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Here are the answers to CodyCross Desk Items Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

Putting papers away or in order.

Last name of Britney, singer of Toxic.

Children's author Beatrix who created Peter Rabbit.

Legendary king who wields Excalibur.

Usual number of people on a jury.

Broad, thick, often permanent pen.

Continent of France, Slovenia, Portugal.

Fabric covering for the floor of a room.

Meryl, most Oscar-nominated actress of all time.

Meal eaten outdoors on a blanket.

The only female face cards in a standard deck.

A litter of pigs.

Puzzle 2

Lucky stable footwear.

Saint whose day is celebrated on February 14.

People born in or native to Cairo's country.

Reproduce a document with an electronic device.

Dark green, wavy-leafed vegetable.

Stabbing someone in the back.

Nourishing elements of food.

Keep in touch by calling people on this.

Blood-sucking bugs that spread malaria.

American word for what Brits call a flat.

A doctor's identification of a patient's illness.

Puzzle 3

Local language of Sicily, Capri and Sardinia.

The blank spaces around the pages on your printer.

Dog breed, e.g. King Charles or cocker.

Fuzzy fruits grown in Georgia and elsewhere.

Swiss tennis champion Roger.

Turn on this device to reduce coffee beans to dust.

Have a box ready if you need to blow your nose!.

Only neighboring planet whose name begins with N.

__ the grass, notice not to walk on a lawn.

Device on which video games can be played.

Shy brother to Sleepy, Sneezy and Dopey.

__ tint, darkening dye instead of mascara.

Mythical half-woman, half-fish.

Puzzle 4

Wisecracking superhero played by Ryan Reynolds.

It's where you're working if you're WFH.

Dancing Argentinian style.

Use it to keep track of the days and months.

Table-protecting pad on which plates rest.

Outdoor cooking that's shortened to BBQ.

Make this drink by blending fruit and yogurt.

Lumpy-bodied whale species.

Island prison in San Francisco.

Words spoken by characters in a book.

Connected without cables.

Live musical performances.

Puzzle 5

Notepads are often __ bound with a coil of metal.

__, reuse, recycle.

Nickname for the bell in a famous London tower.

The sound a turkey makes.

Large serving bowl from which soup is ladled.

Iconic actor Marilyn, born Norma Jeane Mortenson.

Traditional head coverings for Muslim women.

You'll need one to communicate via video chat.

Sport in which Muhammad Ali was a world champion.

Rain-bearing weather formations.

Region full of trees.

Puzzle 6

Rude and crass, like one who has no manners.

Timothée, star of 2019's Little Women.

These are seen in the sky when it drizzles.

Write quickly or messily, as when on the phone.

T. Rex or Brontosaurus.

Track __, running and throwing athletics events.

Criminal who is a member of a group.

Green veggie that looks like little trees.

Padded pillows that make chairs more comfortable.

Theatrical or TV performance on tour.

Kind of map on which X might mark the spot.

The lettered buttons for typing on a computer.

His alter ego is Clark Kent.

Using a thin cord to remove plaque between teeth.

Puzzle 7

The opposite of backward.

Annoying roommate in The Big Bang Theory.

__ dragon, reptile with facial hair?.

Gobi, Sahara or Kalahari, for instance.

Items of mail.

Spectacles; you might need these while you work.

Your __, how to address royalty.

Alice in Wonderland author Lewis.

Will, Bill or Billy are short forms of this name.

Frozen chunk that keeps a drink cool.

The smallest of the fingers.

A BMX is one, and a tandem is one for two!.

Indian religion based on Guru Nanak's teachings.

Puzzle 8

Not portrait.

The day before today.

Suit patterned with vertical lines.

Read it to keep track of the day's events.

Puzzle with clues for words that go down or across.

Ecclesiastical friend of Robin Hood.

Flat wall-mounted ledge for displaying things on.

Country home to the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Blues dance move associated with Earl Tucker.

Transparent sea creature with stinging tentacles.

Puzzle 9

Tool for rubbing out unwanted writing.

Singing Dolly who works 9 to 5.

Chilly animated movie with Manny the mammoth.

Tool for banging in nails.

Geometric figures; rectangles, triangles, squares.

Special skill, often something you have naturally.

Electronic book reader from Amazon; ignite.

Spice from the ground seed of an evergreen tree.

The Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian.

Take makeup off at the end of the day.

Green fruits traditionally left on teachers' desks.

Barn in which a horse is kept.

Belly __, nickname for the navel.

Remind an actor of their line.

Slammed a basketball through the hoop.

First name of author and journalist Hemingway.

Puzzle 10

Productive and doing things in the best way.

You'll need to sign yours on official documents.

Frame with paper attached for presentations.

Land surrounded by water on almost every side.

Uneaten food saved for another meal.

Giant reptile that can be saltwater or freshwater.

Decoration pasted onto the sides of rooms.

Racket sport played over a net with a shuttlecock.

__ Mac, band that had a hit with Little Lies.

Type of circus with a trio of simultaneous acts.

You kiss under this plant at Christmas.

Puzzle 11

A parcel, sent through the mail.

Pad by a home's entrance for wiping muddy shoes.

Country from which Usain Bolt hails.

Performing music like Dr. Dre and Eminem.

Joint of a finger or thumb.

Slicing paper in half with shears or a blade.

Thick wool jersey or pullover.

It has the longest neck of any mammal.

Social media platform with a blue bird logo.

Autumn month in which Halloween is celebrated.

Gooey chocolate cake treat.

Shooting star shower in the night sky.

Books for keeping track of days and schedules.

Puzzle 12

1997 "immortal" Bond film Tomorrow __.

Bright pens can do this to important text.

These cords let you plug in more than one thing.

Sport with sticks and pucks in a frosty setting.

Bubbly that gets popped open to celebrate.

Male who brings in the catch of the day.

Warner Bros bird, frenemies with Bugs Bunny.

School subject about the world and places.

Places to borrow books.

Spring flowers that brighten up woodlands.

Lizard known to be able to match its background.

Puzzle 13

Sound of approaching thunder.

It's only skin deep, or in the eye of the beholder.

The tough outer edges of slices of bread.

As well as loving, Friday's child is this.

The nationality of someone from Paris.

Flat tools for drawing straight lines.

Homes, residential properties.

Japanese art of cultivating tiny trees.

A rough drawing; a type of pad for rough ideas.

Edgar Rice Burroughs' jungle-dwelling adventurer.

Nickname for the Academy Awards.

Largest country in North America.

A church district.

Puzzle 14

Reduce the length of something.

Fall off a surfboard.

Long, cream-filled pastries coated in chocolate.

Event to which the word matrimonial refers.

Philanthropist Gates, not Bill.

Device that reproduces on-screen files on paper.

Felling trees so they can be used as timber.

Device that joins papers together with a metal pin.

What Goldilocks thought of Daddy Bear's bed.

Band musician who beats a rhythm.

Sea creature with eight tentacles and three hearts.

Puzzle 15

2019 smash hit for Billie Eilish.

They help you keep track of the time.

Filled your suitcases ahead of a trip.

__ agent, spy secretly working for two sides.

People, homo sapiens.

Bus parts that go round and round all day long.

Legal __, official currency of a country.

Cute baby cat.

Portable computer that can be held on your knee.

First name of Star Wars filmmaker Lucas.

Starchy vegetable made into a soup with leeks.

TV Buffy's job description, vampire __.

Puzzle 16

Ankle injuries caused by twisting.

Sweet dish served at the end of a meal.

Mandatory outfit worn by a student or employee.

Nordic nation whose capital is Reykjavík.

Room in a house for cooking and preparing food.

Blooms to brighten up the workspace.

Eldest child and nominal narrator of The Waltons.

Text shown when hovering a mouse over a link.

Canine gives its name to a strong document clip.

Her albums include Music, Ray of Light and MDNA.

White game-playing sphere in snooker or pool.

Cinematic seafarers of the Caribbean.

Puzzle 17

Shiny mouth cosmetic, popular in noughties.

2020 hit for Miley Cyrus and Dua Lipa.

Blows up or bursts.

YouTuber with a range of branded hair bows.

Long key on the bottom row of a keyboard.

The creases in an older person's skin.

These project the sound from a computer screen.

__dog, yoga pose that stretches calf muscles.

Replica of the figure of Christ on the cross.

Tube-like structure used for snowboarding.

One or two scoops? Sweet, cold treat on a cone.

Facebook-owned phone message and VoIP service.

Number in a baker's dozen.

Prepared for the highest level of emergency.

Puzzle 18

Response to a question.

Part of a shirt where one's arm goes.

Those who extract coal from the Earth.

Made a sound like a dog.

Actor Bruce who saves the day in Die Hard.

Wax writing implement.

Fire __, way out of a building in an emergency.

Creatures who live under bridges.

Electric rock band instrument with strings.

A judge's decision; judgment.

Season associated with thawing snow after winter.

Have a mug of this nearby to keep you awake!.

USB storage device also known as a __ stick.

Puzzle 19

Spending time outdoors, sleeping under canvas.

Expression when parting.

You can sit down on them in parks.

Lift these repeatedly in the gym to grow muscle.

Eat and chill in front of this streaming service.

Random drawings made while working or writing.

Bright-plumaged birds that can be taught to talk.

Appliance Pop Tarts are often put into.

Tough fabric used to make boots, belts and wallets.

A flat shape with six equal sides.

Device that copies a paper document to a computer.

It goes before Nemo and Dory in two Pixar movies.

Puzzle 20

Towering yellow garden bloom with edible seeds.

Tool used by a wizard to cast spells.

Director of Batman and Beetlejuice.

Mattresses filled with liquid.

Thin nursery rhyme man who could eat no fat.

He plays Luther on TV, Heimdall in Marvel films.

Place in California to see lots of film stars.

Cocktail made with citrus and tequila.

Files or papers.

Festive celebrations, e.g. Notting Hill and Rio.

Device for restoring the point of a pencil.

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