CodyCross Day and Night Pack answers

Day and Night PackDay and Night

Here are the answers to CodyCross Day and Night Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Zodiac sign represented by a crab.

Genre of movie that might give you nightmares.

Name for the Nike symbol.

Blows up like a volcano.

Franklin, music icon who rode the Freeway of Love.

Type of health that isn't physical; about the mind.

River or sea-dwelling members of the weasel family.

Square root of 144.

Small round fruits often crushed to make wine.

Make a bomb safe.

Heat, like from the sun on a bright day.

Country that hosted the 2016 Rio Olympics.

Every cloud has a silver one.

Keep food and drinks chilled in this appliance.

Puzzle 2

Outdoor conditions, e.g. wind, rain, snow.

An audience standing to show their appreciation.

Make swift movement towards, like a flying insect.

Horses in chess.

Nighttime insect also known as a glowworm.

Enters a place uninvited, attacks with an army.

You're either for something or __ it.

Soft pillow used to make a seat more comfortable.

Gloves without individual fingers.

Social nighttime gatherings, often with alcohol.

Organ said to turn when you see something foul.

Soothing song sung to a sleepy baby.

Author who wrote the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Puzzle 3

Describes a big belly or a jelly.

Elaborate royal residence.

Website that handles billions of searches a day.

White, puffy objects in the daytime sky.

Type of grass eaten by panda bears.

Fun suspended seats that move back and forth.

Sport where 0 is love, played during nice days.

Mick, Rolling Stones lead singer and frontman.

Cupcake-shaped snack that might have blueberries.

Bony joints between the feet and the legs.

Sharp-bladed tools for shaving stubble.

A single direction.

Letters representing open sounds; not consonants.

Hip hip __!.

The flat glass surfaces in a pair of glasses.

Puzzle 4

Close these drapes for privacy.

Animal term for someone who often stays up late.

Controller for video games, planes.

Condition caused by blood glucose imbalances.

The ocean between Europe and North America.

A child's infant toy.

Place to buy souvenirs, often near the exit.

Outdoor daytime sport like baseball but with feet.

Kojak's favorite candy.

Duck-billed mammal that uniquely lays eggs.

A person who is paid to work.

Stephenie Meyer's hit vampire series.

Type of restaurant chains focusing on quick meals.

Woman who is married to Santa.

Simple cutting tool comprising two linked blades.

Puzzle 5

Taking a dip to cool off after a hot day.


Another word for a lawyer.

Frozen dessert that sounds like you shrieked!.

Fast, large wild cats covered in spots.

Veggies used to produce French fries.

Museum displays.

Out of the __, absolutely impossible or unfeasible.

Cosmetic paste worn around the mouth.

Simon & Garfunkel found a bridge over these waters.

Bed covers used to make walls in some night forts.

Element that helped the Hindenburg fly.

Number system that uses tens as the base.

Internet locations with URLs.

Chopped logs that are burned for warmth.

Puzzle 6

Permanent crossings over rivers.

This evening.

Set of blood-filtering organs in the lower abdomen.

Get paper copies of computer info with this device.

Brie, mozzarella, and feta.

A long trip, maybe in a car, plane or train.

Cinderella lost a glass one.

Place where one goes afternoon apple picking.

Made a houseplant wet.

Took money from your account.

__ Battle, musical miming TV show.

Puzzle 7

James Cameron Sci-Fi film with blue beings.

A two-piece bathing costume.

Jamaica is one.

Outdoor meal, typically on a blanket in the sun.

Cord to which kites and yo-yos are connected.

Tool used to hit nails.

A Christian religious building, a chapel.

Actors Mary-Kate, Ashley and Elizabeth.

Hour when it is noon or midnight.

Liquids; substances that are not solids or gasses.

In the public __, accessible to anyone.

Holiday celebrated with eggs and a bunny.

Puzzle 8

The first meal of the day, eaten in the morning.

Inexpensive hand-held fireworks.

From birth to death and round again.

Baby aquatic birds, e.g. juvenile mallards.

Making one's teeth brighter.

Glistening treasure at a rainbow's end.

Material that easily catches on fire.

Where you bury your head when you ignore problems.

Jumping game played on a chalk grid.

Singers of popular music.

Puzzle 9

Tall office or residential building.

Upper torso arm joint.

Gin __, the latter two words of a G&T.

Big reptile that lived millions of years ago.

Daytime sport where home runs are hit with bats.

Sign that says this table is taken.

Brands include Apple, Dell, HP and Microsoft.

The absence of light.

The opposite of guilty.

Places in which people cook food.

Puzzle 10

See a shooting star and hope for something.

Hot cocoa tastes like this sweet treat.

Capital of the Netherlands with canals.

Chairs and tables for one's home.

Nylon or silk coverings for women's legs.

Type of communication, like Skype or FaceTime.

To make text or type slant or slope for effect.

1999 cyber action film starring Keanu Reeves.

Planting flowers in one's sunny backyard.

Pictures made using brushes and pigments.

Puzzle 11

Not backward.

Play performance that happens during the day.

A small rodent often kept as a pet.

The process of gradually losing hair.

Something that is old and collectible.

The last planet in the solar system.

Vote into power for a further term.

Buys stocks.

Robin Hood's enemy, the __ of Nottingham.

Uma who starred in the Kill Bill films.

Triangular structure built by ancient Egyptians.

Sugary dish eaten after a late dinner.

Puzzle 12

She was married to Guy Ritchie from 2000-2008.

Able to last a while, withstand damage.

Riding on a wind-powered boat during the day.

Business income.

Things come out of this when they're unexpected.

Healing substances in video games.

Opening one's mouth wide when tired at night.

Soft for stepping out of the shower onto.

A humorous drawing or animation.

Diamonds are __, Bond theme by Dame Shirley.

Strolling, in the countryside perhaps.

Walking under these is considered unlucky by some.

Puzzle 13

Mediterranean dip or spread made of chickpeas.

The M in the Detroit-based car company GM.

Loud noises on clocks used to wake you up.

Outdoor doghouse.

The season of rebirth and regrowth.

Grand instruments with black and white keys.

Chemical element whose symbol is O.

Back to __; returning to a simple way of life.

UK city where the Wimbledon tournament is held.

__ Panda featured Po, an aspiring martial artist.

Little break Ferris Bueller took in his film.

Nighttime hour when the law says you must be home.

Oscillating chair, good for a baby's room.

Puzzle 14

Eating utensil associated with Asian food.

Extensive stone monument snaking across China.

White dog with black spots made famous by Disney.

The time following midday.

Said never to strike twice at the same place.

Choosing game using three hand shapes, __ scissors.

First month of autumn in the northern hemisphere.

People who have ideas for creating new products.

He stole Christmas, according to Dr. Seuss.

A policeman's restraints for a criminal's wrists.

Advancement in one's career.

Skin that is broken and sore from rubbing.

Nightshirts and PJs worn to bed.

Puzzle 15

Sticky paste that glues wallpaper to a wall.

Figure that has a nominator and a denominator.

__ Fried Chicken or KFC, sold by Colonel Sanders.

Spiny nocturnal animal, like Sonic.

Sketches or pictures produced with a pen or pencil.

Board game of spelling, tiles, double word scores.

Legal document needed to enter a country.

First name of Barrack Obama's wife.

Exciting book genre with crime, action.

Daytime festival, funfair.

Some call it the best medicine.

Green vegetable that looks like small trees.

TV quiz show in which the answer is a question.

The inside of a building.

The Y in DIY.

Puzzle 16

The least of a set of numbers.

Playing a daytime sport with clubs.

Shameful or disgraceful event; gossipy rumor.

Cats, lions, tigers, leopards, etc.

Making a house warm, using radiators.

Diary-writer __ Jones, played by Renée Zellweger.

Animal hide fabric used to make belts and shoes.

Social media platform known for short posts.

Doctor of teeth.

Bright waxy sticks for drawing pictures.

Official national language of Moscow's country.

A paper bill for services rendered.

Nighttime sing-along event created in Japan.

Puzzle 17

Flat discs on which food is served.

Dismissing an employee from their job.

Bee, ant or butterfly, but not a spider.

King Arthur's legendary wizard.

Flight taken throughout the night.

Popular bird on Thanksgiving.

Fly under the radar, avoid attention.

Adam, star of Star Wars and Marriage Story.

It can be measured in inches, yards or leagues.

Hogwarts School's bearded groundskeeper.

Fabric fastener with rough and soft sides.

Final defender in a soccer or hockey game.

Learning institution for students during the day.

Historical building for a king or queen.

Use an inhaler to treat this wheezy ailment.

A light wind.

Jennifer, Oscar-winning American Idol finalist.

Puzzle 18

From one evening to the next morning.

Lucky footwear for an equine.

Manmade lake for storing water.

Number of full miles in a marathon race.

Observe flying animals in the daytime.

Dish on a roof, uses power to receive TV signals.

Process when stomach turns food into fuel.

2019 Rian Johnson drama with an all-star cast.

Cemetery that is scary at night.

Items to tick off when packing for a trip.

Puzzle 19

You make a mountain out of it when you exaggerate.

Tools for breaking open windows.

Banging on a bass, snare, or bongo.

Ariana Grande is known for rocking this hairstyle.

To complete or create an official record.

Vision, tested by an optician.

Catch some rays to get a tan.

Green leaves in a pond; resting places for frogs.

Long, thin glass vessel used in science labs.

Popular children's book, We're Going on a __.

Mediterranean liquid fat used in cooking.

Cylinders carrying natural fuel underground.

Monster that transforms when seeing a full moon.

Deer-like animal.

Finger joints used in boxing.

Puzzle 20

Female performers on stage or screen.

Casual sports played in one's yard, like bean bags.

Stabbed __, double-crossed or deceived.

Promote a product.

Egyptian queen who fell for Mark Antony.

Instrument used to get a closer look at the stars.

Animals with long trunks and long memories.

Switch on this fast electric oven to heat food.

Energy providers; gas and electricity companies.

Repetitive kids' song about a young fish.

Opening line in a journal entry.

Niagara river feature in US and Canada.

Practiced for a performance.

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