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Here are the answers to CodyCross Currencies Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Eric Arthur Blair's pen name: George __.

Indigenous people of Russia's Sakha Republic.

Latin word L in "Lsd", formerly monetary pounds.

Currency of Tajikistan.

Clear, transparent liquid.

The __ Trap stars Hayley Mills in 1961.

Paper-thin bread from the Middle East.

Australian currency before dollars.

Birthplace of Jesus.

Ancient Greek pencil for cutting through wax.

A metaphor, for example, or __ of speech.

Trinidadian dances under a horizontal bar.

Puzzle 2

Term for the front face of a coin or note.

Architectural construct on original euro banknotes.

Sicilian sponge cake with ricotta.

Hebrew word for big fuss and Jewish New Year dish.

The __ Thief, poor father, stolen good.

Miraculous medieval chemistry.


Representation of figures.

Down on __; traditional way to propose marriage.

Of or relating to crows or ravens.

Official currency of Guatemala.

Moor plant.

Body of water, contains many islands near Borneo.

Puzzle 3

A pair of ligaments in the human knee.

There are 100 of these in a boliviano.

Nightingale is another name for this bird.


Showy but very toxic evergreen shrub: Nerium __.

"Dirty" Irish cream, Kahlua, vodka cocktail.

Splits Ireland from British island.

German World Heritage Site castle used by Luther.

Satoshi __, inventor of the Bitcoin.

Dual-wheeled off-trail transport.

Polish doctor who invented Esperanto: L.L. __.

Vidkun __, Norwegian WWII collaborator.

Indian Sanskrit poet of the 5th century CE.

Hail this Cab for jazz.

Blur album cover with racing greyhounds.

King of Mycenae and husband of Helen of Troy.

Hunt for these while shopping, cut-price deals.

Walk-up price of a hotel room, no discounts.

Puzzle 4

Old French currency, weighed a pound of silver.

South-east French alps town with "vieille ville".


Steve __ Band, San Francisco group of The Joker.

Filipino capital.

Heating glass or metal to alter its properties.

The J in author J D Salinger's name.

A Cuban ballroom dance or a group of rattlesnakes.

US army advisor in Alien, Ellen __.


The number of pennies in a pre-decimal shilling.

Puzzle 5

Lively and vivacious.

What Andersen's emperor wore, or didn't.

Argentine dictator wed Aurelia, Eva and Isabel.

Comedy news studio films starring Will Ferrell.

A trial halted for a short period is __.

Spanish coastal province within Valencia.

The hobby of collecting banknotes.

Flemish Northern Renaissance painter, Adriaen __.

Pink sauce found in a prawn cocktail.

A literary term that means dove.

Emblematic of Britain, she appears on UK coinage.

Powerful individual; can influence high positions.

Household illumination, with tungsten filament.

Puzzle 6

Not in the slightest bit proud.

Estonian currency before the euro, meaning "crown".

Inexperienced sailor who would rather be on land.

River of world's largest waterfall system.

Data structures consisting of multiple parts.

Word from symbols for radium, scandium, aluminum.

In Greek mythology, the guardian spirits of nature.

French novelist who wrote Les Liaisons Dangereuses.

Samantha's mother in Bewitched.

A Russian ruble is made up of 100 __.

Lyrical; also describes appropriate justice.

Musical set in Iraq features Stranger in Paradise.

Save on cutlery using this fork/spoon combo.

Puzzle 7

The back of a coin or banknote.

Insect-evoking sport.

Mary __, creator of Frankenstein.

One who makes musical instruments.

Floating bridge and a card game.

French cosmetics house, founder Jacques Courtin-__.

Capital of Uganda.

Currency of Guatemala named after native bird.

Fatwa-threatened author.

Straw-built home for honey-making insects.

Daytime timekeeper.

The person you need to see.

He played the king in "The King and I": Yul __.

Another name for rocket (salad leaf).

Puzzle 8

In Greek mythology: Helen of Troy's husband.

Crime of snipping metal from precious coins.

Charging with a crime.

American folk singer from Mexican ascendance.

Where the US keeps most of its gold bullion.

Tiny strips of wood that have been planed off.

Effects of work on humans covered in this study.

Of or relating to eagles.

Benjamin __ lusts after Mrs Robinson.

A flight of several hours to a distant destination.

Defensive wooden barrier.

Traditional Iranian cold dessert aka Paludeh.

Football manager, called himself "The Special One".

Inclination towards something.

Publisher's emblem, printed on a book jacket.

Lacking any feeling or sensation.

Breathing apparatus invented by Jacques Cousteau.

Puzzle 9

Piano-playing, "Italian" comedic film brother.

Roman silver coins, quarter of a denarius.

Having a laxative effect.

Deadlock (not just in chess).

Domestic ewe's milk.

All-in-one gadget with knives, openers, picks....

Tiny Mexican dog with large erect ears.

Signed name inscribed on a banknote.

Souls had to cross the __ to reach the Underworld.

Facts and information acquired through education.

The flat green part of India's national plant.

Until __ part; traditional wedding vow.

The Walrus and the __; Through the Looking-Glass.

A community made up of temporary housing.

Martha's backing singers.

President of North Korea (1972-1994).

Puzzle 10

Watch side winders.

Traditional Japanese folding beds.

Rick __, 80's hits singer.

Camel-hump sign, late delta wave, hathook junction.

Thin dough Greek dessert topped with cinnamon.

Country first inhabited by Khoisan, Bantu people.

An extra song at the end of a stage performance.

__ number, unique identifier on a banknote.

Name given to ancient Celtic priests.

Excludes someone from doing something.

Grooved or ridged edges on the sides of coins.

French word for horse.

Puzzle 11

Pac-Man ghost leader.

Cuban rum highball.

Third jewel in Buddhism, the community.

Former Spanish currency also used in Latin America.

Nickname of Beethoven's 9th symphony.

Nationality of Sophie in "Sophie's Choice".

Worldly and elegant/refined.

__ skirt, wide and full skirt with tight waist.

Czech and former Slovak currency meaning "crown".

One of two Norwegian languages with Nynorsk.

Julius Caesar character swallows hot coals.

Obsolete sub-unit of currency of Bohemia.

Woven palm material used in patio furniture.

Puzzle 12

Germany's invasion of Crete in WWII: Operation __.

Purplish red.

Rabbi who memorizes the teachings.

Metal tube used to insert medicine into the body.

Designer of jeweled Easter eggs for Russian czars.

Wreck a house while committing burglary.

Last Lydian king, minted the first gold coin.

Omar __, Persian polymath, author of the Rubaiyat.

Wise men have long ears and short __.

Sub-unit of currency in Cuba, Argentina and Mexico.

Sort of light bulb.

No __ For Old Men, won the Academy Awards in 2008.

Sweet Middle Eastern cheese pastry.

Cricket's ball heave.

One who is independent in politics.

Malaysian currency of 100 sen also called a dollar.

Was awarded two Nobel prizes (1954 and 1962).

Harry Hole's creator.

Three-lobed plant, like a clover.

Puzzle 13

Deep Pacific Ocean trench and NZ island group.

"Ain’t no __ high enough": Gaye & Terrell.

Only the second largest dam on the Pravara River.

Taking money from an account.


Archaic and comedic word for uproar, disturbance.

"Bent cake," Norwegian waffle cookie.

Robbery and violence in unlawful areas.

One hundred __, Zimbabwe's biggest banknote.

Old British silver coin also used in its colonies.

Term for ancient Greek heavily armed foot soldiers.

Puzzle 14

Loss of sounds at the end of a word.

Miraculously restored to life by Jesus.

Canadian notes have a version of these raised dots.

__ Declaration, early moves towards a Jewish state.

On or onto the bottom in shallow water.

Bars of gold subject to heists.

Richard Rodgers musical set in Chicago clubland.

Body part infamously razored in Un Chien Andalou.

Dejected, shamed expression.

To give your support, approval, usually spoken.

Hiroshima __, J League multi-purpose stadium.

The epitome of escape artists.

Triangle with unequal length sides.

Eastern European jam with no gelling agent.

__ DuBois, A Streetcar Named Desire's fragile lead.

West African country with famous road rally.

Ernst __, German military aircraft designer.

Puzzle 15

Water-boiling appliance.

Promissory banknotes pledge to pay the __.

Nickname for a Canadian, often prefaced with Crazy.

French dept near Massif Central, also Mont __.

Fabric scarf tucked in around neck of a shirt.

Sweetened milk, rennet curdled dessert.

Character flaw or defect.

By mouth; spoken.

To gnaw into, fester.

Toxic substance.

White __, dancing movie, "Say You, Say Me".

Where Krugerrands come from, South __.

Plant fertilizing powder loved by bees.

Opera singer involved with Onassis: Maria __.

Systems used to launch small lifeboats.

__ Small, simple-minded chap from Of Mice and Men.

Military ruling body in Ethiopia in the 70s-80s.

Puzzle 16

Japanese fry-up.


Illegal copy, such as with banknotes.

Synonym of columbite, first found in Connecticut.

Main body of a comet.

Ex-England footballer David, also lived in the US.

Vietnam movie starring Charlie Sheen.

Hereditary title for building Jain temple.

Pushing or pulling guitar a string.

Currency of Venezuela, named after El Libertador.

A powerful feeling of resentment or anger.

"River with dry bottom," Northern Dvina tributary.

Wil __, Wesley Crusher on Star Trek: TNG.

Enclosed room or space.

Puzzle 17

His real name is Timucin Fabian Kwong Wah Aluo.

__ Stadium, home of Odisha cricket club.

Women's platfom shoes popular in the 16th century.

Ocean on which Uruguay has its coastline.

Scientist/politician on US $100 bills.

A __ to Arms, film based on Hemingway book.

__ Regrets, song composed by Cole Porter.

Plain, unsophisticated.

Large Siberian dogs, with thick white coat.

Gold coins used in the world of Harry Potter.

Garden flower, lemon-scented leaves make oil.

Puzzle 18

Proponents of government by the many.

European capital the Dambovita River runs through.

Telecommunications device, previously over wires.

Racial degeneration is topic in this field.

On an indirect flight you make one or more __.

Monarch, and an old gold coin.

Media mogul and former husband of Jane Fonda.

Dense, low-lying clouds.

Cape Codder cocktail aka Downeaster.

Gymnastic and athletic, like a trapeze artist.

Drunkenness reveals what this conceals.

Proper positioning of the wheels.

Last member of 1D to release own single: Louis __.

Condition of babies' heads, having scaly scalps.

Precious metal coin named after French monarchs.

South Korean science fiction drama from 2002.

Underskirt or slip.

Puzzle 19

French word indicating the quality of sound.

Small wallaby found on Rottnest Island, Australia.

Widely used currency including in Serbia and Iraq.

The Thief of __, Jaffar deceives naive sultan.

Island in French Polynesia to the west of Tahiti.

Coated with gold leaf paint.

Equestrian lower leg fabric cover, worn over shoe.

Michael __, Beetlejuice actor.

Enduring libatious spree.

Physicist featured on the last UK £1 note in 1988.

Small bump in the skin.

Subject of attack.

Hannibal Lecter character creator: Thomas __.

Cyprus' truly authentic national cocktail.

Container for carrying water, or dipping a mop in.

Puzzle 20

A __ to India, an Edwardian tale by E M Forster.

14th century deadly European pandemic: __ Plague.

Polish cake eaten at Easter.

Means one hundredth in Spanish and Portuguese.

West side of Ural mountains, flows into Arctic.

To laugh quietly.

21st-century cryptocurrency by Satoshi Nakamoto.

Thin white cotton or linen used in shirts.

Acute suffering, agony.

Enter if __, often seen on Halloween signs.

Place to keep the bones of the dead.

Muslim religious scholars, Persian for "master".

Finn __, Irish giant who built the Causeway.

Samuel Bellamy's pirate ship.

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