CodyCross Comfort Foods Pack answers

Comfort Foods PackComfort Foods

Here are the answers to CodyCross Comfort Foods Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

"O Come, O Come, __".

A breeze blowing from behind.

Nail __, for cutting nails.

__ sauce, US marinade and condiment for ribs.

Singers like Sinatra.

Diseases that animals can transmit to humans.

Written collection of Confucian sayings.

Animator who created Wallace and Gromit.


__ fluid, the lubricator of joints.

Quiffed 1950s male hairstyle.

Thick crepes with lemon and sugar adornment.

__ Palace; favourite residence of Elizabeth I.

Point of __, no going back.

Nationality of Chinua Achebe and Wole Soyinka.

Another word for an actor.

Used to catch and store Pokémon.

Puzzle 2

English village in which green children appeared.

__ Hunter; 51st Academy Awards Best Picture winner.

Fruit, ice cream and cream desserts in glasses.


Spanish libertine nobleman written about by Byron.

__ bomb, larger device releasing smaller bombs.

An uncertain state or situation.

False or imitation animal pelt used in fashion.

The opposite of insentient.

Protesters outside a building or workplace.

__ in The Temple, sang Prince.

Pudding accompaniment of egg yolk, milk and sugar.

Puzzle 3

Tell someone a secret by mistake.

One who draws absentmindedly.

Healing herb thought to mend bones.

Plug a phone into this for power.

One cheek of a bottom.


Thick and vivid beetroot soup.

Creamy stirred rice dish from Italy.

A bathroom adjacent to a bedroom.

1960s flower children.

Puzzle 4

Heat enabling fastest losers to enter the final.

The name of the Ewings' ranch.

Describes a Briton living between 1837 and 1901.

Sterilization equipment used in hospitals.

Linguistic redundancy by repeating meaning or idea.

Monique __, bridal fashion designer.

Bette Davis Eyes singer.

NAFTA, North American __ Agreement.

Fine ceramic items valued by collectors.

Comedian played Sherlock Holmes in a 1978 spoof.

__ pudding, baked batter wells for roast dinners.

Ink container.

Craft of cutting up pictures to create a new image.

Safely settled in.

Trees that shed their leaves annually.

Crisp and gooey almond, sugar and egg biscuits.

Facial composite to aid police work.

Bodily humour causing melancholy.


Church pipe musicians.

Puzzle 5

Discounts posted by brands.

Turn up, enter.

African war that prompted Lennon to return his MBE.

Official language of Austria.

Queen Victoria's immediate successor: __ VII.

Chinese social media and messaging service.

__ Archipelago; Red Sea island group near Massawa.

All the Small __ by Blink-182.

__ pigeon, sporting bird that speeds towards home.

Put up with.

Posh pancakes from France, rolled and filled.

Swiss melted cheese parties with dippy forks.

Puzzle 6

Mother of many children in the Moomin stories.

Fred __ and his Neighborhood.

In Norse mythology, the birds on Odin's shoulders.

To have had a __; cannot tolerate any more.

What is left when we are gone; a bequest in a will.

__ Conquest, Battle of Hastings in 1066.

__ Road; game for guiding chickens over highways.

Quotable sentence.

Slang for bloke, a cranky old man.

Massive North African desert.

Mashed potatoes with garlic and cheese from France.

Chicken tikka __, Britons' favourite dish.

Donna __ had Dinner With Gershwin.

Puzzle 7


Patties coated in batter and fried.

Fix a tennis racket.

Rendered chicken fat, or overly sentimental music.

Knitted jumpers.

Right-hand woman for a Count.

Body of __, Madonna movie.

Andrew __, brash 80s stand-up comic.

Ancient Chinese narrative on nation's history.

Hot oatmeal and milk dish for Scottish breakfasts.

Another name for the disease nagana: __ sickness.

Day of the week that Solomon Grundy took ill.

Puzzle 8

__ Wood, Scandinavian tune by the Beatles.

Someone with a deep passion for a political cause.

Law to protect from plagiarism.

Hot __, milky and rich bedtime drink.

Worn nasally by synchronised swimmers.

Air __; aerosol for making rooms smell better.

Seize the day, the motif of Dead Poets Society.

A __ Named Desire, Tennessee Williams' play.

Preparer of raw fish dishes.

Boiled ovum encased in sausage meat and deep fried.

Emilia __, Kiwi womenswear designer.

Witch at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft: Pansy __.

Waistband wallet.

Without compassion or feeling.

Inlet of the Atlantic in SW Ireland.

A significant event marker or achievement.

Frances __; mother of Diana, Princess of Wales.

Reduced, less than original value.

Siamese type breed of domestic cat.

Spark-induced gun.

Romantic meal out for a couple.

Puzzle 9

Competitive motorised vessel, used in racing.

Constellation known as the Little Bear.

Mister __, Reed Richards's stretchy alter ego.

Spanish place-name meaning Holy Cross.

Canadian singer Bryan Adams: "the groover from __".

Say __, Gracie.

Assessment of income and savings.

Practical joker.

St Bartholomew, an Apostle, also goes by this name.

Irish dish of potatoes, cabbage, butter or cream.

Food processing involving chills and dehydration.

Breakfast treat with dipping soldiers.

In an unspecified place.

Coloured vehicle looked out for in travel game.

Knitted head cap that only exposes the eyes.

Fonzie sitcom.

Puzzle 10

Beer maker.

Hot pepper variety, often green and stuffed.

Milky, savoury sauce often flavoured with cheese.

Battle, grapple.

To remove old blooms to encourage further growth.

Got dimmer: not lightened.

Dance __, the written record of dance movements.

Buckets for coal.

Naval conflict between US and France, 1798–1800.

Narrow tennis bandana.

Southern portion of Belgium.

Play by Harold Pinter The __ Party.

Successful F1 team of the 1980s and 1990s.

Another name for weighing scales.

__ II, became king of Jordan in 1999.

People responsible for misdeeds.

__ Park; royal residence of Princess Anne.

A chance to act as a historical character.

Giant Japanese reptilian film star.

"Don't make a mountain out of a __".

Italian dessert, a coffee and liqueur trifle.

Puzzle 11

Baked __, gooey French cheese.

Apostle, sometimes called Judas, son of James.

Sleekness, lustrousness.

Orangey-red banded chalcedony.

Huevos __, Mexican breakfast of eggs and tortillas.

__ zone, the FT in FTZ.

Johnny __, farmer folk hero John Chapman.

Itchy swelling on fingers and toes.

Puts forward an idea, moots.

Bounced back, recovered from disappointment.

Poisoned vegetables said to have killed Claudius.

US stand-up comedian, Sarah __.

Helena G Wells is an English author in __ 13.

Sang on Lennon's Whatever Gets You Thru the Night.

Puzzle 12

Spanish breakfast delicacy dunked in hot chocolate.

Jumping on metal pole toy with spring.

Strait linking the Adriatic and Ionian seas.

__ tell, intimate tales sold to tabloids.

Cause of Kwashiorkor: severe __ deficiency.

__ I; Italian king assassinated in 1900.

Fine snow, not great for building snowmen.

__ corn, milky broth from a Southern staple.

Golf tournament where winners get a green jacket.

Pardoned someone.

Part of a rocket that gives extra acceleration.

Puzzle 13

Meat and vegetable stew from Liverpool.

Plant eater.

Decorative art made from part of seaside molluscs.

Table protector under hot dishes.

Dizziness, wooziness.

__ eggs, softly stirred and eaten on toast.

Autograph; written record of someone's name.

Teacher and Israel's premier 1969-74.

Jazz trumpeter who died by defenestration.

Of a strong Roman hero and god.

Someone working a 9 to 5.

Sailboat competition.

Specifically, clearly, categorically.


Earliest entertainment treatment of The Mousetrap.

Most populous city in British Columbia.

Camel with one hump and anagram of "My dear Rod".

Yellow flowers belonging to the Narcissus genus.

Writings produced by authors in their youth.

Physical disability of English poet John Milton.

Offering from the Land Shark on SNL.

Puzzle 14

Those who aren't adapted to a situation.

Mexican flour tortilla with meat and refried beans.

Special reindeer, with a red nose.

Make someone feel nervous, ruffle.

Michael __; performer and Lord of the Dance.

Live broadcasts on the Internet.

Explosive made from guncotton and nitroglycerine.

Edits a text for publication.

Vegetable whose name is slang for money.

Dolphin's hand.

Small boiled Italian potato and semolina dumplings.


George Harrison's sitar teacher: Ravi __.

The town's doctor in The Simpsons.

__ Lohan: Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen.

Puzzle 15

__ chips, fries with stringy dairy product over.

Pollyanna starring __ Mills was released in 1960.

Worldwide hit for Hanson in 1997.

The A in AWOL, or __ without leave.

Alan __, cryptographer and mathematician.

Official UN language that's first alphabetically.

__ sin, visually unappealing.

__ butter, legume spread with jelly in a sandwich.

Uproar, commotion.

Woodlice crustacean order.

Puzzle 16

__ the Bruce, King of Scots.

__ Babies, plush skinny animals of the 1990s.

Scott __; actor, Sam Beckett in Quantum Leap.

__ toast, milky, eggy bread that is fried.

Name of Shakespeare's younger daughter.

Thin African country, once merged with Senegal.

A word that modifies a verb.

Come off the tracks.

Daler __, art materials provider.

Chinese portions of dumplings and spring rolls.

Puzzle 17

People who grow food and rear animals.

__ Jones, Dr Foster or Karen McDonald.

__ folly, pirate slang for rum.

The rapper Eminem's real name: Marshall __.

Welsh __, regional cheese on toast.

Looking after, taking care of.

Leader; crucial part of an axle.

Pen name of writer born Charles Dodgson: Lewis __.

German term for master, added as a suffix.

__ pie, beef mince pie with potato topping.

Blew up like Mount Vesuvius.

Crept as silently as possible.

In sport means sensation-seeking.

1982 cross-dressing comedy with Dustin Hoffman.

Puzzle 18

Property sold before it is built.

Eating grass in fields.

Futuristic method of transport.

Ethelred the __; unprepared king of England.

Someone who studies under a teacher.

No physical barriers when you can walk __ walls.

If I Ever Lose __ in You; 1993 Sting hit.

Yeast extract spread you either love or hate.

Plastic stick dissolves sugar in coffee.

Polish dumplings with sweet or savoury fillings.

A person whose native country is Lesotho.

Puzzle 19

Largest Japanese e-commerce site: Rakuten __.

Cleaning machine that sucks.

Cream of __ soup, a Heinz canned classic.

Song by the Moody Blues: __ in White Satin.

__ beef hash, easy pie with mash and tinned meat.

Present information.

Himalayan mountain and an anagram of hostel.

Country where Picasso produced most of his work.

Circus tent.

__ Coast, stretch of West Antarctica coastline.

2009 Disney film about rodent espionage.

__ Otis; invented a safe, steam-powered elevator.

Puzzle 20

Dear __; funeral euphemism for the deceased.

Walks in an arrogant manner.

First name of the Thunderbirds' Lady.

Ornamental chain.

Trucks with a loading area.

Bangladesh formerly: East __.

Sweetened frozen milky dessert eaten with wafers.

Wrecks, damages something.

Plastic compost containers for cultivating plants.

Christmas play.

Hot __ toast, dripping with spread.

He plays Venom in the comic based movie 2018.

Animal __; Nintendo's game set in a village.

Celebrating with friends.

Red __; peasant uprising against Xin Dynasty China.

Bridges for waterways.

Enter private land unlawfully.

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