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Digital Revolution PackDigital Revolution

Here are the answers to CodyCross Digital Revolution Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Robert Smith's band.

Fruit found in the middle of an Almond Joy bar.

Protective headwear worn by cyclists.

Having a short sleep.

Long-necked zoo animal.

Bopping, boogieing, swaying, pogoing.

Video-sharing website with play button logo.

With speed.

__ learning, when devices learn from algorithms.

Meet the needs of, be enough for.

City-state in Rome that is the Pope's HQ.

Puzzle 2

Hotel rooms have them en suite.

The identification of an illness in a person.

Storage area in an attic.

Embryo or reproductive part of a cereal type.

Idea, purpose, aim, goal, objective, plan.

You can use it to see the stars.

Where the dead are laid to rest.

Observation or awareness.

People are often caught "between a rock and a __".

App within Facebook for chatting to friends.

Mood-board style social app with images.

Cheeky imp who is blamed for freezing cold weather.

Reversal of an order of things.

Columbus and Magellan were famous ones.

Medieval society structured around exchanges.

Puzzle 3

Put a file onto a server.

Small pulse called dhal in Indian cuisine.

2016 DreamWorks bright musical animation.

People from China, India, Japan, Pakistan....

Emergency service patrol also called the cops.

Grab something away or from the hand of someone.

Inspector who is a tech-equipped cartoon agent.

Circus jesters, fools.

Period of ten years.

Smiley faces and other images used in SMS.

Mallet tool.

Little __; girl who lost her sheep.

Picks feathers off a bird.

Mind over __ and you can do it.

Bristle and boil with rage.

Cut a design into wood.

Puzzle 4

Ghostbusters' gooey buddy mascot.

The Secret of __ Island, game starring Threepwood.

12 astrological signs form this.

Device that enables connection to the internet.

Words of __ are sage advice.

Person in legal trouble, especially in Western US.

Burrowing and jumping rodent found in the desert.

Playful, lively.

Football crowd singing of repeated slogans.

Sea between Scandinavia and northern Europe.

Spanish drink that is a fortified wine.

Loose, wide-sleeved Japanese robe.

Figure used to count.

Witty imitation of a song or story.

Technology that uses vibrations when user touches.

Cups, saucers, milk jug, sugar bowl combined.

Puzzle 5

Fixes, mends.

Argue, bicker.

Celebrations or gatherings to mark birthdays.

Triangular tortilla chips brand in a sharing bag.

Required outfit for a job or for school.

Advert for a movie using extracts from it.

Broken or fractured, such as with ribs.

I __ I Can Fly, big hit for R. Kelly.

Concerned with death.

Male sorcerer.

Nuggets of user data stored when browsing sites.

Disney World is located near this Florida city.

Grid sign used to classify social media posts.

Applies dairy to toast.

Teenage Mutant Ninja __; shelled action figures.

Put things on show, as in a shop window.

Pieces of cloth for wiping the face while eating.

The shape of the cells made by bees in a honeycomb.

Canine hotels.

Creates a new product or device.

Chemical element Si, used for rubber-like stuff.

Woman who plays a character on screen or stage.

Puzzle 6

Travolta got a dancing fever on this night.

Spluttering, making a noise with the throat.

Wound wrappings.

Instrument player.

Imparts knowledge.

Frame designed for storing reading material.

According to Greek mythology he was given 12 labors.

Lucky Irish plant with three leaves.

Take a file from the internet or a computer.

Identifier entered along with a password.

Lumps of dried coffee.

To ride a surfboard that has a sail.

Unusual, irregular, atypical.

Puzzle 7

Taxonomic classification like animals and plants.

Attacking player who runs along the sidelines.


Google's shiny metallic internet browser.

Practice of going clothesless.

They are usually married to kings.

Default browser on an iPhone or iPad.

Short Japanese poems with 17 syllables.

Mary and Joseph's animal companion to Bethlehem.

Green or black tasteful fruits to top martinis.

Permanent skin ink.

__ level; tool for ensuring surfaces are straight.

Hand covers for winter weather.

Word added to son whose name matches father's.

Puzzle 8

Vessel that sinks or is marooned on a shore.

Quality that killed the cat.

A formal meeting for job candidates.

The perfect day for spring practical jokes.

Storage component within a computer.

Movie suburb of Los Angeles.

Protective software to stop malicious programs.

Giving recompense in thanks.

Around the outside edge of something.

Wednesday's child is __; constantly sad and glum.

Kit needed for a job.

A plant or part of a plant eaten for food.

Puzzle 9

Gateway or welcome area on a website.


Parasol-shaped garnish of paper on a toothpick.

Using a brush to create pictures on paper.

Items transported to a house by a service company.

Items not on a menu in a restaurant, change daily.

Holding tightly with your hands.

Professional who works on cars.

__ is another day, quote from Gone with the Wind.

Limbs of trees.

Mark Zuckerberg set up this social media site.

Makeup for the mouth.

Puzzle 10

Social media app with a bird logo.

Against the law.

We breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon __.

Triumph or conquest.

Plots a plan of action.

Someone from the country that uses chopsticks.

Sweet and sour lentil curry, rhymes with ransack.

Woodland areas under threat from being cut down.

Early social network, good for sharing music.

Styling product used on the head.

Starting up a car's engine but not moving.

Crazy like yellow fruits.

Not older.

Puzzle 11

Another word for the one that shines the most.

Raised horizontal flat surfaces.

Photo-based social network owned by Facebook.

Liz Taylor plays an Egyptian queen in this movie.

Multiculturalism, inclusiveness.

XXII in Roman numerals.

Made from the entire grain, including the husk.

Rate of data transfer or frequency range.

Flat utensil for cooking fried cod, haddock, etc.

Stay that lasts from evening till morning.

Puzzle 12

Taking a trip by plane.

Knobbly rhizome spice that grows underground.

__ dead body; absolute refusal to do something.

Motion someone to approach.

Mad, crazy.

Someone local to a country.

HTML means Hypertext __ Language.

Don't be stung by this barbed fish under the sand.

Time __; going back to the future.

The D in DNS.

Elbows, knees, shoulders, etc.

14-line poem, often by Shakespeare.

Howard, portrayed by DiCaprio in The Aviator.

Puzzle 13

Communication app where photos disappear.

Not a fictional or fantasy world.

Places for four-posters.

In the shape of a circle.

Steals by conning someone.

Sellers of bouquets, posies and bunches.

Sound indicating amusement.

Company that made the first portable phone.

Britain's biggest airport, with five terminals.

Having a bun in the oven.

Person who lives in a small rural area.

Tongue __; funny phrases that are tricky to say.

Puzzle 14

Cured/smoked ham eaten with fried egg or pineapple.

Someone from Lyon or Tours.

Apple alter-ego sticker, looks like you in texts.

Sufficient or as much as is needed.

Main computer that manages other devices.

Exit path.

Daughters of a brother or sister.

Legal contract to turn a book into a film, say.

Rooms spaces under pitched roofs.

Some people manage to make a storm there.

Puzzle 15

Transforming, becoming different.

Outdoor carnivals with rides, food, sideshows.


Internet __, or IoT, network of connected devices.

Complete the Olympic motto: Swifter, Higher, __.

Writing an online diary.

Hugged, cuddled.

Spherical bite-sized baked treats.

Radio listeners or TV viewers.

Where to see shooting stars and constellations.

Guests, people who come to stay.

Extraordinary divine events.

Long hairs on the side of a cat's face.

Puzzle 16

Branch of science that includes the periodic table.

__ Rock, Elvis goes to prison in this movie.

Crunchy, sugary food also called cinder toffee.

Able to withstand setbacks; strong.

Country that gave us Portia de Rossi.

Using something again for a different purpose.

Singer, comedian, musician; one who puts on a show.

Wooden baton carried by British police.

Song about the day before, by The Beatles.

Making someone's acquaintance on Facebook, say.

Faster internet access than dial-up.

Puzzle 17

Playing games of chance, betting.

Internet __, Microsoft's browser.

Time period that was 438 to 408 million years ago.

Pottery used for cooking, like Le Creuset.

Levelness and flushness.

Inability to fall asleep.

Merry-go-round; Rodgers and Hammerstein musical.

Woman who takes orders, delivers food to table.

Darning __, used to place socks over when mending.

Born in the country of the maple leaf.

No room __; totally full, no vacancies.

Salvaging of lost, corrupted data from a computer.

Vision, it fails the older you get.

Jumping on a trampoline.

It sits between knife and fork on a laid table.

Fourth day of the work week.

Puzzle 18

Separator used to keep things apart.

Heating a liquid to change it into to a gas.

Street location of a home or business.

Don't feed it after midnight.

Fitted, stretchy item worn for dance or gymnastics.

A token or a gift card.

__ machine, appliance for cleaning clothes, linen.

Ol' Blue Eyes.

Putting content on social media, blogs.

Glass or plastic containers for storing drinks.

__ wave, synchronized crowd waving.

Sprinting or jogging.

Software or app.

Puzzle 19

Heavy metal band known for Enter Sandman.

Profession concerned with treating oral health.

I spy with my __, game to pass the time on a trip.

Mounted rotating wheel turns freely in all paths.

To turn something from one language into another.

Sales campaign tactic to sell a product.

Ubisoft rhythm game to show off your moves.

Driver of a limo who opens the doors.

The name for a dinosaur that only ate plants.

Two conflicts: 1914-18 and 1939-45.

__ teller machine, or ATM, for getting cash out.

Raise money over the internet from many people.

Faulty or flawed.

A false name, used by authors in particular.

Puzzle 20

Coming to or reaching a place.

__ horn, brass instrument gives signals to a pack.

They get on-the-job experience, often for no pay.

Screen hooked up to a personal computer.

Body position, deportment.

Place where books are kept for lending, not sale.

Easier or more straightforward.

Scavenger bird, known for circling prey from above.

Coarse fern.

Rug for wiping feet before entering a home.

Underground passageways.

__ engineering is changing life's building blocks.

Huge sets of statistics for analysis of humans.

Questionnaires, opinion polls.

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