CodyCross Common Dreams Pack answers

Common Dreams PackCommon Dreams

Here are the answers to CodyCross Common Dreams Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Flat __; ultra-thin boy from children's books.

Dreamers often dream about looking in them.

French word for "song".

Arousing intense feelings.

Sitcom with Aniston, Cox and Kudrow.

Malaysian currency of 100 sen also called a dollar.

Longest river of New Zealand.

Carried a golfer's clubs.

Juicy fruits that might be blue, red, or black.

Pat __, New Mexican sheriff who shot Billy the Kid.

A dreamer might dream of this lack of rain.

Puzzle 2

Region of the brain associated with emotions.

Clearness; a dreamer's awareness of dreaming.

Compartment in car said to contain hand garments.

Runner of the first four-minute mile, at Oxford.

The rhythmic arrangement of a line of verse.

Located at or near a border; outermost.

Fungus that emits clouds of dusty spores.

Setting of many people's dreams about health.

The buttons that you press on a games console.

Italian-style breakfast dish made with fried eggs.

The Blues __, musical duo including John Belushi.

Puzzle 3

This swirling storm often appears in stress dreams.

__ garni, a bundle of herbs.

Black-and-white flightless seabird.

Fugitive, someone who has escaped.

Matching knitted sweater and cardigan of the 1930s.

Carl Sagan novel where humans meet aliens.

First name of dream analysis psychologist Freud.

Space to view pieces of art.

Sheet showing assets and liabilities of a business.

First Gospel in the New Testament.

Electrical safety hub in the home.

Puzzle 4

Jim __. vice-president of the US in TV series 24.

Veggie some people are as cool as.

Twittering; a natural soundtrack to calm dreams.

Globe statue at the North Cape, Norway.

Zeus' water-loving bro.

Marvel superhero team with Thor and Hawkeye.

Fields where turbines generate electricity.

Spanish artist Dali, known for his dreamscapes.

Scientific study of fungi.

Diana __ wrote the Outlander time-travel books.

Puzzle 5

Planned city in Pakistan and capital of the country.

Last name of the printing press inventor.

False __, feeling of rousing while still dreaming.

Sir Percy Blakeney is the Scarlet one.

Legal ownership to creative work.

Bigfoot's other name.

Your Song and Candle in the Wind singer.

This Buzz went to infinity and beyond.

Give someone their money back.

Many dreams are instantly __ on waking up.

Breakfast preserve made from oranges.

Puzzle 6

France's Pont du Gard is a famous one.

A female demon said to haunt sleeping men.

Herb known as coriander in the UK.

Eating tools carved from wood in the Stone Age.

African country formerly known as Abyssinia.

High __, 2000 romcom set in a record store.

Antagonistic cousin to Tommy and Dil in Rugrats.

Starting a rocket; where you put the key in a car.

Dreams often feature these school employees.

Form a wrong opinion of someone or something.

Anthony __, creator of the character Alex Rider.

He was the US vice president under Barack Obama.

Puzzle 7

Shaky and unsteady.

Rural setting of calm dreams; anagram of mad owe.

Small lizards known for their broad, gripping feet.

La Femme __, 1990 thriller directed by Luc Besson.

Type of Chinese dumpling.

Gymnast famed for her challenging moves, Biles.

Take into custody.

Italy's "City of Water".

Sound pattern that musicians need to master.

He gets an ass's head in A Midsummer Night's Dream.

Some dreams take place in slow __.

Wooden fastener on a duffel coat.

Puzzle 8

Element whose atomic number is 24.

The __ Bride, Smetana's take on Bohemian life.

A memento you bring home from a trip.

Baker's dozen.

Goldilocks ate this food the three bears owned.

An absence of light, common in nightmares.

Posh frock worn at a formal dance.

Sheath of cells that surround the root of a hair.

Scottish lake with a mythical creature.

Greek god with a 1997 Disney film.

A megalithic chamber tomb; anagram of croc helm.

Citrine is a birthstone associated with this month.

Dora's adventurous title.

A witch's animal companion.

Ocean where the most endagered sea turtle is found.

Monroe's foreign policy views were a famous one.

Lord of Dreams in Neil Gaiman comic.

Written plan to be considered by others, offer.

Puzzle 9

Choose to avoid a product for political reasons.

US swimmer Phelps who won many Olympic golds.

Stand and __, the cry of a highwayman in action.

Savage, brutal; like many people's grim nightmares.

Dryness; lack of water.

Indian religion with gurus and one God.

Month when Canada celebrates Thanksgiving.

Era of music associated with the first orchestras.

Type of salad with apples and walnuts.

Evergreen moorland shrub with pinkish flowers.

Inigo __; Spanish fencer in The Princess Bride.

Legendary character said to impart dreams.

Botanical glass objects by the Blaschkas.

Puzzle 10

Steep, chalky rocks along coastlines.

The __ Spring, eco-book ahead of its time.

Commit money in order to earn a financial return.

Fruits said to represent a dreamer's guilt.

The lightest noble gas, it raises voice pitch.

South of France city with annual film festival.

Public officials who pass sentences in a court.

Quilted and filled bed covering.

Dalí painted about the Persistence of this.

Sunglasses brand founded in 1936.

Pesky, mischievous children, rascals.

Iced or chilled drink, served in coffee shops.

Equine animals said to convey strength in dreams.

Celtic priests.

Puzzle 11

First name of Batman's butler Pennyworth.

Homer or Shakespeare's job title.

The sea between Finland and Poland, for example.

Photo-taking device on a smartphone.

Large black beetle associated with Ancient Egypt.

The proportion of light reflected by a surface.

Cosmetics; applying it is a common theme of dreams.

Nut of a tree, usually English or Persian.

The Marriage of __, 1786 opera premiered in Vienna.

Genre of movie considered sweet and fluffy.

Medic who may appear in a dream about health.

Coating applied to prepare a surface for paint.

Meryl, actress who married Don Gummer in 1978.

Moveable hinges inside an animated model.

39th US president Jimmy __.

Puzzle 12

1803's __ Purchase, enlarged the USA's size.

Black-haired Powerpuff Girl.

Country bordered by Belize, Mexico and El Salvador.

Collective group of lottery players.

Legendary character played by Egerton and Crowe.

"See you later, __. In a while, crocodile.".

Many people dream of hiking in them.

Deep-fried yeasty treats with or without a hole.

Animal that exclusively eats other animals.

Adds building support structures.

Sew decoratively.

Rides the waves without a board.

Driver's panel with lights and symbols.

The Duke of Vienna in Measure for Measure.

Family members; dreams often involve them.

One applying to a higher court.

Extra costs and expenses.

Puzzle 13

Grapple or fight against, battle to overcome.

Dreams occur during the rapid eye __ sleep stage.

Stated that something is true, particularly in law.

Broadway rap musical based on the founding fathers.

Bounding high with straight legs like a springbok.

A chronic lack of peaceful sleep.

Writer of The Catcher in the Rye.

Issue-tracking computer program by Mozilla.

Canadian region or retriever dog.

Small-sized serving of strong morning coffee.

Prince drove a little red one.

Puzzle 14

Documented inventory and finances.

Christopher Nolan movie of dreams within dreams.

__ Monastery, Lisbon's Manueline place of worship.

Indian ursine that mainly eats termites and ants.

Wash with the goal of removing dead cells.

Horoscope sign from December 22nd to January 19th.

Keith Waterhouse's daydreamer.

A tsunami; a dream said to be caused by trauma.

Russian leader who introduced glasnost.

Build-up of hard, white substance in pipes.

Puzzle 15

Gettysburg __ was Lincoln's most famous speech.

Element whose atomic number is 92.

Wheel protectors, often shiny metal.

Robbie Coltrane plays UK TV's Fitz, a psychologist.

Creatures in an arachnophobe's nightmares.

River in South Africa, also called Crocodile.

Kathryn, first woman to win Best Director Oscar.

19th-century dress, worn socially in the afternoon.

"Hey, hey, we're the __" band.

Informal piggies.

Location finding tool, a common image in dreams.

Puzzle 16

Actress Green or Olsen.

Knife edges once fashioned from stone.

Rhyming name of Dr Seuss' turtle character.

Turkish felt caps.

Cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, and cloves.

Silvery speckled pattern of a horse's coat.

European capital known to its locals as Praha.

A common terrifying nightmare is being __ alive.

Newton's is a desk toy of swinging metal balls.

Only this kind of bullet can stop a werewolf.

Mountain pass linking Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Music style influenced by Christian church singing.

A common nightmare is being hunted by an __.

Plates, bowls, cups used for dining.

Puzzle 17

Causing sleepiness.

They are composed of at least one atom.

Useful after-shower device that blows hot air.

Happening more than once, like a repeated dream.

__ happen; don't stress when things go wrong.

Bubbly mimosa ingredient.

Evening with a partner, going out for dinner.

Predicting the future, as dreams may seem to do.

Collective name for the tail parts of an aircraft.

These might balance weaknesses at an appraisal.

Puzzle 18

Hue of earliest carrots.

New Zealand honey said to have healing properties.

Yellow sash tied around the oak tree in 1973 song.

He calls the One Ring his "precious".

Billy __, Northern English ballet dancer on screen.

Black and white long-billed rainforest bird.

Dreams about exams are thought to be caused by it.

Muscle contractions that hurt.

Disney's mascot mouse.

Country in which the rock city of Petra is located.

Magicians perform these.

A cylindrical spindle for winding thread around.

These extra-terrestrials often appear in dreams.

__ Constanza; Seinfeld's neurotic best friend.

Puzzle 19

Assassinated British Prime Minister: Perceval __.

A nightmarish blood-sucking monster.

Our solar system's largest planet.

Underlying reasons that drive actions.

Part of a 24-hour period not including night.

Internet bot that automatically indexes web pages.

Each of these adds to a golf score.

French mineral water with green bottle.

Anthony __ played William Bligh in The Bounty.

Ben Jonson play about a "sly fox".

Steam locomotive, the world's fastest in 1938.

Bob Marley's home.

Impressively-tailed bird often seen in dreams.

Crops such as wheat or corn used to make bread.

Puzzle 20

A set of steps, a common image in a dream.

Enjoyed a large, festive feast.

He played a ruthless music teacher in Whiplash.

__ of Bingen, German saint, invented Lingua Ignota.

Higher goods prices vs decreasing purchasing power.

People who are on the fence about religion.

Someone making a special appearance on a show.

Hot jazz style, or traditional New Orleans jazz.

L. __, author of the Oz book series.

Imagery, such as that used to interpret dreams.

Using ropes to descend from a high rock face.

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