CodyCross Delivery Service Pack answers

Delivery Service PackDelivery Service

Here are the answers to CodyCross Delivery Service Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

They keep water rings off coffee tables.

Pizza-topping fungus.

Opposite of multiplication.

Lumpy-bodied whale species.

Doing retail therapy, going on a spending spree.

Person who writes words to go in Broadway musicals.

The total sales of a company in a specific period.

To be with child.

Brief snow showers.

Beguile, on the way into a building?.

Proof of this is needed to collect parcels.

Chain, cuff or string worn around the wrist.

Puzzle 2

Old-fashioned spectacles for only one eye.

Salad staple.

In motion, in __ like a parcel.

Natural home of an animal or plant.

Change your mind at the last minute.

The body region between the thorax and pelvis.

Winning platforms people stand on after a race.

Card or email giving a discount on orders.

Language spoken in Milan, Rome and Turin.

First name of 101 Dalmatians villain De Vil.

"Is this the real life? Is this just __?".

Puzzle 3

Unexpected turns of events in books, plot __.

Takes pleasure or delights in.

Snake-haired gorgon in Greek myths.

Animals that spray a liquid with a foul stench.

The smallest two-digit prime number.

Large metal structures carrying electrical cables.

Small breaded chicken snack.

Employee; person hired by delivery company.

What one's goose might be.

A top that goes over other clothes, a coat.

A celebration or party (Spa.).

Not in this country, overseas.

The __ Feminist, Deborah Frances-White podcast.

Animated movie with Manny the mammoth.

US city that threw a tea party in 1773.

Puzzle 4

Browsed the internet.

The paper on which a person casts a vote.

Ornate fabric swath hung over a four-poster bed.

A rabbit hole.

1999 SciFi comedy with Tim Allen, __ Quest.

Monstrous cave-dwelling creatures in Norse myth.

Video game with phrase "Get over here!" __ Kombat.

Rich people are sitting in the lap of it.

Give back, like an unwanted delivery purchase.

City in Texas where AT&T is based.

To be resistant to a disease.

French word for art technique of smoke on paper.

Large French-speaking Canadian province.

They wake us up in the morning.

Places where home deliveries arrive.

Toasted Italian sandwich with grill lines.

Japanese empty hand combat sport.

Puzzle 5

Another name for whale fat.

Field in which Einstein won the 1921 Nobel Prize.

__ buy, purchase on spur of the moment.

Small vegetable similar to an onion.

Panasonic's ad slogan: Ideas __.

Game of Thrones character, Aegon Targaryen.

Simple, standard piano, not grand.

__ One, company issuing credit cards.

Think __ the box.

US name for numbers tagged onto an address.

Washing machines took over this manual chore.

A scary creature one would find under their bed.

Legally refuse to hear a complaint.

Postmortem examination of a body.

Puzzle 6

Get closer to.

Pay for goods.

Two-word term for the larynx.

Murder, She Wrote actor Angela.

A break in a performance.

Good thing that could come in disguise.

A ball thrown upwards from a pitcher's hand.

Kristen Stewart played Bella Swan in this series.

A glossy periodical, often published monthly.

E.g. a diet with no pasta, rice or potatoes.

Folded paper containing a letter.

Fences made of iron poles.

Four, not one, of these will bring the apocalypse.

Puzzle 7

Your profile on a shopping or delivery site.

Cosmonauts are this nationality of space voyagers.

"__ my dear, I don't give a damn".

Drinking a saucer of milk, using the tongue.

Thin pastry rolled with a fruit filling and baked.

Making textiles and carpets with warp and weft.

To like enough to want to emulate.

Roman god of wine, fertility, and celebration.

Alternative name for the Netherlands.

Detailed photo taken with a zoom lens.

Rapper and producer with a doggy name.

Car, van or truck; delivery person drives one.

The night in Shakespeare's play, not the eleventh.

Augusta golf tournament for the best of the best.

Puzzle 8

Gwen Stacy is a girlfriend of this comic book hero.

Engulf, devastate, rout.

Fragrant green herb also known as cilantro.

Professionally competent, able to do the job.

New books that arrive by delivery.

My __ brings all the boys to the yard.

Used for a toilet by house felines.

Video is doing this when it pauses from bad Wi-Fi.

Main entryway to home; deliveries happen here.

Seuss character played by Jim Carrey.

Food __, device with blades to whizz up food.

Puzzle 9

Scales measure this in pounds or kilos.

Root spice believed to help ease sickness.

An invertebrate with six legs and a pair of wings.

Life stage synonymous with old age and frailty.

Planet with moons named after Shakespearean roles.

Return to __, do this if delivery cannot happen.

Company behind the Masters of the Universe toys.

Last name of The Rolling Stones' Mick.

God of the afterlife in Egyptian mythology.

Capital city of Cuba.

A device used for boiling water, some have a spout.

Medal-winner's platform at the end of a race.

Etsy sells items of this type; arts and __.

What the Moon is doing when it isn't waxing.

Chip is this object in Beauty and the Beast.

Concluding part of a show, can be "grand".

Judd, director husband of actress Leslie Mann.

Judges issue this to say who's won a lawsuit.

Electronic reading apparatus.

A Neil Patrick Harris sitcom character, __ Stinson.

Puzzle 10

Verified; orders are this once okayed by company.

Sand timer.

The most tired.

Old-__, whiskey cocktail meaning "old-timey".

Second-largest city in Spain.

A ballet dancer's fast one-footed spin.

Leads to a fond trip down memory lane.

Buy from small businesses on this social media app.

Never-ending routine; an exercise machine walkway.

Inventor who thought they could turn lead to gold.

Puzzle 11

Story that has 3D illustrations.

Month in which the autumn equinox occurs.

Bank account card used to pay for deliveries.

All __, holiday board basis with food and drinks.

Ancient history, centuries ago.

Complex with many separate film screens.

Front sheet of a school project.

Hot drink infusion from plants such as mint, sage.

Delivery that happens across very early hours.

Most common pants worn, denim.

Pretends to be someone else online.

Puzzle 12

You may now kiss __; phrase heard at weddings.

Taped someone's voice.

Pole vault requires jumping with a __ pole.

Line joining two opposite corners of a square.

State of an optimist's glass.

Matriarch of the Addams Family.

Waterproof rubber overshoes to protect from rain.

Cooking liquid that can be virgin or extra virgin.

Gave a vehicle a routine inspection.

Final payment stage where items are ordered.

ABBA song, Napoleon's defeat and London station.

Bill Gates and Barrack Obama write with this.

Creative, good at painting, drawing, sculpting.

Commercial enterprise such as Hallmark, Zara.

Nominated for office, suggested.

Puzzle 13

Fastened a pair of trousers.

Lack of concern, emotion, involvement.

Charles who wrote the theory of evolution.

Frankfurter, wiener.

Online payment system with friendly name.

__ oldies; much-loved music from the past.

Tall buildings from which heroes rescue princesses.

Quick-to-open, hook-and-loop fastener.

Biles, multi-medal-winning American gymnast.

Venomous snakes known for their hoods.

Prayer-counting beads used in Catholic worship.

__ Parcel Service or UPS, brown-uniform deliverers.

Panels of people who make decisions in courts.

Musical sounds in sweet succession.

Nothing rhymes with this citrus.

The capital city of Poland.

Puzzle 14

Mater was this kind of vehicle in Pixar's Cars.

__ collect, online shopping reservation service.

To do up; make improvements to a building.

__ point, critical moment on the brink of a crisis.

Type of bean also known as a chickpea.

Thing we do first.

Plumage, what birds are covered in.

Where hamburgers go to dance?.

Enclosed; buying option with delivery in the price.

Not connected by leads or cables.

Game where knights take aim with lances.

Puzzle 15

Mythical lion-like creature with an eagle's wings.

Situated in the middle, like a New York City park.

A strong metal named this early era.

Popstar sisters Kylie and Dannii.

Hanging around when a parcel is late.

A preview of a movie.

Creatures an arachnophobe would fear.

A machine with a human appearance.

Packing __; box padding that sounds like a snack.

What is done to milk in a latte or cappuccino.

Budget class for plane passengers.

TV weight loss competition, The __ Loser.

Puzzle 16

Shock __, car part for a less bumpy ride.

Room in which you might find a bidet.

Over 200 human bones make up this.

Vendor selling items online or in store.

Describes a person with a college degree.

Boxing, martial arts are forms of this.

Deliverer rings this when your parcel has arrived.

A journey of a __ miles begins with a single step.

Give healing drugs.

Someone stranded on a desert island.

Puzzle 17

People who do not agree with wars.

Big building where goods are sorted for delivery.

Sleeping furniture for two.

Admitted to a crime.

Fair ride where riders ram vehicles at each other.

Describes a drink without natural sweetener.

Speedy two-wheeled vehicle for couriers.

Removed papers from Christmas presents.

A unit of length equivalent to 0.62 miles.

The Hateful Eight and Kill Bill director Quentin.

Stevie Nicks band __ Mac.

Pretty knick knacks.

Founding Father born in Shadwell, Virginia, 1743.

Puzzle 18

Steers a course on a ship.

When a golfer scores first shot, with no putting.

As the __, bird-related phrase for a direct route.

Home deliveries might go here; US word for UK flat.

The world’s largest species of ursine.

Slides backwards like Michael Jackson.

Orthodontics, medical treatments for the teeth.

Tools for unlocking or securing your home.

Term for online shopping businesses.

Giant plant that Jack grew from a magic bean.

Puzzle 19

Fighting a __ battle, a no-win situation.

A jailhouse.

Édith Piaf does not do this.

Sport with which Andre Agassi is associated.

How to Train Your __, 2010 animated fantasy.

__ time; amend your order by this hour.

Handheld devices for moving cursors around screens.

Language in which Entschuldigung means sorry.

The New York City borough associated with royalty.

He was on the Apollo 11 mission, Buzz __.

Collections of boats, flotillas.

__ de Soleil acrobatic show.

Semi-solid food made of curdled milk.

Spittle produced in the mouth.

Cart with wheels for moving garden waste.

Female foxes.

Out of sight; how to leave parcels if you're out.

Puzzle 20

Wooden casks, anagram of lab errs.

Expensive watches (specific brand).

Brass instrument played by Miles Davis.

Along with Pfizer, early Covid-19 vaccine company.

Veggies named bell, jalapeno, chipotle.

First name of modern artist Pollock.

Headphones or earphones on a headband.

Paper or email that is proof of purchase.

Superhero who can talk to sea creatures.

How clocks "spring" during daylight saving time.

Vast desert area of Australia.

Job where one carries something from A to B.

World famous British primatologist: Dame Jane.

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