CodyCross Delicatessen Pack answers

Delicatessen PackDelicatessen

Here are the answers to CodyCross Delicatessen Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

Payment given back when goods are returned.

Open field or grassland.

A caravan of __; hump-backed desert animals.

Swallowed by the old lady to catch the fly.

__-skelter, fairground tower ride.

Cooking in oil.

__ Island was where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned.

Cleaning machine that sucks up dust.

Against, abbreviated as vs.

Lights, Camera, __! Before a clapperboard closes.

Combination meal often eaten late in the morning.

Feeling isolated.

Boned undergarment designed for shaping the waist.

"Tis the __ to be jolly", line sung at Christmas.

Puzzle 2

Urban "art" made with spray paint.

Movie franchise featuring Luke Skywalker.

Mouth-__; food that looks delicious.

Clutching onto something.

Olympic event that measures the vertical leap.

List of those attending school on a specific day.

Daily fruit and vegetable quota.

Date for submitting work; sometimes hard to meet.

Small rural settlements, larger than hamlets.

Moist atmosphere, perhaps in a tropical place.

Sauce poured over salads.

Puzzle 3

Art of imitation, especially by birds.

Medieval process of preserving meat using fires.

Encourage by clapping.

Serving surface in a delicatessen.

Leave a child at school at the start of the day.

Fashionable and chic.

The L in a BLT sandwich: bacon, __, tomato.

Pause in broadcasting for commercials.

Hickory __ Dock, nursery rhyme about a mouse.

Sportsperson who does track and field.


Fab, cool, great.

Removing loose dirt particles from surfaces.

Coldest storage area in a kitchen.

Puzzle 4

Kneading treatment for the face or body.

Making conversation with friends.

Mild rain or sauce poured slowly onto a plate.

Sound of a bomb, clock.

Baked snack twisted into a knot shape.

Black and white countryside wild mammals.

Big, pink cartoon cat.

Vinyl gramophone discs.

Owners of land that is used for rearing animals.

Faithfulness, allegiance to person or government.

Printed words to describe a picture in a book.

Rolled-up paper documents written on by Romans.

Reruns of TV shows.

Appliance for browning sliced bread.

Puzzle 5

Help someone with a task.

What the six geese are doing at Christmas.

Pungent vegetables that make your eyes water.

Extras attached to a web page.

Migratory aerial birds, similar to swallows.

The coldest season of the year.

Fabric bits left over from cutting out a pattern.

A collection of poems.

You can bet your __ dollar on it.

Wooden bricks for stacking or building.

Walk quietly, on the ends of your feet.

Constellation: the Big __.

Catholic man who wears a white collar, black shirt.

Touched down on the ground.

Ring-shaped bread rolls.

Large, unframed picture to stick on your wall.

Puzzle 6

Citizens cast their ballots during this.

__ island; pinkish salad dressing.

What children are doing at school.

Cellar, place below a house.

Another word for snuggling, often in bed.

Brass musical instrument with a slide.

Having lost a loved one through death.

Slices of chilled cooked meats.

Reptile with a tough shell.

Matching game of black bricks with white spots.

Puzzle 7

Mother's __; person who aids a parent in the home.

Silly pranks or capers.

Moves to music, e.g. jives.

Communal area selling wares from individual stalls.

Electrical wires.

Place where bread, cakes and pastry are made.

Curly-haired pooch.

It's now or never, __ won't wait; Elvis lyric.

Cloth pouch in clothing.

An illusion caused by the heat of the desert.

Deciduous trees or short name for aircraft.

A "thing"; an object of living being.

Adjective for things connected to the mind.

Close to here.

Songs sung at Christmas.

Green or black Mediterranean tree fruits.

__ ball, squeezy globe for calming tempers.

Puzzle 8

Crushing something.

Bread roll for a meat patty.

Tells passengers when trains are running.

The most a place can hold; maximum __.

Bread made with complete grain flour.

RPM, revolutions __; a 7-inch single has 45 rpm.

Separated, no longer romantically involved.

Measure of how fast the pulse is beating.

Mandarin orange hybrid.

Person who works providing humanitarian help.

Came down the stairs.

Caged creature like a lion, viewed by visitors.

World famous brand of small footbag.

Luna Lovegood was a member of this house.

Muscle on the back of the thigh.

Puzzle 9

Business where workers build, create products.

Expensive spice from the stigmas of crocuses.

Not older.

Someone paid to do menial tasks for others.

Square of cloth used for washing.

Using the voice as a musical instrument.

Vehicle with a meter, sometimes yellow.

Diagonal movers on a chessboard.

Software that can change the appearance of a photo.

Shrimp, crab, lobster, etc.

Carbon __ is a greenhouse gas.

Little __ was asleep under a haystack.

Pick up, e.g. from school or a friend's house.

Deep-fried balls made from chickpeas.

Puzzle 10

A mother or father's female child.

Company that pays staff; someone's boss.

Cherry, plum or vine-ripe salad fruits.

Waste food and scraps fed to porkers.

Cleaning teeth with toothpaste.

Looks for something that's lost.

Fabric window covers.

Final 24 hours of the world.

Cooking liquid made from Mediterranean tree fruit.

Airport parking for extended trips.

Puzzle 11

A house that is empty, left by its owners.

Person who bares all and sits still for artists.

Measurement of distance in space, or toy astronaut.

Snack made from flattened dough, e.g. pita or naan.

Asset or position of dominance; the upper hand.

Intimate male companion.

Bound pages with children's tales.

A residence and the people living in it.

Dragging fingers over stringed instruments.

Crumbly meaty salad topping.

As the __, idiom meaning going in a straight line.

Mechanical gate to admit visitors to museums, etc.

Puzzle 12

Van to sleep in.

The person next door might do this with a cup of sugar.

Cooking business place for cakes, bread and more.

Crunchy yellow, red or green salad vegetable.

To become larger, wider.

A strong feeling of fear.

Crunchy green sticks eaten in salads.

More chilly than.

Lots of long, soft fur.

Deep gorge.

SPF, sun protection __; sunscreen rating.

People who visit Stonehenge at the summer solstice.

Painter or sculptor; masterpiece creator.

Puzzle 13

Beatle, Paul __.

Thick dairy dip often mixed with chives.

Curling up and cuddling with someone.

Scottish city in the book and film Trainspotting.

Retrospect, looking back; it's always 20/20.

Thinking of, having fanciful thoughts.

Discs of spicy pork or beef added to pizzas.

Film created by varying a sequence of drawings.

Ungelded male horses; some are wild.

Rising, going up.

Puzzle 14

Not connected to the internet.

Riding waves with a board.

Common poultry, often eaten roasted or fried.

Recline on a bed (two words).

Ursine named after our closest star.

Cake for a marital event.

Speaking, chatting.

The opposite of night-time.

Places to live, including houses and flats.

Yellow condiment served with hot dogs.

Another name for a workplace supervisor.

Cologne for the skin to make someone smell nice.

Disturbs a bird's feathers.

Puzzle 15

Type of reverse somersault in gymnastics.

Produces baby milk.

__ species, non-native plants and animals.

Crunchy cubes of fried bread.

Vows and pledges; can be made, kept, or broken.

Halves of halves.

Opposite of backwards.

What Britannia rules... in musical terms.

Eating between meals.

Shows admiration and honor to someone.

Places you can store food to keep it cool.

Puzzle 16

Lively and often doing things like sports.

Triangles, squares, circles and hexagons, etc.

__-dazzle, rhyming showiness.

Tiny pieces of rock, popular on driveways.

Device for weighing food.

Damaged by fire.

Not clever or smart.

Classic block-stacking video game.

Shredded, e.g. tiny pieces of cheese.

Action that a worm does.

Person who passes out cards in a casino.

Meal that Little Tommy Tucker sang for.

Erase unwanted text.

__ and hell, the two extremes of good and bad.

Planet with rings.

Tamla __, soul music company based in Detroit.

__ artist, who witnesses describe criminals to.

Common chemical element found in diamond/graphite.

Puzzle 17

Comes into view or seems to be a certain way.

Full name of the ctrl key on a keyboard.

Large oval serving plate.

Weeping profusely.

She __ for her exams, she crams for them.

Name of a building where grain is stored.

Person who works making houses free of dirt.

Frozen squares to cool your drink.

Paintings, drawings or sculptures.

Kept at a cool temperature.

To turn over a __ is to make positive changes.

Defensive barriers used with swords.

Puzzle 18

Laundry conditioner for fluffy fabrics.

Hard Italian cheese grated onto pasta or pizza.

Happy, upbeat, content.

Outdoor celebration of music or film.

Beauty is in the eye of this.

Steroids taken to boost athletic performance.

Road race run over 26.2 miles.

Finding out how heavy objects are.

Shredded raw cabbage with a salad dressing.

Making holes in wood or extracting oil.

Emergency medicine is given by those trained in __.

Puzzle 19

Device that detects motion, sound or light.

Matched two like-sounding words.

The part of the body used for swallowing.

__ lunch; a picnic meal that you take on a trip.

Fluffy cloths for drying body.

Knowledge, intelligence, sagacity.

Make clean and pollution free.

Serviette, paper tissue.

Pickled cucumber sauce served with hot dogs.

Landed a fish.

Puzzle 20

Sharp claws at the end of an earwig's body.

Describes what a cat does in sunshine.

Ben __, co-writer with Damon of Good Will Hunting.

Carry on living.

Abruptly, unexpectedly; all of __.

Tomato sauce.

Those who proofread text for a living.

Shutting; opposite of opening.

Fridge; cold counter where food is stored.

Art __, place that displays artworks.

Using water to remove dirt and grime.

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