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Here are the answers to CodyCross Comics Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Two-point score in American football.

Name of all Dalai Lamas since 1475.

George Orwell book: "Down and Out in Paris and __".

The mixture used to create cake or a dough.

Manages to avoid.

Hastily, recklessly.

Real first name of Fonzie in Happy Days.

Alpha __; Canadian superhero team in Marvel Comics.

Anton __; DC Comics creator of the Un-Men.

Small barrier to impede a liquid or to deflect.

Site of massive Japanese earthquake of 2011.

Clé de Peau __, brand with must-have concealer.

Part of the shoulder.

Puzzle 2

Of or relating to rivers.

The __; humorous comic strip often featuring cows.

Expressed on paper with a pen.

Flemish painter famous for The Arnolfini Portrait.

National martial art sport of the Philippines.

Lusted after.

Aluminum ore.

Less loose.

Ancient Nile city lent its name to a US state city.

People who front bands.

For standing on a rocking boat.

AKA Tony Stark; red and gold Marvel superhero.


Agua de __, Cava, Champagne Spanish cocktail.

Puzzle 3

Food and drink provisions service.

Sanskrit title for a great ruler.

Imagining stories while asleep.

Game based more on decision-making than skill.

Creator of the Garfield comic strip.

First synthetic dye also called Perkin's mauve.

Sherlock actor __ Cumberbatch.

Removing thickness from hair with scissors.

__ paper used for soaking up excess ink.

Ohio city named after an explorer.

Month when President's Day is observed.

The national epic poem of Finland.

__ of Rock, series of global heavy metal festivals.

Chilly outdoor storage building, often underground.

Piscine pet, lives in a bowl.

Inflammation of the nose.

Scottish turreted architectural style.

Ruler of the ancient kingdom of Cusco.

Foot soldiers in battle.

Publishers that created Superman, Batman, etc.

Arthur C Clarke tale became 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Puzzle 4

English chocolate pioneer and Quaker.

Spanish spring festival of giant puppets and fire.

Inkblot psychopath of Alan Moore's Watchmen.

__ X; nickname of Charles Xavier in X-Men.

Lucky footwear for an equine.

Neolithic monument in Ireland's County Meath.

Dirt particles in the air.

State of having more than one husband.

Sell-out rock music festival in Aarhus, Denmark.

Cartoon character with square pants.

Bathing under a spray.

Puzzle 5

__ Flowers, love interest of Scott Pilgrim.

Charlie Brown's dog Snoopy is based on this breed.

Shortly, briefly.

Baltimore's NFL team.

Country where the dance called Hasapiko is popular.

Musical sounds in sweet succession.

Someone who estimates an object's worth.

Easter headwear.

Stirring cake batter.

John __, writer of Charlie Resnick novels.

Overnight plane ride.


Breed of cow, namesake of British island.

Least polluted.

Puzzle 6

Revised with new information.

Red __; DC superhero who manipulates the wind.

Select for an employment.

Italian fritter-like desserts.

Those who physically put words onto paper.

Dadaist painter worked with objects and body parts.

Stands on the mound in baseball.

Where gasses emerge from a car.

Pushed or pulled a trolley.

Novel by James Joyce published in 1922.

Doctor __; Marvel hero with nerve-damaged hands.

Congenital foot deformity, also called clubfoot.

What Moses descended from Mount Sinai with.

Voting against.

__ Gump, character played by Tom Hanks.

Puzzle 7

Tried to deceive or trick.


Dustin __, who starred in The Graduate.

"Rum pot" Danish Christmas dessert.

NE Indian hill state almost enclosed by Bangladesh.

Put into a bank account.

Principles of a religious faith.

Type of wheat used in salads (with an "h").

To practice golf.

DC Comics magician and member of Justice League.

Strengthen physically, with food; or __ an injury.

Stealthy Marvel Comics character, active at night.

Black horse ridden by Queen Elizabeth.

Puzzle 8

Uther __, King Arthur's father.

Historic "Crow Castle" of Japan.

Hot red star, the "follower", mentioned in Ulysses.

Chaotic, in total disorder.

With Stan Lee, co-creator of the Hulk, Thor, etc.

Colorless beryl gem from Massachusetts.

French word for eggplant, also its color.

Successful period in comic book history, 1956-1970.

Hand-held filming device.

Legal sworn statement made under oath.

Elizabeth __; first female doctor in the US.

Stage in plants' growth shortly after germination.

Leopold Stokowski's profession.

Bristled device for combing locks.

__ showers; rainfall that occurs at intervals.

Original name for iceberg lettuce:.

John __, Founding Father, Penman of the Revolution.

Puzzle 9

Seed-eating birds, with snow and reed varieties.

Poisonous alcohol used as a solvent.

Inappropriate or unexpected.

First 5x Tour de France winner: Jacques __.

The Farmer's __, farmgirl works for a politician.

Lionheart king, ruled England 1189-99.

Rock-covered member of the Fantastic Four.

US judges' offices; rooms at Inns of Court.

__ Crisis; 1990 conflict in the Philippines.

DC Comics speedy, scarlet-clad superhero.

City famous for the running of the bulls.

Hair used to cover a bald head.

Working vessels near a dock.

Soak food in flavored liquid.

Puzzle 10

__ Times, Chaplin film about industrialization.

For removing hard part in the middle of cherries.

Perfect in a language.

What pencil erasers are made of.

"A problem shared is a problem __".

__ bubble; where comic characters' words are shown.

Mott the __, '60s group.

A man, a plan, a canal ... (finish the palindrome).

London __ Hill Airport, or BQH.

Marvel's espionage and law enforcement agency.

Most clever, sage person.

Clunker of a car.

__ Azzurro make Peroni.

Estuary and bridge to the east of England.

Country formerly known as Formosa.

__ Rhimes, creator of How to Get Away with Murder.

Puzzle 11

Medical drama set at Sacred Heart Hospital.

Peter __, photojournalist with web slinging powers.

Roman __, a river novel, a sequence of books.

Someone who avoids being captured.

Baseball team from Detroit.

"For fools rush in where __ fear to tread": Pope.

Black suit in cards.

Machine for squeezing water out of clothes.

Rhythm and blues from French Creole Louisiana.

Comics produced in South and North Korea.

Roosters that have been castrated.

City in South Africa that rhymes with "urban".

Make a turkey noise.

Dust used in concrete.

German toast wishing health to fellow drinkers.

Puzzle 12

Thomas Hardy novel: "Far From the __ Crowd".

John __; US tennis star, with SuperBrat nickname.

Lucy and Linus' surname in Peanuts.

Language of Indian subcontinent, aka Bangla.

The bubbling of water __ in a pan.

Grab the audience's attention from someone else.

__ Jeff; comic strip first published in 1907.

Opera by Bizet: The Pearl __.

As thick as __, having a close relationship.

Medical term for ear wax.

Jocelyn Bell __, discoverer of pulsars in 1967.

Obviously, with no frills.

Alec __; lab scientist linked to Swamp Thing.

Moved with high steps like a horse.

E.g. tulips, daffodils, grown for sale.

Puzzle 13

Goddess of darkness, sister of Isis and Osiris.

Planet-eating Marvel Comics character.

Daddy __, another name for a crane fly.

A catastrophe or damaging event.

Family who run the shop in TV show Pawn Stars.

Over-consumption sin.

Hedges with deep barbs and red fruits.

Pendant-shaped part of supercell thunderstorm.

Carrying on like a __, acting silly.

Finnish music festival, held in Turku since 1970.

Loire Valley wines made from Sauvignon Blanc.

Largest lake in Africa.

Additional, unquantifiable business value.

Container for powdered tobacco.

__ Assured Destruction, all-out nuclear war.

Superhero team that debuted in a 1963 Marvel comic.

Puzzle 14

One of a car's main illuminators.

Comic book cowboy created by a Belgian cartoonist.

Ghent's flower festival.

Scores and songs written for the cinema.

The bank along the edge of a waterway.

The most meager, the tiniest fraction.

A non-furry furry fruit, like a peach but bald.

Pseudonym under which JK Rowling writes, Robert __.

Snoopy's yellow bird pal in Peanuts comic strip.

Recover from something; move on.

Musical about a mystical Scottish village.

Chamber of the heart.

Another name for Hong Kong's Aberdeen Island.

Accredited, verified.

Use two in a nursing bra to absorb milk.

Van Gogh painting of evergreens.

Puzzle 15

Christoph Waltz won an Oscar: __ Unchained.

First Prime Minister of Australia: Edmund __.

Tells off sternly.

Downhill winter sport.

__ loops, jets of gas that erupt from the Sun.

Burning this at both ends.

Anglo-Saxon king nicknamed the All-Fair.

Aromatic S American fruit aka pineapple guava.

British R&B singer: __ Nightingale.

Best friend of Asterix, with superhuman strength.

__ Quinn; female accomplice of The Joker.

Puzzle 16

Computer program that tries to sell you products.

__ vaccination; developed by James Lind.

Battle of __ is celebrated on Cinco de Mayo.

Adventurer created by Belgian cartoonist Hergé.

Sega __; video game console launched in 1994.

Never odd __ (a palindrome).

Hospital carers.

Explosive charge for breaching fortifications.

__ Skywalker, Luke's father in Star Wars films.

New York basketball team.

Bowling done in an alley with strikes.

Roman goddess of fruit trees.

Spring __; young cabbage plant, similar to kale.

Tall wooden or wire structures to keep things out.

Space between panels in a comic strip.

Puzzle 17

Health supplement.

Amelia __, the American aviatrix.

Amusing comic strips featured in daily newspapers.

Annoying, anagram of smokier.

Pompous, useless official; Mikado character.

Raining cats __, raining very heavily.

Nova Scotia port on the Atlantic Ocean.

Palatial building, especially in Italy.

Go somewhere and come back before bedtime.

Keel __, punishment of being dragged under a ship.

Black __; Marvel leader of Wakanda nation.

Puzzle 18

Pass a ball in reverse with rear of foot.

King Solomon's eldest son who worshiped idols.

Leader of Guardians of the Galaxy superhero team.

Next to the hearth.

Toy and exercise ring to swing around hips.

Flowering climber has blue, pink, white blooms.

Wrote your name alongside someone else's.

Journalist love interest of Superman.

The least tight rope is the __.

Sauce in a tuna casserole: canned cream of __ soup.

Long, thin loaf of crusty French bread.

Engels' collaborator.

Bavarian city on the Rhine, with grand residence.

Puzzle 19

Celebratory mood.

Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene forms a red block.

Joe Wicks is known as The __.

Insincere distress, __ tears.

Drama series about a professor's marriage collapse.

Where to stock up on inventory items in Pokémon Go.

__ Palace; site of Charles I's execution.

Aliens who claim they come from France.

2007 benefit concerts for environmental awareness.

Baby's literature with 3D cutaways.

Horned red Marvel Comics character.

Brightness, showiness.

Flat tires on a bike.

Bill __; creator of Calvin and Hobbes comic strip.

Puzzle 20

Leader of Latveria; nemesis of the Fantastic Four.

Stormwatch and The Authority superhero.

Inkjet printing of fine art.

A Portrait of the __ as a Young Man by James Joyce.

Priest drama starring Sean Bean.

Traditional Scottish pattern.

__ back; fought hard to reclaim something.

Egyptian goddess of the sky depicted as a cow.


Paper drinking tubes invented by Marvin Stone.

English translation of "hiver" or "invierno".

Strolled, ambled.

Smiley nocturnal marsupial.

__ and squeak, dinner made with leftovers.

Edward the __; king of England 975-978.

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