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Compound Words PackCompound Words

Here are the answers to CodyCross Compound Words Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Starved, dieted for religious purposes.

Saying: A different kettle __.

Use a needle to join two pieces of fabric.

Lord's Prayer start: "Our father who art in __".

Hairy hollow under the shoulder, the axilla.

With a texture that glues.

Rings of bells.

Man who looks after cattle in the Wild West.

Something that has become submerged under water.

Creamy beverage, a Christmas delicacy.

Closer to the colour of snow.

To pet a furry animal.

Puzzle 2

Use this to replenish a phone with power.

Tympanic membrane, loud music can perforate it.

First name of basketball legend Mr Jordan, or MJ.

Came up with a plan.

To be able to visualize the future.

Hither and __; here and there.

Stuffed pasta pillow containing meat or vegetables.


The part of a plane with a pilot's controls.

Crossing __ is meant to bring good luck.

Cover completely with liquid.

Puzzle 3

Becomes hard or rigid.

A heating device in a house attached to a wall.

When it rumbles from the sky, with lightning.

A sloping line from corner to corner.

Missing the place/people where you live.

Something you have loaned from a friend.

Type of large whale with curved spine.

Patrick in SpongeBob SquarePants is one of these.

Pole __; the best starting spot in an F1 race.

Alcoholic drinks including cognacs.

Annual celebration with cake and a party perhaps.

Puzzle 4

The opposite of side to side.

Walking around, meandering aimlessly.

Chewy stuff that can be blown into spheres.

Talks about.

Turning point; defining moment; TV censorship.

Gym walkway; never-ending routine or task.

Person hired to beautify the interior of a house.

Used to open or lock your home.

O Little Town of __, famous Christmas carol.

James Stewart classic, It's a __ Life.

Puzzle 5

They can't be choosers, says the proverb.

Bringing down the temperature of something.

A female hero.

Musical instrument worn by a bovine in the Alps.

When water turns to ice, it __.

Mess or belongings that make a place overcrowded.

Making snorting noises while sleeping.

__ rub evaporates on the skin to cool it down.

Flex at the knees to greet royalty.

Not standing; being seated.

Describes a hill with a bigger slope.

Boudoir, dormitory, sleeping quarters.

Puzzle 6

Part of an insect behind the thorax.

Residue left after cutting wood.

Despised, derided, reviled, belittled.

Moving on ice with blades.

Zack de la Rocha's band: Rage __ the Machine.

Tearful like an infant, insulting to an adult.

Describes convertible car with fabric roof.

A person who prepares and sells meat.

Ate between meals.

Trip __; website with holiday and hotel reviews.

Puzzle 7

Tomato condiment.

Ocular sphere.

Brick pipe on a roof for smoke to escape from.

Canine symbol of Britain.

3D-plan with section missing for inside view.

The female equivalent of the name Robert.

Releasing someone from captivity.

Gently, delicately, not heavily.

Feeling nausea on the oceans.

Metal coils that can be stretched.

Slang for a boxer who throws hard punches.

Puzzle 8

Iridescent flying insect lives near water.

Someone who enjoys doing dangerous things.

Support, cheer on or give hope to someone.

Describes a success happening very quickly.

Someone, unrelated, who shares your home.

How heavy something is minus packaging.

Science of food and its effects on health.

Use a scrunchie, grips or a scarf to __.

A point directly opposite southwest.

Bought; paid money for.

Puzzle 9

Always on time; a good timekeeper.

Regains full health after sickness.

Shaking buttocks dance move like Miley Cyrus.

Pamphlet containing song words in a church.

A barrier to stop a computer accessing websites.

Something cut into four pieces is shared into __.

Showing belief in how reliable someone is.

Hermetically sealed like in a spacecraft.

Giant prehistoric beast, e.g. Triceratops.

Turning a pepper mill to create smaller pieces.

Bat-and-ball game played on a diamond.

Puzzle 10

Sent someone a message via Outlook for ex..

Large, fully armed naval vessel.

A rose by any other name would smell __.

Weird or odd.

Saturday and Sunday.

A tiny blob of liquid, for example rain.

Spread or covered with something sticky.

People often enjoy __ songs around a campfire.

Human built in the winter with a carrot nose.

Child legally raised by non-biological parents.

Puzzle 11

Someone who imitates another, a feline duplicator.

TV-show provider who made Orange is the New Black.

First, most important; not secondary.

Toothed steel blade for cutting metal.


Virtual pets that are digital monsters.

__ wall, low structure outside a castle's walls.

__ chatter, idle small talk.


A bloom of flowers beautiful in springtime.

Puzzle 12

Red hat with white pom pom, seen at Christmas.

The ultimate or best.

People from Iran are __.

Traitor, double agent, defector.

Breathing holes in your nose.

Making the sound of a horse.

Ate, swallowed, absorbed nutrients.

Dark red, polished hardwood for furniture.

The door or gateway to somewhere, a way in.

Driving very fast, over the limit.

Unfancied competitor in the betting.

Puzzle 13

Winnie-the-Pooh lives in the Hundred __.

Person who lives after an accident or battle.

An unfortunate incident, e.g. between two cars.

American football field.

An area of the countryside covered in trees.

Be upset or angry; saying linked to Bart Simpson.

Less rough.

Trachea, essential part of the breathing process.

You crack this into a pan and cook it in hot oil.

Pause or gap.

The skin of a reptile feels __.

Puzzle 14

All you see from one angle, often a scenic view.

Woodland fungus that could be a seat for an elf.

Severe measures to eliminate illegal behaviour.

Guardian of zebras, lions, etc in captivity.

People illegally importing, often at night.

It comes in handlebar, Fu Manchu and pencil types.

A piece of furniture for resting your feet.

A fairy in a ballet; name of a boiled sweet.

Having no flavour or class.

American brown bears, maybe a bit grumbly?.

Puzzle 15

__ makes the heart grow fonder.

Country that Lego was devised in.

Complicated football rule concerning forwards.

Sugar or salt versions eaten in the cinema.

Swinging bar on ropes in a circus tent.

Aka RT: to post again someone's Twitter status.

To babble, rhymes with "natter".

Open-sided shelter for a private vehicle.

Small bone in the leg, also called the patella.

2001: A Space __, Sci-Fi movie by Kubrick.

Puzzle 16

Verified the width or length of an object.

A contest to build bigger and bigger weapons.

Pain in the cranium, or a source of worry.

Wool from goats used in expensive scarves.

Outdoor "hide and seek" treasure.

Structure used to carry out building repairs.

Pair of metal foot supports for horse riding.

Children's jumping game, but not with amphibians.

To give someone your word is to offer these.

The most sought-after place to sit on a school bus.

Puzzle 17

Two weeks, in British English.

Photographic documents to allow you to travel.

Fill this in to keep count of shots playing golf.

Head-worn listening device for private tunes.

When you are wearing smart clothes, you are __.

Students use this for writing notes or essays on.

Candidate who wants to be considered for a job.

Spiral of metal used to open bottles of wine.

Term for people visiting carnivals and carousels.

Softened the fall.

Walkways that are meant for pedestrians.

Puzzle 18

Style of gymnastics performed with ribbons, etc..

Instrument family includes oboes and bassoons.

Bosses of museums.

Varied, e.g. colours, buttons, sweets.

Battery end labelled –.

Moving in large numbers, like bees.

Small orange citrus fruit, sweet but not Chinese.

Don't give in to peer __, do what you want to do.

United Arab __; country in the Middle East.

Prime __; elected leader of government.

Rorschach invented a test to interpret these.

Beat together the yolks and whites with this.

Puzzle 19

Hot __; fruity rolls eaten on Good Friday.

Friend, escort, fellow traveller.

__ Willie, Disney film, early Mickey Mouse role.

Common thrush with yellow beak; 1968 Beatles song.

The welcoming office at the front of a business.

Scoring six points in American football.

Small oven for heating things very quickly.

Make the truth seem sweeter than it is.

Male jewellery worn at the wrist to fix sleeves.

Full of strong and powerful feelings.

Puzzle 20

Singing like monks or yogis do.

Shopkeepers who sell meat.

Sign __, use hands to communicate with deaf people.

Pre-test drivers.

Thin German pastries with fruit inside, e.g. apple.

Tiny, germy organism.

Boxing punch aimed under an opponent's chin.

Cans with sprays on them, e.g. furniture polish.


Trouble will pass, it will __ (like the wind).

Reverie while awake, musings.

Describes the season when leaves fall from trees.

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