CodyCross Day at the Museum Pack answers

Day at the Museum PackDay at the Museum

Here are the answers to CodyCross Day at the Museum Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Text that provides knitting instructions.

Light rain.

Public sale where potential buyers place bids.

Black Panther rules this fictional African nation.

Chicago-style pizza, thick as can be.

US rapper/producer Armando Pérez's alter ego.

In the middle of two things.

Bring a parcel to the right address.

Gradually moving an infant on to solid food.

__ activities; interactive experiences (2 words).

To have hit the button for more minutes in the AM.

Three sheets to __, or inebriated.

Puzzle 2

__ at hello; romantic line from Jerry Maguire.

Creators, starters of a company.

Unconventional, like a Queen rhapsody.

Terracotta __; Chinese mausoleum figures.

Shiny hairless patch on the head.

Golfing game with two pairs of players.

Raw veggie hors d'oeuvres.

A land turtle is also called a __.

Glass display cases in museums.

Thrown when upset, like a temper tantrum.

With no character or personality.

Cinderella loses one of these at the ball.

Puzzle 3

Wicked, badly behaved in God's eyes.

Every cloud has a silver one.

MOMA; Museum of __ Art.

Joints of the body between foot and lower leg.

__ Sun, book two in The Red Rising Series.

Museum robberies that are usually quite daring.

Most famous ringed planet in our solar system.

UK vote on leaving the EU.

Shrimp __ has white wine, garlic, and butter.

Plague insect that eats everything in its path.

Puzzle 4

The least attractive of all.

White/black fungus that's a delicacy, esp. in oil.

__ over, handing over money reluctantly.

Preserved bodies from ancient Egyptian times.

Language in which Hola means hello.

Rhymes or puzzles that pose complicated questions.

Best-selling legal thriller author John __.

Small flat rings to keep bolts in place.

Leaves something empty.

Film recordings, e.g. of historical events.

Removed plumage, like from a chicken.

Prohibiting, fobidding, outlawing.

The Space __ Us, Mars to Earth film.

Classic Ford car also known as a wild horse.

Puzzle 5

A choice that you have to make.

__ board; kitchen surface for dicing vegetables.

Weighted above; in danger of toppling over.

Vegetable sometimes called "little green trees".

Collection of historical records.

Italian form of the name John.

Study of religions.

Song by __ Williams made us Happy in 2013.

Groups of letters added to the ends of words.

Soaked through to the skin, dripping wet.

Finger adornment; changes hue to match emotions.

Most important hive resident; Beyonce's nickname.

Motorcycle especially for use on rough terrain.

Those who love to train at sports.

Artistic pottery, tableware, etc.

It travels knee to ankle, is protected in soccer.

__ velocity, end constant speed of falling objects.

Using scientific methods to investigate crimes.

Puzzle 6

Elongate the muscles before exercise.

Safety eyewear.

Treating someone like a young infant.

Memorabilia including guns, swords, daggers etc.

Country accessible from Italy via the Brenner Pass.

Disney song Can You Feel the Love __?.

"Going __" is acting crazy and peeling out.

Airport departure VIP waiting areas.

Snake __; fearless reptile stupifier.

The way a person holds their body.

Two and a __; sitcom about three male relatives.

Foot stool, sometimes with storage.

Soaking up liquid delicately with handkerchief.

Large hall for displaying works of art.

Ness is a short version of this girls' name.

Puzzle 7

Celebrity with a young fan-base.

__ plants grow sideways with tendrils.

Memento of a trip or a visit.

Busiest time to travel on roads or trains.

Bill Clinton was governor of this state.

Culture and traditions.

Total, entire, complete... vodka?.

With a reflective surface, e.g. __ sunglasses.

Planes rising into flight.

Scrape or scratch on the skin.

__ race; contest with a clear leader.

Music channel you can create on Spotify.

Upton __; novelist who wrote The Jungle in 1904.

To mix eggs, for example.

Coiled tube for putting out flames.

Puzzle 8

Christian group of God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

No socks needed with this summer footwear.

It ain't over till she sings.

One who tidies up and disinfects a place.

Suffering illness as a direct result of flying.

Large models of people, often made from metal.

__ horse; rideable nursery equine.

Iceberg or romaine salad greens.

Common name for the North American brown bear.

1985 charity concert for the Ethiopian famine.

Ebb away, become less strong, like a storm.

Per Harry Potter, people without magical powers.

The capital of Venezuela.

Sounding alike, like toe and Joe.

Hit one of these and go around all the bases.

Preserved remains of prehistoric animals.

Puzzle 9

December 26 in the UK.

Effervescent, bubbly water or wine.

Records are spun on this device.

Free __; no charge for entry.

Stretch car driven by a chauffeur.

Human __; personnel department of a company.

State __ Museum; Russian art museum.

Number of inches in a yard.

John Cena and The Rock are these.

Library storage units.

Puzzle 10

Ancient times.

Small pieces of tree used in garden projects.

Mrs __, 1994 Robin Williams cross-dressing film.

Stood with one leg either side of something.

An orange citrus fruit: anagram of "get in near".

Marine invertebrate in a spiny shell.

Cosmetic treatments for feet and toes.

Pamphlet with information about exhibits.

Fast craft that travels on water and sets records.

Biological community.

Puzzle 11

Tournaments, happenings, things to go to.

One under par in golf.

Look up to someone, or have a secret crush on them.

Music style originating from Jamaica.

The "N" word in the medical abbreviation WNL.

Gets sweeter, more ready for eating.

Convicted criminal James Hanratty's crime.

Powerful detergent that stains clothes white.

__ worker; person who delivers mail for a living.

Another word for lines of people waiting.

Curved fruit-named bicycle seat.

Dry up and shrink.

Busy as one of these brown river creatures.

Movie genre of The Rock, Jason Statham, Denzel.

Close fitting underpants, not boxers.

Pictures taken by a camera.

__ strike; abstaining from food in protest.

Believer and communicator of spiritual revelations.

Puzzle 12

When a baby animal emerges from an egg.

__ Lips, American alternative rock band.

Wear fancy clothes for an evening meal.

Exploded like Mount Vesuvius.

A strenuous exercise session.

Tool to share files between nearby Apple devices.

__ behind; not keeping up.

Army hairstyle.

Day of rest and worship.

Ben __; star of Night at the Museum film series.

Gluko's cartoon adventure on Little Big __.

Shorthand term for show business.

Annual notification to pay the government money.

Long, warm fabric neck accessories.

Official language of Belize.

To add water to something.

Roman horse-drawn vehicle.

People from Hamburg or Berlin.

Poultry served in bowls at Prince Harry's wedding.

Someone who visits attractions.

Puzzle 13

One who breaks free.

__ fever, red children's contagious disease.

Study of the past.

Tarot __, where cards give future insights.

Babyhood or early life.

Fashionable, trendy, chic.

Tallest living animal breed.

Foreign __, international relations in politics.

Less loose.

Tore off someone's skin and hair from their head.

Clearing up a room or a desk.

Words on paper with pen.

Good pool player and con artist.

Weather event with rotating wind.

People who sell food and household items.

Leave a home, with belongings packed.

__ Tarantino, US film director of Pulp Fiction.

Fake work of art.

Popeye's beloved vegetable.

Kool & __; Celebration and Get Down On It group.

People who didn't turn up.

Puzzle 14

__ Sutherland, was president in The Hunger Games.

Racket sport played at Wimbledon.

Chinese duck that's from Beijing.

Airships, zeppelins.

Take one's leave, retreat.

Dance performance, sometimes done en pointe.

Coca cola's lemon lime soda.

Borrowed from another museum's collection.

Samsung's flagship phone model.

Random knowledge, often used in games.

Not outdoors.

Goosey goosey __, whither shall I wander?.

World's largest museum, located in Paris.

Sweet __ by the Eurythmics.

Waifs and __; people or animals with no home.

Puzzle 15

Makes an effort to do something.

These common tools are used on nuts and bolts.

Absent for a significant period; e.g. __ relative.

Woven textile wall-hanging.

Wary of danger.

__ time; additional minutes added at end of a game.

Madonna is a __ Girl, living in a __ world.

Breakfast cereal brand said to help dieting.

Large stack of firewood.

Outfits worn during particular historical periods.

Identity document/ticket for going on trains.

__ are coming! Iconic Coca-Cola ad slogan.

Puzzle 16

Assailant, invader, one who instigates or attacks.

The long arms found on an octopus.

People who pay others to work for them.

To be separated from everyone else is to be in __.

Cooking with heat and flames from below, like BK.

Fit for purpose only once, like plastic straws.

Pre-1800 original European work of art, not new!.

Keanu Reeves movie asks, red pill or blue pill?.

Another word for entry to a museum or attraction.

This prank explodes and leaves a terrible smell.

All that's left after cutting down timber.

Seen in big cities, leading a group around.

__ Expedition leader Douglas Mawson.

Work of art made from clay.

Female who does not work outside the home.

Puzzle 17

Tiny particles of sand (rhymes with lanes).

Small pulse vegetable, eaten in stews.

Broken __, to go on and on and on about something.

__-arrow frogs, their toxins used to tip arrows.

Sports brand inspired by South African antelope.

Archives, historical records.

States of __: solid, liquid and gas.

Life-saving injection device for allergy sufferers.

Where people drink in the Wild West.

Belly __ fluff; how does it get in there?.

Sign on the __ line; validate a contract.

Crown __; monarch's finery, on display in London.

Van Gogh painting inspiring Don McLean: __ Night.

1990s TV show, Buffy the Vampire __.

Puzzle 18

Boils down a sauce to make it thicker.

There's __ without fire.

On view to the general public.

Kate __, the romantic lead Rose in Titanic.

Clay artwork that is fired to make it stronger.

Recording device mounted to the inside of a car.

Like an animal, monstrous.

When a train goes off the tracks it does this.

Anxious with anticipation.

A soft, warm clothing fabric that's often plaid.

Beam that gymnasts frequent.

Exhaustion from too much work, like an old candle.

Male servers at a restaurant.

Court __, a form of military justice.

Baby porkers, like Pooh's friend.

__ Avenue, NY's famed advertising district.

A Brief __ of Time, Stephen Hawking's magnum opus.

Puzzle 19

Stories by James Joyce set in the Irish capital.

Denzel Washington 2014 vigilante movie, The __.

Person who feeds animals when owners are away.

Inflammation of the joints.

Vegetable also known as French or haricot vert.

Bolt out of the blue, unexpected baseball event.

Train carriage for snacks and drinks.

Acrobatic performance art on a vertical bar.

Resembling an infant; babyish.

Prayers said before or after a meal.

Country whose annual TV awards are called Logies.

Place where museum visitors can leave their coats.

Practical joke expert.

Grounds surrounding a dwelling.

Jazz woodwind instrument blown by Kenny G.

Metal seal on glass beer containers.

Coming into view.

List of all the items in a museum's collection.

Greco-Roman grapplers.

Change one thing into another, like lead into gold.

Puzzle 20

Madame __; chain of waxwork model museums.

Various, miscellaneous.

That which solves a problem.

__ away, worked hard (like an aquatic rodent).

Making food for a party.

Beaming with a wide smile.

__ hours; when a museum is open to the public.

Fortified Spanish wines, fino or oloroso.

Area destroyed by explosion or very untidy room.

I'm walking on __ and don't it feel good!.

__ best, a record you set for yourself in a sport.

Fans who follow bands on tour.

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