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Cooking Outdoors PackCooking Outdoors

Here are the answers to CodyCross Cooking Outdoors Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Hold tightly in your arms.

Not professional, e.g. relating to sports.

French mineral water in distinctive green bottle.

Portable Japanese charcoal burner.

The wooly coats worn by sheep.

Captivate, entrance, put a spell on.

More intoxicated by alcohol.

Recently; just prepared.

Animal skin used for furniture, shoes, jackets....

Cooking pit made from bricks or stones.

On the label of Alice in Wonderland's potion.

Falls on the border of Canada and the US.

Artist's tools for applying paint to canvas.

Puzzle 2

Time is of the __; up against the clock.

__ Gravity, floaty song from the musical Wicked.

Pale colors, often worn in spring.

__ lion; endangered big cat native to India.

Dragging a toothed implement through the hair.

Spick __, neat and tidy.

Silver food wrapping.

Someone who eavesdrops or digs for information.

Given the cold shoulder.

Hooks a fish.

Fancy word for a car, bus, etc..

Winnie-__; A. A. Milne's famous bear.

Making mobile phone calls from abroad.

Waterways that are smaller than rivers.

Mexican doughs steamed in corn husks.

Brushing with oil or liquid before cooking.

Puzzle 3

Clothing, attire, garb.

A fertilizer made from rotting plants.

Sweet Home __ starring Reece Witherspoon.

Look after someone's children for an evening.

Secret planner, conspirator.

Giving out light as well as heat, e.g. __ coals.

__ heaven, means the highest form of happiness.

A dry spell, where water supply is dangerously low.

Group of documents held for historical interest.

Meat cut from the breast of a cow.

__ handlers, they move suitcases at airports.

Walked like a duck.

__ act, band that pays homage to an original act.

Partner to a brush, for gathering dirt.

Money owed, but unable to be recovered; no good.

Wax crayons brand with yellow packaging.

Lashed with a rope, or the fluffy type of cream.

Cleansing solution for dry visual organs.

Puzzle 4

Diminishing little by little.

Many-legged insect with 100 feet, give or take.

American word for what Brits call "tights".

Probable, estimated, e.g. figures or outcome.

Rack that holds briquettes in a BBQ drum.

Ends, finishes, wraps up.

Slide uncontrollably on a wet road.

Will Smith's The Pursuit of __.

Grilled meat in South American cuisine.

Blast from the past; part of TB Thursday.

Team-bonding sport with guns and colored dye.

Puzzle 5

Fetching, attractive.

Soaked meat in liquid to add taste before cooking.

Outdoor swimming area, not closed in by boundaries.

When you have an advantage you have the __.

Jumps over a bent-over person, in a game.

Island __, hired for upkeep and maintenance.

N. Atlantic "emerald" island with capital Nuuk.

1930s cartoon flapper girl with big eyes, BB.

One, two, three, four, five/Once I caught a __.

Small ursine species like Pooh; adore sweet golden.

Admit, confess, own up; won't be dirty any more.

Box for cooking with an open fire, in Holland?.

You get this by going to school and learning.

Death in the __, Hemingway on PM bullfighting.

A private eye who looks for clues.

Italian dictator who sided with Hitler in WWII.

This part of big cities has many Asian restaurants.

Natural or manufactured, it orbits the Earth.

Puzzle 6

To have a different opinion than someone else.

Saying: __ is a virtue (things take time!).

An insult to die; or "__ gorgeous", a compliment.

Just __; "hot" 2016 song by Pink.

__ garlic, has large bulbs but no trunk.

Canadian city, largest in Quebec.

An illuminated cube surface for drawing on.

__ caps have peaks to shield from the sun.

Cleaned, with toxins or dirt removed; e.g. water.

Cooking with flames from above or below.

Friends of __; network of environmental groups.

To an American it's a pinwheel; to a Briton a __.

Appliance for cooking food over charcoal.

Melodic chirping you might hear in the forest.

Puzzle 7

Middle of the week; hump day.

Mad __; stereotypical eccentric lab genius.

A plant used for food, e.g carrot or lettuce.

Removed someone's shackles, Django for e.g..

Heavenly being, such as Gabriel, Michael, Uriel.

Ohio city, venue of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Facial/neck hair that's pointed like silverware.

Tester and grader of Earl Grey, Lipton, and chai.

A popular stellar god, the musical Jesus Christ __.

Food __, for blending/mixing food into paste.

Metal oven bounces off radiant heat to cook food.

Online network "pinning" arts and crafts ideas.

Greeting exchanged between sailors, __ matey!.

Loop of wire that holds sheets together.

Not greedy or egocentric.

High wire, only for balancing experts.

X-ray picture of the chest, particularly for women.

Cool headgear woven from hay-like plants.

Thick blanket for sitting when eating outdoors.

Theoretical "empty" region in space, but not black.

Spooky crustacean races down beaches at night.

Puzzle 8

Sphere of chewable candy.

Chameleons are these reptiles.

Sport of throwing and catching a flying disc.

Projecting or protruding, like a chin.

Based on the number 10.

Knight in __ armor; hero, savior.

Barbecued meat patties, served in buns.

Mimicking a drum machine using only the mouth.

Stops working, usually because of old age.

Family __, inherited material possessions.

Non-electric cutting tool.

Classic tomato condiment.

Puzzle 9

Clear to see; __ to all.

Goodbye, a classic statement before departure.

Traditional outdoor pizza oven heat source.

Large, white, water bird, not particularly vocal.

Really cold; temperatures below zero.

Detroit __, song about a hard town from Kiss.

Sticking a thumb out and hoping for a lift.

Achieves a great victory; __ over.

Infatuated, ill because of adoration for another.

Winter outerwear worn on top of everything.

Finding out how heavy something is.

Sheets and pillowcases.

Sleeping disorder identified by the lack of sleep.

Having a negative aura or vibrations.

From Venice; like a certain type of window blind.

Heating and browning, e.g. __ marshmallows.

Puzzle 10

People who help to prepare animals for events.

Removing feathers.

__ Packers; Wisconsin NFL team.

Politically inspired people that may be extreme.

Barbecuing of a whole pig on a spit.

Frying sound of sausages cooking.

__ time with someone; being together.

__ play; musical recording often called an EP.

Old school system, shows who dialed your number.

Part of a whole number, like 1/4.

Roast this over open fires for Christmas.

Heath Ledger's role in The Dark Knight.

__ dining; eat outside in fresh air (in Italian!).

Puzzle 11

You can purchase these on a Kindle.

Able-__; not physically disabled.

__ food; ready-to-eat snacks sold by vendors.

Car movements for turning around.

Large collections of pages for keeping photos.

Round barbecue with round lid; don't call it black.

A four-leaf __ is a sign of good luck.

A photo __ is a piece of office printing equipment.

Dialect spoken on Crete, Greece's largest island.

__ Trump, US president and business figure.

__ Aires, Argentina's capital.

The thing to be aimed at; set of concentric rings.

Puzzle 12

Turning burgers on a BBQ to cook both sides.

Information revealed that ruins the plot.

The G in PG movies.

Salad made from grated cabbage, carrots, and mayo.

Grand, ornamental water feature.

Open area with underground petroleum resources.

Stomach exercises, not quite sit-ups.

Someone who always likes to arrive on time is this.

The sound something funny makes.

Scurries, scuttles, __ away.

Clear, definite, unique, stands out.

__ Park; dinosaur park gone wrong from the movies.

__ out, end of the working day for blue collars.

Describes an airline with few added extras.

Harley __; major motorcycle brand.

Puzzle 13

Don't make a __ out of a molehill.

Tall African animals.

Commissioner Gordon's secureline for Bruce's calls.

Cute little feline ruler of Unikingdom.

Someone who makes a surface shine.

Frenzied and frantic.

Going red in the face.

Can be carried, lightweight.

Gaining knowledge through study or experience.

Larry the Cable Guy's 'merican book title.

Increase a number a certain amount of times.

Trickles sauce over.

Glowing embers.

Game, set __, traditional conclusion to tennis.

Capital of Belgium, not everyone likes the sprouts.

The darkest ocean, not the red but the __.

Puzzle 14

One Fish, Two Fish, __, Blue Fish; Dr Seuss story.

Covered in spikes, like a hedgehog.

Males who deliver letters.

"And they all lived __ ever after".

Opposite of richest.

Going past something, not stopping.

Cooking meat at a high temperature for a crust.

Weeping loudly, crying heavily.

Useful, beneficial, effective.

A famous brand of paper tissues.

Waltzing, salsaing, discoing.

Periods of sixty seconds.

Sleeping under a tent, cooking over flames.

Grapple in sport, in a leotard and mask.

Puzzle 15

People on the stage or who work in the movies.

Whirlpool; swirling mass of water.

Pungent fried vegetables served with burgers.

Garden tools for straightening lawn boundaries.

Not in a relationship.

Hot pieces of charcoal, not coals but __.

The Fresh Prince of __, TV theme song.

A friend in need is a friend __.

A __ of pearls; worn around your neck.

To break out, get away from.

Puzzle 16

Not allowed, totally off limits.

Changed into fluid form, maybe in a blender?.

Strips of meat-covered bones from a pig's back.

Denim overalls worn by painters; old jeans.

Opposite of weaknesses.

To remove all germs from something.

Boxer's non-tooth dental protection.

The rounded line of something, e.g. the Earth.

Another name for a peanut, grown under the soil.

A band worn over the eyes to stop you from seeing.

These guys speak on behalf of a person or company.

Went on vacation, according to the British.

Traditional songs of a country.

One __ for man; oft-quoted Moon landing words.

Choreographed game series; cut a rug, do it!.

Social media made with photos of users.

Charred meat cut from the outside part of brisket.

The handrail alongside a staircase.

Puzzle 17

Raised piles of soil left by black furry animals.

Spent more $ than was in the account, they're __.

Caterpillars transform into this lovely flyer.

People who interrupt something without invite.

Christmas cake famous for being heavy and average.

Ornamental glass vessels for wine.

The quickest, fastest one.

Volcanic stones used in barbecue cooking.

A dermatologist test for allergies, ow!.

Kind actions; one of these deserves another.

'Grand' wax marker for important state documents.

__ reactor; GCR, nuclear power air-chilled device.

Creator of knee-length footwear.

Woodfire cooking method for calzones.

The __; 'Born is the King of Israel' Xmas song.

Not permanent.

A car stopped working suddenly; side of the road.

Groups of sports teams divided to play each other.

Puzzle 18

Proving something true once again is to (re)__.

European country with baguettes and berets.

Cubes of meat cooked on skewers.

Film where Norman Bates kills to please his mother.

Has the same ending sound, as in a poem.

Used a cloth to clear particles from furniture.

Criss-cross grids for cooking barbecued food on.

Gold and __, state motto of Montana.

__ down; the wrong way to read a book.

Make a journey, take a trip.

Puzzle 19

Seeds on the top of a burger bun.

Paper __, heavy object to stop papers blowing away.

Change, adapt, amend.

Thick slices of beef, e.g. sirloin, t-bone.

Absence makes the heart grow __.

Miley Cyrus song about California beach city.

They look after sleeping patients in hospitals.

Type of water animals studied by icthyologists.

People who cast a ballot.

The leader of the Tour de France has a yellow one.

Puzzle 20

Flat metal slab used for cooking on.

Learns from books, follows a course of lessons.

Carried out a raid, flew in, __ in.

Leaked liquid a little at a time.

Heap of sticks and branches set alight to cook on.

A long trip, maybe in a car, plane or train.

Located food in the wild.

Another word meaning to burn or burst into flames.

Chill and relax, all in one.

A violent and criminal ne'er-do-well.

Tightly packed in; mirrored case for face powder.

Egyptians preserved bodies as these.

Pony __, 'fast' US mail service of 1860-1.

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