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Crowded Cities PackCrowded Cities

Here are the answers to CodyCross Crowded Cities Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Pretend, fictitious.

Adolescent female cow.

__ whistle, aka a slide whistle.

Billy __, Corrie vicar who dated Sean.

It means races when plural.

Poland's largest, busiest economic centre.

A river that runs through Phnom Penh.

__ movement, military attack from two sides.

Most densely populated city in the Philippines.

Dr Frankenstein's forename.

Wax drawing utensil, often the first a child uses.

Puzzle 2

Riding waves.

Not one thing nor the other.

Spring flower on fruit trees, e.g. apple, peach.

William __, Bible translator burned at the stake.


The __, Sylvia Plath rite of passage novel.

Third-largest city in Czech Republic after Prague.

Title given to offspring of Spanish monarchs.


Sneaking or creeping up on.

Indonesian mega city, once known as Batavia.

__ toenail, painful nail disease.

Puzzle 3

French white grape, close to extinction in the 60s.

Roscoe, silent film actor involved in 1920s scandal.

Port and second-largest city in Indonesia.

Spanish painter, famous for The Farm.

The cities of Sofia and Plovdiv are in this country.

Follow-up to the Patent-Motorwagen.

Anne __; wife of Shakespeare.

Tasty, delicious, flavorful.

What the US calls checkers, the UK calls __.

Puzzle 4

Fruit popular in pancakes.

They change an appearance for nefarious purposes.

He was Ferris Bueller and the adult Simba.

Battle of __ took place on April 19, 1775.

Moving up to the division above in football.

Flower inspired by Abbey dwellers.

Large Indian city with Charminar mosque.

Overcrowded Somalian city on Indian Ocean.


Marble game with a wooden scooped board.

Furry hide of an ovine.

Puzzle 5

__ Modigliani, Italian portrait painter.

After London, one of the largest cities in the EU.

Optional __, non-essential additional items.

Dunked a carrot in hummus.

Large nose in Yiddish.

World __ Day, UN celebration on March 21.

__ list; must-visit places and activities.

"Death on the Nile" mystery solver: Hercule __.

City that is the comic book setting for Batman.

Saudi Arabia's capital, with 6 million people.

Puzzle 6

Italian-style French island that makes AOC honey.

Unpowered tool for cutting wood.

Second-largest city in Kenya, after Nairobi.

US car brand named after Ottowan chief.

Irish abbot who spread Catholicism in Scotland.

In a barely discernable way.

__ Yeats, forerunner of 20th century literature.

Second-largest city in China (and in the world).

Hit __, to go to bed.

Substance that is mined.

Puzzle 7

Comedic actor, starred in "Road" movies with Crosby.

This evening.

Spanish ex no. 1 tennis ace, Arantxa Sánchez __.

Alice fell down a rabbit hole because of this author.

Yellow curved fruits grown in hot countries.

"It's not over until the __ sings".

To become reduced to charcoal, burned.

Largest city in North America's Pacific Northwest.

Maybe, possibly, perchance.

Former capital of Pakistan.

2016 Bake Off winner Nadiya __.

The __, Raymond Briggs' Christmas animation.

Puzzle 8


Australian city, hosted the 1956 Olympics.

Their Satanic __ Request, a 60s Rolling Stones LP.

Planned city in Pakistan and capital of the country.

Period in comic book history, 1930s-1950.

Non-red plum variety used in jams.

Facial hair __, for bleaching hair.

Writhes more than.

Invented, spurious charges (from a US president?).

Members of an ancient Jewish religious party.

Puzzle 9

Chinese city; the most populous in the world.

Oared vessel on a ship.

Educator in a university.

He played The Elephant Man.

Jumping rope.

Bird species found in thousands at Lake Nakuru.

__ Mirror, Michael Jackson's reflective hit.

Liquor whose label bears a picture of a harp.

I couldn't give __; I don't care at all.

Population settlement with 10 million+ inhabitants.

Folks from Mars.

Character who pursues two "Merry Wives of Windsor".

Legislative influencer.

Puzzle 10

Uncover, reveal.

Language in which the word "na'am" means "yes".

Swiss' leading financial hub.

Afro hairstyle with two-strands wrapped around.

Portrait of Cristina, My __, by Frida Kahlo.

Chris __, gentlemanly British boxer.

Edward __; pioneer of smallpox vaccine.

Archaic term for a parish official, like Mr Bumble.

Zimbabwe's biggest population centre.

Hot-__ topic, contentious or controversial issue.

Small prawn.

Made coins.

Puzzle 11

Kit __, legendary US frontiersman and guide.

"When in Rome do as the __ do".

Viral disease spread by an infected animal's bite.

Australia's largest city, but not the capital.

Dodgeball, Live Free or Die Hard star, __ Long.

Tom __, author of Wilt and Porterhouse Blue.

Most important city on the island of Taiwan.

Direction alternator on a train track.

Lily of the __, flower with tiny white bells.

Title or address for a married Spanish woman.

Not boastful, prim and proper.

__ Checker did The Twist.

V&A, Natural History or British.

Light, amber beers made with cool fermentation.

Weak and dizzy as when hit by a boxer.

Puzzle 12

Shrubbery grown in lines to outline a garden.

Milos Forman won 8 Oscars for this music film.

Argentina's city, with a spanish "cousin".

__-Daro, centre of the Indus Valley Civilization.

The most populous city in the US state of Texas.

Famous British lexicographer: Samuel __.

Pewter beer-drinking vessel.

Long-serving editor-in-chief of Marvel Comics.

Charge of the Light __, famous poem by Tennyson.

__ the Market or Go __, price comparison firms.

Glisten, like oil on water.

Puzzle 13

State capital and most populous city of Ohio.

Divers' costumes.

Paste-like beauty treatment, cover the visage.

Pack these up in your old kit bag.

Bright bird named after its insect-eating habits.

Celtic goddess associated with death and war.

Removal of water from wetlands by ditch digging.

Seat holders watching the show.

Plant extract to create tattoos and hair colour.

Black olive paste with anchovies.

An arrow maker.

Capital of Belgium.

Oldest form of government in the UK.

The Turbo __, Peter Perfect's car in Wacky Races.

Puzzle 14

Making an error.

Hair-dwelling pest.

A hired vehicle, often collected from airport.

Afghan peaks, often the place of warfare.

Line-shaped clouds created by aircraft.

Beauty and the Beast anthem: Tale As __.

Ancient Roman heating system from furnaces.

Irish sweet bread with raisins and sultanas.

__ Meyer; author of Twilight vampire series.

Tennis tournament played in London SW19.

Romania's main economic and financial centre.

Small carpet laid by the fireplace.

German city, home to the European Central Bank.

Penguin species with facial line markings.

Top quality, second to none.

Puzzle 15

A pulse counter.

Popular Indian tourist city with Amer Fort.

Strong and big.

Pope wrote that a butterfly was __ on a wheel.

Large New England city, settled since 1630.

Machine for warmth, radiator.

City where Queen Elizabeth II was born.

The circle representing the astrology signs.

Lump of gold.

Easter season.

Covered in liquid sugar.

Battle of __; Rommel's biggest WWII victory.

Puzzle 16

A japanese castle that dates to 1333.

Some Like It Hot star Jack __.

Alternate term for the Pythia: Oracle of __.

Relating to mushrooms, especially in the wild.

Nathanael __, a leader of the Continental Army.

Slang for hitting someone with nuclear weapons.

Most populous city in Croatia.

Clumsy, unintelligent.

Waltz by Johann Strauss: The Blue __.

Kuala __; Malaysian city with the Petronas Towers.

Museum of __ Art (MoMA), New York City.

Animals drink from it.

Puzzle 17

Boat races.

Not sharp, smooth and circular at the ends.


Gloria __, Cockney slang for trainers.

Battle of __, East India Co. fought at Palashi.

Need, or specify as compulsory.

Brass horn used for reveille.

United States metropolis, known as the Windy City.

French philosopher Peter Abelard's legendary lover.

Group of vehicles traveling together in a line.

On fire, smoking.

One who draws aimlessly.

Famous Filipino bridal gown designer: __ Lhuillier.

Trivial __, question and answer board game.

Musical about a nanny unlike any other: Mary __.

A brush's part.

Michigan city; largest on the US-Canada border.

Puzzle 18

1555 peace treaty between Lutherans and Catholics.

Checks and observes someone's work.

Dog __ are police officers who work with canines.

Dancing Argentinian style.

Major Chinese city to the north of Hong Kong.

Home ground of Burnley FC.

Small plastic piece for plucking guitar strings.

Changing to fit a new purpose.

Enchant, dumbfound, astound.

Amounts of food for each person.

HQ of the International Olympic Committee.

Comet seen in 1973 named after a Czech astronomer.

"A/The fly in the __".

Puzzle 19

A 1963 French popular song about a saint.

Round, thick wood stem.

__ sauce, a dark staple flavouring in Chinese food.

Novel by Dostoevsky: The Brothers __.

City-state in Southeast Asia's Malay Peninsula.

Refraining from, keeping away from.

Long jump technique; legs are flicked in the air.

Dizzy __, jazz trumpeter and scat singer.

Partner of Dallas in a US metropolis.

Measured across the width.

Puzzle 20

__ Sapir, German linguist, worked in the US.

Less tame or domesticated.

The UK's largest city, founded in Roman times.

It's the same thing as table salt: __ chloride.

Wade __; alter ego of antihero Deadpool.

Iranian's most populous city.

German confectioner makes the Gummy Bears.

__ Wood; source of soldiers' branches in Macbeth.

Painting horses was this artist's forte: George __.

__ and Her Sisters: a Thanksgiving dinner.

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