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Comic Book Convention PackComic Book Convention

Here are the answers to CodyCross Comic Book Convention Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Another name for European green woodpecker.

Enclosures that businesses use to display goods.

Antonio __; Italian sprint cyclist of the 1950s.

__ wood, building material of Noah's Ark.

Wearing a Scottish skirt.

Old time ale jug.

Julia __-Jones, formerly Serpentine art director.

__ tones; a sweet, pleasing voice.

From a long-ago era or age.

Invited members.

TV family with John-Boy and Jim-Bob.

Instilled, infused, saturated.

__ Peres, Israeli former president and PM.

Turkish national park with human cave dwellings.

Largest island in Japan and home to Mount Fuji.

Puzzle 2

Small pieces of discarded fabric.

Powerful confederacy in India in 18th century.

San __; setting of 2004 Grand Theft Auto game.

He proposed a geocentric theory of the universe.

Niger's highest mountain peak: Mont __.

Unstable, unsteady.

Containing one hydrogen and one oxygen.

Of or relating to orangutans.

Like enough to want to emulate.

Cut of beef also called a skirt steak.

Nickname of Henry Winkler's Happy Days character.

River flowing through China and Myanmar.

A donned disguise.

Puzzle 3

In the middle, near the midline.

British gold coin once worth 21 shillings.

The P in OP on an online forum.

Masters of ceremony.

Solid, well made, of furniture, say.

Canadian national park with Mount Athabasca.

Undertaking to lose all tricks in a game of cards.

Chewing gum ingredient sourced from tree latex.

Nocturnal marsupial, native to Western Australia.

Buffistas, Little Monsters, Gleeks.

__ foot, specialist sewing-machine attachment.

Money left to a charity in someone's will.

Black Cauldron villain with pointy protrusions.

Michael __, holder of the long-jump world record.

Medieval stringed instrument with a French name.

Puzzle 4

Juliette __, French actress of The English Patient.

Animated character.

Greek rhetorician under emperor Maximinus.

Well-preserved prehistoric cave in Ardèche, France.

Shade of blue seen in a waterside nest.

Oxford don after whom switched consonants is named.

Underwear brand that had a cross-your-heart bra.

Extraordinary, like having the ability to fly.

Recite, or give a second estimate for work.

__ breast, fireplace that protrudes into a room.

Demelza's dog in the series of Poldark books.

Eskimo shaman.

__ Desert; extremely arid region of South America.

Seventh of the fencing standard parrying positions.

Area of London where Queen Elizabeth II was born.

Average temperature and precipitation in an area.

__ fish, Jewish dish served on religious holidays.

Young female horses.

Rattle, clang, clank.

Puzzle 5

Superman's publisher __ Comics.

Hand over a criminal wanted in another country.

Radio host with edgy presenting tactics.

Small black or red-legged gull found on sea cliffs.

Alternative name for the former Ethiopian Empire.

Nickname given to the Model T Ford.

Chinese cookery ingredient, with 6-12 carpels.

Garden patches with alpine plants and stones.

Character who shows up in a different show.

Persistently taking great care and effort.

Puzzle 6

Rock formation fold, dips like a basin.

Clapping's vocal friend.

Using oars.

Green area in central London with Speakers' Corner.

Elongated Scottish hybrid fruit.

Capital of Liberia.

Made calm again.

Rome's opponent in the Punic Wars.

Kids' publisher who now does books for grown-ups.

William Addison __, coined the term graphic design.

Arrogant lord voiced by John Lithgow in Shrek.

Object taken home as a memory.

The landing place where ships are unloaded.

Outlaws Ike and Billy of the Wild West.

Way of life of a religious person or recluse.

Puzzle 7

Heavenly happiness, one of eight.

Cooling hot metal to make it stronger.

Wild mushrooms that grow in circles.

All-encompassing type of experience.

Knife sharpener.

Where the upper and lower eyelids meet.

Dolly Parton plays a hairdresser in Steel __.

Industry exposition.

Whiskey brand from County Antrim.

Author of the Regeneration Trilogy about WWI.

Crusades against the Emirate of Aydin, 1343-51.

English title of Edith Piaf "don't look back" hit.

Flowery name of Portugal's revolution of 1974.

Puzzle 8

Unwon lottery jackpot carried to the next draw.

Grain harvested from grasses in the genus Zizania.

Region ruled by the head of a tribe.

Horse __, Marx Brothers movie of 1932.

The study of fungi.

Hercule Poirot's captain sidekick, Arthur __.

Acting like a character, down to the costume.

Nickname for loyal fans of Aerosmith.

Patterned marine predator that resembles a snake.

Unexpected, like a speaker who wasn't mentioned.

Puzzle 9

Breed of pig, famously two of them were escapees.

Decorative, horizontal wooden trim around a wall.

Royal attendant.

Substance linked to itinerant salesmen and quacks.

Revolutionary War British army German soldiers.

Dated expression meaning ok, alright, etc.

UK accounting organization; anagram of toileted.

Precious One in Tibetan Buddhism.

Post-presentation this and answer section.

Military order in Shakespeare's Julius Caesar.

Sweets to soothe a sore throat.

Wield something while swinging it to and fro.

Last name of Northern Irish singer "Van the Man".

They are godless to believers.

Males, once removed road excrement (in the dark).

Pete Holmes' comedic adventure show.

Mild curry sauce made with almonds or coconut.

Jack __, US golfer known as the Golden Bear.

DreamWorks, Warner Bros, Paramount.

__ Sea, body of water famed for its seaweed.

Puzzle 10

Powdered diet supplement tasting like horseradish.

Neolithic stone circle in Wiltshire, England.

Spanish town, infamously bombed in 1937.

Novels similar to comics.

First caliph of Islam, a father-in-law of Muhammad.

Solomon __, the protagonist of 12 Years a Slave.

Tight-fitting men's jacket of Shakespearean times.

Went around the edge of something.

Slavic language of eastern Germany.

Ugandan, styled himself the Last King of Scotland.

Curated display.

Repository for biological samples for research.

Stinging weeds used for making soup and tea.

Angie __, designer who founded Underworld.

Blemished, contaminated.

Water tank in a house, or above a WC.

Puzzle 11

Argentine town termed the End of the World.

An Israeli agricultural collective community.

Seagull friend of Ariel in The Little Mermaid.

Whole numbers that divide exactly into others.

Black Widow, Iron Man, Hulk.

Boozy nickname for Admiral Edward Vernon.

Nouvelle vague, in English.

Where whirlybirds land.

Robert __, bad guy in the film noir Cape Fear.

Rodin's famous sculpture of lovers embracing.

__ farming avoids the use of animal fertilisers.

Front limbs of insects.

Costumed people acting out characters together.

Trumpet-shaped flower grown in hanging baskets.

Italo __, Italian magic realism writer.

100 of these make a convertible mark in Bosnia.

Puzzle 12

Debacles, disasters.

Natural bit of condensation forming on grass.

Coating or sealing ceramics in a kiln.

Scope or range of an experience or event.

2019 film about a Brit spying for the Russians.

Czech Republic's English short-form name.

Rita Ora album featuring Let Me Love You.

Forest folks, impish creatures.

Shifted with a bar and a pivot.

Ottoman Empire ruler after the Young Turks revolt.

Country where tangerines reportedly originated.

Getting the old crew back together.

Pink-legged, orange-beaked goose species.

Puzzle 13

Render lost for words.

Italian nougat-style sweet.

Bundles of grain.

Level __, describes competitors running toe to toe.

Treasure boxes.

Early 20th C art style by Sonia & Robert Delaunay.

Mediterranean island directly north of Sardinia.

Bone container, perhaps a vault or an urn.

Hybrid word for passageway between France and UK.

Plot section cruelly revealed to others.

Animal companions in His Dark Materials.

First name of the lead singer of the Dixie Chicks.

__ shears, scissors with zigzaggy blades.

Marine mammals; in the past thought to be mermaids.

Sephiroth's world of Final __.

Puzzle 14

Large noisy scrap or disturbance.

In Judaism, the 613 fringes of thread.

Ornamental light attached to a wall.

Insect circus master in A Bug's Life.

French social dance from the court of Louis XIV.

Bovine walking hazard.

Italian "elbow" seaport on the Adriatic.

Facial appearance-changing cosmetics.

Karen __, author of Out of Africa.

Lettre de __, a royal arrest warrant.

An ice-skating turn.

Prizes given for achievements.

Countless, innumerable.

British company that owns the Smirnoff vodka brand.

Grimace, contorted expression on the face.

Philippe __, WWI general, also headed Vichy France.

Solar __, part of the anatomy aimed at in karate.

No Country for Old Men, Spanish actor Javier.

Duke Bluebeard's __, an opera by Béla Bartók.

Puzzle 15

Looking exactly like a character, including dress.

Except for.

River flowing through Spain into Bordeaux, France.

Moving cartoon iPhone faces.

Italian singer Mario Lanza's birth surname.

In curtaining, another name for a swag.

Roasted Mexican pumpkin seeds.

Personal name derived from a placename.

Wind that blows off the NW coast of the US.

At the time of birth.

Harley Quinn, Joker, Lex Luther.

Fictional vulpine tales as narrated by Uncle Remus.

Horned wild sheep with brown wool.

Court painter who gave his name to a beard.

Swimming races with different strokes.

Cape worn by revelers at Venice's Carnevale.

__ Sullenberger; heroic US Airways pilot.

Puzzle 16

High, barren terrain with grasses, moss, etc.

Movie's money supplier.

German word for forbidden.

A score in rugby; a two-footed move in wrestling.

Bitterness, resentment, rancor.

Welsh singer of Delilah.

Spanish isle, scene of the world's worst air crash.

Online-based cartoon.

Asian bamboo percussion instrument.

Set of identical books published at the same time.

Upland defense structure of the Iron Age.

Witty reference to someone's future spouse.

Powdered shakes from the 80s, a dietary brand.

Puzzle 17

Co-creator of the Post-It note.

The religious patron of Canada.

Toy only available for purchase at a show.

He was Gaston in Beauty and the Beast movie.

A warning of trouble, or upcoming punishment.

1991 REM album, featuring Radio Song.

Major WWII defeat for the U.S., Battle of __ Pass.

Siberian waterway flowing into the Arctic.

Bar owners.

Captain Marvel, Wonder Woman or Batman.

Monies supplied to reduce the price of services.

Puzzle 18

Goodbye said while showing V sign.

Ice-skating move named after skater Mr Paulsen.

US Army regiment featured in Band of Brothers.

Nonsense meaningless words or a custard dessert.

Country whose capital is Sofia.

Clones are central to Never Let Me Go by Kazuo __.

Dispersion of a group of peoples around the world.

Flyover, footbridge.

8 quadrillion bits.

Carole King's best-selling album; heavy textile.

Fake weapon's typical material.

Decisive battle in the Norman conquest of England.

Stealing cattle.

Quick drawings.

Bergman's Casablanca role.

Puzzle 19

Crown prince of Afghanistan.

French for a pickled gherkin.

Italian-sounding about turn, change in opinion.

Fine, delicate pottery from Asian country.

Olivia Colman's royal role from 2018.

If asked for one's John Hancock, they want this.

Yellow, buttercup-family plant, aka pilewort.

To split open a food, like a chicken breast.

Rating method of the hardness of materials.

Maze, like the path through a busy showroom.


Puzzle 20

Common interest group; Jacobs' TV show.

English translation of French word "marrons".

Black seabird with prehistoric appearance.

Describes unpleasant weather.

Hero of a 1971 film, played by Richard Rowntree.

Luggage with lithium ion batteries built in.

Coined the phrase "the day the music died".

Seed tissue that envelops the plant embryo.

Drawn motion.

Sculpture projected from the surrounding surface.

Anthony Trollope novel about Septimus Harding.

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