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Crunchy Food PackCrunchy Food

Here are the answers to CodyCross Crunchy Food Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Small candles used for heating scented oils.

Crispy fried vegetable hoop.

Gloves keep your hands warm for throwing these!.

Get the shuttlecock across the net in this game.

1999 Bond film The World is __.

Fisher-Price 1980s lightweight stuffed animal.

Dieters eat these puffed circles instead of bread.

Technical term for the fear of animals.

Lives next door to Spongebob.

Photo-based social network owned by Facebook.

Puzzle 2

Move from one place to another.

Cooking in the oven till crisp on the top.

Snow White's seven pals.

Spiky desert plant.

People from Baghdad are __.

__ Harmon; music producer better known as J-Roc.

Athletics obstacle for jumping over.

Tiny faces or pictures in chat messaging.

Mind over __, willpower can help overcome problems.

Crispy seeds on bagels and hamburger buns.

Puzzle 3

Tearing material or clothing.

The children of your aunt or uncle are your __.

Chewy sphere with hard shell, makes bubbles.

A part of northern Finland, with reindeer.

The plant that an acorn comes from.

Sparkle like the little star in the nursery rhyme.

Ten times ten.

__ Clay, birth name of Muhammad Ali.

An artist's plate for mixing paints.

Singer Ed, who had a hit with Shape of You.

Chow Mein is topped with this crispy pasta.

Partially shaved head of a monk.

Puzzle 4

Large canvas circle used in children's games.

Crunchy vegetable spear.

Branch of medicine concerned with teeth.

Small portable stairs used in a home.

French general defeated at Waterloo.

One, two, three, four, five/Once I caught a __.

Deep-fried ball of filling coated in crisp crumbs.

Term for carnivorous animals that hunt and kill.

Demanding forcefully to have something.

Wrist restraints used by the police.

Dots and dashes system of communication.

Mauve May-time flowers that bob in the breeze.

Puzzle 5

__ play, dramatic performance about Christ's death.

Crunchy nuts also used to make "milk".

Fluids, not solids or gasses.

Stud or hoop that is worn in a lobe piercing.

Selling things to customers and businesses.

Kylie and Dannii's last name.

Month that includes New Year's Day.

Large, noisy beach bird.

Zero, nada, none.

Goes up and down on a trampoline.

A religious separatist, arrived in America in 1620.

Crunchy batter for Japanese deep-fried veggies.

Another word for eye spectacles.

A four-piece musical group.

Puzzle 6

Seeds used in rye, pumpernickel bread.

Aircraft that can land on water such as the ocean.

Cleanin' Out __, 2002 hit for Eminem.

Horton and Dumbo are this animal.

Christmas happens in this month.

Making small waves on a lake's surface.

Spiral-horned African animal, e.g. Nyala or Eland.

Rotating joint between your arm and your neck.

__ and Tobago, island nation in the Caribbean.

The most crunchy and dry.

Puzzle 7

Crisp red-and-white root veggies that top salads.

Male person who explores the universe.

Skill or ability at something.

Going up the side of a mountain or hill.

Drops a parcel off at a house.

Rubs muscles to relax them.

Period when werewolves must change.

Day of the __, menacing plants take over the world.

Fastening a belt.

Frozen water added to cold drinks.

Secret set of characters for logging in.

Puzzle 8

Juliet's surname in Shakespeare's play.

Middle Eastern dish of fried chickpeas.

Large spheres in the solar system such as Mars.

Making pig noises.

Room in a home for food preparation and cooking.

Study of the human body.

Hard sugar with nuts that's served broken.

Disney film about princess with very long hair.

Sport played with a willow bat and red cork ball.

Sewing __, electric stitcher for making clothes.

The heads of state of Kuwait and Qatar.

Adverb often found before "ever after".

From the country with Moscow as capital.

Puzzle 9

Crushed cocoa beans eaten as snacks.

Female offspring; the sisters of brothers.

Number of squares on a chess board.

Of inestimable value.

This half of Will & Grace is from Toronto.

An author might write one about a celebrity.

Animals that eat both plants and meat.

Use a machine to produce words, letter by letter.

Total striptease; film about Sheffield unemployed.

Irish bakers make this crusty loaf without yeast.

Puzzle 10

It sits between knife and fork on a laid table.

Cinderella's transport to the ball.

Standing upright, not horizontal.

Extended hot spell.

Put oneself in front of another to save them.

Prison for sparrows, parrots, etc..

__ toast, sweet spiced sugary toast.

Collection of fallen foliage, often jumped in.

Expecting a baby.

The E in LEDs in electronic displays.

Water bearer zodiac sign.

Italian hard almond biscuits dipped in coffee.

Pillar with pointers as to which road to take.

Puzzle 11

Season during which hibernating creatures sleep.

Building in which children are educated.

Nuts found in Southern US syrupy pie.

Large, grand meals for special occasions.

Device that connects a home to the internet.

Fabric rectangles for drying after showering.

The alliterative Woman who is a DC Comics hero.

Crisp South Asian pastry stuffed with veggies.

According to Churchill it is better than "war war".

Playing on video consoles.

Rain comes from these.

Joints that allow arms to bend.

Slang term for a scientific expert.

Emergency service patrol also called the cops.

One loses __ when one sheds pounds or kilos.

Puzzle 12

The type of sea creature Nemo was.

It's made up of one or more sentences.

Crunchy seeds from this bright yellow bloom.

He played Winslet's villainous fiancé in Titanic.

The FIFA World Cup is held every __.

Any app for communicating by typing.

Four-sided shape with or without equal sides.

Spreading, leaved canopy that provides shelter.

Fashion brand with playing card symbol as its logo.

A pessimist will see their cup this way.

Crunchy covering for hand-held Mexican dish.

Buys, gets at a store.

Puzzle 13

A bike with three wheels.

Fitness check that uses high-pitched sounds.

__ universes where there are other versions of you.

Baked grain rounds used to hold cheese, toppings.

Bloodsuckers who rise from the dead.

Having a paid job.

The tiniest, the least large.

Stone garden feature where avians dip their toes.

Ocean between Europe and North America.

Jennifer, won an Oscar for Silver Linings Playbook.

Runways walked along by fashion models.

Crispy pastry that lies over cooked fillings.

Puzzle 14

Clear and easily perceived.

Sweet French disc sandwich made of egg whites.

Sport on ice blades, speed or figure __.

Upper surface of a room, opposite the floor.

Glued, stuck.

Crunchy "bell" veggies, can be red, green, yellow.

Game of __, fantasy show with dragons.

The Titanic met one.

Wooden homes for rabbits and guinea pigs.

Blinds someone with light.

Last name of Elvis, the King of Rock and Roll.

Universal Studios' erupting water park, __ Bay.

Puzzle 15

Blown up or filled with air.

A country's unit of money, for example dollars.

Brand of stackable potato discs.

Chirping in 280 characters like a little blue bird.

Flesh __ means your kith and kin.

Annual celebration on the day you are born.

Units representing the amount of energy in food.

Action that keeps the ingredients cooking evenly.

The points where the planes of a solid meet.

Mister Crusoe.

Hard sweet circle served on a stick.

Experienced and got to know new places.

World's most famous painting, by da Vinci.

Going pink with embarrassment.

Puzzle 16

Puzzle game with bright shapes that drop.

People that give, for example blood or money.

These teeth crunch down on really hard foods.

One of the four periods of the year.

Fill with water and boil to prepare a hot drink.

Fleshy underground plant parts, like potatoes.

When your salary reaches your bank account.

Christian religious building.

This Christie wrote thrilling murder mysteries.

Girl mouse who likes Mickey.

Use a needle to insert medicine.

Knockdown of all bowling pins on first roll.

Goldberg, who played Oda Mae Brown in Ghost.

Flat device like an iPad.

Italian pies that can have crispy thin crusts.

1970s musical set in 1950s Rydell High School.

Puzzle 17

A schedule so you know when to do things.

Water __, actually veggies, used in Asian meals.

Machine that creates electricity.

Allowed by law.

Nickname for Briton voting to leave the EU.

Singer of Hot N Cold and Teenage Dream.

Chocolate-coated crunchy balls in red packet.

London's Grand Slam tennis tournament.

Device used for viewing the stars and solar system.

Name for the Hindi-language film industry.

Type of gardener that designs and lays out grounds.


Sweet-smelling bright pinkish flower.

Crunchy yellow niblets on a maize cob.

Chair of a committee or company.

Puzzle 18

Scared, frightened.

Drink sold as beans or grounds.

Cooking in oil to crisp up foods.

Apple's music playing program.

Red gemstones.

Creatures that formed Medusa's hair in Greek myth.

Made a noise like a cat.

Mexican tortilla chips topped with cheese.

The blossom part of a plant.

Name of the famous blue Tank Engine.

Jesters in a deck of cards.

Buttoned garments for covering the upper body.

Chubby baby angel in religious art.

Words of __ are sage advice.

Puzzle 19

Mimic a drum machine using only the mouth.

Remote __, rectangle-shaped TV channel-changer.

Another name for the Religious Society of Friends.

Fitted, stretchy item worn for dance or gymnastics.

Germanic crispy pastry log filled with fruit.

Another genius from the Dalí era, Pablo.

Bread pops up out of this appliance when it's done.

Surname of Jim, young narrator of Treasure Island.

The woolly coats worn by sheep.

KFC use this as their crispy, fried meat.

Cloudless overhead sight on a bright, sunny day.

Puzzle 20

Ditzy friend of Monica and Rachel.

Crunchy wafer chocolate fingers, snap when broken.

Citrus fruit that isn't yellow or green.


Low value coin named for a metal it once contained.

Like bread with a crispy, crunchy outside layer.

Electric lamps turned on at night.

Holiday where kids hunt for chocolate eggs.

Line where the race ends.

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