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Here are the answers to CodyCross Double M Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Popular dairy product made with bacteria cultures.

Actor Washington, star of Remember the Titans.

Country linked to the UK by the Channel Tunnel.

Not rare.

Season that´s also called fall by some.


"To be, or not to be" Shakespeare play.

What people often watch on Twitch.

Out of __, access onto property is not allowed.

Playground tilter for bouncing up and down.

Botany is the study of them.

Sport in which the Davis Cup is contested.

Clumsy oaf.

Making cow sounds.

Puzzle 2

To be extremely angry; The Fast and the __.

Music awards given by the Recording Academy.

Hippy living space where many people share.

The British passenger liner that sank in 1912.

Throws a baseball.

Hormone injection that treats diabetes.

Place for storing dried grass at the top of a barn.

When a number is multiplied by itself.

It awards gold play buttons to its biggest stars.

Problem with two equal solutions.

Puzzle 3

Popular dark Irish stout, known for its harp logo.

Vision, how well you can see.

Hit Abba jukebox musical; movie with Meryl Streep.

When a play or film is scheduled to start.

The Scorpion King was a sequel to this 1999 film.

Fairground ride with ride-on horses.

Foolish and juvenile.

Simple, tied-back style for long hair.

Choice of sound heard when a phone receives a call.

The study and measurement of time.

Puzzle 4

Triumph, winning result.

A type of rich seafood soup, clam __.

Hitting a door to gain entry during a police raid.

Strip of cloth worn around the sleeve.

Batman villain whose real name is Harvey Dent.

Online audio broadcast, like self-made radio show.

Japanese art of paper folding.

Drake knows it's you when that __ bling.

Slight recognition of hope in someone's eyes.

Tall, conical hairstyle popular in the 1950s.

Biel; actor-producer in The Sinner.

Puzzle 5

The most delicious meal.

Shadowy 1940s movie genre.

Highly prized fungi to grate over dishes.

No man is __, everyone needs support.

Precious green gemstones.

Nutritional supplements like D3 or B12.

Commemorative landmark.

First moral philosopher of Ancient Greece.

Stationary, not going anywhere.

Piper goes to prison in Orange Is the __.

Prince's little red Chevrolet sports car.

Puzzle 6

Tropical island group between Cuba and Florida.

Hanging bar that acrobats use in circuses.

Bright orange squash often used to make pies.

Give formal praise to someone for their actions.

Stand-up event for spontaneous performances.

Wheel of __, classic puzzle-solving game show.

Person who does not believe in gods.

Hydrogen, boron or carbon, for e.g..

Criminal who sends fraudulent emails.

Traditionally, a bride's parents pay for it.

Puzzle 7

A style of writing used on a computer; a font.

Completely absorbed; dunked in water.

Compact convection oven appliance.

Male daredevil who performs dangerous tricks.

Branch of floor gymnastics using ribbons or a ball.

Cats use these facial hairs for spatial awareness.

One who travels daily for their 9-5.

A herd of these horned horses is called a blessing.

Hammering sound of rain on a rooftop.

US state famed for horses and fried chicken.

Stage productions with songs.

Dark azure shade of sailors' uniforms.

Puzzle 8

Light can't escape this place in space.

The irresistible force meets the __ object.

Rule out a suspect from criminal enquiries.

Tiny picture that's a preview online.

Angel, Niagara and Victoria are examples of one.

Fast-paced group exercise on stationary bikes.

Pastel green nut that comes in a shell.

Last announcement for flight passengers to board.

Not clipped, like an unruly beard.

Gold Digger rapper, ran for president in 2020.

Puzzle 9

Cow mammary organs, milk is extracted from them.

Adam, lead vocalist of Maroon 5.

Scrooge, Scottish uncle of Disney's Donald.

Type of horse that gymnasts balance on.

Check these electronic messages using your phone.

Longest river in South America.

French-style restaurant.

A casual, short-sleeved top.

Volumes of a magazine print publication.

Heat water for cooking, just lower than a boil.

A trip on a boat or ocean liner.

Kitchen cutting implements.

Constellation also known as The Twins.

Embellishes, makes more attractive.

Puzzle 10

Units equal to 2.2 pounds each.

Young, male church singers.

One of 101 in a book or Disney movie.

Absolutely bamboozled and speechless.

Full name of our "ab" muscles.

Companies often have a money back one.

Sport you might see a piledriver performed in.

Exotic tomato-like, orange fruit with sweet pulp.

Punctuation mark combining a comma and a dot.

Sweet spread made from oranges or other citrus.

Bonaparte and Dynamite.

Puzzle 11

Making a long jump.

First name of fashion designer Kors.

Step-by-step cooking or baking instructions.

Firefox, Chrome or Edge.

Order to do something.

Undead monsters.

One of the twelve main disciples of Jesus.

Marvel 2019 superhero film, Avengers: __.

Trip over a word when speaking.

The former Turkish empire established by Osman.

A person connects these when something makes sense.

Puzzle 12

Most prude and proper.

Main religion of India.

Seen in the sky, it changes a man into a werewolf.

Woman's name or herb meaning remembrance.

People from Rome or Florence.

Omega 3-rich foods, e.g. sardines, anchovies.

It's used to separate pasta from water.

Speed an object moves in a particular direction.

Soldier who trains for raids on enemy territory.

Try out for a part in a play.

First name of Nettles, Garner or Lopez.

Times __, desktop computer font.

Extra costs.

Puzzle 13

Existence beyond death.

Closest relative contacted in case of emergency.

Material that easily catches on fire.

When a random person gets into a picture.

TV show where actors recreate real events.

Emblem of Canada; red symbol on Canadian flag.

Lever that stops a parked car from moving.

Not quite legally an adult; South Korean boy band.

NFL players who catch passes.

Political ideology of the USSR.

Puzzle 14

Keep your friends close and your __ closer.

A groom's chief usher at his wedding.

Closed a door with great force.

Units in Celsius or Fahrenheit.

South American fish with very sharp teeth.

The crime of betraying your country.

Casual US word for mothers.

First name of wartime leader Churchill.

Combat sport with swords.

Cheese-processing gadgets.

Peter, director of the Lord of the Rings films.

Puzzle 15

Bright yellow circular arcade game character.

Silent canine companion to Aardman's Wallace.

Animal that lays live young, like a rabbit or cat.

The five largest vertebrae.

This is cited in a footnote.

Graffiti artist to law enforcement.

Chrissy the model wife of singer John Legend.

How to stop an astronaut's baby crying?.

Double __, two bad things happening at once.

Pungent, not sweet taste.

Biggest club used by a golfer.

A hole in a tooth caused by decay.

Van __, or companies' transport resources.

Puzzle 16

Cream that comes in a spray can.

Seat on a couch.

Like a gun after it has been fired.

Unethical, villainous way of acting.

Big baddie in a movie.

Lionel Richie and Diana Ross sang about this love.

Athletic course designed for dogs.

Eighth generation Microsoft games console.

Person who has moved from another nation.

Kelsey, better known as Frasier Crane.

Homer's Greek epic poem.

Painkiller used for headaches.

Puzzle 17

Century that gave us World Wars, the moon landing.

Moving of the hand when playing guitar.

How a game of chess typically ends.

London's Grand Slam tennis tournament.

Instrument also known as a squeezebox.

Powerful lamp attached to the front of a vehicle.

Circus performer who breathes flames.

Redheaded star of La La Land, Easy A.

Skin that is broken and sore from rubbing.

Plains or pastures used for grazing.

The measure that describes distances in space.

Puzzle 18

Absolutely necessary, never leave home without it.

Deep South state in the US, nicknamed Bayou State.

__ 64 or C64, early computer with a rhyming name.

Government system in which the people have power.

Time Marty McFly went Back to.

Actor frontman of rock band 30 Seconds to Mars.

Collectible card game Magic: The __.

Catch somebody off-guard, out of the blue.

Wine specialist at a restaurant.

Jane Austen wrote about Pride and this.

Puzzle 19

Top of a mountain; conference for heads of state.

Style of hat that's actually made in Ecuador!.

__ iPhone, service to locate missing device.

A house or shelter for a cat or dog.

Jamaican music genre pioneered by Bob Marley.

Square art movement inspired by Picasso.

Garlicky chickpea dip.

Extra cards in a full deck, with jester images.

Partner of a pestle.

Friends character whose twin was on Mad About You.

Champagne; soap.

Countries on the same side in a war or conflict.

Puzzle 20

This type of power means total power.

2020 hit for Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande.

Egg __, McDonald's breakfast sandwich.

Taking the top layer off boiling liquid.

Anubis was a god in this ancient mythology.

Long-horned antelopes of Africa and Asia.

Not reserved nor humble; shameless.

Academy that features in a Netflix series.

Fast-flowing river rapids or downloads.

In boxing, it's what KO stands for.

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