CodyCross Couples Costumes Pack answers

Couples Costumes PackCouples Costumes

Here are the answers to CodyCross Couples Costumes Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Etch A __, a classic red drawing toy with knobs.

Tree that has a weeping version.

A sudden violent exhalation to clean things out.

Make unattractive, as opposed to beautify.

Openings in the bottoms of sinks and showers.

__ Woman has a lasso and flies an invisible plane.

Legal adjudicators in robes who bang gavels.

__ du Soleil; acrobatic performing troupe.

Smaller community in commuting distance of a city.

2007 Edward Albee play: Me __ and I.

Light beers, not dark ales.

__ Rubble and Fred Flintstone are Bedrock buddies.

Puzzle 2

For grabbing onto when walking up/down stairs.

Chemically calmed, i.e. under __.

Another word for failing a test in school.

Adhesive images you can put up just about anywhere.

Safety braking system in vehicles; ABS.

__ Lecter and Clarice Starling play cat and mouse.

Not over a short period of time.

Decompression sickness experienced by divers.

Building that grinds wheat into flour using gusts.

Barbed spears used in whale fishing.

Male ruler of England from 1199 -1216.

Points of view, everybody's got them.

An atypical mouse is used to control one of these.

The no-good sibling when both are born together.

Removing dirt; some fish do this in aquariums.

Describes fiery landforms that create islands.

Prodigies, super-intelligent people.

Puzzle 3

__ pin, kitchen implement for flattening pastry.

Trips made on planes.

One of the first to settle an area of land.

Sore skin from too much UVA/UVB exposure.

Kind __; semi-formal email sign-off.

Children's slang for rabbits.

Golfers' bag carriers.

Toto the dog is her faithful companion in Oz.

Fast __, moving ahead quickly on a recording.

Cheerful and fast-paced music.

__ Ann and Andy, dolls made of scraps and yarn.

Changes to laws or policies.

Puzzle 4

__ Gorgeous; 1999 beauty pageant morbid comedy.

Store where you can buy reading material.

Doing this to Halloween pumpkins is not very nice.

Tinker Bell's forever-young best friend.

Board game of buying property and avoiding jail.

Marking cattle with hot irons.

Pour syrup over these round flat morning foods.

__ Hat, Alberta city for physicians maybe?.

Founding Father Franklin's first name.

Took off the total.

Perfectly suited romantic partner.

Opposite of a member of the armed forces.

Imaginary male monster used to frighten children.

Throws, sows seeds.

Puzzle 5

Red Square and Kremlin are in this Russian city.

__ and fishes, Biblical miracle that fed 5,000.

The hue of Catalan independence.

Interrupted electricity current, a power cut.

Llamas are often mistaken for this Andean camelid.

Precipitated, drizzled.

Popular 70s skill for patterning T-shirts.

Break out, like Houdini from a straightjacket.

Use this tool to tap in a nail.

Moody, miserable, sulky.

__ disk; magnetic storage device for computers.

Olympic gods messenger or French fashion house.

Coat of many __, song by Dolly Parton.

Puzzle 6

Ash's yellow sidekick in Pokemon.

Language of the film Chinese-Takeaway.

Cutting down trees for wood.

Smoke __, obfuscations used in battle or talks.

Remove these before cooking a turkey.

__ Bublé, Canadian crooner.

Targaryen who betrayed Daenerys in Game of Thrones.

The word for a huge rock.

Not under a roof.

__ out; tinted, shaded, e.g. a car's windows.

Curly handwriting often taught at school.

South polar aquatic bird.

Part of a hurricane located around the calm middle.

Puzzle 7

Silent __; ignoring someone.

Goodbyes, sometimes fond ones.

Removing obscene content from something.

Singer of Uptown Funk, from the red planet?.

Sighting it or the Loch Ness Monster is rare.

Initial cuts from surgeons' scalpels.

Destroying important papers by cutting into strips.

Card game with goal of 21 or fewer points.

People you care about, in two words.

Used to film home videos on VHS.

Hiccup trains this "dental-free" dragon and friend.

Male artisan skilled at making decorative objects.

Asian island country with capital Jakarta.

Shaft surrounded by a building's steps.

Sweet but not candy, for soothing tickly throats.

Annual personal submission to the revenue service.

Puzzle 8

Sport seen in the film It Might As Well Be Spring.

Narwhals have a pointy horn just like these.

Spouses, cohabiters, romantic companions.

__ curve; rate of progress at gaining new skills.

"God Save Our __ Queen": British national anthem.

Punishment given to a criminal by the court.

Commercial trader, like Shakespeare's of Venice.

__ sin; one of the seven deadly sins.

Car maker linked to Benz.

Tacos are embellished with this spicy condiment.

Somewhat, to a small degree.

Times off work/school because of wintry weather.

Place to watch avians so as not to disturb them.

Tall plant often seen on beaches or in oasis.

Puzzle 9

Diaper brand with green packaging.

Ford __ van, builder's transport of choice.

According to law.

__ dogs, canines that detect drugs and explosives.

Strung bats that would be lost with no tennis ball.

Dried grapes sometimes sprinkled on cereal.

__ Rendezvous, Queen by the beach.

Superhero Power __ fight together against villains.

Sitting furniture that transforms for sleeping.

Making up a new phrase.

__ Lohan of Mean Girls, The Parent Trap.

Brings goods in from abroad.

Hamlet, small town.

Order to an overenthusiastic dog.

__ trout, a multicolored fish?.

The S in SWAT, or __ Weapons and Tactics.

Requests to attend a party.

Puzzle 10

Wind blowing onshore; vodka and cranberry cocktail.

Making items out of iron or steel, for example.

Captain Hook lost his hand to this reptile.

__ what I mean, IYKWIM.

Snow-capped Japanese peak.

Slippers or shoes from Native Americans.

Slang for offloading your knowledge on to another.

Construction vehicle used to push soil and rubble.

Gryffindor's serpentine adversarial house.

Placing flowers in an order.

Motorcycle rider group who wear matching jackets.

A person taken over by a spirit is said to be this.

Puzzle 11

Owner-__; property lived in by the home's owner.

Tequila __, spirits hit on tables before downing.

Whinnying sound made by a horse.

Marty McFly's time-bending comrade – Great Scott!.

Ran rapidly.

Run the __, means to endure attacks from all sides.

Watch the sky at nighttime.

Embraces given by strangers for no money.

Knocking an opponent to the ground.

Using explosives.

With more desire to eat than someone else.

Follower of religion and philosophy of Gautama.

Strong hero who battles the serpent monster Hydra.

Pertaining to, describing; anagram of integral.

Play space set high in the branches.

California Gurls will melt your __.

Danube River runs through this Hungarian capital.

When there's not enough of something.

Puzzle 12

Arrow firers.

Willy Wonka hires Oompa __ to do his work.

A lick __; a new coat of emulsion, for example.

Drunk __, intoxicated reenactment show.

Middle Eastern markets.

Used to keep up-to-date with police activity.

Lord of the Rings sage with white beard.

Sun __; first music label to record Elvis.

Declaration of Independence's largest signature.

Metal carrier for wrenches, hammers, etc.

Crusted over, of a wound or scrape.

Place where salmon and cod are processed.

The opposite of synthetic.

Cavities in the face that connect with the nose.

Puzzle 13

__ blinds; window shutters to obliterate light.

Something owned, like a house or land.

Mashed __ are often served with gravy.

Started a rocket on its journey.

Waylon __, Mr Burns's Simpsons assistant.

Gave a talk on, maybe at a university.

Data __, sucking up vast amounts of digital info.

Michael Jackson's space age signature dance move.

Makes a mark or stamp on a page.

__ Lion and the Tin Man both get their wishes.

Office light source found on a workstation table.

Altruistic, giving freely.

__ car, for when one's wheels are off the road.

Term for kids "mousing" around in shopping centers.

Eruption, flare-up of disease.

Small, wiry dogs like Westies and Yorkies.

Chemical used to lighten, bleach hair.

Puzzle 14

This morning meal can be served in bed.

Recipe collections on paper.

Synonym of children, progeny; rock band The __.

Racing game featuring famous Nintendo brothers.

Revive a vehicle's dead battery.

Orange creamy squash, with edible seeds.

Panicked rushes of crowds or cattle.

Georgie was lured by this creepy clown in It.

Describes a breezy, desolate, exposed place.

Racket tennis-like sport with feathered projectile.

Tennessee theme park owned by singer Parton.

Making clothes lighter.

Puzzle 15

NBA basketball team that's a "bear" to beat.

Bill and Ted go on an __ Adventure.

Stupidity, craziness, ridiculousness.

Count your __, be happy with what you have.

Maritime novel by Patrick O'Brian: Master and __.

Alphabetically first South American country.

Bachman-Turner __ and You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet.

Biting into brittle food with a satisfying snap.

Neither young nor old, somewhere in between.

First a caterpillar and then a __.

Decorative covering for a room's vertical surfaces.

Puzzle 16

Expression for nerds, referring to noggin shape.

__ a party; be it birthday, surprise, or farewell.

Gomez Addams loves to tango with this gothic woman.

Flash memory gadget.

__ for cash; broke, hard-up.

Drying out of the lips.

__ seat; best spot at a boxing match.

Set money aside for something.

Muggle who marries Ron Weasley.

Green, tubular veggie that is often pickled.

Relax after an episode of anger or upset.

Platonic, close male relationship.

This little piggy (long toe) __ home, didn't leave.

Puzzle 17

An exercise session, e.g. at the gym.

Sweet Home __, by Lynyrd Skynyrd.

__ signals, interfering with broadcasts.

Show someone __; make it clear it's time to leave.

Jogs like a horse.

Built-in folds in cloth, __ jeans or skirt.

Lightning strikes first, followed quickly by __.

They deal in stocks and shares.

Any over-the-counter tablet for heartburn.

Squeezes between fingertips, a baby's cheeks maybe.

Children's book, The Wind in the __.

Scooby-Doo's annoying puppy nephew.

Back with money, like a company does an athlete.

A slatted wooden window cover that protects.

An average US person eats 35K __ during their life.

Someone from Mazatlan or Cancun, for example.

Cut all communication with someone on Instagram.

__ New York; DiCaprio's first Scorsese film.

Puzzle 18

1960s band sang California Girls and Surfin' USA.

Firefighters historically enlisted this dog breed.

Item like fish or blueberries that boosts memory.

To have put money into an account.

Strips used to keep electronic wires under control.

Not wanted, as with unexpected home visitors.

Can be released from one's grip (accidentally).

Local area and its inhabitants.

Failure of a car out on the road.

__ opening, shopping in the wee small hours.

A highly unsafe vehicle that can kill.

Financial and media company founded by Michael __.

Troubled, burdened, caused suffering.

Buzz __ and Woody are an adventurous duo.

Hand weights for building biceps.

Puzzle 19

Pen markings and drawings made absent-mindedly.

Persistent, constantly recurring.

Born from an egg.

US city home to Amazon headquarters.

Is owned by, __ to.

__ Kelly and Frank Reynolds make trouble in Philly.

Talk to the __, Oscar-winner from Dr Doolittle.

Fashion style of cool bongo-playing 50s kids.

Orange cheese from a Somerset, England town.

__ cards, decks of 52 used for gaming.

Large cylindrical fuel container.

Garlic repels this creature of the night.

Beat around __; avoid the main issue.

Pestered, like locusts.

Puzzle 20

Exact copy of an original object.

Motorcycle trick, leaning backwards.

Sealing food in a tin cylinder.

Striped trash bandit, with a mask!.

Twins from this scary movie want to play forever.

Number defined as 1 followed by 6 zeros.

Beam for female gymnasts.

Professor X's most powerful metal-moving enemy.

Turns from soft to less so.

Furniture that encloses babies.

__ Patch Kids came with an adoption certificate.

Phone call that disconnects by mistake.

__ minutes of fame; being famous for a short time.

Jimi __, considered a rock guitar master.

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