CodyCross Countdown to 2020 Pack answers

Countdown to 2020 PackCountdown to 2020

Here are the answers to CodyCross Countdown to 2020 Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Small, narrow river.

Roughly pushed someone.

Traditional felt caps from France.

Aussie bridge city, with vast New Year fireworks.

Moving the hand side to side, to say bye.

Little Jack, who sat in the corner eating pie.

Made a decision based on evidence.

One name for the things you throw in darts.

Disc __, he spins the tunes at a party.

Moroccan currency, sounds like north-east UK city.

__ Garcia, ice cream from pitted morello fruits.

Puzzle 2

Political __, leaders give speeches at New Year.

Raining balls of ice.

A music gig in a stadium or theater.

Food flavoring that comes from seed pods.

Saturday and Sunday.

Making the sound of a dog.

Marceline's type of Queen in Adventure Time.

People who travel on yachts or warships.

Twelfth Diary of a Wimpy Kid book: The __.

Setting alight.

Embracing on the lips.

Puzzle 3

Landing or making home somewhere.

With additions that improve the look of something.

Gifts, tokens of appreciation.

Orange gourds.

Tom __, author of The Christmasaurus.

Contemplate, think deeply.

Sirens on boats, sounded at New Year.

Large flightless bird that is now extinct.

Portable encased lamps used for illumination.

The most recently picked fruit or vegetables.

Puzzle 4

Donna __, the musical persona of Ladonna Gaines.

That cost a __ penny, it was really expensive.

An addition added to the start of a word.

Irish __, a large dog with flowing fur.

Mass gatherings of people.

Opposite to the beginning.

Tim __, 2010 Alice in Wonderland director.

Lord __, traitorous broadcaster of WWII.

When you don't have to go in to work.

Times __, New York site of the iconic ball drop.

__ the Witch, book character with Wilbur the cat.

Small green or black stoned fruits on pizzas.

North African, funnel-shaped cooking pot.

Materials that are hard, not liquids or gases.

Place with lots of trees and critters.

Puzzle 5

__ Pete; prospector character toy from Toy Story 2.

Wooden boxes used for storage.

Aesop's tales.

U.S. inventor of electric light bulb & phonograph.

__ room, a room in a hotel for just one person.

__ party, outdoor celebrations with neighbors.

Climbing vines in a tropical rainforest.

Films, cinema, flicks.


Comic company that made Spider-Man and Hulk.

Domesticated wooly members of the camel family.

Phrase: Wake up and smell the __.

When the effects of a spell end, the spell is __.

Private cubicles found in restaurants.

Traveling on a bus or train, or __ a bike.

Puzzle 6

Method of communication using red/yellow flags.

Remain tucked up under your duvet or blanket.

Top Gun and Cocktail actor.

Celebratory nibbles at an event.

Farm buildings used for grinding grain.

Having dreams and setting goals for the future.

__ Taylor, actress of Cleopatra.

Stickiness from acacia tree used in glue, sweets.

Animal who laughed as the cow jumped over the moon.

Swish, rustling dresses worn at posh parties.

Mini beast that's a crustacean, with armor shell.

Puzzle 7

Mud __; mucky outdoor play with pots and pans.

The red-nosed reindeer.

Reflex action when you are tired or bored.

Lacking consideration for others.

The arms of a shirt.

Iron __ was an abstract barrier dividing Europe.

Use the voice as percussion, in the throat.

Bank __, official day off on New Year.

Unable to move or escape.

Basic coloring implements used by small kids.

Solar __, blocking of the sun by the moon.

Party finger food eaten in a single bite.

Placed on each side of a shelf to prevent falls.

Technical drawing with measurements or directions.

__ Granny; old lady David Walliams book character.

Puzzle 8

Set of letters we learn, first step to reading.

Foliage drop in the autumn.

Entrapped in a tower, she let down her golden hair.

Bookcases are full of it.

They break and enter someone else's house, thieves.

Believing someone to be honest, not suspicious.

Fancy dress __, dressing up as other characters.

Launching, beginning.

Online; the place where web pages live.

Drink like Pepsi, but in red and white cans.

Studies closely.

Eleventh month of the year.

Ding dong, ring it when going to a friend's house.

Fizzy celebratory Italian drink. Cheers!.

Puzzle 9

Green, female snake belonging to Lord Voldemort.

West African spicy rice.

Sounds made by church bells every hour.

Warn about, report, make known.

Places with rooms for motorists to stay in.

Visions seen while sleeping.

Lemon flavored drink made by Coca-Cola.

Found on a bike, or a word for a Twitter username.

New York park gives its name to a dinner jacket.

Young wild animal with red fur and a bushy tail.

Send goods abroad.

__ -going, New Year tradition for the faithful.

Another word for gypsy.

Another word for "thawed", when ice becomes liquid.

Amiable, cheery nature.

__ button; press this to delay your morning alarm.

A part of a tree where the leaves grow.

Yodeling cowgirl in Toy Story 2.

Puzzle 10

School event with races, activities and medals.

American word for what Brits call "tights".

Aerial light show that ushers in a New Year.

Exciting experience, typically bold or risky.

Bridget Jones star Rene __.

Green vegetables that resemble little trees.

Bright, dazzling and exceptionally good.

Mid-morning snack, like that enjoyed by Paddington.

A blurry picture.

Morning-after results of drinking too much.

Completely consumed in a task.

Puzzle 11

Fell over one's feet.

Booze, hooch, liquor.

Devices that detect sound, motion or light etc.

Oinked, made a sound like a pig.

Water __; toys for squirting water.

Gentle, soothing song to send babies to sleep.

A thousand thousands.

Rod Campbell's picture book with animal gifts.

Fireworks that go whoosh high into the sky.

This evening.

The most refined, upper class.

Puzzle 12

Add these powders to food for flavor.

Prison officer.

How much items cost.

A road in a town or city with houses and buildings.

Farewell phrase said to a young child.

Walk awkwardly, when in pain.

Lose power, become less strong.

Fatty, muscular parts of the lower legs.

Cry out loudly when you want something.

Surname of Zach from Goosebumps.

Snapshots, selfies and pics taken as memories.

Dancing lines that grow and wind around a party.

Trips or outings to museums or farms, etc.

Puzzle 13

All types of illumination for winter evenings.

Rain-filled fluffy things in the sky.

__ wine, festive drink served during winter.

These were used to play films before DVDs.

Reptile with scaly skin, e.g. gecko or chameleon.


Huge, moving crowds of people.

Squarish art movement founded by Pablo Picasso.

The region around the North Pole.

Fishing nets or rods and other equipment.

Moisture in the mouth, spit.

A red-brown metal used in some coins.

Men's underwear shorts.

Puzzle 14

__ Moody, Mad-Eye Scottish wizard in Harry Potter.

Cards that allow admittance to events.

Kids' game involving quiet and stillness.

__ sharks swim close to the surface of the water.

Maize kernels heated in butter till they expand.

Zero __: feeling of weightlessness.

Burning stick held aloft for illumination.

John Lennon's second wife.

__ man, he was also called a bog body.

Term for a black and white horse.

Agricultural producers.

Peaceful, relaxing.

Puzzle 15

Unwinding, chilling out.

The Pennine Way is a long-distance __.

Mixes up playing cards.

__ pool, small plastic garden pond for young kids.

Tucking into a vast over-the-top meal.

Checked, ensured something is ok.

Outdoor jacket worn in wet weather.

Cat __, night-time thieves who are noiseless.

Performances of poems or musics.

Brokeback __, movie with Jake Gyllenhaal.

Auld __, Burns song performed at New Year.

Puzzle 16

Choking or retching on something.

Posting a letter to someone.

Buying and handing over presents.

National __, patriotic songs sung at New Year.

A dog that is mixed breed, not pure.

Cream from an aerosol canister.

Exiting, departing.

Arabic African country between Libya and Algeria.

Gaining money for doing work.

__ Falls; famous waterfall on US/Canada border.

Puzzle 17

Small bird, often reproduced in clocks.

Option to pick between several things.

__ Pets; mechanical zooming pet hamsters.

Positivity is to view life through rose-__ glasses.

Spot something.

Facial expressions of happiness.

High-kicking, petticoat-waving dance.

Westminster tower, home of UK's New Year countdown.

Late Late presenter James __.

Protective garments worn when painting.

Sandwich franchise with green-and-yellow logo.

Character voiced by Justin Timberlake in Trolls.

Puzzle 18

Polly __, Digory Kirke's friend in Narnia tales.

To mix or add two or more things together.

New Year processions of floats and music.

Santa comes down this at Christmas.

Mexican tortilla rolled with savory filling.

Tool for clearing blockages in sinks or toilets.


British word for a Band-Aid used to cover a wound.

Not fortunate.

Someone who makes a special trip to a holy site.

This has bearings – north, south, east or west.

Someone who plays a large stringed instrument.

Puzzle 19

Round metal cover on a car wheel.

Russian countryside homes or estates.

Apostle of Jesus also known as Saul.

Gadgets or devices could be described as these.

Swallowed noisily.

A soft, curved, yellow fruit.

Deep ravines with steep sides.

They roam the streets having imbibed too much.

Measuring devices with straight lines.

Italian word for finished, ended.

Brigitte __, Le Trou Normand was her acting debut.

Bear sometimes called the Alaskan brown bear.

Elegant, fashionable, chic, stylish.

Poles or platforms that make you walk taller.

Puzzle 20

Safari animal with a very long neck.

Ringing out of bells.

The type of filled guns used in Bugsy Malone.

Turning over a __, changes one adopts at New Year.

Aromatic seeds used in breads.

Urban sport also known as freerunning.

Wriggles uncomfortably.

When a light goes on and off and on quickly.

Max Thunderman's ex-girlfriend.

Marine creature with fins and whiskers (barbels).

The air tubes coming from the lungs.

Permanently inked designs on the body.

Rectangular cushions on beds.

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