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Here are the answers to CodyCross DIY Beauty Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

Dutch town where Vincent van Gogh was born.

Oh, Pretty Woman singer Roy __.

Tied up, like a chicken.

Is sorry for.

Miami's longest populated neighborhood __ Grove.

Having a lovely smell.


Native people of what is now the Southwestern US.

20th letter of Greek alphabet, name is "simple u".

Bar or liquid soap for washing hair.

A condition that robs someone of their memories.

Nigel __, mustachioed F1 champion of 1992.

Perfume-making lichen that grows on trees.

Puzzle 2

Female party planners.

AKA marigold, flower used as anti-inflammatory.

Alcoholic drink popped on special occasions.

Remove the outer layer of skin cells by rubbing.

Straying from the expected route.

Made-up words found in picture books.

Measuring guide that is 36 inches long.

Religious homes of monks or nuns.

Leo __; described the continent south of Europe.

Pay regularly to access services or content.

Puzzle 3

Indian Ocean archipelago with Diego Garcia base.

A reflective piece of glass.

Sweet things including fructose, glucose.

Glittering Prize, __ Minds hit single of 1982.

Solar tiles mounted on a roof.

The .com or part of a web page domain name.

Calories are used to measure it.

Add a carrier oil to __ an essential oil.

Common term for espionage.

Word for fat used in beauty products, such as shea.

Albert was the first of this animal in space.

Composed the score of O Canada, __ Lavallée.

Minas __; capital city of Gondor in the Third Age.

Form of literature often used by Dr. Seuss.

__ Éireann; upper house of Ireland's parliament.

Large dwelling Elsa made out of ice.

Road Runner cartoon foe.

Puzzle 4

Curve on a graph formed by a quadratic equation.

To study, rate, or diagnose someone or something.

Author Swift, who wrote Gulliver's Travels.

Not electrically amplified.

Type of juicy, sweet orange or its Spanish city.

City near South Australia's Cleland Wildlife Park.

Apple launched the first personal one in 1977.

Longer word for cars or vans.

__ role, lead character in a film or play.

Briskly mixing a potion to make it light and airy.

A mythical creature that turns every full moon.

Yellow spice with antioxidant properties.

2017 IMAX documentary on engineering marvels.

Mortar used for grinding writing pigments.

Slang for someone who reads a lot.

Puzzle 5

Car wheel covers.

Decorative sparkles on Michael Jackson's glove.

Attached a horse to a cart.

King __; Calvin's nemesis in Django Unchained.

The longest of the three Triple Crown races.

Large, yellow, feathered Sesame Street character.

Provisional Beehive state within 19th-century Utah.

Jar or container that has been disinfected.

Cold-processed beauty oils.

First wife of French impressionist Claude Monet.

Relating to the skull, such as nerves.

Greek goddess of universal health.

Stage drama that ends badly for main character.

Multiple dishes in a meal.

Puzzle 6

J Lo won't "be cooking all day," she Ain't __.

Inventive, making one's own scents and potions.

Gifts, such as homemade bath bombs.

Fisher's stew of fish, shellfish, tomatoes, wine.

Stacks or rolls of dried grass and straw.

What is built through repeated weight training.

What to do to rude people on Facebook.

Ordinary protagonist archetype in literature.

Having two or more spouses at the same time.

National __, celebrity figure cherished by all.

Common dark hair shade.

Of the ancient combination of chemistry and magic.

Changing a decimal to the nearest whole number.

Puzzle 7

Slopes, like escape methods from aircraft.

Find, pinpoint.

The film 8 Mile is loosely based on this rapper.

Academic title for a jolly good researcher.

George __; Le Carré veteran spy character.

Nickname for a Golden Raspberry Award.

David Bowie song Space __.

"__ late than never".

Element that is the softest non-alkali metal.

Fish-catching wooden tools with sharpened points.

The opposite of a loss, in business.

President of Venezuela taking office in 2013.

Marsupials with white splats on their coats.

Cleanse the skin of harmful chemicals.

What tourists do.

Heavy fabric used by painters.

Bright green tea powder, face mask ingredient.

Puzzle 8

Extremely hot, like the Sun.

Derived from plants.

Marvel Comics character whose alter ego is Ant-Man.

Liquid made from petals, refreshing to skin.

Inoculate against a disease.

The cord that connects mother and unborn child.

The Dock of the Bay where Redding wrote his song.

Cleaned up errors in a photograph.

Laundry cleaning powder.

Han Solo's Wookiee co-pilot.

Pastries that are folded on top of themselves.

Puzzle 9

Plural form of list found in the back of books.

Juice or milk containers.

Exercises done in groups of three.

Immune-boosting herb for cosmetics or pizzas.

UK vs Iceland conflict over fishing territories.

Concentrated, active ingredient from a plant.

Online profile showing your prior orders.

Skateboarding video game by Crea-ture Studios.

Small weasel-type mammal, definitely not feline.

US state with a bison on its flag.

Gene __, US golfer of the 20s-30s, the Squire.

P!nk wants to Get This Party __.

She played Alex in Charlie's Angels.

Puzzle 10

Cousin of Romeo in Shakespeare's love story.

Sharon __, Remind Me Tomorrow singer.

Radio cast of Secombe, Milligan, Sellers, Bentine.

Leaking water from the skin when exercising.

Use of nourishing cosmetics on the face and body.

Configuration options for a tech device.

Turn a fatty mixture into soap.

Possibly insane third emperor of Rome.

Baked goods often served for continental breakfast.

Bad Boys, Deep Impact and Madam Secretary actress.

Amount of moisture in the air.

Knit sweater that opens at the front.

Vito __ made someone an offer they couldn't refuse.

Status of various Commonwealth countries pre-1953.

Coconut or date plant.

Ferry __, passenger trip between ports.

Puzzle 11

North American French colony, capital Port-Royal.

Brush lightly.

Neutral, non-gender-specific clothing.

Your body's way to clear your nasal passages.

Shared name of actors Sarah Jessica, Mary-Louise.

The Roman one began with the ascension of Augustus.

Repetitive seed oil used in natural cosmetics.

Egyptian god of the underworld with a dog's head.

Opus __; chronological ID of a composer's work.

Nickname for the local pub.

Chocolate bar encasing coconut.

Stinging plant ingredient that can nourish hair.

Building where teachers read books to students.

Metal commonly used to make tankards.

A glowing sheen; clean teeth are __ whites.

The world's largest country.

The Black __, 1987 James Ellroy crime novel.

Puzzle 12

Seventeen, eighteen, maids __; nursery rhyme line.

Tiny superfoods, their oil is good for your skin.

Bond movie, like a marine creature.

Fast kitchen heater for melting beauty concoctions.

The Greek goddess of love and beauty.

Christian Louboutin designs this type of footwear.

Inverse operation to exponentiation.

Axel F's irritating amphibian.

Urban graffiti, murals on public walls, etc.

Preparing a fish to eat.

Puzzle 13

Sibling TV drama The Umbrella __.

Lunchbox container brand to keep liquid hot.

Fictional setting of Starsky and Hutch's BCPD.

The earth, in Sanskrit, or a name for Bhumi.

Subject taught with STEM subscription boxes.

Nurture the skin with natural products.

Teardrop shaped print pattern; country singer Brad.

__ cards, decks of 52 used in poker or blackjack.

Sixty of these equal one minute.

The __, iconic movie with Brando astride a bike.

Produced a crop.

Historic Swedish open-air museum, opened in 1891.

Milkweed insect species that migrates.

Flower fruit oil, add to face cream for hydration.

A baked or fried treat that's twisted like a knot.

SMS stands for short message __.

Puzzle 14

Combine __, farm machine for cutting wheat.

Apparatus needed for a task, e.g. brushes, easel.

A vote with no dissent is this.

Make this lotion with almond oil to put on cheeks.

__-Roussillon, French wine-producing region.

Left-luggage office; facility for storing coats.

Nickname for boxer Rubin Carter.

Christian Krohg novel about a poor seamstress.

The good bits extracted from natural products.

The Eastern Roman Empire was the __ Empire.

Jimi Hendrix song, "__ Traffic", recorded in 1967.

Closed comedo.

Puzzle 15

Breathe in essential oils over a steamy bowl.

Australian name for flip-flops.

Eating formally, with others.

__ Woman's date involved flinging an escargot.

Human organ responsible for T-cell growth.

Evolved mouse Pokémon form of Pikachu.

Al __, American Gangster, also known as Scarface.

Natural vegetation for natural beauty products.

Too hot to __, dangerous or difficult to deal with.

Hole in the tooth caused by eating too much sugar.

Christian holiday, it also features bunnies & eggs.

Country formerly known as British Honduras.

Kayak relatives propelled by paddles.

Type of verse exemplified by the poem Ozymandias.

Accused people hire a lawyer to do this for them.

Adhesive used for rubber prosthetics, __ gum.

Puzzle 16

__ Jane, gun-toting Doris Day sings her heart out.

Remove this outer dermis with a sea salt scrub.

24 hours off work and in bed.

Bureaus for temporary workers.

Crafted by a person from scratch.

I beg __, expression of polite disagreement.

Extensive volcanic arc in the Bering Sea.

Solid elements that make up a computer.

Tree dedicated to Minerva, goddess of wisdom.

Surname of Titanic and The Revenant actor.

Animals often wear this in picture books.

Youngest player to qualify for LPGA tour, __ Wie.

Plastic, perforated footwear worn by nurses.

The Catcher in the Rye features an unreliable one.

Blur's best-selling third album, released in 1994.

A work of art divided in three sections or panels.

Surgical cut in the skin.

Puzzle 17

For brewing a drink; chill them and apply to eyes.

The __ Falcon, film noir based on Hammett's book.

Brutal, savage.

Nation whose flag reverses that of Côte d'Ivoire.

Oprah who is a former talk show queen.

Filthy; poor and grimy living quarters.

Lash-darkener, can be homemade with charcoal.

Melodic flourish written for a solo vocalist.

__ house, accommodation to help social integration.

Prince __; title of head of state of Liechtenstein.

A famous, old, beloved book.

One of a bird's plumage.

Puzzle 18

Flammable gas used in aerosols.

Glowing particles when metal is heated.

The name of the scary movie genre.

Citrus fruits for bleaching hair.

Beethoven's grandfather, who shared his first name.

Australian scientist who helped develop penicillin.

Flexible office space company founded by Neumann.

First word of La Marseillaise.

Celiac's nemesis.

Dainty nibble served on a tray.

England capital where Pussy Cat visited the Queen.

Mardi Gras beads tossed from New Orleans floats.

Cirrus and stratus are these.

Lavish and spoil with beauty treatments.

Cool food storage room.

Puzzle 19

Common picture book opening line: Once __.

Bodily system that controls taste.

Scent provided by herbs or essential oils.

Symbol that can go between two sentences ( ; ).

__ prawns, Irish crustaceans aka Norway lobsters.

Who Margaret Brennan has faced since 2018.

1999 cyber action film starring Keanu Reeves.

Water that has had all impurities removed.

__ viper; venomous snake with serrated skin.

Symptoms of tension, eye strain.

Expression from a play's title meaning alternating.

Puzzle 20

Fizzy tub soap made with baking soda.

Danish language fairy-tale play by Henrik Ibsen.

Vaccinations eradicated this disease by 1980.

Valuable plastic certificate given as a present.

Plants with reddish flowers, harvested as grain.

Skin treatment made with dairy product or fruits.

Logs and branches collected for burning.

Dark Italian vinegar.

The __ Prison Experiment, mock psych prison.

Professional photographs require that this be good.

Community of professors and universities.

Led Zeppelin classic song, __ to Heaven.

A chapter of a TV show that airs online.

Sport with cross-country skiing and rifle shooting.

To lie on the beach and soak up the rays.

Silt deposit left behind by flowing river.

Long, thin loaf of French bread.

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