CodyCross Collective Nouns Pack answers

Collective Nouns PackCollective Nouns

Here are the answers to CodyCross Collective Nouns Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Document from which a movie is shot.

A group of vehicles traveling together.

They are worn on the hands.

Venomous snakes that rise and produce a hood.

The brothers of your mother or father are your __.

A series of things that work together logically.

Groups of fish that swim together.

Little Miss __ sat on a tuffet.

Rambling chatter, rapid and indistinct.

Gold, silver and bronze garlands for competitors.

A cool and dark place to store food.

East African warriors who do a jumping dance.

Puzzle 2

A gang of __; criminals who steal.

Tomato sauce.

Spiky name for a group of hedgehogs.

Teach, help someone learn something.

Large flightless bird.

A name for your mother or father's father.

Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot, Batman's adversary.

Medal-winners' platforms.

Tiny amount of water or rain.

Spray can, e.g. deodorant.

Power tools for smoothing wooden surfaces.

A board game with colored circles on a mat.

Puzzle 3

To comb out knots in hair.

Proper term for otter droppings.

A small group of boats or ships that are afloat.

Scouts are expected to do one daily.

Disagreeing with someone or something.

Coverings, e.g. the tops of trees in rainforests.

Vehicle used on fairways.

Connects bone to bone in your body.

Gems that are a girl's best friend.

Makes something equal in weight.

Stirring eggs with a fork.

Another word for people watching a concert or play.

Three-wheeled transport.

Set of blades with handles, used for cutting.

Puzzle 4

A staff of __; people that work for a company.

Term for animals with 8 legs, like mites.

A type of rice.

A game where two teams throw balls at each other.

Head of a nation.

Fictional spy, 007.

"Never smile at a __".

Puzzling, odd.

Protecting, guarding from.

A range of __; a group of steep hills.

__ Chest, card deck in Monopoly.

Puzzle 5

Theatrical performers.

A Scandinavian country; Oslo is the capital.

Highest stage of development, in a play or career.

The level of noise or sound.

A synonym for a young baby.

A device that makes water safe to drink.

Italian ice cream.

A casual, short-sleeved top.

Circles, triangles, squares etc.

Most __ criminals are sought by the police.

The seat of a bike or on a horse.

Icy, chilly.

Name for groups of birds, sheep or seagulls.

Diagonal-moving chess piece, or high priest.

Home of the Amazing World of Gumball.

A quiver of __; weapons that can be shot.

Karen __, Ruby Roundhouse in Jumanji sequel.

To deteriorate or drop in quality.

Puzzle 6

Intelligent cartoon dog, his boy is Sherman.

Singer who is married to Jay Z.

__ the White, Lord of the Rings Istari leader.

Small orange citrus; eat the skin also.

Software programs that attack your computer.

A panel of __; those who know lots about a subject.

Little green man from the red planet.

A crew of __; found on ships at sea.

Caring, useful, kind, thoughtful.

To be eligible to enter a competition.

The Secret Life of Pets stars Max, a Jack __ dog.

The line where the earth and sky meet.

Stuffed rectangles to prop up the head at night.

A number multiplied by itself, e.g. 2x2.

Short periods of light rainfall.

Explorers use one to find directions.

Puzzle 7

In a joyous way.

Soap for washing hair.

Places to buy loose fruit and vegetables.

Sweet song to soothe babies to sleep.

A __ of soldiers; a subdivision of an army.

A deck of __ cards: aces, kings, queens, etc.

Large orange vegetable enjoyed at Halloween.

Makes a turn quickly to avoid something.

The king/emperor of black and white aquatic birds.

Creams for your skin; rhymes with potions.

Puzzle 8

Left alone or deserted.

Big Catholic church building.

A belt of __; a band of space rocks.

Drawing makers, not the shoe brand.

Round N American rodent with a day named after him.

Showed a mirror image of something.

Last word in chess.

Understanding of exactly what is happening.

Gymnastic movements using strength and flexibility.

Author of The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

A raft of __; marine mammals that hold hands.

Round platform in a park for music performances.

Male emergency worker who fights crime.

Household device, for example a washing machine.

Device used for calling friends and family.

A voyager on transport.

Puzzle 9

Short letter that excludes you from games.

To turn something into a solid.

Winnie-the-Pooh and the __ Day, an Oscar winner.

An answer to a question.

A death in an accident or disaster.

A coalition of __; speedy spotted big cats.

Game with plastic tube, marbles and straws.

Cracks in ice, rock or glaciers.

A tower of __; really tall safari animals.

Covers for a bed.

A four-wheeled motorized all-terrain vehicle.

Pirate booty found where X marks the spot.

Bread snack, often eaten at a picnic.

Bunches in hair.

Ella __ plays Piper Hart in Henry Danger.

Chip & Dale are examples of this animal.

Good looking, usually referring to a man.

Puzzle 10

Symbol on an old Soviet flag alongside a hammer.

__ the Snowman, a festive chap.

A truck used to transport oil or fuel.

__ Markle, US actress who married a prince.

Biome with northern temperate climate.

A __ of flowers; hung on doors at Christmas.

A two-wheeled electric vehicle moved by balance.

To alter or adjust.

Used to fasten up a shirt.

Newspaper boss.

A crowd of __; individuals grouped together.

Mickey Mouse's significant other.

Puzzle 11

A tree that has nothing in the middle.

Thin glass rectangles examined under microscopes.

A herd of __; farm animals with udders and hooves.

Mad __, Alice in Wonderland character.

Rocking play equipment – sit at either end.

Specialist language used within a profession.

__ 5, US band led by singer Adam Levine.

Legal, in line with regulations.

Of the 50 U.S. states, the one farthest north.

Prince of __; video games with an Arabian theme.

An unarmed martial art founded in Japan.

Elf, or lemon-lime fizzy drink.

__ and gentlemen, a host's welcome to an audience.

An unkindness of __; large, black, crow-like birds.

To disappear.

Puzzle 12


A hand of __; yellow, finger-like fruits.

A noise made by a fire (or breakfast cereal).

Wax sticks.

Charlie __, movie star nicknamed "The Tramp".

A lounge of __; reptiles with scaly skin.

Where a train finds a platform for passengers.

The least dry.

Italian sibling designers Gianni and Donatella.

Country named after the equator.

Headmaster in the Captain Underpants book series.

Pastimes – often sporting ones.

Puzzle 13

__ Gloop, boy who fell in Wonka's river.

Comfy, movable seats made from filled sacks.

Capital city of Chile named after St James.

Conjurer doing tricks and illusions.

To have more power than; opposite of weaker.

A war.

Protein, in leaf/powder form, used to set jellies.

Flippered mammals that live in groups called pods.

A flock of __; a large group of holidaymakers.

A contest to decide between dancers.

Tropical plant with healing sap used on sunburns.

Branch of maths dealing with shapes.

Type of gymnastics showing strength and style.

Puzzle 14

Name for a group of musicians playing together.

Movie suburb of LA.

Chrissie Fit plays __ Fuentes in Pitch Perfect.

Buy magazines/papers at this stall on the street.

Racket sport played with a shuttlecock.

Taking air in and out of the lungs.

Raisable viewing tube on a submarine.

A __ garden is a great place to see exotic plants.

Transcribe one language to another.

The Skittles variety that is in a purple packet.

Canines used by farmers to round up their flocks.

A collection of stories, published in a book.

People who have completed university are __.

To do with money and banking.

Waste materials gathered to be reused.

Special costume worn by astronauts.

Puzzle 15

Beanie __, stuffed animal toys made by Ty Inc.

A bunch of __; small, round, green or red fruit.

To provide work for someone.

Cock a doodle do, __ has lost her shoe.

A troop of __; uniformed group older than cubs.

Post __: send letters, buy stamps here.

Papier-mâché animal containing sweets.


Brand of colorful watch launched in the 1980s.

Lead scientist Muppet with no eyes.

Puzzle 16

Irritates, makes cross.

Describes teas such as patchouli, sage or mint.

Inquiring, looking for answers to questions.

Cartoon Network series on human gems, __ Universe.

Golda Meir: first female Prime Minister of __.

Rio de Janeiro is in this country.

Pin the tail on the __, a popular party game.

Liv's Cali Style tomboy twin sister.

To have shut one eye briefly.

A clan of __; laughing wild carnivores.

A siege of __; tall, gray waterbirds.

The "chosen one", Hogwarts trainee wizard Harry __.

A device that activates when it detects motion.

Puzzle 17

Baby dogs that are born in a litter.

Fasting month for Islam.

Crab claws.

Sweet __ Delight or language spoken in Istanbul.

Plaything stuffed with shreds of cloth.

Made loud noises with your nose.

An archipelago is a group of __.

Noble gas that could scare Superman, symbol Kr.

Cylindrical meat food chased by dogs on cartoons.


Puzzle 18

Got possession of an object.

2016 Tony winner for best musical.

Items of clothing that together form an outfit.

What makes you unique, your character and self.

Cutting something out of a photo or resizing it.

Store at a museum that sells souvenirs.

Indian palace made of marble.

Penny for your __.

Land area between tidemarks.

Lemon __ pie has sugary peaked topping.

A muster of __; a group of birds with fancy tails.

Plural of the name for three dots....

Word game with tiles and a board.

Sends off into space.

Enter land illegally.

Puzzle 19

A stand of __; long-legged pink wading birds.

Small group of people who make decisions.

You wear it on your head in winter, with a pom pom.

Japan's famous snow-capped mountain.


Warming up food for a second time.

Wooden puppet whose nose grew when telling lies.

Not shy, bold and assured.

Exercises done to lengthen muscles after workout.

Maintaining a vehicle.

Raise __; 2010 song by Pink.

Changed to something else, e.g. changed religion.

Fun place for a day out on wet rides.

Christian holiday on the 25th of December.

Puzzle 20

10 years.

Cardboard container for documents.

Trimmed a tree.

Superhero cartoon Teen __ Go; a DC Comics team.

Too little to make any impact: "a drop in the __".

A __ of students; pupils from the same year group.

A cast of __; people appearing in a play.

__ Tower, Parisian iron landmark.

Join, connect.

Measure of how tall something is.

Remains of a once living thing preserved in rock.

Country where Prince Rainier ruled.

Site hosting videos, images; pink/blue dots logo.

Someone who represents people in court.

A style of electronic music.

Sweet, bubbly, chilled dessert.

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