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Here are the answers to CodyCross Dinosaurs Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Scuba __, underwater exploration activity.

Cheddar and swiss are types of this food.

The high-speed Japanese train is called a __ train.

Time periods, e.g. the Holocene or Pleistocene __.

Charlie's last name in Roald Dahl's book.

The tops of your legs are your __.

Products are bought and sold here.

To look for something; anagram of "chaser".

The moment an asteroid hits the Earth.

Large African snake that squeezes its prey.

__ Horse, famous Greek trick.

He looks after agricultural land and animals.

Puzzle 2

Great ship that sank in the Atlantic Ocean in 1912.

__ pie, citric fruit dessert invented in Florida.

__ Cosgrove, starred in iCarly.

Classic horror film about a vampire.

Book or film genre set in an imaginary universe.

One bed stacked on top of another.

Past tense of bring.

Dinosaurs laid their eggs in huge __ grounds.

A year can be split into these four time periods.

A brass instrument used in fanfares.

The Little __ is a fairy tale by H.C. Andersen.

Someone who fixes and installs water pipes.

They are small, inconvenient and have six legs.

The town where The Flintstones live.

The last two Ws in www.

Humans produce carbon __.

Puzzle 3

Bright yellow flower also called narcissus.

Day after today.

An important personal travel document.

List of words with their meanings explained.

The natural places where animals make their homes.

His book inspired Communism.

The __ table lists all chemical elements.

Giant Japanese monster.

Full of joy, happy.

An animal that hunts other animals for food.

Famous soup brand; Andy Warhol painted the cans.

Small fish with a curly tail and an equine face.

Game with white tiles that have black spots.

Capital of Australia.

Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie are The __.

Puzzle 4

According to the saying, what doesn't strike twice.

Clothes you wear every day, but no one can see.

Small oven that heats or cooks food quickly.

E.g. rabbits eat grass and foxes eat rabbits.

Sport played by Harry Potter.

Running as a horse would.

Alvin and the __.

The name for a dinosaur that only ate plants.

Saint's day celebrated on February 14th.

A kind of peach that has a smooth skin.

Orange, purple and green are __ colors.

Use antibiotics to treat this.

Another way to say carnivore.

Puzzle 5

The periodic table is ordered by the __ numbers.

Creme __ is a French dessert, top is caramelized.

Walt __ created famous characters and great parks.

Flat scaly plates on a dinosaur's skin.

Like a motorbike, on water.

To go from one place to another.

__ of the Whales, important fossil site in Egypt.

Music app.

Space to put your stuff at school.

First man mission to the Moon was the __11.

Piece of land surrounded by water.

Puzzle 6

Ankylosaurs had __ tails, for swiping predators.

One of the holes in your nose is your __.

__ America, Marvel comic book hero.

Reduce, reuse, __; don't just throw in the garbage.

Pink __ was a movie that inspired the cartoon.

A creature with the characteristics of a lizard.

This kind of pasta is filled; looks like a pillow.

Percy __, lead character of the Olympians series.

A tourist's bags or cases.

Red and peeling skin, often occurs on beaches.

The official who is in charge of a football match.

A bunch of flowers nicely arranged; french word.

Use this to surf the net, e.g. IE, or Chrome.

Puzzle 7

Beautiful Indian monument at the city of Agra.

Plant-eating dinosaur with long neck and tail.

__ Benz, luxury German car company.

Collarbone, bones that run between the shoulders.

Middle life era, when the dinosaurs lived.

Clint __, cowboy actor.

Rock __, radical sport, natural or artificial.

Long green salad food, can be used for pickles.

Creator of music.

Famous Da Vinci portrait of a woman.

Kelly __, won American Idol, sang "Heartbeat Song".

Inbox messages that are not worth reading.

Puzzle 8

Dinosaur tread mark, preserved on the ground.

Social system of medieval times.

Something hard to be done is a __, like a dare.

The bones in the back.

Food prepared from roasted cocoa beans.

The largest island in the world.

The measure that describes distances in space.

Sport played on ice by two teams disputing a puck.

Tall yellow garden bloom, with edible seeds.

French expression for "have a good journey".

Miss __, had a home for peculiar children.

Branch of science that studies the Periodic Table.

Early type of animal that others have evolved from.

Mrs. __, movie where Robin Williams plays nanny.

Puzzle 9

It rubs out pencil marks.

A stegosaurus had triangular __ along its spine.

How many degrees are there in a right angle?.

Gas we breathe to survive, chemical symbol O.

Typical indian food, triangular dough with filling.

A rock with a prehistoric animal imprint.

Teenage __ Ninja Turtles.

She spent some time with a beast in the fairy tale.

Coupled with; anagram of "repaid".

Major European river runs through nine countries.

A puzzle with pieces that fit together.

Puzzle 10

A small Nintendo, hand held.

Popeye gets even stronger when he eats __.

Body of water in the Middle East you float on.

No longer existing; a species that has died out.

Small cake with a cup around the bottom.

Colorful glass balls to play with.

Saturday and Sunday are known as the __.

The pair of bean-shaped organs in the human body.

Star Wars: The Force __.

The patron saint of Ireland is St __.

The study of the Earth and how it has changed.

__ Man and Barnacle Boy are SpongeBob's heroes.

Puzzle 11

International disaster relief organization.

__ Leia, Carrie Fisher played this Star Wars gal.

Blowy weather helps flour be made here.

__ Nightingale, nurse who helped soldiers.

A large, extinct elephant-like mammal.

A book is divided into smaller sections called __.

Two-word capital of the United Arab Emirates.

One of the earliest dinosaurs, with short arms.

In math, another word for "times" or "x".

Picasso's black and white painting with a bull.

Dietary belief of not eating meat, dairy or eggs.

__ Car, automobile not using gasoline.

The Ugly __, fairy tale, 1939 Disney film.

Found on kittens; some of our favorite things.

Puzzle 12

Person classifying, ordering and lending books.

Your head won't stay wet after you use this.

Something that costs a lot of money is __.

The revolving blades on a plane or boat.

A plant-eating dinosaur with bird-like feet.

Cells in the tongue that detect flavors.

Wear it to jump off a plane.

Children's children.

German supermodel, designer, Project Runway host.

In a game of pool, the black.

Reptile that blends into its surroundings.

A fighting sport.

When ecosystems vary, they have __.

The rise in prices of goods in general.

Adults like to drink this on New Year's Eve.

Metal named after dwarf planet, symbol Pu.

Reckless superhero aka Matt Murdock.

Famous English spy working as 007.

Puzzle 13

A hand-held tool for banging or striking something.

They have different shapes and fall off trees.

Look after children or animals not your own.

Site of famous tax revolt, __ Tea Party.

Agents of __, TV show about the Marvel Universe.

Liquid used to cure something, magical potion.

European candy that explodes when mixed with Coke.

Chopin was this nationality; or you can __ shoes.

The light is at the end of the __.

The biceps is a large __ in a human's arm.

Corrector of books; lead journalist on a newspaper.

Facebook and Snapchat are __ media.

The long, curved claws of a dinosaur.

Herbivore dinosaurs only ate __, not meat.

Puzzle 14

Agility party game on a mat of colored spots.

Paleontology tools for carefully chipping rock.

Dead animal feast for carnivore dinosaurs.

Buyer and arranger of flowers and wreaths.

A liquid used to make a person smell nice.

White belt wearers in judo are....

Written language for blind people; touch and feel.

Type of orbit that planets make around the Sun.

Found in milk, this mineral is good for your bones.

The folds of skin that protect your eyes.

Hot springs that send up sudden jets of water.

Puzzle 15

Plesiosaurs had these instead of legs.

Some non-flying dinosaurs had these on their tails.

Social networking website founded by Zuckerberg.

__ Ford, aka Han Solo.

A long narrow wooden sled.

The medical term for the lower jaw.

Island nation, capital Kuala Lumpur.

A vote held to choose a political representative.

A painting of a person is called a __.

A flying red beetle with black spots.

A collective name for brothers and sisters.

Puzzle 16

Long and thin green vegetable.

Underwater character with square pants.

Extinct pig-sized plant eating mammal.

A meeting someone goes through to get a job.

What bees do for flowers, to help them fertilize.

Moving stairway.

Another word for scenery.

Bluey green color, like the sea.

Prehistoric insect fossils have been __ in amber.

Stand on this to ride the waves.

The scientific study of space, planets and stars.

Puzzle 17

Performing on stage, film or TV.

The equipment used for taking photographs.

Impression in the ground left by an asteroid.

An angle greater than 90° but less than 180°.

__ mammoths were giant furry elephants.

The chess piece that looks like a horse's head.

Greek monster with serpent hair.

On a sunny day, you can see your __ on the floor.

You might suffer from this if you do a long flight.

A way of traveling down a snowy mountain.

Language spoken in Denmark.

The bouncy one from Winnie-the-Pooh.

Puzzle 18

Liquid for washing hair, originally an Indian word.

__ Jones, cinema's adventure archeologist.

Poultry, often eaten roasted, fried or grilled.

He welcomes you to a nightclub, shop or hotel.

Small bird-like dinosaurs with large brains.

South __, continent including Brazil and Chile.

Royal buildings.

Swinging device at the circus.

To copy what someone else is doing.

Unit of food energy, loads of people count them.

Disney __, 2005 series about Tinker Bell.

Puzzle 19

The amount of water mist in the air.

After New Moon, comes the next lunar phase: __.

Strong, light metal, symbol Ti.

Business ought to precede __.

A large brass instrument with a sliding tube.

Jagged, __ teeth are good for cutting through meat.

The title given to a daughter of a king or queen.

She's a feline superhero.

__ test, remember how to write words.

Unwanted movie info from someone who saw it.

Using your arms and legs to move through water.

He minds and takes care of sheep in the outdoors.

An ancient underwater streamlined lizard.

Green fruits used to make guacamole.

The __ and the Hare, Aesop tale, Disney short.

Puzzle 20

Glass saucer where bacterial cultures are grown.

A person who directs the route or course of a ship.

Animal, its name comes from French for spiky pig.

Transferring data live; anagram of "mastering".

A herbivore dinosaur with a pointy thumb.

The movie Cinderella in 1950 featured a fairy __.

A false name, used by authors in particular.

A prehistoric reptile that could fly.

2014 FIFA World Cup runners-up.

How the human body processes food.

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