CodyCross Desserts Pack answers

Desserts PackDesserts

Here are the answers to CodyCross Desserts Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Flat panel on digital device that displays images.

Bad luck always comes in __.

Grace Kelly married a prince of this country.

Not enough to meet demands.

__ chocolate cake, looks like a small volcano.

He was the Count in Bram Stoker's Dracula: Gary __.

Pocket-sized, flat, folding holder for money.

There are 50 of these in the U.S..

Underground drainage pipe network.

Showing your best side to the camera.

Chocolate __, light and chilled whipped dessert.

Painful swelling on first joint of the big toe.

Shakespeare's two daughters: Susanna and __.

Patrick __ plays Demi Moore's lover in Ghost.

Official language of Quebec.

Puzzle 2

Indecent; in law, likely to corrupt.

Dressed in garments.

Made a noise like a duck.

Contagious skin disease causing disfigurement.

These may be closer than they appear in a mirror.

Sweet treat after a meal.

Hot fruit sweet treat, often with apples or rhubarb.

Johannesburg's largest international airport.

Operating system used on Nokia smartphones.

Someone who is a fellow member of an organization.

Trimming of plants to promote growth.

To thaw frozen food.

A shortfall, the opposite of a surplus.

Traveling across water by ferry or ship.

David __, director of Fight Club.

Puzzle 3

An approximate calculation.

Informal name for tornadoes.

Ivan the __, fed his opponents to packs of dogs.

Nutty dessert eaten at Christmas and Thanksgiving.


Decorative fabric sewn onto fabric in patterns.

Soft singing, or even warbling.

Novel by Doris Lessing: The Golden __.

Played "Hawkeye" Pierce in MASH.

Coming out of an egg.

Calming, relaxing.

Poetry lines on Chinese New Year decorations.

Extremist, activist.

Derbyshire pudding, erroneously called a tart.

Puzzle 4

Originally from Latin, it means "in disguise".

Not giving in to temptation.

Rubbing muscles for relaxation.

Edible sugar strands, or hundreds and thousands.

Watched a situation closely.

Optical __; pictures that trick your eyes.

Duvet-like bed covering with duck feathers.

Soldier’s stance, at __.

Radiation discovered by Paul Villard in 1900.

Ground shapes made in wintery weather.

__ boots, over-the-knee length.

Percentage of hotel rooms with guests present.

Pride and __, Jane Austen book/movie.

La __, iconic 60s Fellini film set in Rome.

Person you're engaged to.

Michael Jackson's former family home.

People who take control of vehicles by force.

Traded item, service or product.

Puzzle 5

The Great __, movie with Steve McQueen.

Postage proofs affixed to envelopes.

Dental wire devices used to straighten teeth.

He devised a hierarchy of needs.

Boglands, marshes.

A nun's superior.

As of 2017, most widely spoken tongue in the EU.

A practice rehearsal.

English layered dessert of cake, jelly, custard.

Another name for stockings, describing the fabric.

Nickname for the elusive monster hidden in a loch.

largest island in French Polynesia.

"Lazy" rainforest animals.

Spanish nougat popular at Christmas.

__ Tull, inventor of an agricultural seed drill.

More unwell, poorlier.

Sides of an army.

Desmond __, Jamaican singer backed by the Aces.

Shines brightly.

Puzzle 6



Trips by plane.

Roman general who won Battle of Actium.

A popular web browser: Mozilla __.

Brown sweet produced by heating sugar.

A bill.

Legal representatives.

Igneous rock, used on kitchen countertops.

Sit on this in the day and sleep on it at night.

Confounds, bewilders.

Six __ Dollar Man, starred by Lee Majors.

__ tart, latticed, syrupy, beloved of Harry Potter.

Puzzle 7

Easily perceived.

Small vehicle which runs on tracks along streets.

Sofia __, Colombian actress on Modern Family.

You may need more of these when eating messy food.

Senior rank in the Royal Navy.

Zeus, to the Romans.

Sticks of vegetable used in pies and with custard.

Far from the __ Crowd, Thomas Hardy classic novel.

Christmas __, festive dessert with dried fruit.

Pinball part that strikes the ball.

The green-eyed __ is jealousy.

Injury caused by canine.

Puzzle 8

Causing upset or committing a crime.

Perfumed aerosol product for the physique.

Crushing a piece of paper.

Black and white speckled birds native to Europe.

Novel by Emily Brontë: __ Heights.

In the middle of two.

Red fruit makes creamy custard desserts "for idiots".

Altering evidence.

One who takes bets.

Art that is based on 2D shapes.

Nationality of Malala Yousafzai and Imran Khan.

Scottish capital with Castle Rock.

Maurice __ song: Thank Heaven for Little Girls.

Berry fruit found in ripple ice-cream.

Puzzle 9

Capital of Bermuda.

Making very angry.

Electrical system, sparks fuel to start the engine.

Baked milky pudding of grained wheat.

Removing a chicken's feathers.

Italian dessert drowned with an espresso.

Camera brand with instant printed photo.

How poisonous something is.

Text attached at the end of a book or report.

Leaving a room or a property.


The buying out of one company by another.

Hairdos that are very short, military style.

Puzzle 10

Miss Marple's creator, __ Christie.

Acid found in lemons.

Skilled shooter, concealed from the enemy.

Black Lace's 1984 dance floor hit.

Italian milky/fruity ice cream.

The points on a fork.

Not awake.

Ocean separating Africa and Australia.

Barely (not softly).

Rigid material used to stabilize a broken bone.

As right __, fit as a fiddle.

Puzzle 11

Telecommunications device by Apple.

Frozen, flavored ice treat – but not ice cream.

Negotiate the price.

To enter a place.

Wooden house used for lodging found in ski resorts.

Melancholy donkey, friends with Pooh.

Cows expel milk through them.

Fruits traditionally used to make charoset.

To tighten muscles.

Something that is lent or borrowed.

Continent with the most countries.

Juggling medieval fool.

Puzzle 12

Carves out of marble.

Excessive pride in oneself.

__ fever, childhood illness marked by a red rash.

Magnetic needle device, indicates direction.

Fixed sum of money paid to someone yearly.

All the arts: music, dance, plays and customs.

Series of layers of rock in the ground.

Smooth whey-based cheese in an Italian cheesecake.

Ice-cream in layers of different flavors.

Strong, almost uncontrollable feelings for someone.

Cloth pieces sewn on to mend a hole.

El __, Real Madrid vs Barcelona grudge match.

A jury's finding of either guilty or not guilty.

Tuesday to Thursday.

Puzzle 13

Greek hero dipped in the River Styx by his heel.

Acts in accordance to instructions.

Gathering information and intelligence on the enemy.

Date in February that marks Valentine's Day.

Single-wheeled bike.

Desserts in paper cases with icing and sprinkles.

Dessert topping made from sugar, nuts, cinnamon.

To be slightly strange or unusual in nature.

Exclamation, shows reluctance to discuss something.

A key figure in an organization.

Shower soap in a bottle.

Major sports event held in Rio de Janeiro in 2016.

Puzzle 14

Figure to keep birds away.

Where the water meets the land.

Small dainty French cake or morsel.

Yellow citrus spread used on bread and cakes.

Head-burying birds.

Took back, recovered.

Expert in a country's income and expenditure.

Wearers of red in Atwood's tale.

People who jump out of planes for fun.

Replacing spent ammunition.

Mental disorder with delusions and hallucinations.

Puzzle 15

Smart jacket, often with shiny buttons.

In swimming, a race using different strokes.

Safe from disease; not affected by something.

__ Darko, cult sci-fi movie with Jake Gyllenhaal.

Mom's brothers, to you.

Fruit on top? Everything is flipped on this cake.

Not a solid and not a gas.

Sheds feathers or pet hair.


__-shop, close harmony singing at the hairdressers.

__ pie, stoned fruit tart linked to Twin Peaks.

Greek goddess of the hearth and architecture.

Puzzle 16

Short form of grandfather.

__ torte: Austrian butter pastry with nuts and jam.

Taking the __ route; beautiful views.

Colorful early Coldplay hit.

Cosmetics like lipstick and powder.

The Latin and Greek name for Iran.

Holds on tightly.

Shrubs, hedgerows.

Emma Thompson's 'nanny' with magical powers.

Dried grape used in Christmas pudding.

Sheep's wooly pelt.

Soak up water.

The substance bonding bricks in a wall.

Patron Saint of England: St. __.

Flaps on the front of jackets covering the chest.

French venue of a 24-hour motor-racing event.

The drink of the gods.

Memoirs of a __, tale set in Japan, book and film.

Puzzle 17

Marked on the skin permanently.

Reveal private or sensitive information.

Shut suddenly, like a crocodile's mouth.

Prison dwellers.

Sicilian fortified wine used in zabaglione.

Memory loss.

World famous Portuguese soccer player Cristiano.

They sat at Camelot's round table.

Composer of the opera The Barber of Seville.

__ Millionaire, British drama film set in India.

Branch of maths where 2x + 5y = 3z.

Using a razor to remove stubble.

Grand __, orange brandy liqueur for crêpe Suzette.

Planet that Superman comes from.

To make something better with updates, upgrades.

Russian Arctic sea named after Dutch navigator.

Press __, Alt, Delete to interrupt PC app task.

Mix of dark and white hairs.

The tower of a church on which a spire is found.

Wooden storage planks that are mounted on walls.

Puzzle 18

Forgives sins.

Yellow almond paste for topping cakes.

Earning too much.

Pastry that's also the name of a French leader.

Totally exhausted, wiped out.

Unit used for measuring air pressure.

Musical and film based on the music of Abba.

Overwhelm with things or flood.

Safety; devices to protect your property.

Traffic collision, or chaotic situation.

In an intelligent way.

Whales eat this tiny ocean food source.

They are formally entered as candidates for awards.

Puzzle 19

To incriminate, blacken someone's name.

Halitosis is the technical term for this condition.

Short break during a theater performance.

The moon covering the sun.

Type of nuts used to make Marrons Glaces.

Study and use of culinary and medicinal plants.

The boss' helper.

Arranged in a zigzag pattern, not a straight line.

What Edgar Allan Poe's raven said.

Flying mammals who enjoy apples; "flying foxes".

Human body's digestive tract.

Smoothing undergarments.

Poker, Blackjack and Gin Rummy are examples of this.

Restricting food portions during times of war.

Puzzle 20

Rowan Atkinson's awkward suit-wearing character.

Moist cake made with three types of milk: tres __.

Third son of Queen Elizabeth II.

Uncover, disclose.


John __, French religious reformer of the 1500s.

Cuba's capital and major Caribbean port.

Very tight and tiny swimming trunks for men.

Rebellion on a ship.

Costumed character represents a sports teams.

Illegal copying of a film or music.

__ Robbins, ice cream chain with 31 flavors.

Bladed devices for cleaning car windshields.

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