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Double Es PackDouble Es

Here are the answers to CodyCross Double Es Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Money-back promise on a new purchase.

Without hesitation, immediately.

Butter substitute made of vegetable oils.

Wish an actor good luck with this injury!.

Barrier that stretches 13,000 miles across China.

Representative group of people at a meeting.

Huge animals with large ears and a trunk.

From or related to Budapest's country.

Criminal verdict of innocence.

One of the two Old and New sections of the Bible.

Puzzle 2

Use one of these to tie a ponytail.

The most untidy.

Whooping in support of your team.

Road in New York famous for shows and musicals.

Demonstrating strength and influence.

Most famous resident of Jellystone Park.

Grapes without pips.

Annual celebration of becoming one year older.

Car attachment that sits at the top of a seat.

Without any troubles or worries.

Puzzle 3

The acoustic has six strings, the bass has four.

Romeo's lover in Shakespeare's famous play.

South American camelids with soft wool.

Part of a phone or laptop that displays pictures.

Happening every seven days.

Old word for a bar or inn.

De Niro, Pattinson or Redford for example.

Shaggy floor covering.

Bread rings that are boiled, then baked.


Puzzle whose pieces connect to form a picture.

Puzzle 4

Join or link together.

German sports car manufacturer with 911 model.

Plant that bears acorns.

Small bites.

Language of Argentina, Cuba and Mexico.

Surname of famous actress and broadcaster Oprah.

__ and the Forty Thieves, Arabian Nights tale.

Chat with a friend to hear their recent news.

It is worth a thousand words.

Fabric wrapping for a wound.

Hide __, children's game.

Kitchen tools for shaping biscuits or pastry.

You do this to a web page that's stopped loading.

Puzzle 5

Local or national days of celebration.

Worker hired by a business.

Green salad plant that aids hydration.

Surname of tennis playing sisters Venus and Serena.

When a bird is cleaning its feathers with its beak.

Poet __ or children's __, an honoree in writing.

German dirigible.

The world wide web.

This section of the airport is divided into gates.

__ Guidance, PG film rating.

Born This Way singer, actress in A Star is Born.

Puzzle 6

The wooden planks an actor might be said to tread.

All the jobs you have in your lifetime.

Soft, warm material for cold weather clothes.

Singular version of people.

Strap placed around a horse's head, for leading.

Takes without consent.

Famous bell in London's Westminster clock tower.

Fold of skin that moves when you blink.

Chinese calendar with 12 animals.

The animal that goes pop in the nursery rhyme.

__ Theresa, famous nun and saint.

A tool for knocking nails into wood.

Basic unit of electric current.

Dr. Seuss character who stole Christmas, the __.

Weed that stings, can be drunk as a tea.

Puzzle 7

Left solid ground for the skies.

American currency, aka greenbacks.

Go ahead, move forward.

Room in a house associated with cooking.

Julie who was Mary Poppins and Maria von Trapp.

Fit and eating well.

Prescription eyewear also known as spectacles.

Toy plastic flying disc.

__ Cabello, Havana and Crying in the Club singer.

Ocean in which Hawaii is found.

Dried grapes.

Tiny canines, small enough to be carried.

Puzzle 8

A bright shade of pale blue-green.

Candle in the Wind and Circle of Life singer.

Natural habitat of tropical fish.

Years between 2000 and 2009.

Experimental first version of an invention.

Sacred object knights of round table searched for.

The earliest meal of the day.

Knowledge of the past that is 20/20.

Area of countryside around a town or city.

Kids' game where players follow leader's rules.

Puzzle 9

One who discovers new places.

Fully readied, braced for whatever happens.

The Mandalorian is a TV spinoff in this franchise.

Scottish home of legendary water monster.

Chief female in a hive.

This Ian played Gandalf in the Lord of the Rings.

Describes newly mown grass or picked flowers.

This cereal issued a challenge to lose weight.

Old Mother Hubbard went to this for a bone.

Swallowing a liquid.

Enigmatic lady painted by Leonardo da Vinci.

Visit tourist attractions and famous landmarks.

Puzzle 10

A female seahorse.

Tenth month of the year.

Glittery discs sewn on dance costumes.

The person Little Red Riding Hood went to visit.

Staff dining facility in a factory or office.

James Corden sings with stars in this Carpool.

Final question or challenge to find the winner.

To give your two cents means to give this.

Lightly-tinted beer; the PA in IPA.

Tall tower on a church roof.

First name of Snoopy's luckless owner Brown.

Old, often collectible or valuable item.

Your ears, if you're being talked about!.

Protective eyewear for science experiments.

Puzzle 11

J. R. R. Tolkien character who loves his precious.

Creatures from outer space.

To make something clean.

First name of South African leader Mandela.

Mr. __, kind TV host of his own Neighborhood.

Name shared by Hollywood actresses Carrie and Isla.

Dairy product, e.g. Cheddar, Feta or Parmesan.

Person doing the hitting in baseball.

One who participates in a game.

Tree-dwelling marsupials that eat eucalyptus.

Protective medical gowns worn by surgeons.

Weak, lacking energy or strength.

Wish-granting spirits who live in lamps.

Puzzle 12

Safe place to keep cash.

Visiting (by a ghost).

Handheld pair of cutting blades or shears.

Number in a baker's dozen.

The page in a book that tells you what's inside.

Sealed so that nothing can get in or out.

Hours when you are not at work or school.

Red rhombus-like shapes on playing cards.

Assembled team of Marvel superheroes.

Slope or incline of a hill.

Another name for a rooster.

Bonaparte, French emperor and military leader.

Canine that rounds up lambs on a farm.

Puzzle 13

Shining in the dark, illuminated.

Shrill noise made by a hunting owl.

Japanese paper folding art.

Saturday and Sunday.

Competing in a sprint or marathon race.

On the internet, LOL is laughing like this.

Sensation or emotion.

Scandinavian island home of pop star Björk.

Specific edition of a book.

Heating a liquid to change it into to a gas.

Jealousy can be described as a green-eyed one.

Entertainer who throws and catches balls or clubs.

Puzzle 14

Spend your time helping others for free.

Lizard that can blend into its surroundings.

Wrist ornaments.

Meet-ups for kids at parks or each other's houses.

Kate, Duchess of Cambridge.

Trio of things or people.

Prehistoric female.

This old man had a farm, E-I-E-I-O!.

Click or tap this to be taken to another web page.

Move in wrestling that floors an opponent.

Puzzle 15

Kermit or Gonzo, for example.

Black and white animals known for their foul smell.

Flattened metal disc forming part of a drum kit.

The poisoned fruits in the Evil Queen's basket.

Fanning, or a North or South US state.

It's measured in grams, ounces, stone and tons.

Criminal who damages other people's property.

Non-gender-specific clothing.

Updates posted on Twitter.

Communication using the voice.

Flickering flame on a birthday cake.

Country once ruled by the Romanov dynasty.

Puzzle 16

Pixar movie with Woody, Buzz Lightyear.

Office machine that rips paper into tiny pieces.

People from Riga.

Positive and happy.

Individual pieces of sugar, coffee, etc..

Schedule for daily TV shows.

Worldwide police agency.

Wheel that points a car in different directions.

Take and save a file from the internet.

Holes in the nose.

Edible fungus, like portobello or porcini.

Puzzle 17

Long, thin strands of pasta.

Den built up in the branches.

The longest day of the year in June.

Unable to be seen, like Wonder Woman's plane.

Athletic event combining ten disciplines.

Cow's meat eaten by the third little piggy.

Unusually tall plant with edible seeds.

If they're not the same, they're this.

Swashbuckling film series, Pirates of the __.

You are caught this if you're obviously guilty.

Puzzle 18

In need of a drink, parched.

Anniversary of a monarch's coronation.

Storage containers that slot into chests.

Traditional saying that offers advice.

Small brass instrument with three valves.

Obtaining a dairy drink from a cow or sheep.

There are 60 in a minute.

In the middle of two objects.

Put into a bank account.

Pablo, painter known for Cubism movement.

Puzzle 19

The angriest of the Seven Dwarfs.

Erected a wooden barrier around a garden.

Sahara or Mojave, for example.

Made a sound like a wolf at the moon.

Made beer.

Whistling sound made while breathing.

Bruno Mars' Funk or Billy Joel's Girl.

Scary, unnerving.

Day of the week on which Solomon Grundy was born.

Magical chants of witches.

Hey diddle diddle, the cat and this instrument.

Puzzle 20

Harry Potter actor Daniel.

Winter team sport that starts with a face-off.

Large reptile associated with Florida's Everglades.

Vessel that travels underwater.

One of a pair of Chinese eating utensils.

Fabric canopy that floats skydivers down to safety.

Jack climbed up this and found a giant.

Second daughter of Henry VIII.

Icy territory in the North Atlantic Ocean.

Hens that are not kept in cages.

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