Wonderland's antagonist.

Japanese martial art, similar to judo.

This car's name is a badly spelled entrapment.

__ Polynesia, 118 islands in South Pacific.

__ plus, A Clockwork Orange's cocktail with milk.

Timber-heavy area.

Puzzle 2

Collectibles originally designed to be short-lived.

World Cup stadium in Fukuroi City, Japan.

It stands between Russia and China.

Barbara __, starred in Double Indemnity.

Chromino is similar to __ with colors, not numbers.

Julio __, famous Spanish singer from 1970s.

Differently hued, decorative blown objects.

Thrown down to offer a challenge.

Strong tasting French cheese with orange rind.

Combination of western trident, eastern utensil.

Judas __, one of the 12 Disciples.

Puzzle 3

Bone remains.

__ arch, Karamagara Bridge, Gothic architecture.

Pack of riders in a bicycle race.

Guff, tosh.

Canadian singer, Avril __.

70's women's perfume with a boy's name.

Cryptid ape that inhabits North America.

Wicked queen of the Bible.

__ over Broadway, Allen's 1994 crime comedy.

__ cars, older vehicles valued as rare.

Puzzle 4

Italian pork sausage.

Scientific study of fruits and their seeds.

Home country of politicians Belo and Ramos-Horta.

Language also known as Magyar.

Holy bovine.

Navigator's tool uses position of celestial bodies.

Islands where the world's biggest tortoises live.

__ Day, US film with Bill Murray as a weatherman.

They indicate your place when reading.

Utensil in which Fleming developed antibiotics.

Puzzle 5

It means "stew" in French.

Mario __, Portuguese prime minister from 1976.

Unusual artifact, collected for its rarity.

DSO, Victoria Cross and Purple Heart are examples.

Austrian city where Beethoven moved in his 20s.

Poet from Ancient Greece, famed for Triumphal Odes.

Marsh crocodile found in Indian subcontinent.

Woman's hat tied under the chin, framing the face.

Cloth covering a corpse.

Nationality of mathematician David Hilbert.

Franco __, 20 year career as AC Milan sweeper.

Karl __ determined radio waves from the Milky Way.

Puzzle 6

__ Tart, French shortcrust apple pastry.

Dark reddish-brown hair.

__ Dorma, Puccini song where no one sleeps.

Woven cotton fabric for aprons.

Bulb flower we get saffron from.

Roman poet famous for his Odes.

Flat green land between mountains or hills.

Dean __, famous US actor, "King of Cool".

Not going.

Belief that goes against the accepted religion.

Nor width neither height.

It means "female animal" in Spanish.

Parachute deployed to reduce plane's landing speed.


Computer device helps "clients".

Sticker brand linked to World Cup footie players.

Perfectly, exactly; to a __.

Injury to the skin that breaks blood vessels.

Puzzle 7

Non-alcoholic beverage in the US.

Bridge on the __, war movie with Alec Guinness.

Double-dealing, deception, cheating.

Collections of items won for military bravery.

Winter heap created by the wind.

A bad start gets off on this.

Deliberately destroy someone else's property.

A creature with jointed legs and a hard skeleton.

Jet with a triangular silhouette.

Branded metal caps or lids for alcohol containers.

Situation or place likely to be explosive.

Vertical gap in castle walls used by archers.

Puzzle 8

Himalayan peak, fifth highest in the world.

__ Indonesia, airline named after legendary bird.

Pot for boiling water.

Payment received from work done.

Tags, buttons or pins with name, slogan or image.

Underground tunnel system of rabbits.

__ labels, bendy fruit's producer and origins.

Paul __, the pride and sorrow of chess.

Sundar __, CEO of Google.

Hello, __, Hello, 1st phone call NYC to San Fran.

Puzzle 9

North-east Indian state, includes Lake Rudrasagar.

The __ Point, US drama film about the ballet world.

Short book of the Bible that follows Amos.

Beside another in line, side by side.

Japanese ivory and wooden toggles.

Getting bigger.

Name of the last Italian king before the republic.

China and metal items for making a brew.

Type of rummy, object to make sets of seven cards.

The muddy, nearly level bed of a dry lake.

Puccini opera about two young lovers: "Manon __".

Puzzle 10

On __, film or documentary shot away from a studio.

Darker, healthier than sliced white bread.

Wild powerful punch in boxing or MMA.

They were 12 in Charlemagne's court.

The capital of Moldova.

Host of notorious US trash talk show from 1990s.

Astrid __, children's author of Pippi Longstocking.

Handbag clamshell accessory with mirror.

Foldable paper plans for showing you the way.

Throw out a sprat to catch a __.

Increased speed.

Lumberjack's tool.

Puzzle 11

Who composed and sang Eleanor Rigby.

Missives saying "Wish you were here".

Californian grape, known as Primitivo in Italy.

Social network with pictures.

World's oldest public museum, at Oxford University.

Another term for the sword lily.

First to fly non-stop solo across the Atlantic.

Roman slave who befriended a lion.

Ants live in one of these.

Landsteiner's discovery means we are A, AB, B or O.

Site of a Russian naval base mutiny of 1921.

Take preventive measures.

Native of Brooklyn or Queens in the US.

Puzzle 12

Where the President of France lives: __ Palace.

Per __, Latin phrase meaning on the other hand.

Dukes of Hazzard cousin with blond hair.

Batter baked between two plates to give a pattern.

River running through the heart of Dublin.

Haydn's first name.

Language mostly spoken in a province of Pakistan.

Dog relative found in Africa and Middle East.

Wild, violent; tremendous, extraordinary.

__ babies, collectible stuffed toys.

She performed the dance of the seven veils.

Strip from which an aircraft takes off.

Vivid long-haired beings attached to pencils.

French novelist Marcel __.

Puzzle 13

Lacrima __, wine made from grapes from Mt Vesuvius.

A person who paddles a kayak.

Barramundi, or Asian __, a popular food fish.

House or building that is occupied by spirits.

Dried __, pressings of blooms destined for albums.

Container for hammers and nails.

French car brand with a double chevron badge.

__ toys, small metal vehicles by Dinky and Corgi.

Rough, drug-filled road in Los Angeles.

__ Millionaire, rags to riches Indian tale.

Theorized that language is entirely cognitive.

Puzzle 14

Italian PM, kidnapped and killed by Brigate Rosse.

Christmas pastry.

Salts commonly used in biological assay processing.

Now defunct flag carrier airline of Mexico.

__ Lights, the aurora borealis phenomenon.

Group working toward a common goal.

Legless swimming reptile.

Impolite term for collecting (when space runs out).

__ della sera, Milanese daily newspaper.

TV program genre with prizes.

Notes and coins form part of a banker's collection.

Puzzle 15

__ cards, collections that encouraged smokers.

Music partner of Art Garfunkel.

Stream or river feeding a larger body of water.

Australian rock formation also called Mount Olga.

Advertising material for theatrical performances.

One who makes alcoholic drinks for money.

Italian bell tower such as at Pisa.

Short name for the Communist International.

"Promises and __ are meant to be broken".

The fourth one was D'Artagnan.

One kind of makeup used daily by some women.

Puzzle 16

Capital of the Marshall Islands.

At the pawnbroker's.

What philatelists collect.

Antique __, metal used in flatware, teapots, etc.

A brief, powerful storm with strong winds.

Captain Marvel can shoot concussive energy __.

Portrait of __, sketch of little girl.

__ tail, an amputated part of a dog.

Protrusion for attaching one object to another.

Male hairdresser.

First name of "The Planets" composer, Holst.

Puzzle 17

They have significantly less than the "haves".

First __, the first print run of books.

Tree growing in brackish water in tropics.

Ireland diplomat gives his name to a law of 1495.

Celluloid frame from a movie.

Small 3-D models, used in film or by architects.

Parasite, flat worm, looks like a tapemeasure.

__ of the Boating Party, Renoir painting.

Card game, decks have no twos to eights.

Anthony __, traveling TV host, celebrity chef.

Band of Berryman, Buckland, Champion and Martin.

Loftus __, soccer, rugby stadium in Pretoria.

Puzzle 18

Polish city, site of missing Nazi gold train.

Small china figure for the mantelpiece.

Bread and wine sacrament in Christianity.

__ toys, collectibles for kids from McDonald's.

Sending and receiving messages with the mind.

Whirlpool at the mouth of sea beast Scylla's cave.

Flat paving slab.

Small green tomato with a papery husk.

Fictional character who survives as a con artist.

__ and ashes, symbols of mourning and repentance.

Firey liquid weapon of the Byzantine Empire.

Metropolitan area named after two German rivers.

Preferred transport of 80s cop show CHiPs.

Poker cheat.

Puzzle 19

Sci-fi franchise, JJ Abrams directed one in 2009.

Unfermented leaves become mild caffeinated cuppa.

Dangling decoration that affixes to your lobes.

The common name for the trachea.

Elgar song, Land of Hope __.

A credit card company.

Small metal or china thumb protectors.

Posh Spice's name; she's married to Beckham.

African Great Lake between DRC and Rwanda.

Aka The Body Coach, wrote Lean in 15.

Antiquated term for a fisherman, after a saint.

Out of control, haphazard, chaotic.

Puzzle 20

__ in the Dark, Springsteen's first Grammy song.

Click __ Rate, ratio of users clicking on link.

Disease causing loss of sensitivity.

Thin conifer of northern, cooler regions.

Japanese trading card games.

Chopped meat in cilindrical case.

One guilty of a crime.

The Rhineland's major cultural center.

Some Came __, movie with Frank Sinatra.

William __, English author who won a Nobel Prize.

__ shrimp live in pairs on a fire urchin.

Tightrope walker born Jean-François Gravelet.

To mention or state in detail.

__ eggs, fabulously decorated Russian keepsakes.

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