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Here are the answers to CodyCross Double L Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

Vehicle owners, drivers.

Thawed out a freezer or refrigerator.

Filmmaking area of Los Angeles.

A large, grand or important church.

Ben E. King song and Stephen King movie.

Power button for closing down device.

Cycle without using pedals.

Spheres often served with spaghetti.

Place selling alcohol to dance after dark.

Lizard famous for blending into the background.

Table-top game, similar to pool and snooker.

Puzzle 2

Male chicken that crows at sunrise.

Rapping your knuckles on a door.

The central target of a dartboard.

2-D shapes with at least three sides.

__ bag, what a camper keeps warm in overnight.

Place where one is.

Newspaper pieces.

Supposedly unlucky number.

Bright spring flowers, the source of saffron.

Round building whose turning sails grind corn.

Puzzle 3

Building in which artworks are displayed.

Chilled out; eased the rules.

Mars __; 1996 sci-fi comedy directed by Tim Burton.

Charles, author of Oliver Twist.

Scented wax sticks that can be lit.

Tactile writing system used by blind people.

Sets of puppies born at the same time.

Pale carrot-like vegetable often made into soup.

To reuse materials, such as paper or plastics.

Doctor who performs operations.

Puzzle 4

Chicken or turkey part beloved by kids.

__ SquarePants, underwater cartoon character.

Angel, Niagara or Victoria, for example.

Where Jack and Jill went to fetch a pail of water.

Person who studies the past.

Spherical winter souvenir bought in cold countries.

A judicial killing by the state.

Prize presented to the best in British music.

Dress __, practice performance of a play.

Kids wear them on their heads during celebrations.

Swelling in fingers caused by exposure to the cold.

Excerpt repeating words someone spoke or wrote.

First rate, excellent.

Floating sea creatures with stinging tentacles.

Puzzle 5

Type of soup from a beef animal's rear end.

It's between orange and green in the rainbow.

Leapt, vaulted.

Days in which Phileas Fogg went Around the World.

A twisted ankle or wrist.

__ wrap; packing material that is fun to pop.

Messages that are sent out on Twitter.

Spiny plant, a prickly pear for example.

From Poland; make shiny.

Tangoed, quickstepped, tapped....

Building for storing cars next to a house.

Someone who makes gentlemen's clothes.

Foul-scented, malodorous.

One who represents a criminal in court.

Puzzle 6

Triangular Egyptian building with a square base.

Normally, generally speaking.

The opening in a lock.

Mythical half-man, half-horse.

The condition of being strong and healthy.

Six-legged bugs, e.g. ants or beetles.

What wooden alphabet blocks have written on them.

Someone who breaks into a house to steal things.

Pouches sewn into garments for keeping things in.

The __ Games, world-class, four-yearly sport event.

1 followed by six zeroes.

Harry Potter author, JK.

Puzzle 7

Made from oak, pine or beech.

Season for pumpkin spice and warm flannel.

Hands usually have eight fingers, and two of these.

They're in charge of court cases.

Materials such as silver, copper or tin.

To saunter, to walk at a leisurely, relaxed pace.

Classic doll that featured in a 1997 hit by Aqua.

__ pastry, sweet snack from Scandinavia.

India's peaceful revolutionary during the 1940s.

Sound level on a TV set.

Surname of legendary Hollywood filmmaker Orson.

Relating to dogs and their pointed teeth.

Art materials, including acrylics.

Puzzle 8

__ Lenin, former Soviet leader.

You make a mountain out of one when you exaggerate.

Mixed a deck of cards.

Side dish of cabbage and carrot in mayonnaise.

Multiple birth with three babies.

Pink bird that stands on one leg.

Relating to Latin American countries or Spain.

A painful inflammation of a part of the body.

Athletics event with a sand pit.

Someone who buys something from a shop.

Puzzle 9

Emergency vehicle that responds to crime reports.

Collect these pretty, hard casings at the beach.

Swimming stroke named after an insect.

Wood and canvas seating for the summer.

Horoscopes, constellations and star signs.

Main ingredient in chocolate.

Star of Men in Black and Independence Day.

Companion volume for tourists.

Personal security, especially for a famous person.

Without offspring.

Puzzle 10

Group of documents held for historical interest.

With an incline; slanting upwards or downwards.

Remote __, handset to change a TV channel.

Put things on show, as in a shop window.

Elsa's theme song in Frozen.

Country associated with banshees and leprechauns.

Changing from ice into water.

Rubber inflatable blown up at parties.

Fuzzy-skinned stone fruits.

Heads __, two coin-toss possibilities.

Matching clothes, like those worn in some schools.

Animal that says cock-a-doodle-doo in the morning.

At long last, eventually.

Puzzle 11

Santa's Little __, Bart Simpson's dog.

Surname of George, author of Animal Farm and 1984.

The champion, the victor.

Mount Kilimanjaro is this continent's highest peak.

Timepieces you cannot wear.

Individual pieces of rice.

The domed bones of the head and face.

Tree that might be seen "weeping" by a river.

Virtual messages.

Earth, Jupiter, Neptune, for example.

Puzzle 12

Badges and crests, official symbols of membership.

Legendary Hollywood action star Sylvester.

Tiny pastel paper shapes thrown at a wedding.

The decade following 1919.

__ race; sports activity with jumping and climbing.

Japanese giant monster.

Comfy padded seat in the living room.

Pencil sketches.

Officially signed on to a course.

Petting an animal's fur in a rhythmical motion.

Hard-shelled fruits with milk and white flesh.

Puzzle 13

People on the stage performing a play.

These tiny spores make hay fever sufferers sneeze.

Of shoelaces: not fastened, not knotted.

They go on the corners of letters in the mail.

Materials used by the third little pig in a story.

It is used with a pestle to grind down spices.

Arm joints one should keep off the table.

A word that denotes more than one of something.

A basement or storage room beneath a house.

Macabre but funny family, Gomez and Morticia __.

Puzzle 14

City that is a country's seat of government.

The largest of the great apes.

Open type of summertime shoes.

Acting like a machine.

Handheld devices with screens, often for gaming.

Long glass vessels used to store wine.

Blood-sucking monster that can't be in daylight.

Name of England's king known as the Conqueror.

Fabric covers for the floors of rooms.

Orange gourd popular at Halloween.

Samuel L, Pulp Fiction and Snakes on a Plane star.

Red playing cards are either a heart or this.

Puzzle 15

Frog puppet from Sesame Street.

Not rough or aggressive.

NASA project that took mankind to the Moon.

Group of teams that compete against each other.

Implements used to sweep up dirt.

Famous female mouse created by Walt Disney.

Red-breasted festive birds.

The currency of the USA, Canada and Australia.

Warm and comfortable, liked baked bread!.

The wintry region surrounding the North Pole.

Part of a shirt that your arm goes in.

Hot drink rich in caffeine, e.g. latte, Americano.

Puzzle 16

Areas of study, e.g. history, science, geography.

All's Well That __, Shakespeare play.

Had an influence on someone.

Container for carrying a midday meal.

Fins worn on a diver's feet.

Majors or generals, for instance.

Liza __, Judy Garland's daughter.

Warm covers to snuggle underneath.

Placing trees or bushes in the ground.

The time at which something needs to be completed.

Legally taking in someone's children as your own.

Puzzle 17

Britain's WW2 prime minister Winston.

Two or more female children.

Luke's surname in the Star Wars films.

Some people believe that felines have __.

London's famous Grand Slam tennis competition.

Stick them under dinner plates to protect a table.

Another name for a peanut, grown under the soil.

Jewish house of worship.

Creepy-crawly wrongly said to have 1000 legs.

Type of card sent on 14th February.

Adolescent, not a grown-up.

Puzzle 18

Large caves.

Main digestive organ in humans.

Australian marsupial resembling a small kangaroo.

When a planet or star completely covers another.

Removing skins from carrots and potatoes.

Superman's home planet, and a noble gas on Earth.

A place where you can read or borrow books.

Virtual __; 3D gaming mode with powered headset.

Settings to enhance photos on Instagram.

A small settlement, often in the countryside.

Puzzle 19

A rough figure; a sports stadium.

__ maker; churns thick dairy into a frozen delight.

Raisins that have no seeds.

Fabric or cloth.

Explosive, often seen in cartoons.

An adult male horse.

Valuable, treasured; "my __" from LOTR.

Large fluffy hat worn by ceremonial soldiers.

A landslide.

Three-sided musical instrument made from metal.

Kitchen device to separate solids from liquids.

Puzzle 20

Questioning, puzzled, perplexed.

Space explorer from NASA or ESA.

Large, juicy fruit with yellow flesh.

Forcibly make someone join the army of a country.

Stomach-first dive into a swimming pool.

The units of sound that words are broken up into.

Island where Peter Pan lives, no one grows up.

Bright pops of light in the sky at New Year.

What a person runs on at the gym.

Spooky holiday celebrated on October 31.

Admits to a crime.

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