CodyCross Day of the Dead Pack answers

Day of the Dead PackDay of the Dead

Here are the answers to CodyCross Day of the Dead Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

The C in FMCG or fast-moving __ goods.

The most masculine.

One who has difficulty reading letters and words.

__ cap, metaphorical item worn for concentration.

Having to do with sailing and the sea.

Early Canadian industry concerning animal pelts.

The nut used in Nutella.

High-pitched male singing technique.

Traditions passed through tales, oral history.

Conflict initiated by the people within one nation.

Spanish ranch.

US state that's home to Chicago.

Witch: "I'll get you __ and your little dog too".

Easy-reading book genre aimed at females.

Eye water shape on bread that means sorrow.

Mixing together seamlessly, maybe in the kitchen?.

Puzzle 2

Shells are used to make loud __ to wake the dead.

Financial cheats and fakers.

__ strike, not eating as part of a protest.

__-Lorraine, past region on French-German border.

Wide-bottomed, e.g. __ jeans.

One who prefers no clothes.

Talks like a hen.

The same as baking soda: __ bicarbonate.

Joining pegs used in self-assembly furniture.

Bones are placed in this shape to represent life.

Describing a rough grained surface.

Puzzle 3

__ chairs, public arena seats that fit together.

A term that's currently popular and thrown around.

Crop __; planting different crops each year.

__ the grave before adorning it is traditional.

Vase for holding wine or spirits.

Spikes on mountaineering boots.

Nationality of retired singer Anne Murray.

Reflective, e.g. __ sunglasses.

Atmosphere, character; originally a French word.

Tough stuff in food that aids digestion process.

A typically 3-letter sign of ownership or identity.

Determined, driven by the devil.

Gisele __, Brazilian model who married Tom Brady.

Where taxis wait in a line/loop for customers.

Puzzle 4

Surrounds the entry point to a room.

Time __ please! UK barmaid's plea at closing time.

States ruled over by female monarchs.

Another word for a breach of terms and conditions.

Blue French cheese; a mouse in The Aristocats.

Poems poking fun at living, tomb epithets (Spanish).

A blank 3-D box that can be painted on all sides.

Safety device around the edge of a ship's deck.

Former caterpillar believed to embody spirits.

Island country where band The Seekers originated.

__ calendar, a desk device to last indefinitely.

Puzzle 5

To deaden a noise, like one from a car.

Out of direct sunlight.

__ Walks are a new tradition with "undead" people.

Germanic word for pigs or hogs.

Crash involving multiple vehicles.

Austin Powers actor Mike __.

Wood that got wet and deformed.

Assemble, join together.

Where baseball players wait.

Crème de __, liqueur used in grasshopper cocktails.

Flashing light, can cause epileptic seizures.

Raises glasses to the bride and groom.

Puzzle 6

Expensive fungus found underground.

A musician who performs alone.

The last car of a train.

Central character from The Arabian Nights.

Where the hangman does his business.

Economical, frugal; a US car rental company.

'Queen' who played Ellie in Ice Age.

Crops are gathered at this time of year.

Mixed-breed dog, a mutt or cur.

Old TV show: "The Adventures of Ozzie and __".

Route a waterway cuts through surrounding land.

Westernmost African country.

Intersecting lines that make up a religious symbol.

Puzzle 7

Strengthened, boosted; with the strength of a cow?.

Virginia __, crawling vines with blackish berries.

Voice over internet __, or VOIP.

Not fake amour from The Beatles.

Describes a dove with a black neck adornment.

Name given to the royal family of each suit.

Bone structure beneath the skin.

Part of a golf wood that attaches to the shaft.

The __ of Courage; Stephen Crane Union Army novel.

Ancestry, background; cultural roots.

Science of missiles and piloted high-flying crafts.

Best-selling Toyota models, since 1966.

Not currently functioning, a volcano for example.

Redoing one's look with clothes and cosmetics.

Misfit female fashion entrepreneur TV show.

Puzzle 8

Inputting text and figures into a spreadsheet.

Spanish man's name and Lady Gaga hit.

__ start, arrangement of runners before 200m races.

Dropping a boat into water, sending off a missile.

Vulnerability associated with life.

Providing aid to people.

Soft hair that resembles a fruit's surface.

Squidward __, he works at Krusty Krab restaurant.

Fast Times at __ High, 1982 film by Cameron Crowe.

Continuance of life, being alive.

Cabinet __; a shake-up of government jobs.

__ fan; mechanism for removing moisture or smells.

Nutrition that boosts intelligence.

Illumination at night from our lunar satellite.

Reach full maturity, become a grown-up.

Marine organism, its skeleton is used in the bath.

Puzzle 9

A dried grape, possibly from California.

Bright __, Big City.

World's second smallest country in area.

Repeating words/tune that generally follow a verse.

Country walking paths.

Excursion with food eaten outdoors.

__ fraction, also known as a simple fraction.

Greek monster whose gaze turned one into a statue.

Deep vertical passages giving access to mines.

Pictures, snapshots of the departed.

Matisse, Picasso and Van Gogh's art period.

Sergio __, Spanish golfer, won the 2017 Masters.

W. C. Fields never gave one an even break.

Religion founded by Lao Tzu.

Puzzle 10

Raindrops Keep __ On My Head.

Part of speech: examples are "I", "you", "them".

Cream pie with this tropical "nut".

__ lady, principal female actress in credits.

Observed day off.

__ Inn, cozy hotel chain with stylized sun motif.

Extended the loan period of library books.

Rubbing or kneading the body for relaxation.

Festive social get-togethers celebrating life.

Asserted ownership; "this is mine".

Ernesto "Che" __, revolutionary of 50s-60s Cuba.

Religion associated with Kabbalah teachings.

Faithful copy of something, often of an artwork.

Someone from the northernmost US state.

Puzzle 11

Manually fashioned artwork.

Badgering, hounding, bothering.

Edison and Tesla were these.

The capital of Scotland since 1437.

Bring-and-buy sale for gardeners.

Measure of cardiac beats per minute.

Admirable, deserving, worthy.

Mexican grasshopper, often served fried (Spanish).

Chinese philosopher who focused on morality.

Hare __, British pub name that celebrates hunting.

__ rings, have a single stone, usually a diamond.

Here Comes the __; Eurythmics wet weather hit.

Tureen-like vessel to serve a fruity red drink.

Gifts for the deceased.

Someone's name written as a form of identification.

Printed publication with the day's headlines.

Adjective used in Bill & Ted's 1989 movie title.

Puzzle 12

Politics seemingly devised for the ordinary folk.

Fermented beverage Pulque's main ingredient.

Commemorative triangular sports flags.

Wrapped wounds in gauze.

Final resting place that's full of gravestones.

Looking on the bright side.

Flat kitchen utensils used for flipping.

Once bitten, __; cautious after a bad experience.

Rodent found in underground waste pipes.

Turning around in dance, on one foot.

Reduction in price.

Puzzle 13

Drowsed, snoozed, maybe like a cat?.

Rots, decomposes.

A joining of things to form a single entity.

Tina __, What's Love Got To Do With It singer.

Plastic/paper container for milk or fruit juice.

__-toed, walking with the feet turned inwards.

First day of any month with a Friday the 13th.

Martial art done by a panda in movies.

Mexican alcohol sometimes buried in graveyards.

Attack swiftly like a puma or tiger.

Transcontinental Eurasian country, capital Ankara.

Tim Burton's movie __ Bride.

Puzzle 14

European country with the highest beer consumption.

Vegetables preserved in vinegar are said to be.

Partitioned-off desk space in an office.

Surviving member of Blues Brothers, Dan.

Edible material for a canine to exercise its jaws.

Leaves someone on an island.

Eye protection for welders and other professionals.

Bar of gold, taken in heists.

"Nice guy" paired with a bad police officer.

Organism that transmits disease, a germ.

Disruptions in power supply.

Sweet filo pastry dessert with nuts and honey.

Star of 30 Rock, writer of Mean Girls.

Bond movie that inspired Mexico City's parade.

Off with __, repeated order of the Queen of Hearts.

To place in a special order.

Another name for a parenthesis.

Xochiquetzal is the Aztec __ of love and fertility.

Puzzle 15

Wetness, what clouds are made up of.

Month in which the Day of the Dead is celebrated.

Small parrot kept as a cage bird.

Town ordinate to keep walked dogs on these.

A drop in __; a tiny, insignificant amount.

Edging, trimmings on upholstery.

Bryan Adams sings __ From the Heart.

__ League; historical federation of Greek states.

Outdoor oven for cooking pizzas.

Way of cutting hair; creating strata.

Shared, cooperative; of places where hippies lived.

Thought up, dreamt up, made up.

Posting a message to Twitter.

Henri __, Naïve French painter, Le Douanier.

Puzzle 16

__ Spice, the vocalist named Melanie Chisholm.

Cultivator of food and livestock.

Each or per item, when talking about price.

Stricter than vegetarians, zero animal products.

Expression used by Austin Powers, "__ baby!".

Bank thief, not a cop.

Rouse from suspended consciousness.

Ex-NBA player Rodman or former NYPD actor Franz.

Brought bad luck on someone.

Bird __; seed-filled hanger for garden visitors.

Paintings on walls like the ones of Diego Rivera.

__ terrier, dogs with Lincs or Massachusetts name.

Puzzle 17

Low cut, e.g. __ neckline.

ABV, alcohol __; ethanol percentage of beverages.

Technology, Education, Design presentations.

Launch of a lunar mission.

Progenitor, e.g. great-grandparent.

Cancer that starts in the lymphocytes.

Quantity that fits into a home.

Lightweight ax used by North American Indians.

East __, the former name of Bangladesh.

Degree of saltiness.

Past remembrances about relatives and moments.

The Girl Who Played __; 2009 Swedish mystery.

Puzzle 18

Assembling food on crockery in a restaurant.

Sound of closing a bag or doing up jeans.

Short, spiky beard growth, like a harvested field.

Southern US city that burned in Gone With the Wind.

City __, an urban sophisticate.

Lively, noisy participant.

Rock for Muppets.

Friendly correspondents who exchange letters.

Origin of the universe according to science.

Rugs of flowers, rice and pine __ adorn streets.

Queen Victoria's immediate predecessor: __ IV.

What Aretha Franklin wants.

Puzzle 19

Small folder containing rows of paper firestarters.

Ancient building on a hill over Athens.

Intimidating "garbage" insults in sports events.

__ nut, used with a screw, aka a wingnut.

French bread sticks.

College living quarters.

Post-death immortality, is there one?.

Glass cube that provides illumination for pictures.

Someone who sets up equipment or machinery.

Most populated country starting with the letter A.

Under the __, down by the sea.

__ in flames; destroy an argument.

Predictions on the weather or the future.

Dampness, like of cereal left in milk too long.

Overhead __, for showing slides.

Red-legged bird, perched in a pear tree.

Genuine, veritable, the real deal.

Energy-efficient 'intelligent' electricity network.

Puzzle 20

Remove someone from your social network list.

A lazy surfer who lives on the sands.

H5N1 virus carried by birds.

Condition of plants when they get too dry.

Your plan for when you'll do what.

Ingredient in black tea but not herbal tea.

Sorrowing for the loss of a loved one.

Ran into each other, e.g. two vehicles.

Lord of __; Michael Flatley's Irish musical.

Propaganda, online bulletins that aren't true.

Follows the rules.

Sweet, bright creations, aka alfeñique.

Seattle grunge band of the 1990s with Eddie Vedder.

Fraction that is equal to 0.025.

Throw with your hand below your waist.

Lock that is moved by turning a key or knob.

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