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Here are the answers to CodyCross Countries Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

__ Slide, ancient Norwegian landslides.

Portuguese-speaking island, paired with São Tomé.

In Greek mythology the part-bull part-man creature.

Sleep disorder, sufferers find it hard to nod off.

Someone with deep knowledge of a language.

The A in API, required by some airlines.

Rush a bill to be passed.

Actor who played the part of Batman on TV.

Small fish with the head shaped like an equine.

Peanuts are ingredients in __.

__ Arena, Turkey's Eagle's Nest stadium.

Soft part of bed your back is thankful for.

The study and measurement of time.

East African country, capital has the same name.

Song by Los Del Rio that became a hit worldwide.

Statue of a monster on the ledge of a building.

Marlon Brando played a military man in Japan.

Puzzle 2

Coral-eating __ damages the coral under them.

__ and balances, governmental power distribution.

Springboard and platform are types of this.

__ Republic, official name of Bratislava's country.

To separate something into parts.

Nicolas __, French inventor of food canning.

Small triangular harpsichord.

__ candy, would get stuck on little girls' hair.

Bitter, leafy white-green vegetable; cichorium.

Central American land hit by Hurricane Hattie.

French magazine for personalities in the 1930s.

Puzzle 3

Dried gum powder used in Indian food, like onions.

Angie __, actress of Dressed to Kill.

Turned into stone; terrifying paralysis.

Holiday animal park? Site for booking holidays.

Medieval weapon for hurling missiles.

Legal term for the murder of the father.

The __; rum, pineapple wedge in margarita glass.

Honey farmer.

Pleasing to the taste.

South American country sounds a bit like Venice.

In music, to get louder gradually.

Puzzle 4

Unflagging, unyielding.

__ Faso, Saharan country once called Upper Volta.

Bar-and-ropes, swinging device used by acrobats.

Led Ghana to independence 1957, first president.

South African abestos rich with iron.

The origin or coming into being of something.

Yeti is the name for the abominable __.

It takes you to the top of a mountain.

Eric__, played Ponch in US series CHIPS.

Latin name for Tuscany.

Dish made with layers of pasta, meat and cheese.

West Indies land paired with Barbuda.

Puzzle 5

Shelled reptile, one of world's oldest animals.

Came together for something.

Crescent-shaped stadium in Japan.

To prevent or hinder progress.

When lacking insulin, your body produces this.

__ Sansom, WWII Allied intelligence officer.

__ Bandhan, Hindu religious and secular festival.

Instrument with anywhere from four to 18 strings.

Wealthy European Formula 1 city-state.

Plant family including peas and beans.

__ Hepburn, won an Oscar for Roman Holiday.

Vodka, peach schnapps, cranberry juice.

Spongy volcanic glass.

Puzzle 6

Female writer, designer, advertiser.

"Lord of the senses" Indian title, surname.

South African liqueur with tree extracts.

Line drawing to show as a demonstration.

Substance to stimulate antibiody production.

Africa's largest oil producing country.

Noise, call and name of an owl.

To search vigourously through something.

Ancient Greco-Roman city, now Antakya.

Restricted land or water passages.

Sticks used to knit.

Gas giant with an oblate spheroid shape.

The first satellite, launched by the Soviet Union.

Country with airport named after Mother Teresa.

This Trojan horse doesn't need any fire.

Colombia's flag carrier airline, with the code AV.

Part of ear that looks like snail shell.

Puzzle 7

Tropical sea snail with a round cover.

Infallible, unfailing.

Bulged shaped white bread from Milan.

Took paint or wallpaper off walls.

United Colors, Italian clothing retailer.

Konrad __, Germany's first post-war Chancellor.

Respect is greater from a __.

Always alert, doesn't always bark.

Aretha __, renown US jazz singer and musician.

Swiss alpine railway with ground-breaking tunnel.

Sightless mimicry marks on butterfly wings.

US national sport, bat-and-ball, clock unlimited.

__ Republic, official name of Lomé's country.

He led the German East Asia Squadron in WWI.

Was once united with Czech Republic.

Spanish cave paintings like those at Lascaux.

The Best or Nothing.

A stanza of four lines.

Mute musician, 1993 New Zealand Oscar-winner.

Geographical place attracts religious faithful.

The most influential in the history of architecture.

Puzzle 8

Large port city in Israel.

Fortified structure from Europe and Middle East.

The amount of goods and services produced.

Slow tempo in music, at ease.

Marine gastropod with conical shell.

Mechanisms that enable a car to reduce speed.

French feudal service, ended with the Revolution.

Language spoken by the Nomadic Sahara people.

White __, Chinese candy in edible rice paper.

Holy man or woman.

Canoe __, navigate a canoe through rapids.

Puzzle 9

Language created by L. L. Zamenhof.

Oldest country in the Americas.

The result of a metamorphed sandstone.

Light material used in insulation and packing.

Fully ordained female monastic in Buddhism.

Slotted spoon with hooks used for this pasta.

Ad __, Latin phrase meaning endless.

Temerarious, foolhardy, overbold.

Deer family, a __, a mule and a fallow.

Completes disguise or costume, sports fans use it.

First king of Norway after dissolution of the union.

Puzzle 10

Area usually covered or under water.

Citroën car model named after a Spanish painter.

Gymnast Olga Korbut's birth country.

An official language in Catalonia.

Sufficient unto the day is the evil __.

Preventive medicines that lower cholesterol.

Elementary particle in atomic nuclei; not hydrogen.

It gives Ouzo its distinctive flavor.

Feeling deeply guilty, embarrassed, regretful.

Alfredo di __, Real Madrid's legend in the 1950s.

Amongst the US top book wordsmiths, on and off line.

Roman goddess of wisdom.

The __ of the Round Table, Camelot's brotherhood.

Puzzle 11

Chess movement; German for "compulsion to move".

Small tables between couches, armchairs.

The __, 1930 movie about life in prison.

Sacred basilica in the Vatican City.

Post __, unabbreviated afternoon.

In a word, book smart.

Longbarbel __ probes the sand for food.

Thrown in the brig.

A boxer's soft spot made to shatter.

Wine grape for Franc and Sauvignon.

Study of intonation, linguistics.

"Holder of the Red Crown" in Buddhism.

Windward island, but not Republic.

Angel; looks after children without parents.

From Madagascar, or a language spoken there.

Rapunzel, a __ Grimm's fairy tale.

African nation with yellow star on flag.

Orange fruit in leaves, Cap Gooseberry.

Puzzle 12

Caravaggio painted Supper at __.

This material hangs papers on fridges.

Depression on the ocean floor.

Acre, holy city for Baha'i, in Jewish country.

__ longue, long recliner with leg rest.

A ledge is a __ shelf on a cliff or slope.

Raised walkway behind castle battlements.

Astronaut, Buzz __.

To show resentment by an instinctive head movement.

Smaller than a greenfinch.

Native country of composer Frederic Chopin.

Peter the Great banned these facial adornments.

The Three __, Domingo, Carreras and Pavarotti.

Melon liqueur, bright green used in cocktails.

European country paired with Herzegovina.

Puzzle 13

Early filmmaker responsible for M and Metropolis.

__ States of Micronesia, FSM, Pacific islands.

Silk-producing organ on a spider or silkworm.

Earliest system of writing.

Movement of a limb away from your body.

Soft rock, variety of gypsum.

Bottler of fermented grape juice.

Italian Baroque composer of operas and cantatas.

Corvoid lookout post on a ship's mast.

Container for making and pouring a morning drink.

Egyptian goddess of war and __, Anat.

Chief or head of a druid order.

Karl __, German fashion designer with sunglasses.

Field of processes of invention.

Riccota-like cottage cheese produced in Salento.

Tiny island halfway between Africa and Brazil.

Antonym of benevolent.

Japanese baseball stadium, The Big Egg.

Puzzle 14

Goscinny's tales about a Gaul with a winged helmet.

Baton __, accompanies a marching band.

An inclination or a habit.

Low level, featureless cloud, above ground fog.

Nickname of Italian football team, the Blues.

World's leading exporter of chocolate.

Host nation of the first FIFA World Cup.

Isaac __, Spanish folk pianist, wrote Iberia.

Cuban statesman who was overthrown by Fidel Castro.

A demon is an __ spirit.

Revoked or satisfied by legal ademption.

Puzzle 15

Replaced by a newer model.

Addams Family matriarch.

Seismic sea waves that can follow earthquakes.

Consumer of small insects, can be giant.

Pigmented baton, popular make-up item.

Freshwater grebe native to New Zealand.

Six yards from each goal post in soccer.

Considered one of the smartest scientists.

A spoonful of sugar helps it go down.

White cuboid in studio photography.

A drink, especially one other than water.

Anagram of requital.

Spanish comic operetta.

It is a part of one's face.

Harmonious way of arranging living space.

Country with both Pacific and Caribbean coasts.

Australian sandwich toaster pioneers.

South American country where Dutch is spoken.

__ Press, Gutenberg's invention, changed publishing.

Shikibu __, Japanese writer of Tale of Genji.

Puzzle 16

Pressed flat pastry from the Philippines.

Paul__, US actor, entrepreneur and humanitarian.

Stephanie __, chemist who invented Kevlar.

__ Novgorod, city with Gorky Automobile Plant.

European country with thousands of islands.

Omar __, Egyptian actor born Michel Chalhoub.

To raise the right hand to the side of headgear.

Sanskrit word for embodiment of something else.

Someone uses their voice to carry a tune.

The Head of __, snake-hair Caravaggio painting.

Puzzle 17

Divination of stars' influence on human affairs.

Place where a judge works.

The __, best-seller by Paulo Coelho.

A poisonous mushroom.

Urgent crisis.

Picturesque volcanic peak in Japan.

Diarist in hiding at Prinsengracht, Amsterdam.

Study of the hands.

Latin root meaning southern.

Hindi film-making industry.

Central American country with Quetzal birds.

The Australian __ lives in the sand under rocks.

Italian chicory, reddish cabbage.

__ Kingdom of Jordan, official name of country.

Puzzle 18

Logic term, it doesn't have to be proved.

Someone who is being treated by a doctor.

Aerodynamic bar on rear of car.

Small North African country where French is spoken.

Another name for stingray.

Today in the evening, later when it is dark.

Male child from spouse's previous marriage.

The city that never sleeps.

Salad green, a little bitter.

Daily paper in Spain whose name means the world.

Rainy South American country, capital La Paz.

One who testifies for a cause or for someone.

Italian company known for pistols and handguns.

Japanese low, wooden table frame covered by a futon.

Puzzle 19

Without regard for reason or reality.

Computer __, or CGI, is a process to make films.

Caribbean island group with the Grenadines.

Writing about someone's life story; nonfiction.

Comparative study of primitive peoples.

Undergoing or feeling strong pain or distress.

Allison in Annie Hall.

Spiritual practice predating organized religion.

I came, I saw, I __; veni, vidi, vici.

Large shortbread cookie from the Netherlands.

Bass tuba that originated in German military bands.

Green mineral, forms deep underground.

Little plastic balls in facial cleaner.

Italian motor scooter brand adopted by Mods.

Human gland near the brain that influences growth.

Franz __, shot heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne.

Central American country with Dual Volcano.

Puzzle 20

__ Republic, formal name for Greece.

Flying __ has special gliders.

Hunting, searching, pursuing.

Protection for auditory body parts.

This is not normal.

Charles Babbage is considered its father.

To enter someone's property without permission.

What who rides a tiger is afraid of.

Italian expression and one of ABBA's songs.

Home to Ljubljana’s Castle in South Central Europe.

Periclase, used to make bricks.

French for "water of life"; a brandy.

Main port and settlement on the Chatham Islands.

General who famously led elephants over mountains.

Whimsical, four-line biographical poem.

Sanskrit name for teacher.

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