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Here are the answers to CodyCross Cooking Techniques Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

__ Leghorn, southern-accented US rooster.

Made a frog noise.

Making liquid cascade from a jug.

Generic term for a rundown part of town.

Lunar rainbow.

Cook food a little, not fully, in simmering water.

__ time, the length in minutes of a film.

Let sleeping __; try not to restart an argument.

Texas law enforcement group, Lonesome Dove subject.

From the state where Las Vegas is found.

Puzzle 2

US holiday devoted to the workers.

Balanced proportions along a midway line.

Serving of a caffeinated beverage.

__ carrier, naval vessel named after Abe Lincoln.

Cool __, movie about a Jamaican bobsled team.


Roast food outside on a grid over coals.

One of two Biblical cities destroyed for indecency.

Most common spice obtained from tree bark.

Choice, will, desire, preference.

Hank __, country singer of Your Cheatin' Heart.

Removing water from cooked rice in a colander.

Someone who looks after horses on a ranch.

Puzzle 3

Degree of sharpness of food or drink.

Noisy party; anagram of gin dish.

Extracting lumps from flour so it is fine.

The Prince __; 1991 romantic drama with Nick Nolte.

Self-sufficient, living without mains electricity.

Carefully mixing whisked ingredients, with a spoon.

Aristotle __, who married Jackie __.

Condition of feeling nauseous in a vehicle.

Processing text before proofreading.

Elves are also called Santa's little __.

Puzzle 4

California city where The Big Bang Theory is set.

Where tents are pitched and motorhomes parked.

Honest to __.

Brubeck composition has atypical time signature.

Hanging on for dear life; captivating.

__ Festival was founded by Robert Redford.

Small, powerful floating vessels.

Slicing a carrot or other food.

Spun around.

Handrail that forms part of a staircase.

Brewer, the first Lord Mayor of Dublin.

Pan-frying and searing food, the French way.

Puzzle 5

Pimple on the skin, created by fear or cold.

Reader of minds for a stage performance.

French hot bath of water for cooking over, gently.

Meanness, spitefulness, vindictiveness.

Sea arthropods known for their clinging tendencies.

Putting an end to, shooting down an idea.

__ Mountain, Ang Lee's controversial Oscar-winner.

An insult to someone who is a layabout, a shirker.

Measure, it combines humidity with air temperature.

Quote from "Twelfth Night": "Be not afraid of __".

Dangerous mass of falling snow.

Magnetic cooking heat from electric currents.

Emergency hospital vehicle.

Activist dubbed the First Lady of civil rights.

Puzzle 6

Conjure in the mind.

Greying __, each side of the head above the eyes.

2001: A Space __.

Walking on an injured leg.

Extracting the liquid from fruits.

Gemstone that marks a 55th wedding anniversary.

Spick __, neat and tidy.

Relaxed, feeling cool.

Small flute, higher in pitch than a standard flute.

Cook, e.g. potatoes, submerged in hot oil.

Puzzle 7

Chopping food into 3-D squares.

Book __; release of a new novel, for example.

Received a baseball pitch.

__-patter of tiny feet.

Slang for a rock guitarist and a male with chopper.

Country with the Internet domain suffix TR.

Card game where you ask other players for cards.

Extract coffee through a paper sieve.

Damon, Keenan Ivory, Marlon, Kim __.

Payments in advance of favours.

Art of tree planting in shallow pots in Japan.

__-toed, walking gait where the feet face inwards.

Puzzle 8

Multiplied a number by itself.

Glamorous bird with magnificent tail of eyes.

Scented liquid dabbed on the wrists.

Covers a roof to protect it.

Tennessee city, home to Sam Phillips' Sun Studio.

Australia setting for season 2 of Survivor.

Not sick.

Earthenware cooking receptacle for oven use.

Minor, unlucky happenings.

"One-eyed" tennis device, the precursor to Hawkeye.

Charlie __, film star known as the Little Tramp.

Harsh stirring of a mixture, with a wooden spoon.

From one end of a tunnel to the other.

Puzzle 9

For he's a jolly good __; sung on birthdays.

Use something.

One who hangs around in chatrooms, doesn't post.

Douse food in alcohol and set alight.

1960 film that sees the death of Marion Crane.

Not my __, not my monkeys.

Michael Scott saga The __.

Character that is part human, part robot.

Combining ingredients together in a bowl.

__ Christian Soldiers; Salvation Army hymn.

White herons with cattle and snowy varieties.

Puzzle 10

__ cooker, airtight pot for steam cooking.

Thin glass cylinder for holding chemicals in a lab.


Rottweiler or Alsatian that protects a business.

What a precipitation gauge measures.

Damsel in __, an imperiled female requiring rescue.

Sack for coins.

Aliens, the ones from the red planet.

Removing animal skeletal parts before cooking.

Plan or follow a route.

Puzzle 11

Browning bread.

Flushing of the face when embarrassed.

Dirtiest, covered in the most earth.

Rareness, lack.

Quickly whipping to add air to eggs or cream.

Blowing from the opposite direction to east.

Used as hooves in Monty Python's Holy Grail film.

Left, center, or right in baseball.

__ glory; a person's hair.

Machines to squeeze out water.

Puzzle 12

Notional point in Antarctica reached by Amundsen.

Can be scaled, for example a wall.

Boiling consistently.

Fair exchange is __.

Burden-carrying equine.

Family members that you may travel to visit.

Public, not private, control of an economy's goods.

__ art, anonymous street art, including graffiti.

Melodies that compliment.

Salting vegetables to draw out moisture.

Puzzle 13

Animals with eight legs and 48 knees (common name).

Removing flakes of citrus fruit skin.

Cards with money previously loaded on to them.

__ dog, ever-present canine Monopoly token.

Slamdancing to hardcore punk.

Prettily pink cherry __ season, in China in spring.

Grating sound.

Cooking food in a pot with a lid, in the oven.

Make a bolt more secure.

Fishing with a rod.

Eternal, lasting forever.

Puzzle 14

Slang for an attractive muscle man.

Not quite a top hotel.

Land where bodies are officially buried.

Blending food to mush, e.g. for babies to consume.

Hair forming into tight curls.

Going to bed.

Romance, dreaminess; anagram of sad trust.

City in Canada; anagram of "Al met Ron".

How the animals went onto the ark.

Chemical element with the symbol Al.

Lightly distribute seasoning over a dish.

Fleeing migrants.

Puzzle 15

Diamonds are __, Bond theme by Dame Shirley.

Wandering; anagram of Melissa.

Dived into deep water.

Order to give some muscle power.

Wet something, add a little water to stop dryness.

"Cut the __", a foodie metaphor.

Weapon of English and Welsh archers at Agincourt.

Turned around, spun in circles.

The Great Dane is one of the __ dog breeds.

Chess pieces that can only move diagonally.

Great __, union of England, Scotland and Wales.

Gather similar items, e.g. coins, stamps, stickers.

Departs on a voyage by boat.

Restricted access to a website, "behind a __".

Birth condition also known as cleft lip.

Chopping vegetables into fine sheets.

Charge restaurants make for wine brought from home.

Puzzle 16

Song by Sarah McLachlan: I Will __ You.

Adorn cakes with embellishments.

What the C stands for in the organization UNESCO.

Turquoise and poinsettia, symbols for this month.

Frequenters of parties, discos, raves, etc..

Quick alternative route.

Low __; system associated with cold, wet weather.

Cooking shelled eggs in hot water, with vinegar.

The Sound and the Fury author, William __.

Bermuda __; Atlantic patch synonymous with mystery.

Puzzle 17

Season for opening a door on 24 consecutive days.

Dishonest practice.

Business brokers; celebrity representatives.

Removing moisture from food with the sun's rays.

Country where the Yucatan Peninsula is located.

Secretion that appears in the hearing organ.

Journey up a mountain.

Moving upwards, like cakes baking or dough proving.

Clothing equally suitable for both girls and boys.

Inappropriate staring.

Puzzle 18

Place to roast marshmallows.

Lower __: Civil War action in the southeastern US.

Animated TV series.

Whizzing food up to make a smoothie.

Badge worn on a jacket collar flap.

Decorative paper covering used for presents.

Operating knives.

People who travel on bikes.

Dregs, deposit at bottom of liquid.

Partly blocks.

Eastern Europe principality, with fine churches.

Distort or blur an image, to protect an identity.

Storyteller role in a play.

Cutting the unwanted parts off meat before cooking.

It starts a football game, heads or tails.

Apportioned food sparingly.

Puzzle 19

Life-__, a positive and optimistic outlook.

Heating chocolate to a degree that makes it shiny.

Louis __, What a Wonderful World singer.

Rain protectors.

Making gravy from meat juices, by adding liquid.

Straight faced, no hint of a grin.

The plot of a novel, play or film.

Aquatic ball sport of seven per side.

Ambushing, starting a fight.

__ for you, the FT in FTFY.

Topic too tricky to handle, like a scorching tuber.

Glass spheres containing miniature wintry scenes.

Puzzle 20

Walked like a duck.

Sugary sauce that has turned brown from heating.

Little guy asleep under a haystack in a rhyme.

Cook the Chinese way, in a hot wok.

Make a person an earl or a lord.

The opposite of globally.

Flip a boat over.

Study of past events.

Nationality of golfer Lorena Ochoa.

Flat surface for food preparation in a kitchen.

Robbing in the street.

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