CodyCross Decluttering Pack answers

Decluttering PackDecluttering

Here are the answers to CodyCross Decluttering Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

The opposite of "rough".

Van you can sleep in.

So cold it has gone solid.

__ lickin' good, KFC's slogan.

Nationality of landscape painter Albrecht Durer.

__ soda, cake-making ingredient good for cleaning.

People who post provocative/insulting posts online.

Urban __, the unpleasantness of city life.

Plays stage star Satine in Moulin Rouge, Nicole __.

Yellow, rubber hand covers for cleaning protection.

Puzzle 2

The quality of sound in an auditorium.

High-pitched noise a pig can make.

Soapy cleaning product.

One who scrawls words in the air with a plane.

Cutting in half e.g. firewood.

Building designed for storing water vehicles.

Flashes that cross the sky in a storm.

Broken, but not completely; like a bone.

Air __, spray that scents smelly rooms.

A spicy cured sausage that's a popular pizza topping.

Made-up stories as opposed to true-life.

Beneficial weed w/ a yellow flower.

Players who protect their team's goal.

Puzzle 3

Keep warm, like a bird sitting on eggs.

Peace, tranquility.

Moving uncontrollably from lane to lane in a car.

A type of decorative paper used in gifting.

Depressions in roads that fill with water.

Sweats in extreme heat.

Interstellar explores this space-time tunnel.

I Feel __; 2017 hit for The Weeknd and Daft Punk.

Keeping everything and building up clutter.

__ hole, a seasonal lake that appears in Africa.

Al Capone was one.

Drinking noisily or eating liquid food noisily.

Speedy cartoon mouse.

Bent down, stooped low.

Saying: A sight for __.

Puzzle 4

Mixed up, muddled together.

Air-filled cavities at the top of the nose.


__ kick, soccer shot with feet above the head.

Collapse violently inwards.

He won an Oscar for his role in Syriana: George __.

Peanut __, hard caramelized broken-up candy.

Hewlett __, US company linked to printers and PCs.

Stroking a dog.

Person who washes and tidies homes.

Admit, come clean, own up to a crime.

In the __; ultimately, eventually.

Book of the Bible, it features the tale of the Ark.

Puzzle 5

Comedy by Shakespeare: A __ Night's Dream.

Belief that the planet isn't spherical.

Hemline well above the knee, tiny clothing.

Collections of paper, including bills, letters.

Vegetable-based oil or animal fat used in engines.

This person works for a charitable cause, not paid.

Park recreation area with sprays and water jets.

Pool player's Saying: Behind the __.

Parasites that live in the guts of animals.

Breakable, see-through storage containers.

Celeb who appears on the front of a magazine.

Jamie Lee Curtis horror movie about Michael Myers.

Surroundings, scenery.

Intoxicating drinks are __.

Redneck, hick.

Tree that doesn't lose its leaves.. or color!.

Useless or having no value.

Puzzle 6

Summing two numbers.

Secured with key.

Garden pests that leave a shiny trail.

Stickers with information to say what something is.

The 50 administrative divisions of the US.

Filling of M&Ms sold in yellow packaging.


Spring flowers associated with Dutch bulbfields.

Made from timber.

Planet in our solar system with rings.

__ Depp, Jack Sparrow and Sweeney Todd.

Stories or visions we have in our sleep.

Athletics projectile, like a plate.

Puzzle 7

Secures a shirt at the bottom of a sleeve.

Brought into this country for sale.

Shavings left after you have prepared a potato.

"One __ deserves another".

Small acorn-eating rodent with a bushy tail.

Holding on tightly.

GIYF, __ your friend, to encourage online search.

Disappear gradually.

TV station numbers.

Michael Jordan's signature move.

Untidy mess.

A priceless gem, jewel or stone.

Japanese sea monster, has attacked NYC.

Jeff __, US actor of The Fly and Jurassic Park.

The holes in the nose for sneezing through.

Pulled ligaments in an ankle.

Scraping mop for cleaning windows.

Puzzle 8

Legal proceedings heard by a judge.

State of having lost all dentures.

Plush teddies with emblems on their tummies.

Crank That American rapper.

Element named for what is now a dwarf planet.

Most important book in Christianity.

Describes the linked sections of a worm.

Nationality of someone native to Oslo.

Narrow escape from death or injury, say.

Box or holder for keeping items in.

Prize awarded to the winner of an Olympic event.

The fish responsible for killing Nemo's mother.

Blending the words gigantic and enormous.

Inventory schedule of things to do.

A fellow student, someone you attend school with.

Division of gray matter, the frontmost part.

A type of wine, fizzy drink or glistening gem.

Slang for a rich person, with sacks of cash.

Puzzle 9

What 60 seconds equates to.

__ Pocket Edition, chat while building blocks.

Getting to and from work.

Ironing out creases from a surface.

Swamp, drown emotionally.

Contestants who complete a race event.

Island where Peter Pan and the Lost Boys live.

A robot that explores the red planet.

Items that have worth.

Collective name for all of the world's oceans.

Hard-shelled mammal native to the US.

No clouds, nothing but these.

Mustache type, belongs to a bike rider maybe?.

Rhyme lyrics: Oh where, oh where has my __ gone?.

Large, sweet tropical fruit with yellow flesh.

A crash, usually of traffic vehicles.

Natural aging process for females.

Taking clothes out of a suitcase.

It measures height above the Earth's surface.

Rug made from shepherd's animal.

Puzzle 10

Singing with a microphone to backing tracks.

Chest of drawers for holding folded clothes.

Periods of ten years.

Swipe it to get into a hotel room or office.

"Hickory __ Dock/The Mouse ran up the clock".

Amass a group of objects.

Alpinist, one who goes up mountains.

Opposite of convex.

Adding a friend's name to a post on social media.

To do magic tricks or make things appear.

Dry __, month of abstinence from alcohol.

Pigs in a __, tiny hot dogs in pastry.

Batting one eye.

Puzzle 11

Jumping on a trampoline.

Landslip of wetted soil.

Privately, without anyone else knowing.

Donate, transfer goods to others.

Film and camera for making instant photos on film.

Type of advisory found on movies and music.

A standalone house not joined to other properties.

Turn a __; pretend not to notice.

Brothers and sisters.

__ cake, to celebrate another year.

Cars that eat through fuel are gas __.

Lens with three points: near, medium and far.

Prison for sparrows, parrots, etc..

Ordered objects systematically.

Puzzle 12

Compulsion, fascination, can't get over it.

Venomous swimmer that looks like a rock.

Cutting men's hair.

A hearty vegetable: anagram of "I hate rock".

He-Man's fighting feline.

Not truthful, untrustworthy.

Knife __, makes blades pointier.

Bird hunter's fake quacking bird.

Hard brushing of a surface to clean stubborn dirt.

Behind-the-scenes theater worker, helps with props.

Elongated strip of land in north-western Florida.

Increases how long something is.

__ of Horror, Halloween strand of The Simpsons.

Easy __, relaxed music genre.

Business producing computer parts or potato snacks.

Put it down to park a bike.

Poisonous fungus a frog might sit on.

Shouted in sudden surprise.

Luxury high-performance GT vehicles.

Puzzle 13

People who draw rough pictures; artists.

Cleanse and decontaminate.

__ water; beyond hope of revival.

Toy range with miniature klicky figures.

Medical term for the illness commonly called "flu".

Seaside habitats only accessible at low tide.

The I in VIP.

In good order, like a boat.

Finished an interior wall with lime/water/sand.

Fill-in word for the forgotten name of an object.

Revolt, overthrow of government by force, a coup.

Machine that gathers in crops from the fields.

Summaries of articles or book contents.

French term for a mini sour pickle or gherkin.

"Thousand-legged" arthropod.

Edges of a sports field.

Puzzle 14

Colonial territory of the Spanish Empire- not old!.

Decorative home for a creature found on the sand.

The level of a house below the ground.

The bit of a heel that is vulnerable.

In the fresh air, not inside a building.

Moisture in the atmosphere.

Spill because too full.

Piece of luggage used when flying on a plane.

A child's buddy or a friend.

Reusing a piece of music in another song.

Made excited noises, like a piggy.

Made to smell nice, added a fragrance.

Weak in __; caught off-guard by strong emotions.

__ Wheat, pillow-shaped breakfast cereal.

Abrasive rubbing to remove grease.

Acrobatic pass-and-score play in basketball.

Puzzle 15

They spin webs while we sleep.

Nickname for the littlest fingers and toes.

Hard, hand-held wedge for removing stuck-on gunk.

Winter outift worn on the slopes.

Blow your own __ is to self-publicize.

The pear __ and was ready to eat.

Separating items into different types.

Get back or retrieve computer files thought lost.

Post-season sports match: loser goes home.

Small white flowers with a yellow center.

Puzzle 16

S/he sells blooms and prepares arrangements.

Sour condiment, can be used for cleaning.

Preferred Italian food of fatty catty Garfield.

Diary book.

Forms of __, correct salutations to VIPs.

Understanding another's feelings.

Childish word for rabbits.

__ and crosses, game also called tic tac toe.

Where the __ Have No Name, U2 tune.

Snow White's little friend who is shy.

Frozen dice-shaped water.

Official; person in charge of a sports match.

Gatophobia is a fear of this family of animals.

Nationality of writer Miguel de Cervantes.

Not ordered, anarchic.

Island famous for shorts and triangles.

Sword-carrying warriors in feudal Japan.

Huge ocean-going ships carrying liquid products.

Puzzle 17

Put off or delay something until a later time.

Making a space emptier, less cluttered.

Motor hanging off a boat.

Attempt at conquest, like the Normans in 1066.

Decorative objects, knick knacks.

An unmarried man.

Shape of a tube.

Large horse-like animal popular with Santa Claus.

Knitted open item, sometimes secured with buttons.

Notepad used to record financial transactions.

Legal union of spouses.

A thin, circular Mexican pancake.

Puzzle 18

Fruits like small peaches.

Keeping watch over, protecting.

__ ahead; taking the lead.

Take money out of a bank.

In sickness and __, pledge given in wedding vows.

Pest, annoying thing or person.

Gift of unwanted items given to charity.

If you're in this, you're in trouble with someone.

The most fluffy eyebrows, the __.

Common term for a native of the Philippines.

Long, narrow ditches in WWI.

Give a baby their first name during church service.

The __ Showman, P. T. Barnum musical.

Slippery and cold, they're dangerous for drivers.

Shelving system for storing footwear.

The blue 'DiVinci" Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.

Transforming, becoming something different.

The complete mirror image of something has this.

Puzzle 19

Controlling the direction of a car or boat.

Monkeys, apes and gibbons.

Light this for cooking outside a tent.

Country famous for kilts and bagpipes.

ID badges are hung around the neck on these.

Elderly female who lived in a shoe.

Word communication system like English or German.

Plan of attack.

Southernmost Caribbean islands: __ and Tobago.

__ in; included in calculations.

Unwanted letters, ads, etc..

Theoretical conflict between the rich and poor.

__ Day, the end of the world and a Terminator film.

A positive electron?.

Get pulled behind a boat standing on two blades.

Puzzle 20

An injury inflicted by a striped insect.

Place to send money to avoid taxes, almost heaven.

French form of the name Francis.

Does it __, Marie Kondo test for decluttering.

Food and other provisions to stock up on.

To formally start or begin.

WWF athlete, or maybe greco-roman.

Use one of these to tie a ponytail.

Large flat fish with venomous spiny tail.

In the __ hour I can feel your power.

Car attachment that sits at the top of a seat.

Storage for crockery, pots and pans.

Birthday or anniversary, event.

Infectious disease leads to severe skin scarring.

Folkloric character no bigger than your digit.

A weather report predicting the weather.

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