CodyCross Date Night Pack answers

Date Night PackDate Night

Here are the answers to CodyCross Date Night Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

Scissorhands who wants to take Kim out.

"Weeping" tree.

Escargots are edible __ found on a French menu.

TV news presenter.

Structured like a duck's foot.

Innocent until __ guilty; legal principle.

Spoiled, disfigured.

Fashions, vogues.

Moses __, wicker cot for sleeping babies.

German town with Grimms' fairy-tale musicians.

Painter and illustrator of Americana, __ Rockwell.

Reducing costs and setting aside money.

Small church, sometimes within another building.

Lazio Italian region, also known as __ in Latin.

Der Blaue __, Kandinsky-led German Expressionists.

Kicked hard, e.g. a football.

Swiss melted cheese pot, perfect for a winter date.

He had a technicolor dreamcoat.

Puzzle 2

Location of Ed Sheeran's Castle in 2017 hit.

Spicy sausage found on pizzas.

Headwear to protect from perspiration.

Establishment for purchasing reading materials.

Patti LuPone, Glenn Close were Norma in Sunset __.

Liquid drilled from the ground to refine for fuel.

The side that is being sued or prosecuted in court.

Most famous musical set in Baltimore.

Carell and Fey find themselves on a nightmare one.

Kermit's one true love.

Puzzle 3

Bottom edge of fingernail targeted in a manicure.

Perfectly round 3D shapes.

Old English poem of slaying dragons.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin __.

Jerry, who dated and married his assistant Dorothy.

Game of dice where players try to roll 5 of a kind.

Units of measurement of water depth.

Water __, Vietnamese Zodiac sign like the ox.

Small fish that spawns on beaches at night.

Swallowing food quickly and noisily.

What an acrophobic is afraid of.

Swiss tennis player Bencic, or singer Carlisle.

Flawless, like the best date ever.

Halloween ensemble.

Puzzle 4

Goods left behind when someone dies.

Leggy creatures by Louise Bourgeois.

Artificial intelligence in physical forms.

Austrian moist potato dumplings.

Casual walk, perhaps hand-in-hand.

Actor __ Short or film director Scorsese.

Nationality of poet Rabindranath Tagore.

The __ Underground; Lou Reed and John Cale's group.

The shaped, rigid end of a piping bag.

Something needing to be solved; test of knowledge.

Ireland, Taiwan, Sicily are examples of one.

Season between spring and fall.

Roses, daisies and tulips are types of this.

Joan __; Swiss founder of FC Barcelona.

Excellent view type, perhaps overlooking a valley.

Thomas __, Lieutenant Jim Dangle on Reno 911!.

Medical stitch on a wound or incision.

__ I, monarch founder of modern Sweden.

Puzzle 5

David __, starred in The Partridge Family.

These golf clubs were also known as 1-wood.

Jones who couldn't pick between Darcy or Daniel.

Boycott, strike.

Live to fight __ day.

Rock formed from hardened volcanic lava.

Naval instrument of a telescope and scale.

Pastimes or leisure pursuits.

Shoulder blade bone.

Brother or sister.

Jessica's father in The Merchant of Venice.

Body kneading for knot release.


Feeling sorry for.

Lamb chops, sometimes crumbed.

Late 19th-century conflict in South Africa.

__ affairs; happening in the world right now.

Puzzle 6

Ip Man's most famous martial arts student.

Spanish believed this city's people bathed in gold.

Rope-pulling contest.

London street, famous for its luxury hotels.

Champagne with the name of a Benedictine monk.

Larger __, striking or exaggerated personality.

__ Blast, soldier sidekick to Private Meekley.

Outer garment for keeping precipitation off.

To have no idea; 90's film with Alicia Silverstone.

Opening a door or pulling out a chair for someone.

Christina Perri has loved for this many years.

Amended, improved or up-to-date version.

Puzzle 7

Danse __, symphonic poem by Saint-Saens.

The study of the human body.

The one that __; an angler's tall tale.

Unnerved, shook up.

The __ Singer Robbie Hart scores a date with Julia.

Banks do this for a house or car purchase.

Everything Has __ with Swift and Sheeran.

Captain __, prehistoric cartoon character.

Plain, white ice cream from pod seeds.

Toyota car that's been a bestseller for years.

Character in George Orwell's novel 1984: Big __.


Puzzle 8

Black __, 2001 Ridley Scott war film.

It often accompanies eating.

Decision on whether a shot was in or out in tennis.

Decide the outcome before examining the evidence.

You and Me by the Dave __ Band.

US word for sports shoes or trainers.

Country whose capital is Gaborone.

Fabrics, materials used in arts.

Quiet and private, like a corner table.

King Edmund II's nickname.

Level on a salary scale.

Puzzle 9

Words of wisdom to help someone in a pickle.

Classed-up clothing for a night on the town.

__ Ritchie; Dancing on the Ceiling megastar.

Projections found at the back of people's throats.

Williams sister who won more Grand Slams.

Capital of Haiti: Port-au-__.

Brilliant hues at the day's end.

__ Jones, opera translated into a musical.

Google's browser, or the shiny bits on a car.

Large spade for clearing snow from roads.

Posh fish eggs, often black.

Triple-time Spanish dance or cut-off jacket.

Puzzle 10

Sweets at the end of a meal.

Place one marks an evening out, to not forget it.

Surname of Silence of the Lambs' Clarice.

Word for grandmother in Russian.

Crops used in tofu, tempeh, an nattō.

Marchers' signs.

Large tank for tropical fishes.

Rudolph is one with a very red nose.

__ Lenin; first leader of the Soviet Union.

He had a hit in 1957 with self-penned Diana.

Created in a house, like a tasty meal.

His artwork BASH featured Marilyn and JFK.

Sea separating the Italian coast from the Balkans.

Description for a precise incision.

It's __; comment used on completion of a film.

Track runners go the long (and short) of this.

Puzzle 11

Practical, results-based approach to a problem.

Crested penguin species native to New Zealand.

Become too much for; swamp.

Longitudinal lines, like the Prime one.

Weatherman Phil dates Rita repeatedly in __ Day.

Gangster, extortioner.

These rides are side-saddle, English or Western.

Animated series that kills Kenny a lot.

Children's cartoon Alvin and the __.

Ice cream coffee, popular in Germany.

__ Pope, English poet of satirical verses.

Puzzle 12

Seduced politely with sophistication, captivated.

Buckets of these kernels are popular at the movies.

2013 hit song by Sia, __ Heart.

Greek epic poem of a warrior's 20-year absence.

One might stand on these for a goodnight kiss.

Clothing worn by soldiers.

Cape __, rocky headland in the tip of Africa.

Spiny anteater; anagram of "chained".

Specific __, term used in the brewing of beer.

Sprinting, or jogging fast.

Cleaning the house, putting things where they go.

Steve McQueen drove one of these in Bullitt.

Puzzle 13


Musical genre of the Beastie Boys.

What two parallel lines mean in mathematics.

Stocks and __, equities and investment bonds.

Device used to take photos before phones.

Surprise attack by an enemy that lays in wait.


The __ Papers; Dickens serial in Bentley's journal.

An __ pillowcase has a fabric border or frill.

Outdoor food fest, perhaps on a blanket.

Visit one for bloom admiration.

Block of dairy that could be Cheddar.

Puzzle 14

Squares of cloth sewn together in a pattern.

Singer profiled in film Rocketman.

Trophy winners.

Be my __ on February 14.

Eye-catching news article titles.

Island region that includes Hawaii, New Zealand.

Huge victory, like earth slipping down a hill.

Lady and the Tramp split a piece of this on a date.

Oven with electromagnetic fields to heat food.

Pseudo-cereal with seeds that look like grain.

Puzzle 15

Paper bracelet worn to show you paid at a club.

Seller of goods and services over the Internet.

Adama commanded this ship.

Ambling avenue on a beach.

Location of Raffles hotel.

What I Like About You band.

Warren, one of US' primaries candidates for 2020.

Reptile protected by several laws in Florida.

Empress of __, prize pig owned by Wodehouse's lord.

Bengali, Malay, Hausa, and Javanese.

Puzzle 16

Casually traversing up a mountain path.

Needed to operate videogames and payphones.

Breakfast meal made of grain and served with milk.

__ Ullman, comic variety show host.

Folk, persons.

Small African antelopes with repeated name.

Word that goes with book or Etch a.

She and Clyde had an epic date night.

Portray, represent.

Word game with letters on dice.

German romantic Lullaby composer.

Sieve for cleaning water.

Puzzle 17

Pink wading bird.

Heedfulness or caution.

Thinking up ideas, like the perfect evening out.

It's a baby dummy in the UK, a __ in North America.

Chinese city with 632-m megatall skyscraper.

Binoche and Depp heat things up in this tasty film.

"I'd Do Anything for Love" singer, name is a food.

The __ Wives; Ira Levin tale of robotic females.

Jim __, aviator and husband of Amy Johnson.

Chopped olives and capers spread from Provence.

American brand of jeans and durable workwear.

Puzzle 18

Build-up of mucus in the throat or sinuses.

Our solar system has eight of these.

Square container for transporting baked goods.

The Black Eyed Peas Gotta __ about tonight.

Free time for doing fun or relaxing activities.

Greg Focker has to Meet the __ of his date Pam.

__ green; flat grass lawn for ball-rolling sport.

Danger Mouse's bespectacled hamster assistant.

Members of the cat family.

Distance covered, in imperial system units, not km.

Hindu god, avatar of Vishnu, carries a flute.

Puzzle 19

Hollywood actress Tori and film producer Aaron.

Townie, doesn't live in the countryside.

Final announcement for flight passengers.

Teachers want kids to do this after school.

City where Johann Sebastian Bach was born.

McDreamy and Meredith worked at this place.

Floor-length dress for grand parties.

Sugary, fried, ring-shaped snack.

The act of making something.

Scottish battle, final one of the Jacobite Rising.

1 unit of water from the sky, avg volume 0.03 mL.

Skinny-dipping's main activity.

Actor who dated in Big and Sleepless in Seattle.

Jeff Kinney's diary-writing schoolboy character.

Supporter of a political group or organization.

Puzzle 20

Machine made to hard boil.

Meals on wheels.

Digital version of this card game was made in 1989.

Difficulty that is sometimes overcome.

Nick Hornby novel on male bonding.

Hair extensions glued onto lids.

Seven-sided figures.

Water sport of surfing attached to a boat.

Weather event of ice balls falling from the sky.

Bat __, Canadian lawman and journalist.

Someone waiting to become a monk or nun.

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