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Here are the answers to CodyCross Competitive Sports Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

Surname of American jazz legend Duke.

Overthrowing a ship's captain.

An official and purposeful announcement.

Racket game played with a shuttlecock.

Electricity machine.

Material made from two or more substances.

2010 mind-bending Leonardo DiCaprio film.

Basketball score for a field goal within the line.

Enthusiast who takes part in historical role-plays.

White, soft gypsum stone used for sculpture.

Puzzle 2

Large bright game bird with a long tail.

Coffee-flavored dessert made with ladyfingers.

Unattractiveness, vileness.

Pentathlon competitors use laser pistols for this.

Wes, director of Fantastic Mr. Fox.

Issues or volumes of a publication.

Trick to make something rise, defying gravity.

Primary part of a country, not offshore islands.

US horse-racing derby famously held in May.

Machine part: rotating circle with teeth.

Puzzle 3

Frozen oval where figure skaters perform.

Order to go away quickly, from a Spanish word.

Unit of electrical charge, denoted by F.

Milton __, toy company that made Downfall.

Medieval author of the Canterbury Tales.

Put into code to make secure.

British swimmer and gold medal winner Adlington.

Type of sour cherry.

Publicity slogan often linked to a movie.

Lloyd Wright architectural style linked to nature.

Aquatic invertebrates with porous skeletons.

Puzzle 4

Nation where the Lena river meets the Arctic Ocean.

Sports games often start after this national song.

Wobble to and fro, e.g. on high heels.

Q in the radio communications alphabet.

Small, often round, structure on house roof.

Fodder stored in a silo.

Bill Gates' Giving __ program for the very wealthy.

Germany's quacking race happens on this river.

Bill Clinton claimed not to have done this.

Keeper who stops the ball going in the net.

City in which Ally McBeal was set.

One on Weight Watchers or Atkins.

Puzzle 5

Line where the race ends.

Japanese dance-drama production.

Radio distress signal, from the French for help me.

Switches on rails to change a train's route.

A unit of measurement of an angle or temperature.

Fruit gummy bears maker.

Snake-haired creature, it turns people to stone.

The way one uses words to create tone in language.

Human organs that produce bile.

Powerman 5000 hit song: When __ Collide.

Golf score of one under par.

People native to the largest Caribbean island.

Long journey by sea.

Puzzle 6

Harmless pill used as control in testing new drugs.

A type of water-based paint commonly used in art.

Searching an area diligently.

Possessing awareness or understanding.

Popular skating brand with a red and white logo.

Sports official who makes athletes obey the rules.

Crop also known as flax.

Describing deliberately old-fashioned decor.

Fancy round lace placed under cups and saucers.

Slovenia's second-largest city.

Bo __, comedian, creator of Eighth Grade.

Surfing position with all toes over the edge.

Puzzle 7

Johann, composer of a famous Canon in D.

Contest where team of runners passes a baton.

Drivers, vehicle owners.

Someone who is looking for work.

South American nation, home to the Yanomami people.

Command to program a sci-fi phaser at lowest level.

This "royal" snake is the longest poisonous one.

Tennis competitions often end with this gesture.

Garden dish invented at the Hollywood Brown Derby.

Rail service to the top of Prague's Petřín hill.

Puzzle 8

__ Arch, St Louis edifice designed by Saarinen.

It's often used to coat a celebratory cake.

Ball game using stumps and a bat.

Give as much as you can, e.g. money to charity.

Like a cannonball into a swimming pool.

Tear or burst a tendon.

Butterfly with spectacular simultaneous migrations.

Fantasy drama series about the Devil on Earth.

Metallic element used in nuclear reactors.

Beam for gymnastic tricks.

Fruit in the title of Jeanette Winterson's 85 book.

Puzzle 9

A direction free of curves, bends or angles.

Herb used to promote sleep in alternative medicine.

Scrape or scratch on the skin.

Skin care company with three-step routine.

Tour __, bicycle race known for its yellow jersey.

Dutch dancer convicted of WWII espionage.

1993 drama set in 19th century New Zealand.

What it's called when hurricanes strike the coast.

Moving offensively in boxing.

When two moving objects rub against one another.

American game with a pitcher, catcher, batter.

Puzzle 10

Preset option.

Strong-smelling blue-veined cheese.

Riders on horses are doing this to pass obstacles.

Cleanliness to prevent spread of disease.

Carrie-Anne Moss role in The Matrix movies.

Ugandan town, scene of a plane hijacking in 1976.

Uruguayan card game related to 500 Rum.

Cloth piece behind the opening in a woman's blouse.

The second M in MMA.

Name given to a neutered male horse.

You're said to "go" this fruit when you go wild.

Fast, quick, and bright musical tempo marking.

Puzzle 11

Theatre of the __, works of Beckett, Ionesco, etc.

Spreads sticky, oily substance across glass.

Air that we breathe is mostly nitrogen plus this.

Crunchy candy from caramelized sugar and molasses.

Mourning, funeral-type music.

Michael who swam his way to 28 Olympic medals.

Language spoken in a francophone country.

Huge Arctic bovine known for its thick shaggy coat.

Player who gets three strikes in baseball.

Same-sex dating app.

What the W in George W. Bush is.

Auld __, nickname for Edinburgh.

Puzzle 12

Reptile organ found in a witch's brew.

Stone Age eating plan, mainly plant-based.

Gilmore, world champion surfer from Australia.

Lags behind, dawdles.

Capital city of Somalia.

Female singing voice with the lowest range.

Aptly named Jamaican sprinter with world records.

A pattern made up of shapes.

To slowly move young plants outdoors.

Skilled writer, like Shakespeare.

Division of gray matter, the frontmost part.

Dabbling in the stock market.

Theatrical area hidden from the audience.

Puzzle 13

Eric Segal wrote this tale of Jennifer and Oliver.

Area where the sea meets the land.

Foreigner song; describes frozen temperature.

Jair, elected president of Brazil in 2019.

Basketball pro will shoot this after a foul.

Field feature that Monet painted dozens of times.

Large bird or burden that holds you back.

Method of covering a roof in densely-packed reeds.

Soft, pliable, flexible.

First place winner gets this at Olympics.

Puzzle 14

Legally, in a legal way.

Gardeners use these to trim bushes.

Rhyming phrase used of unsophisticated people.

Stand across a wide gap.

Summer, Winter games inspired by the Greeks.

This sea monster was revived in 2021 to fight Kong.

Drug causing sleep or drowsiness.

Ralph Vaughan __, London Symphony composer.

What TV's Tonto called the Lone Ranger.

Warm yellow spice, anagram of crime rut.

Adding tension to a rope in case climber falls.

Scientific study of fungi.

Puzzle 15

A fight between two or more armed forces.

Rivals of the Jets in West Side Story.

Doctor Who's time machine.

Type of skating known for triple axels.

From the Greek isle of which Heraklion is capital.

Health-boosting Japanese green tea.

Ryukyu martial art meaning empty hand.

Lana who sang Summertime Sadness.

A math tool consisting of beads that slide on rods.

__ wood, material from which Noah's Ark was built.

Long-legged shore birds.

Suddenly changed direction.

Modified upper part of the trachea, contains voice.

Puzzle 16

Long-lasting, sturdy.

Type of bow used by archers in competition.

Shakespeare play set predominantly in Scotland.

Steers cows into an enclosure.

City in which you can walk down Khao San Road.

Currency of the Netherlands before the euro.

Monarch of ancient Egypt.

Geographical region that forms Italy's heel.

Bacon, artist who painted the "screaming Popes".

Sport or pastime using a lure and a reel.

Largest moon of Uranus; also Queen of the Fairies.

Close but this lack of tobacco product.

Puzzle 17

Letters that you mind if behaving carefully.

Beyoncé's last name at birth.

Portuguese player Cristiano, aka CR.

Paired with, e.g. towns in different countries.

Short form for citizens band communication.

Collection of a few bound pages, handbag-sized.

Baby tree.

Body opening, e.g. nostril, mouth.

Name for soybeans when eaten as veggies.

When a wave throws a surfer off the board.

Anagram of amenity.

Completely disregards.

Puzzle 18

Shoes hold these to a drum to stop a car.

Person who told Mary and Joseph there was no room.

When golfer's ball goes straight into the cup.

Release of a prisoner due to their good conduct.

Carbonated H2O.

If you know or decide, then you can't be this.

Deus __, stage plot is resolved by a higher being.

Skiers catch this ride to the top of the slopes.

Neck of a guitar, where fingers press the strings.

Yellow hue, after plant of the same name.

Puzzle 19

Becoming less harsh or intense.

Gave an upper limit, controlled.


Adventurous mouse in An American Tale.

Soup serving spoons.

Vast square-shaped bay in North America.

Rider in a horse race.

Swiss canton with Verbier ski resort.

Post __, legal examination of a cause of death.

Viscous, slimy writing fluid.

Peruvian superfood in the amaranth family.

Type of bodyboard ridden in the surf near shore.

Puzzle 20

Pneumatic means of stopping a heavy vehicle.

Very directly expressing, sometimes profanely.

Flamboyant pianist with a candelabra.

Greek layered dish of eggplant and lamb.

Lucy Pevensie first finds Narnia through one.

British F1 driver Lewis.

Ecuadorian active volcano.

Not poisonous or harmful.

Sport known for backstroke, freestyle.

Study of religion.

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