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Deserts PackDeserts

Here are the answers to CodyCross Deserts Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

A hobby or a diversion from boredom.

Desert of Chile with important salt mines.

__ Nemo, animated feature about a clownfish.

Stands for speakers to talk from.

Fata __, term for a sophisticated desert mirage.

Dried, ground, red pepper spice, can be smoky.

Ninth month of the Islamic year, known for fasting.

Another name for reindeer.

Flattening creases out of clothes.

Group of cells with similar structure and function.

Puzzle 2

Flaky fruit-filled pastry; rhymes with "noodle".

Tiny particles from cutting pieces of wood.

Swarming insects mentioned in Biblical plagues.

Hire a boat or plane privately.

Nonsense, or a pig's bath maybe?.

3D flying craft, relies on the wind for flight.

Maya __ wrote I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings.

Desert pictures painted in caves.

Low- and high-pressure weather conditions.

Sugar found in milk.

Puzzle 3

Burned with flames; __ Earth.

Pressures aggressively.

The E in LED.

Creatures with human torso and horse body.

Evergreen desert succulent used in cosmetics.

Charles __; 1980s sitcom starring Scott Baio.

The grip of a person or wheel on a surface.

Recommended night-time drink to avoid insomnia.

Explores, probes, looks for.

Month when Bonfire Night is celebrated in the UK.

Cellophanes that encase candies and other products.

__ rat, hopping North American rodent.

Robert Herrick quote: "Gather ye __ while ye may".

Puzzle 4

Dessert of ice cream with toppings and syrups.

Red __; Manchester United's demonic nickname.

Person who creates fabrics using warp and weft.

Sufferers of skin disease, confined to colonies.

Rattling noises of the soft palate.

Distressed female in need of being rescued.

__ mixer, often seen on a building site.

Dash between words.

Country Algeria gained independence from in 1962.

Jumping, long-tailed desert rodent; anagram ajober.

Excessive, luxurious.

1997 film set in Vietnam: The Scent of Green __.

A small suitcase, often fancy.

Areas where land meets sea.

Adele's album 21 includes Turning __.

A Horse with __, a desert melody by America.

Puzzle 5

Pieces of boneless fish.

Person who creates the A to Z in a book.

Gila __, large venomous, desert-living lizard.

Cut off, amputated.

Clanging accompaniment to cattle.

Underwater DC comic hero from Atlantis.

The rear of a website, where the code is.

Author of the Century Trilogy book series: Ken __.

Plain __; worn by an undercover police officer.

The final stages of chess.

Blobs, drops, spoonfuls, of sour cream maybe.

Sound that is indistinct, muted.

Month when Australia Day is celebrated.

Upright-standing desert mammal, aka a suricate.

Rocker father is Lenny, acting daughter is Zoe.

Tattoo __, place to get your inkings.

Whistle While __; cheery Snow White tune.

Shuffled in pain.

NCAA March __ 'crazy' spring basketball tournament.

Puzzle 6

Causes pain or distress, e.g. a disease.

Long desert landform running parallel to the wind.

Elton John __ Only, live album.

Opposite to ultraviolet on the light spectrum.

Michael J. Fox reacts to full moons in 80s flick.

Eight-legged arachnid, has pincers and is venomous.

Contravene terms and conditions, e.g. __ copyright.

Paste used between bathroom tiles.

The T in TVP, or __ vegetable protein.

Took in air.

Pricy Italian car maker with trident logo.

Puzzle 7

Having power, being a monarch over a country.

World's second largest island (in area): New __.

German WW2 leader known as the Desert Fox.

Finger slide movements on a touchscreen.

Offered more money at an auction than another.

Wild African canines in spotted and laughing types.

Don Draper's TV series about the advertising world.

Bambi's skunk friend, must have smelled quite nice.

Occupational __, a risk associated with a job.

Latin prefix meaning against.

Cuisine most closely associated with kimchi.

Heavy swords with curved blades.

Puzzle 8

Augusta golf tournament for the best of the best.

Cormac McCarthy's dystopian survival story.

Home that is towed behind a vehicle.

Ancient Egyptian water-lift tool, anagram hodfoas.

Russian makers of famous encrusted eggs.

Down __; with no airs or graces.

Big toe lumps that cause pain.

First country to legalize recreational cannabis.

Empty __, Arabian desert aka Rub' al Khali.

German form of the name William.

Hand tool with a fine-toothed blade.

Puzzle 9

Using for work.

Triangular Swiss chocolate with honey and nougat.

Slovenian capital, anagram of jullabanj.

Tall date tree near a desert water source.

Turn the wheel more than necessary when driving.

The Beatles "lovely Rita" had this occupation.

Search the shore for valuables.

Chain of people snaking across the dance floor.

Go over __; rehash, retrace one's steps.

__ Desert, name of the Laurel & Hardy fan club.

Tennis player's perspiration-proof headwear.

A male commercial angler.

Burrowing mammal covered with bony plates.

Polite and considerate.

Deus __; unlikely resolution in a film or book.

Puzzle 10

The __ Brothers; Unchained Melody crooners.

Frequently passing wind.

Extractor of bituminous ore.

The nobility supposedly have this in their veins.

Doing what the law requires.

Sandy desert canine with immensely big ears.

German sausage, traditionally eaten with beer.

Paved access paths that lead to homes.

Giving a loud yell.

Marginal distinction of poverty, a bakery analogy.

Strong desert wind that uplifts sediments.

Puzzle 11

Lung disorders that constrict breathing.

Mets' opponent in a NYC "subway series".

Disregards, pays no attention.

Outdoor timepiece in stone.

__ Corallimorph or Giant Mushroom Anemone.

Extended period of extremely dry weather.

__ Stone's first issue cover star was John Lennon.

Strategies in war or sport.

Geoffrey __, author of The Canterbury Tales.

Kansas city, named after the local Native people.

Soup __, place where the homeless can be fed.

Indigenous Saharans speaking a Berber language.

Fragrant flower; Aladdin's princess.

Puzzle 12

Bradley Cooper starred in Silver Linings __.

Large flat fish, sometimes known as a devilfish.

Maximum __; vehicle clearance height.

Central African country, east of Nigeria.

__ Steele, prolific writer of romance novels.

Ordered to stay home as a punishment.

Metal wrist/ankle bands securing a prisoner.

To supply dry, arid areas with water for farming.

Leaders in Roman army.

__ lock, device also known as a pin tumbler.

Paintings are often done on these.

Nuptial separations.

S African desert inhabited by the San and Khoikhoi.

Makes a ball move rearward when it hits the ground.

Screwdriver that is not the Phillips one.

Puzzle 13

__ beauty; phrase giving priority to elders.

Animals that live by night, sleeping during days.

Obedient follower of religious rules or rituals.

Coverings for genitals in paintings and sculpture.

Interpret from one language to another.

Collect money for charity through action.

Offshore investment with garden-themed name.

Galling, harrowing, shocking.

__ reserves, valuable underground natural resource.

13th C Italian explorer who journeyed to China.

Walking in high heels, in a precarious manner.

Concentrated stock for chefs, a half-glaze.

2010 ballet-themed suspense with Natalie Portman.

Puzzle 14

Hunter who pursued Belle in Beauty and the Beast.

Storm gust.

Clip a cat's nails to remove them completely.

Typical spiky desert plant.

Prince Albert's family relation to Queen Victoria.

South-eastern Europe peninsula on Adriatic Sea.

__ players, eg the top 32 at Wimbledon tennis.

__ lancer, member of a regiment of the Indian Army.

Reason for commiting a crime.

With an upper limit in place.

Historical metal drinking vessel.

End of bovine that makes a tasty brown soup.

The Little __, St-Exupèry's tale of a desert crash.

A change in skin tone after bathing in heat.

Bret Michael's 'toxic' 80's rock band.

Puzzle 15

Lamb and potato dish eaten on the Emerald isle.

Used by fortunetellers for a reading.

Shoreline habitats for crabs and starfish.

Animal nickname for gentleman with white hair.

All-out attack in a sports game.

Infection that affects the facial cavities.

General term for animals that live in the desert.

Twilight and Harry Potter star, Robert __.

Questionable act of roughness against an opponent.

Standard against which products etc are measured.

Waterway linking Red and Mediterranean seas.

__ to the throne; untruthful royal claimant.

Whitney Houston's chart topper, Greatest __.

Particle-laden whirlwind, with Lucifer connotation.

Prepare a vehicle for the colder months.

Spanish estates.

Autocrats, those who rule dogmatically.

All of the people.

Femme fatale, a women of charms, seductress.

Puzzle 16

Heat of __, song by Bryan Adams.

Legendary South American place of vast wealth.

Admits defeat, __ the match.

Someone who brings antiques back to former glory.

Type of food poisoning first recorded in 1735.

Moving with urgency.

Tariffs on a food staple, caused unrest in Britain.

Dearly __; someone who has passed away.

Second audition.

Insect larva that gives off light.

Hermetically sealed, nothing in or out.

Paper pamphlets.

Desert landform with crests created by the wind.

Nickname for Hollywood, also a Ryan Gosling film.

Tanzanian spice island archipelago.

Encrusted desert area experiencing evaporation.

Made soap into bubbles.

Puzzle 17

Place to escape to, or vehicle for bank robbers.

Part of a road designated for public transport.

__ Desert, bright rock features in Arizona.

Summertime __, Lana Del Rey song.

African country founded by Americans.

__ couch, acting trope on directors and starlets.

Property rental agreement.

Mythological being, half-human and half-deity.

Art medium that rhymes with "squash".

Wearing away of rock by water or winds.

Little edible pulses, popular in stews.

Gate fixtures that help keep them closed.

Puzzle 18

Catch-all term for a watch or a clock.

Bad language; not always with four letters.

Defunct American rock band; __ Clearwater Revival.

Performing feats in a gymnastic style.

Late star of Beverly Hills 90210 and Riverdale.

__ Desert, raceway for land speed records.

Deport, for a crime in a different jurisdiction.

No longer believe that someone can be trusted.

Sudden natural catastrophes.

Cate __, Aussie actress of Elizabeth and Babel.

Very sweet, thick milk added to desserts.

Traditional child's toy made from porcelain.

District of clubs, pubs and restaurants in Dublin.

Fruity trees that encircle oases.

Switches, swaps, trades.

Having to do with a local governing body.

The __, forward-looking autobio of Bill Gates.

Measuring rod, divided into inches.

Puzzle 19

Measuring rod used in a car's engine.

Someone who has legally separated from another.

Lottery draw where jackpot is carried to next draw.

More weird, strange, odd.

__ of Arabia, epic movie with O'Toole and Sharif.

Averts through action.

J. D. __ wrote The Catcher in the Rye.

Cheapest wine sold at a restaurant (not white).

Bumpy 'backed' sand goer with two humps, __ camel.

Expensive hazel-colored tropical wood.

Chubbiness like that of a young canine.

Puzzle 20

Commercial vehicle selling roadside meat patties.

__ Mountain; 2005 ranch romance movie.

Describes a water-storing plant like a cacti.

Homo erectus remains discovered near Beijing.

Age of __, period 1400-1650 of great explorations.

Icy cold continental desert.

Term for each of the 27 US Constitution changes.

Person who makes things with precious yellow metal.

Act as a matchmaker, after the Roman god of love.

React, respond to provocation.

Arabic in Bohemian Rhapsody, will not let you go!.

Ticket booth at an auditorium.

Desert biting insects, carriers of leishmaniasis.

Demanding, worrying, tense.

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