CodyCross Deep Sea Journey Pack answers

Deep Sea Journey PackDeep Sea Journey

Here are the answers to CodyCross Deep Sea Journey Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

Medics term for bad breath, after too much coffee?.

Titanic rescue ship destroyed by a sub in 1917.

Bell-shaped cnidarian, a relative of hydras.

To make five times as many.

Malcolm McLaren band led by Annabella Lwin.

Literary genre about missing civilizations.

Disincentive, discouragement.

Something (bovine) beyond criticism.

Not verified, without restriction.

San __, California city, aka the Paris of the West.

Puzzle 2

German word for emperor.

White whale with distinctively shaped head.

Site of megalithic standing stones in Brittany.

In snooker, potting balls by accident.

Moves people gently to where they need to be.

Deep underwater depression.

Harbor __; ocean warning hit for Elvis in 1954.

Early turning engine patented by Margaret Knight.

Wynken, Blynken, and Nod's shoe.

Cantor, one who leads Jewish prayer.

Hannah, famous 18th C cookery and recipe writer.

Drag Race creator and author of GuRu.

Antiquated way of saying hard feelings.

Dawdle, hesitate.

Puzzle 3

__ Man, peat bog body discovered in 1950.

He fell in love with Free Folk Ygritte in GoT.

Artist who shared a house in Arles with Van Gogh.

Superhero cartoon with Connor as Catboy.

Unsettle, upset.

Reused classic clothing style.

Name for bite-sized portions at a cocktail party.

William, Scottish hero depicted in Braveheart.

Debating and public speaking skills.

Game for getting your amphibians to safety.

Project to recover sunken Russian sub K-129.

Leaf shape that looks like a hand, as a maple leaf.

Native inhabitants of Easter Island.

Preacher's book stand.

Tweedledum and Tweedledee forgot their __.

Sea goddess daughter of Atlas in Greek mythology.

Puzzle 4

Towards the rear of a ship.


Latin phrase meaning completely.

Filter feeding system in whales' mouths.

Beg for pardon pathetically.

__ Republic, German interwar republic.

Information gathered from interrogating people.

Drinks company, owners of Guinness and Baileys.

Pelvic-floor exercises.

Beyoncé's Lion King ballad, love letter to Africa.

Wilson's play on baseball and emotional barriers.

Slang for head, e.g. use your __.

Puzzle 5

Messed up, as with plastic surgery.

Great Mosque of Córdoba was built in this style.

Sprocket tool that is one-directional.

Leather from mountain goats.

Long-handled medieval ax-head and spike.

Language where the word meshuggeneh means crazy.

Traditional Italian candy from the Alessandria city.

Spun around like a dervish.

Large cup for drinking beer.

__ fish, swallowed Buddha in Hindu mythology.

Throwing spear from competitive athletics.

Shine, be gleamy and moist.

__ plain; flat expanse of the deep ocean floor.

Puzzle 6

Pleasant sounding, soothing, of tones.

Trick-taking card game with a Railroad version.

Bike light powered by pedals.

Crumbly sticks for writing on blackboards.

First digit of the hand, the thumb.

Get real, become informed.

Three-eyed mutant fish in The Simpsons.

Slow, graceful movements of a ballerina.

Lifetime satire show about dating reality TV.

Gas mixture carried by scuba divers.

Stockpiles; mounds of stuff.

Chico, a Brazilian environmental campaigner.

Member of the Religious Society of Friends.

Iced coffee drink.

Puzzle 7

Toothed whale with long, protruding, helical tusk.

Harvard researcher who developed microelectrodes.

Scottish cheese; also an oatmeal porridge.

Tropical disease treated with chloroquine.

Japanese brewing company that sponsored golf.

Nail and hair protein building block.

Player who does not pass in basketball.

__ Ripped My Flesh: Mothers of Invention LP cover.

Clothing or attire.

Strong attack on another's opinions.

Connection, relation, like the parts of a chain.

Beyoncé's middle name.

French film genre of Chabrol, Godard and Renoir.

Latin __, hip 5th/6th Paris district.

Wilting or drooping.

Muppet The Electric Mayhem leader.

Eel-like deep-sea creature with witch-related name.

Puzzle 8

Davy Jones' __; idiom meaning sea floor.

__ zone; uppermost sunlit layer of the ocean.

Mary, inventor of the locomotive chimney filters.

Of Mice __; Steinbeck classic novella.

Posh strata in old society.

Type of restaurant where banchan is often served.

Name of the sea between Australia and New Zealand.

Excreta container used by the sick in hospital.

Structure built around the opening of a well.

Early life-form in the womb.

One of Japan's massive WWII battleships.

Women's gown with open front showing underskirt.

Greet, raise hand in acknowledgement.

Madagascan shrewlike mammal.

Chain of moon craters.

Without Me and Hopeless singer.

Puzzle 9

Tree or shrub that grows in coastal estuaries.

South African capital, has the name Jacaranda City.

The H of H-bomb, first tested in the US in 1952.

Witty repartee.

Decompression sickness suffered by divers.

De __, Italian company of publishing partworks.

Fermented tea drink for health benefits.

Mid-morning break at junior school.

US golfer with a sidewinder putting technique.

Unit of data storage capacity abbreviated to MB.

Scraps of leftover material.

Dunked in water.

Artist who carves or polishes gemstones.

Puzzle 10

Dabbing a wound with cotton wool.

Ghost shark of deep ocean waters.

3D pictures hidden in 2D patterns.

Study topic that is chosen rather than compulsory.

Showy trumpet-shaped plants that are deep blue.

Refutation, denial, negation of an argument.

Synthetic rubber material used to make wetsuits.

Printers' symbols, such as a tick, asterisk, arrow.

Worrying, agonizing.

Take everything you own and move on.

Puzzle 11

Measuring instrument once used by navigators.

Large passenger ship sunk by a U-boat in 1915.

Weapon used with a stone, like by Biblical David.

President to the right of Lincoln on Mt Rushmore.

Any of the five that make up a balanced diet.

Monopoly or chess, played on a flat surface.

Whirlpool sea monster in Ancient Greek mythology.

Stinginess, thriftiness, frugality.

Wooden homes for garden birds.

Belief in supernatural forces.

Fluency, expressiveness.

Separates oneself from something.

Pete, guitarist and singer for The Who.

Austrian city, site of 1964 Winter Olympics.

Robert, psychiatrist and happiness researcher.

Puzzle 12

Stank, ponged.

Tech term for to make gravy by adding liquid.

Fort __, fur-trading post in Wyoming.

Bivalve black-shelled molluscs.

Ancient Celtic term for what is now Halloween.

The Soviet Union's opponent in the Winter War.

Harmful, toxic, unpleasant.

Beckett's bleak play with Hamm, Clov, Nell, Nagg.

Marine ecosystem from continental shelf downwards.

Bands worn to hold up stockings or dress socks.

Relates to the formation of bone.

Translucent art paper.

American race-driver, four times Indy 500 winner.

God of compassion and love in Hinduism.

Puzzle 13

American hip hop duo, __ Clown Posse.

Aroused interest.

Norman, Oscar-winning director of movie Skippy.

India's pink city, known for its architecture.

Honest John's cat in Pinocchio.

Pandas like eating this fast growing plant.

Singing creatures who lure sailors to their death.

Japanese sauce made from fermented soybeans.

Terrifying sea monster of Scandinavian mythology.

Someone with integrity; rhymes with "bench".

Puzzle 14

Rebel, defector, deserter.

Think about it.

German battleship wreckage, sunk in 1941.

Type of rhyme; also called vowel rhyme.

Church reformers of the 16th century.

Comic opera subtitled The Peer and the Peri.

Polish process for hands.

Football association for South America.

Large-mouthed fish that live on the ocean floor.

Capital of Malawi.

Obscurity, nothingness.

He brought life to Porky Pig and Daffy Duck.

Device with which real ale is delivered.

Japanese assassin espionage martial art training.

Puzzle 15

Sponge openings that allow ventilation.

Mrs. Rigby, who keeps her face in a jar by the door.

Expanses of underwater seagrass.

Twenty Thousand __ Under the Sea; sci-fi novel.

Go separate ways; end a relationship.

Remove magnetism from a TV to fix the screen.

Versatile, able to change form like a sea god.

One who underwrites an insurance policy.

Islands between Florida and Cuba.

Falling off in pieces like paint off woodwork.

Decoration on a savory dish, cress or parsley, say.

Communication method using signing.

Puzzle 16

Someone who obtains money by deception.

Shun, exclude, exile.

Scuba, or self-contained underwater breathing __.

Plum brandy from Central Europe.

Aquatic mammals, including dolphins and whales.

Scottish hill mentioned in Macbeth.

Banned, blocked, prohibited.

Said by a magician pulling a rabbit from a hat.

Capital of Montenegro, once called Titograd.

Element commonly found in Earth's crust.

Puzzle 17

Small fluted baking tin.

Jacques, French Aqua-Lung oceanographer.

Unfounded and defamatory.

Me __; pirate speak for besties.

Ballet movement associated with a chiming bell.

Slave girl from Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves.

Loaded heavily; caused suffering.

Poor unfortunate creatures.

Tank of breathing gas carried by scuba divers.

Chivalrous, valiant.

Puzzle 18

Snakelike deep-sea predator with fangs.

Steady, earnest and energetic effort.

Roll Over __, Chuck Berry hit about a composer.

Large algae species, a habitat for sea otters.

Surname of Peter, Ron's pet rat, in Harry Potter.

A skilled painter working in Europe before 1800.

The azure sky, the heavens.

Stave off, stop a situation from escalating.

Person whose power comes from their wealth.

Founder of the Timurid Empire in Central Asia.

Greek philosopher taught by Plato.

German venue of the post-WW2 war trials.

One who shoves themselves into conversations.

Puzzle 19

Discourage, dishearten.

Jumping onto air bag projects someone into the air.

Mysterious lost undersea city.

Get-out clause or technicality in a contract.

Capital of the Faroes island group.

Reply that doesn't follow logically: non __.

Nuts, also known as hazelnuts.

Skullcap worn by Jewish males.

Study focused on coats of arms.

Card game, players collect sets and sequences.

Nastier, heartless.

King of France, patron to Leonardo da Vinci.

Forceful, impassioned.

Safe, contained way of swimming with sharks.

Said of summer shirt with palms and exotic birds.

Burrowing snouted mammal native to Africa.

Scottish co-writer of Do They Know It's Christmas?.

Puzzle 20

Inkblot psychological test.

Warning, restraining; a nuclear one.

Point with no profits and no losses.

Korean condiment, a mix of chillies and soybeans.

Hitchcock suspense movie with Grant and Bergman.

H.P., the creator of the fictional monster Cthulhu.

Frank Sinatra song about big aspirations.

End or cease, e.g. a contract.

Orange reef-dwelling species, known as Nemo.

Oceanographic research institute in Massachusetts.

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