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Dance Classes PackDance Classes

Here are the answers to CodyCross Dance Classes Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Rich, raised, patterned cloth.

French tuna and egg salad.

Lively Polish folk dance, often to Chopin music.

Device that tops up a phone's power supply.

Raised up a flagpole.

Fast-moving space matter, like shooting stars.

Crammed for exams to improve concepts.

Shawn __, Burton Guster's Psych bestie.

Ankle __, heavy strap-ons for building muscle.

Father and son prime ministers of Canada.

Raise from a seated position.

A synonym for a bunch of flowers.

Protective eyewear for science or swimming.

Underground passages.

Puzzle 2

Illumination cast by a street column.

Double-ended cleansing swab on a small rod.

Ballroom dance, fast by name and nature.

Improvised dance art.

Not using words or speech.

The WB pal who says "What's up, doc?".

Use this to measure how strong the breeze is.

Perfect moment.

Bar that combines craft beer and food.

An orange fruit: anagram of "get in near".

Book issuer.

Puzzle 3

Identification of someone on an app or a site.

Hitting a pole into the ground with a mallet.

Can be first, second, third, fifth in ballet.

Working out, drilling through routines.

Uncontrolled running of cattle.

Currently, in our time, at the present.

The large title on the front page of a newspaper.

Simple cocktails with vermouth.

Retort, riposte.

A person who plays the flute.

1980 David Zucker comedy about a flight.

Puzzle 4

Move the body rhythmically to bring showers.

Apex, best part, pinnacle.

Growth, augmentation.

Prize presented to the best in British music.

Janitor, e.g. at a school.

Companion volume for tourists.

Information you store in your brain.

Blue, French sheep's cheese.

Holy and otherworldly.

Signature of a celebrity.

Fast, Cuban ballroom dance with repeated name.

Rivers and canals are examples of these.

Puzzle 5

Used a dagger.

Protagonist of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

Use this to unclog a toilet, sink or drain.

Neatening, making less messy.

Lawyers' customers.

A square of chocolate cake; helpful elf.

Collection of dance moves or steps.

4/4 dance or sixth word in the phonetic alphabet.


Running-track barriers, leap over them in a race.

Gloria Gaynor's signature song: I Will __.


__ Square, also Brand, on the Piccadilly line.

Puzzle 6

Plane shed.

Happening every 365 days.

__ foam, used in mattresses, molds to the body.

Plants and wildlife, the outdoors.


Femme __, wily and attractive female.

Slanted, inclined.

Ballet glide step from French for hunt.

Eighth month in the Gregorian calendar.

Dumbo and Beetlejuice director Tim __.

Dancing to electronic music at a club.

__ pastry, sweet snack from Scandinavia.

Puzzle 7

__ ceremony; official celebration of newborn's ID.


King __, legendary ruler who visits as a raven.

Closed one eye.

Brought about, stirred.

Tree-dwelling primates from Madagascar.

In The __; Elvis hit set in a poor vicinity.

These flicker yellow and red from a fire.

Traditional English dance, waving hankies.

Divide the legs and lower to the floor.

Trip, journey, passage, usually on a ship.

Puzzle 8

Number of weeks in a year.

One __ deserves another; repay kindness.

Kojak's favorite candy.

2-D shapes with at least three sides.

Really surprising.

Black __; 2001 Ridley Scott war film.

Teach, show someone how to do something.

Uncontrolled conflagration, eg often in Australia.

Dominican dance, side-stepping with a partner.

Madonna song, "... baby, I love you".

A buckle, tie, knot, popper, button or toggle.

Raisins that have no seeds.

Do Androids Dream of __ Sheep.

Puzzle 9

These animals walk with a clip-clop.

Water __, receptacle for hydration during exercise.

Nearby area.

Depend upon someone.

Depart on a journey.

Witch's mixture.

1/100 of a ruble.

Small pool filled with warm, bubbly water.

50s nostalgia song-and-dance show from Rydell High.

17th-century slow court dance for two people.

Long, narrow inlets between cliffs.

Puzzle 10

Pure chemical substance, such as copper or oxygen.

Pizza with a thicker crust.

Dancing with sounds coming from plates on shoes.

Enclosed in paper, as a gift.

Let loose, free.

Short slumbers, as experienced by felines.

Continue past the advertised time.

Coming into port.

Tumbling volcanic embers.

First name of actor knight __ Branagh.

Where received messages are stored online.

Politely ask for something.

Foot-dragging, rave dance move.

Render less valuable.

Get down from a high point.

Puzzle 11

Good wishes to someone starting a journey.

Faultless, unblemished, pure.

Hair that hangs in tight curls.

Reveals, finds out the truth.

Simple process for checking out online.

Pacing, moving feet.

Round plastic ring to swivel round the hips.

Rising warm air currents; gliders use them to fly.

Josh __; Pearl Harbor and Black Hawk Down actor.

Extending the forefinger to indicate (can be rude).

Sophie's companion the Big __ Giant.

__ Williams; rapper and producer with The Neptunes.

Puzzle 12

Land measure equivalent to 2.47 acres.

Table game with 22 balls.

Ceremonial acts, like with freemasonry.

Cleaning spray bottle with gun-like pull lever.

Slamming, head-shaking dancing done in a pit.

Dispute, disagreement.

Flat-bottomed boat used in canals of Venice.

Describes the words used when something is written.

Dance style seen in a hoedown.

Making a goose noise.

Demonic, devilish.

Mass of floating ice, detached from a glacier.

Compliments someone.

Puzzle 13

Opposite of rigid; pliant.

__ fling, Scottish reel dance.

Rough, harsh, rasping voice.

Weaved yarn for the wrist, matching for friends.

Environmentally conscious Dr Seuss character.

Wonderful, brilliant, bright.

Lucky __, Irish foliage bought as a souvenir.

Snow White and the __, movie with Kristen Stewart.

Player of pipe or barrel instrument.

Place of the official residence of India's president.

Holiday away from home.

Starter, novice.

Deliberately tear down a building.

Puzzle 14

Poking something with your finger.

Driving someone to ire.

Poet __ or children's __, a promoter of literature.

Avians' musical repertoire.

Ornamental or expressive, creative.

Irrational, anxious, disturbed, phobic.

Pickled condiments.

Fins worn on a diver's feet.

Sailors' dance.

Dynamo: __ Impossible; fly on the wall TV series.

All that __ is not gold.

Large snakes; anagram of presents.

Puzzle 15

Rick __, actor in Ghostbusters and The Flintstones.

Revitalize, invigorate.


Resident, e.g. city __.

Not a professional performer.

Fleshy aural part.

Crime or novel where the ending is yet unknown.

Maritime ferry terminal.

Pick up goods rather than have them delivered.

Large, black feline.

Dance performance, especially by students.

In Spanish this country is called Alemania.

Expresses sorrow loudly.

Puzzle 16

Receiver, mouthpiece of a phone.

Connected through family.

Our Father, who art in Heaven, Hallowed be __.

Match visual performance to pre-recorded vocals.

Food that makes a loud noise when you eat it.

A word with an opposite meaning.

Carbon __; gas released when humans breathe.

Leg __, dancers' ankle accessories from the 80s.

World's smallest country in area: __ City.

One-to-one session, not public.

Made a festive bell noise.

Earth masses surrounded completely by water.

Puzzle 17

In a foreign country.

Area of stalls selling goods.

Corn __, breakfast cereal from maize.

To have put something down carefully.

Tie shoe strings, or a bodice.

The __, psychological horror with Nicole Kidman.

Pieces of music; songs.

French, high-kicking dance in a chorus line.

A lump of precious metal.

Cowries and periwinkles have these hard cases.

Puzzle 18


Managing of woodlands.

Music player introduced to replace Apple's Mini.

Rotating quickly, round and round.

American 1930s improvisational swing dance.

Creature with a sticky tongue that eats termites.

Clock for cooking used in board games.

Two words to express gratitude.

References, citations.

Making fewer.

Steak cooked fully in the middle.

Removed goods or luggage from a vehicle.

Put a plan into action.

The spinal column.

Sleeveless undergarment worn by women.

Thor: __; 2017 film, third part of Thor trilogy.

Criminal who is a member of a group.

Puzzle 19

Advantage only available to a certain group.

Joining the Navy.

Sign off on The Waltons: "__ John-Boy".

Added useful objects to a room, e.g. to sit on.

Gymnastic or circus-style dance movements.

Official home of a government minister.

Process by which new species develop.

Method used to perform a dance.

Contract or consensus.

Maze with intricate passageways.

System of working parts in a machine.

Puzzle 20

__ Portman, starred in Black Swan as a ballerina.

Noticing sounds by using one's ears.

Top tier.

Melted sugar syrup drizzled on apples.

__ and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

Long accessories for keeping necks warm.

Moon vehicles.

Embarrassed by actions.

Physical well-being, good health.

Designs new things.

A pig's foot.

Places to play golf.

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