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Here are the answers to CodyCross Dog World Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Apocynum plant that's harmful to canines.

Able to float in water; optimistic, happy mood.

__ Eve, BBC crime drama starring Sandra Oh.

Robot; phone operating system by Google.

Northern Atlantic island nation home of Bjork.

Ideas based on gut feelings rather than proof.

Salary department where clerks work.

Cosmetic tooth coverings.

Leafy salad vegetable, like iceberg or frisée.

Chinese dog with characteristic wrinkled skin.

Going through the __, acting automatically.

Shakespeare play that features Iago and Desdemona.

Type of pursuit game.

Peter Gabriel's Follow Me Follow You rock band.

One of the 4 Cs when inspecting a diamond.

Puzzle 2

Technology allowing files to be wirelessly shared.

Not biased, neutral.

German dog breed with characteristic fluffy muzzle.

Vietnamese city that used to be known as Saigon.

Mounds made of crisp beaten egg whites and sugar.

Issuer of printed books.

Evita didn't want it to cry for her.

Spies operate this way, with concealed identity.

Egyptian queen consort with famous bust.

The outer layer of the human skin.

Throw a ball for a dog to bring back.

Must-visit monuments on tourists' agendas.

Lawyer's disagreement with a point made in court.

One of three in a pregnancy.

Puzzle 3

Utensil often on the far right of a table setting.

Bewildered, perplexed.

Expert in how money and industry work.

Not a fast speed in music; electronic music genre.

Cross between a poodle and a cocker spaniel.

What new fans of a winning team may jump on.

"Great" ruler of Macedon.

Shiny structures found in Utah and Romania in 2020.

A revolving disc for playing vinyl records on.

Legendary movie dog affectionately known as Rinty.

Puzzle 4

Kids who have not quite hit puberty yet.

Major river flowing through India and Bangladesh.

Decorated with feathers.

Legs __; limbs thrown widely apart.

Canis Major star also known as the Dog Star.

Like a fruit that's not ready to eat.

Ice huts built by the Inuit.

Evil manifestation of Dr Jekyll.

The Extraodinary Gentlemen were in one.

Elizabeth II has kept these dogs all her life.

Nelson Mandela's activist wife.

Nationality of composer Jean-Philippe Rameau.

Marvel superhero played on screen by Paul Bettany.

High-ranking clergy who looks after a diocese.

Puzzle 5

This is 50m for an Olympic swimming pool.

Wait for; believe that something will happen.

Diadems, partial crowns for the top of the head.

Treacherous icefall on Mount Everest.

Middle Eastern marketplace with alleyways.

The Dachshund-like dog in the Toy Story movies.

Root vegetable with a daikon variety.

Line charts or bar charts.

Long fur needs to be brushed or it'll become this.

Remind a forgetful actor of their lines.

Robin, who played Jenny in Forrest Gump.

"Mad" figure at Alice's tea party.

Prefix that means against.

The Road to El __, film with album by Elton John.

Puzzle 6

Cruella de Vil wanted 101 of this breed.

Number of illegal acts that occur in a place.

Implanted device that regulates a heartbeat.

Gaps, periods of between sets of exercise.

The __ Brothers, had a hit with Unchained Melody.

Sputnik One was the first of these Earth orbiters.

You can't teach these to an old dog!.

Cleaned; transferred illegal money.

Creole rice dish closely related to gumbo.

Greek thinker who founded the Lyceum school.

A wig; an artificial style for the top of the head.

Puzzle 7

City that hosted the 2008 Summer Olympics.

Portman; she starred in Black Swan, Jackie.

Crossbred sighthound and working dog.

More hazy, anagram of irksome.

Sound you only hear when it's silent all around.

Bovine energy drink brand.

Singer Roy, who had a hit with Oh, Pretty Woman.

Addition of money to a bank account.

Long-haired toy dog from a Mediterranean island.

Movement of the atmosphere around a plane's wings.

Spluttered, like fireworks.

Puzzle 8

Biggest city in Turkey, was Constantinople.

From Here to __, WW2 film with Lancaster and Kerr.

Alternative name for a seeing-eye dog.

Caught like this you're unprepared.

Excited, agitated, aquiver.

Stand-by players, in case of injury.

The beliefs and features of who a person is.

Micronutrients that can help metabolism.

Repetitive name of a thick-coated Chinese dog.

Window in a ceiling for brightening a room.

Flying insect that bites, carries malaria.

Puzzle 9

Extended one's muscles.

Napoleon Bonaparte's famous sweetheart.

Right out of __, unconventional and unusual.

Its name literally means "badger-dog" in German.

Type of power with a compressed liquid in motion.

__ Ginsburg, US Supreme judge dubbed Notorious RBG.

Kelis's brings all the boys to the yard.

Dried flower petals that add scent to a room.

Country that's home to wild dingoes.

3% of 1960s movies showed someone sinking in this.

Puzzle 10

A line in geometry that touches a curve.

Popular dog breed; anagram of Alpines.

Quickly stirred or hurried away.

Your __ may vary.

Mount Doom was this, where Frodo dropped the ring.

Dog breed often seen as an emblem of the UK.

Four-sided Jewish top.

Introducing a maximum upper limit.

Stylish short-haired 1920s lady.

African nation with similar flag design to the US.

Phrase said when a judge enters the courtroom.

The cartilage sometimes found in meat.

Puzzle 11

Undead drink of rums and fruit juices.

2000 US Democrat presidential nominee.

Rough, gritty; boorish and foul-mouthed.

A pampered pooch small enough to hold on the knees.

Still ones run deep, according to the proverb.

Making up scenes on the fly on stage.

__ Connection, clothing company with FCUK brand.

Batman and Jackie Brown actor Michael.

Giant tech company founded by Larry Ellison.

A dog's snout; a protector covering its mouth.

First name of The Bell Jar author Plath.

Yellowstone's Old Faithful is one of these.

Puzzle 12

Mystery-solving dog who's best friends with Shaggy.

British brand of 4x4, merged with Jaguar.

Three joint rulers in Ancient Rome.

Confuses, bewilders.

Dog that chases a hare round a track.

A series of passenger seats on a moving cable.

__ B.I.G. was also called Biggie Smalls.

The Sagrada Família is a site in this Spanish city.

Area that is prone to high water during rain.

2019 mystery drama starring Daniel Craig.

Circular sequence of living things like plants.

South Africa's old system of racial segregation.

Puzzle 13

Glittery garland strung around a Christmas tree.

Danai, who played Michonne on The Walking Dead.

Uniquely, a Portuguese water dog's feet are this.

Police fill lineups with these probable suspects.

Another name for the Lighthouse of Alexandria.

__, ergo sum.

North America's driest desert.

A doghouse.

Beautiful female nature spirits.

Extra copy of a file stored on a computer.

Stories by Rudyard Kipling.

Number puzzle with squares to fill in.

Cut of beef that may be watching you.

Puzzle 14

Metal worn on the ends of sleeves.

Acclaimed US TV and radio interviewer, died 2021.

Family movie series about an enormous St Bernard.

Bankrupt, broke; extremely poor.

Familiar term for one's husband, wife, partner.

Language that has forms called Nynorsk and Bokmål.

Huge tumble experienced by Humpty Dumpty.

Dental work to treat an infected tooth.

A belt of these lies between Jupiter and Mars.

Irish terrier breed named for its distinctive coat.

Puzzle 15

Common condition causing patches of rough skin.

Keep quiet; stop talking.

Ground wheat into flower.

Reformed thief Scott Lang's superhero character.

Male choir members with deeper voices than altos.

Country once led by Golda Meir.

Nickname for the Australian sheepdog.

Racehorse rider.

Polar region with icy cold air: polar __.

Bar-based 1980's sitcom starring Ted Danson.

Famous movie dog who Came Home in 1943.

Choose not to be involved in something.

Followed their owner closely, like a dog.

Allocate sums of money for various living costs.

Puzzle 16

Photography book published by Brooklyn Beckham.

Professional who liaises between two parties.

A dog's frontmost feet.

Nitrous oxide is commonly known as this gas.

Phone app that teaches other languages.

The four separate spaces inside the heart.

Style of armchair that leans backwards for comfort.

Lady's doggy partner in the 1955 Disney movie.

Fish commonly associated with caviar.

Grammatical case that indicates possession.

Pass, cease to be important.

Song: When A Cowboy Trades __ For Wings.

Puzzle 17

Expanse of barren Australian landscape.

Base ingredient of Jello and photographic film.

Went red in the face, while cleaning the toilet?.

Dampen, wet slightly.

1985 benefit concert for famine relief.

Blotched, like a Dalmatian's coat.

Malicious nurse in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest.

Cat on a Hot __; Tennessee Williams play.

A medium used for growing microorganisms.

African dog breed that cannot bark.

Territory owned by a noble, also called a duchy.

Puzzle 18

Plant or animal material used as an energy source.

This style of cookie includes a slip of paper.

Exercise to strengthen a lower limb.

GPS that follows people.

Actor Dick who starred in Diagnosis Murder.

__ cats and dogs, not good weather for a walk.

Charles, the author of A Christmas Carol.

Versatile waterproof synthetic material.

Major international hit for Oleta Adams in 1990.

Money paid ahead of schedule.

The furthest way or from the middle.

Musical that opens with Bobby… Bobby… Bobby baby….

Condition caused by a lack of oxygen in the body.

Siberian dog breed with long, bright white fur.

Puzzle 19

Similar to speed.

Draw near to, walk towards.

Lake shared between Bolivia and Peru.

Ban on reporting a specific news story.

Pandora did this to a box.

__ Pinscher, German breed of guard dog.

Clinical, scientific approach to a crime scene.

Cassettes containing specially chosen songs.

Collar, festoon, princess or bib, for instance.

He married Sophie Turner in 2019.

Overcome with physical feelings of adoration.

Mountain dogs come from the Alps and here.

Genre of modern fiction with female lead figures.

Puzzle 20

Romeo's last name in Romeo and Juliet.

A large pot used by witches.

__ Party, monthly beach gathering held in Thailand.

Betty Crocker brand logo.

The Scorpion King was a 2002 sequel to it.

Breed whose name means "brushwood-dog" in Japanese.

Mid-Atlantic state bordering Washington DC.

Male reproductive hormone.

Withdraw from a decision.

Novak, tennis ace born in Belgrade in 1987.

Common type of cross-head screwdriver.

A hair of the dog is said to be a cure for one.

Buoyancy of water.

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